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  2. roadsue

    Garlic knots

    This recipe has a few specialty ingredients. I dare say proprietary. Pizza dough flavor?
  3. Kirby

    Waffle Sunday

    French toast and a nap sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.
  4. Old No. 7

    Garlic knots

  5. I cleaned and scrubbed both grills today. Installed some hooks in the shed for the new rib racks so that they are out of the way. Made three pints of bread and butter pickles.
  6. Kirby

    Garlic knots

    The guy at my local Italian place does.
  7. 60+ first thing this am. Under 3 hours...just. 57 degrees at the start...65 at the end.
  8. Mr. Grumpy

    Wine Glasses

  9. My fat ass broke both stays. I am lucky I didn't have to ride home standing for 5 miles.
  10. I used to carry a bandanna handkerchief in my back pocket. I kept forgetting about them When getting undressed for the shower. They never came back in the clean laundry. I switched to carrying industrial disposable wiping cloths in my back pocket, they always came back. Some sucker was keeping my bandannas.
  11. Today
  12. You out of all folks should know.
  13. Unfortunately, I think we are all going to get it. So, my course of action is to make myself as fit to fight it as possible. I've encouraged my family and friends to do the same.
  14. Wo46 and I went paddling on lake Michigan this morning. The water temperature was 75° the air was 78° ....everything was going fantastic until we got home. We unloaded the truck and put the paddle boards in the back yard. We have inflatable boards and I was cleaning Wo46's board and putting it away when my sister called about mom's health and doctors visit. I was on the phone and looking things up on the computer when I heard a....... BOOM. As soon as I heard the noise I knew exactly what it was. I forgot about my board sitting in direct sunlight and over heated and popped. Even the neighbors who never talk to me came out to see if everything was alright. I need a beer.
  15. I swam and swam yesterday and need a day of rest. The lawn mowing I was finally going to get to can wait until Monday.
  16. No thanks. That wide front doesn't look safe. A pointed bow is why you point it into the oncoming waves when the water gets rough.
  17. I rode in one at Branson MO. Maybe even on the same boat that sunk and killed 17 people a couple of years ago. No thanks.
  18. Ima guessing they’re Amish.
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