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  2. So, greater than folks investment in the ENTIRE multi-year GoT TV show, but not greater than, say, BBT or even a single season of Jeopardy?
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  4. Another benefit is you might become one of the "better looking" folks - relatively - if you get to Alabama.
  5. I put those in ages ago and it was a hell of a big job!
  6. Razors Edge

    Good news

    I still can't wrap my head around this: In the weeks before graduating from Morehouse on Sunday, 22-year-old finance major Aaron Mitchom drew up a spreadsheet to calculate how long it would take him to pay back his $200,000 in student loans — 25 years at half his monthly salary, per his calculations. According to the Morehouse, TOTAL tuition is ($14k/semester * 2 semesters ) * 4yrs = $112k. Add in $3,755/sem for housing ($30k/4yrs), $3k/sem for unlimited food ($24k/4 yrs), and there is another $36,000 to cover fees and books and or maybe one more year? $40k/yr if going for five years. Amazing.
  7. ...no. Whenever I have this scenario playing in my head, @AirwickWithCheese is always sprawled out behind the dumpster at the Piggly Wiggly.
  8. That is me on the left at comedy boot camp. Private jsharr. He pronounced my name funny though.
  9. That is incredible! Great shot. It is hard to capture more than 3 sharks in a tornado pic.
  10. Here is a a before and after of the creek at the end of my street. Friday evening as the guys and gals headed off to prom. And here it is Saturday after the storms rolled through. It had dropped at least a foot when I shot this,
  11. Games worth my time and expense must meet the 100 hour minimum. And they can't have effing 'timers' in game play. And they better have single player campaigns.
  12. We had one a few miles from here yesterday. “Based on photographs and damage reports, it is believed that a tornado was responsible for the damage near West Alexandria in Preble County, possibly continuing to the east into Montgomery County,” the NWS said in the release. “We will be in contact with emergency managers from affected counties to determine a specific plan for damage surveys.”
  13. BTW, what's the average amount of hours of gameplay you "expect" or "require" from one of your games?
  14. I'd like to hit the reset button. Reality is bullshit
  15. Pretty much. Look at the daily discussion here of movies, tv, and especially TV sports. It's pretty impressive for sure. I've read the GoT books, and watched all but this final season, so I've got probably a hundred hours of reading invested and a similar amount for the shows (probably 70hrs), but I guess that's a piddling compared to a SINGLE season of a major sport? Baseball, at 100+ games and 2-3hrs per is well over 300 hrs. Hockey or basketball have tons of games and therefore tons of time to watch. Football, at ~20 games a season for one team plus playoffs and Superbowl would tip the scales at 60+ hours, and similarly college FB would be pretty significant (40-50 hrs?). Big Bang Theory had 144 hours of viewing potential - crushing GoT by nearly 100%! Amazing, eh.
  16. Today is STAT holiday so I am home today. Spent yesterday installing two new raised garden boxes in the back yard and if the rain holds off I will get the soil and fill them today. No other motivation than I know it will make WofZ happy.
  17. Kzoo

    Monday Motivator

    She hitchhiking in on an 18 wheeler? #savingairfare
  18. Thanks for the picture of the quesadillas - both of them.
  19. He is probably just having another wild weekend with yet another tinder hookup.
  20. Working on the annual ITAR Registration form. This is one where it would not be easy to explain if I didn't get it done. Tens of millions of business is at stake, but it is a high probability we'll get it done and in by end of May deadline. Just have a couple steps to go. After work, I have to drive out to the Darien Lake exit to pick up BuffCarla at the Flying J truck stop. Missing her for 4 days is my motivation. Not too mention how long I'd be in the doghouse if I left her out there - 30 miles from home.
  21. I can't look at any of the comments here until after I watch the finale I downloaded for tonight (Monday) while I eat dinner. I have beef tips marinating in a teriyaki sauce, Main Street brand creamy scalloped potatoes and plenty of fresh-frozen veggies to nuke to go with it. Dessert will either be sugar-free Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding or the Mary Sue Pecan Nougat Easter Egg I haven't touched yet, depending on this afternoon's blood glucose test. I've also had to turn off the TV news as soon as they begin mentioning GoT. I'm sure I'll be a little disappointed because there are too many loose ends to tie up in 79 minutes and 24 seconds and they've already changed the behavior of a few characters so they could rush and complete the plot conclusions in just 6 episodes instead of the 9 or 10 the final season really required.
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