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  2. Watched for a while, and then kind of lost interest. Not sure where I stopped.
  3. I think Ian and I mostly used @Bikeguy's method...but we took no chances...waited for the group of elite looking cyclists to take off from the coffee shop as to not humiliate ourselves Seriously...only once..on a WI trail..close to crossing a paved road we hit sand...I am not sure how I ended up standing to the right of the bike..Ian kept it upright..I think if I had not bailed..we might have both been on the ground..somehow I got my leg over the bike and we saved it!!
  4. Going for a ride now. If I die, I want you to know that it has been nice forumming with you all!
  5. Awesome show! Some of the best binge watching ever.
  6. petitepedal

    Book #7

    From my stack Barbara Michaels... Shattered Silk What are you reading?
  7. Old No. 7

    Garlic knots

    I made them without the pizza dough flavor or the potato flour. Came out fine. I always have dry milk on hand for bread recipes. @Airehead sorry to hear about the dog getting some dough. Not a good thing. Good luck.
  8. We have 'our' procedure. I'll guess tandem riders may have similar, but also unique ways to start and stop. Starting... I get on the bike, on the saddle, lock the brakes, and both of my feet (more accurately my toes) are on the ground, to brace the bike so there is no sideways movement, and no forward (or aft) movement either. I tell WoBG 'ready' and then she gets on the bike and gets her feet into her toe clips, which are actually very loose fitting. Then she back pedals the crank to 'get the pedals ready'. I like to start with the right pedal, so that pedal is ready for a down stroke. Then she tells me 'ready'. I release the brakes and we both start pedaling. I clip in the right, then my left. Stopping... I unclip both my feet and stop the bike. Both of my feet are on the ground again the the brakes are set. WoBG then gets off of the bike and tells me when she off. Then I can get off off the bile. During the ride, I call out dogs, cars and bumps. I also call out 'get ready to stop' too, just so WoBG knows what to expect. Emergency stops, I call out 'stop' and hope she's holding on. The only time we ever got wiggly was on Mackinac Island, when we rented a tandem. The tandem's geometry must have been WAY different that our bike. And the brakes were horrible. If I recall, coaster brake on the rear and a rim brake on the front that was worthless. On one hill, I stopped and told WoBG we are walking down. I like to be able to stop.
  9. So, I was shooting for keeping my heartrate flat at just under 150. It looks like over the 30 days it dropped. That means I could have run faster. My goal was not to run fast, but to see if I could increase my speed by running at the same heartrate for 30 days, that seems to have worked. This 30 day challenge was 2.15 miles every day, 60 degrees or 95 degrees outsides. Some were before work, some after. Some when I felt great, some I barely managed to do because I just wanted to sit on my butt. I will do another 30 days, same thing, trying to keep it under 150. I will go a little longer, 2.5 miles. I think I need to start a little faster because it was taking a while to get my heartrate up. I usually go from 70 to 130 really fast (less than 2 minutes) , but then I was slowing down and creeping up on 150.
  10. Wow, the warnings can be correct. I am sorry. Hope your mom regains health.
  11. BuffJim

    Fried okra

    I don’t think Okra is allowed north of the Manson-Nixon line.
  12. Airehead

    Garlic knots

    It is the mother of all dog emergencies. Bloat can lead to torsion and death quickly. I had a standard poodle bloat once at a show. An old time handler tubed him right on the spot and stabilized him enough for me to go two hours to our vet. He operated immediately on a Sunday night. I assisted until a tech got there. Eddie lived another 5 years and died of old age. Thankfully. Paulie baseline belly measurement is 20. Watching him closely.
  13. MickinMD

    Fried okra

    Speaking of fried stuff that's a specialty of a location, I was watching a documentary the huge swarm of lake flies on Lake Victoria Africa. The video below shows the humans catching them with big frying pans, but the documentary I saw show an ingenious method using nets about 1 foot in diameter and a foot deep on a string a couple feet long that they held in one hand and swung in circles, catching large volumes of flies. They're crushed-together, squeezed into a cake and fried! Looks tasty!
  14. I’m not quite beyond that “sparkle like diamonds” example with the shoes.
  15. Today
  16. Flat pedals, no clips so there’s that. Thankfully he put his foot down when we stopped because we were tipping hard. mr. said to give a little hop off and get both feet on the ground when stopping, so that I can hold the bike upright. It’s going to take more practice.
  17. It's one strategy. Another is to help slow the virus so that those who can't be as fit or who are just unlucky have a better chance not to get it at all while we wait on a vaccine.
  18. Good one. First I wondered why this idiot would start another smiles thread. Then I wondered why everyone else wasn't complaining. Then I read more carefully and will now slink away gracefully.
  19. roadsue

    Garlic knots

    Is there a doggy remedy for bloat?
  20. So many tandem memories. Glad you got out. It gets better with practice.
  21. Good thing you weren't a moneybags You'd have gone straight to the bottom from the extra weight.
  22. Stopping and starting are often the hardest parts. Both times WoJSTL and I fell it was while starting. One of the was due to a 5 YO grandson pulling in front of us. We thing that we have it figured out now and have a set procedure. Stopping is all on me. So far so good but there were a few times where it was a little sketchy. Our tandem has disk brakes and the one time that I had to do a max effort stop, I was really happy with how quickly it took us from 15 to 0 mph.
  23. Wow. Sorry about your board, and hoping your mom’s situation has a good outcome.
  24. Airehead

    Garlic knots

    I got them made but then Paulie ate some while they were rising and I am more concerned of bloat than knots. q
  25. MickinMD

    Happy Sunday

    I had fresh ground coffee and two croissant breakfast sandwiches: one ham, egg, and cheese and the other sausage, egg, and cheese. Lunch was 12-day old strawberries and blueberries and Harris-Teeter store brand Honey Oat clusters with Almonds cereal. The cereal was 17% sugar, a lot higher than my 5% sugar Cheerios, but 17% puts it in the lowest 2% of sugar in the cereal aisle! One box of "Low Fat Granola" had 26g sugar per 61g serving size: 43% sugar! The Vacuum bagged strawberries still were like-new today. day 12, with only the leaves drying out. They were put straight into the "Sous Vide" gallon sized vacuum bag straight from the typical 16 oz. plastic box with holes they came in one 6/23, the day they were bought, washing my hands and drying them with a paper towel to avoid contaminating them as I handled them. They were re-vacuumed (bottom pic). I'm not going to finish the bag until at least Tues. 7/7, which will be 14 days after I bought them.
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