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  2. Excellent. I love authentic performance of verse.
  3. Projection is the illusion that others carry an image of ourselves.
  4. Bikeguy

    Car is sick

    Check your owners manual. I found this on the web for your car. In the "Owners Maintenance" section. The oil is changed once every 10,000 miles in my 2016 Prius, that’s the recommend interval. I check the oil level in my 3 cars just about every time I fill up the gas tank. That’s every few hundred miles. I don’t trust how long the oil ‘should’ remain in an engine. I want to be sure it’s there. Sure, a light should come on and warn you, but by then it’s usually too late for the engine. That said, good luck. I really do hope Hyundai replaces the engine. I’m assuming the knocking noise is probably a crankshaft bearing that fused to the crankshaft.
  5. She’s adorable. I’m looking forward to our next visit.
  6. Sweet! I keep adding on to my rig. I just picked up an Nvidia 1650 graphics card. I also replaced my 500 GB SSD with a Samsung 1 TB SSD. Once the house settles, I'll probably builds something really special. Mudkipz
  7. No discontent here. Negativity sucks. I just got a new ski set up. I figured if I own four bikes, I should have four sets of skis. Get outside and enjoy winter before it's mud season.
  8. The Wednesday breakfast burger is the Royale Wit Cheese at Sweet Cheeks. It's usually wise to grab a bunch and share them with your co-workers.
  9. As long as it will help you post photos here, I think you made the correct decision.
  10. She had 425 to go when I started schlepping cookies for her. Our neighborhood has taken up her cause as well. She will make it to camp.
  11. Your tax bill is more than I spent operating my car in the previous 12 months. The value of your car is more than double the total price I have paid for every car I have owned in my lifetime.
  12. You probably want to move those closer into the house.
  13. It pays to fire blanks
  14. Today
  15. shut up you meatless fop
  16. How dare I not, you philistine
  17. I'm not certain of the number she had when I first clicked the link, but I think she sold over 100 boxes since this morning!
  18. And no cream sauce I might add
  19. WRONG! How dare you.
  20. Kirby yells at me.
  21. My understanding is similar to DH's, although as donkpow stated, this is governed by local law so there are variations . But in general, I thought the separation is a legal way of filing something so that going forward a spouse isn't responsible for new debts of the other spouse. And new income can be separate property in an eventual divorce. But a separation doesn't divide up assets or liabilities existing at that date. Some states also require a legal separation before a divorce. But during the separation, other benefits of marriage may still apply (such as an ability to get insurance as a spouse). You need to check the benefit terms to see what the qualifications are. A filing makes it public so that a potential creditor could see that the spouse is "separated" which is why it needs to be undone to vacate the separation. But if anyone really wants to do this, they should talk to a lawyer licensed in their state.
  22. Dottles

    Car is sick

    Also a car that doesn't burn oil for 89,000+ should not suddenly drain it in the next 3k. That's shitty engineering for a modern day car. It says something else is wrong.
  23. Oh my heavens that is too cute!!! I have a cat sleeping nearby, but I think I would love to have a lamb sleeping here too.
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