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  2. Dottie

    Quote of the day

    You want credit for that??
  3. Today
  4. Square Wheels Cycling would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Soylent --
  5. Meanwhile, back at the Magic Kingdom in Anaheim...
  6. dennis

    July photos

    TNR. Trying to outrun the rain. Caught some hail, but stayed mostly dry.
  7. The probability of a messed up email is in direct proportion to the number of sendees.
  8. I understand that this has been done every year for the past several years. The first guy to try it crash landed and was arrested. I’ve seen this posted other years. AND the dude wasn’t wearing a helmet.
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  10. Allen

    Pot farm

    Brother is actually starting a business plan.
  11. Good memory. Couldn’t come up that for the life of me.
  12. I'm old school. I've sent letters that I regretted. The emails i regret are usually just because i forgot the attachment.
  13. I knocked it down, why set it back up.
  14. I am not paying for it, if that helps set things up.
  15. One of my favourites! "It gonn rain!"
  16. How about doing something radical like not watching. You can them work you way into master class not giving a F..
  17. I am a big mouth. My own self preservation is to write hot e-mails, give it some time and re-read it and decide to send. Often I will adjust it, one time I deleted the whole thing, which likely saved my job
  18. We have no mosquitos here too, not sure why. My bedroom window does not even have screens on it and my window has been open for over 2 months. It is weird.
  19. That would be Ghisallo? I've always wanted to build a set of those.
  20. I feel like a beer too. Not gonna happen right now. Email, hell yeah, you know me.
  21. I reread the email, it wasn't that bad. Fucking Tech Data, I really let them off lightly.
  22. ...by not being drunk enough. Do something new. Surprise me.
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