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  2. I like my teeth too much to do that.
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  4. See, you were smart enough to know you NEEDED to live in Texas to get the proper relative respect. Now, if you move to Alabama, your relative greatness will SKYROCKET!!!!!
  5. You should hear the things pbot told me about you in my sleep.
  6. Me too. We seem to have become a nation of watchers.
  7. I have no idea what you people are talking about. You should get a life.
  8. He hasn’t been out here yet. Owl take it slow.
  9. 2Far

    Good news

    That a change-of-life blessing for those 400 people. Like RS said, It is up to them to pay it forward.
  10. I thought your son was gonna do that for you?
  11. Kazabooboo didn't even recognize the parody thread. You can imagine my disappointment.
  12. Today
  13. maddmaxx

    Good news

    Robert Smith, good on ya. When a man of means takes it upon himself and his own pocket to do something right it's a great sight to see.
  14. There were 6 confirmed in Nebraska this past Friday. We were on the Eastern edge. We missed all but the wind and a little rain.
  15. I've written several posts here and I've erased several. It seems that there is little I can say. Be strong, carry on.
  16. I felt like a real curmudgeon last week - between "Game of Thrones" and "Grumpy Cat RIP" did anything else happen in the news last week? full disclosure - never seen a second of GoT and probably not interested.
  17. Do they? What makes you think that?
  18. I missed your post after the Super Bowl Maybe I need to go back and see if you complained about that too?
  19. She could kill two birds with one stone
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