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    She said “ I do”🥰
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    Found this project on the interweb and decided to make it. HoSmudge helped me a bit with the cutting; he held the board while I used the chop saw. He also neatened up the pieces when he noticed the chop saw was set at 1° rather than at 0°. Other than that, it was all smudge. P.S. Glued wood pieces are slippery and tricky to screw down!
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    My 10 yo grandson watched the laying of the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier then grabbed his BB gun and went outside to pay his respects.
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    I am far from wealthy, but we are doing OK. If anyone here needs a helping hand, send me a PM with a local grocery store name, your address, and I'll be happy to help you out. My wife and I want to start doing this while people are struggling. I'd prefer to help people I know, but we'll be helping just about anyone we can.
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    Probably should try and find a barber in the near future.
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    Cora made her a “Feel better bag” with her artwork, snacks, and a nice note.
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    Through his last two years of university my son rode an old beat up cheap hard tail mountain bike back and forth to school so he would not have to pay for daily parking. At the end it was a write off, and not worth fixing. He moved to his full time job in North Vancouver and wanted to still ride. I wouldnt let him take the old bike as it was unsafe to use and not worth fixing up. He got a bike from a co-worker who has several as he likes to rebuild old bikes. My son snapped the chain on that one (twice) and didnt really fit him. He was disappointed as he wanted to commute to work when he could. So I offered to get him a bike to commute on for his Uni grad present. We looked at a number and he settled on a Giant Revolt gravel bike. He has had it two weeks, has ridden almost every day and loves how good a nice ride feels. Yesterday he did a 40 km loop on his way home, and wants to get proper riding shorts because he sees he will be doing some long rides on the weekends. He is built for bikes (unlike his dad), he is 5'8, 150lbs and super fit. I need to get riding because I know he will want to ride and try to drop me
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    My parents are incredible people. Both self made from poor beginnings to successful, happy, people. I wanted for nothing. Now in their 80s. Dad can barely function. Sits in a chair in the den unless he is asleep. Shutting down. Can't really walk or control many of his functions and it is an affront to his pride. Hypertension, diabetes, and general apathy have left him close to invalid. Mom has had several small strokes (TIA's) in the last few years. She had another this past weekend and I have been down there to help her out until things normalize. Hears voices and see things as a result. Mind still sharp and she can function pretty well, but all the strange side effects of the strokes have left her a bit confused about what were once simple tasks. She has good day, more than bad, but taking care of dad beats her down. They could afford in home health care, but refuse to get it. She finally broke down and hoefully agreed to have a house keeper come and clean once per week. They really need to be in managed care for dad, but now is a horrible time to move them, so not going to happen, so we wil just have to figure out how to visit more often and work to get them some help at their home. If you are the praying type, Paul and Doris could sure use your prayers right now. Me too. Watching them slowly deteriorate is crushing my soul.
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    We’re grilling brats for dinner, so I tried baking the rolls. Still too hot to open and find out whether the texture is airy or dense, or just right for a brat and kraut sandwich. So, what are these? Roll, or bun?
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    We were celebrating our 11th anniversary in Athens. 15 years ago, we celebrated our 2nd in Venice. Today, we celebrate our 17th at home. All the fancy restaurants are closed, even for delivery today because of the holiday Monday. So, nice candle light dinner at home it is.
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    Wait, we're supposed to return the carts? I thought we took them home like the shopping bags. Good to know, they are sort of piling up at my house.
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    Wow, I was busy this morning and just got on here. I don’t think I’m a super hero, I’m just doing what needs to be done for the ones I love. Our son Ben came by this morning on his way to Teen Challenge to preach the morning message. He brought her a real nice Mother’s Day card and we FaceTimed with the grandkids. I just played the song Ben wrote for his mom again for her. It made her smile. She is feeling better this morning.
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    She got a new bike. I am gearing up to continue to teach her. Her Mother told me that Eleanor has said she only will ride with me, and that has deemed that her parents are not allowed to teach her. Not sure how that developed. Shoot. I just wanted to empower her to ride a bike. Her mom said that Eleanor thinks I am, in her words, "The bees knees." What is that? Do Bees even have knees. Such a strange comment. This is probably because they are from the east coast. Those people talk funny.
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    Took a family of 5 with two little ones, that were picking asparagus besides our place, into the barn so the little ones could see the new Angora kids. Two came up to the children so they could pet them.
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    Let him cook whatever her wants.
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    Rode my bike along about 5 miles of county road heading to camp road. Way too many beer cans along there; grosses me out. Too almost four hours to pick cans. Apparently it's really tiring to continually get off and on the bike along with scaling steep ditches. Really sleepy this morning. But it felt good heading home last night and seeing the sides of the road clear of many beer cans. I forgot to take a pic of the fully loaded bike. It carried a total of seven bags and the trash box on top the rack. Oh ya, it carried my fat ass too! Ha!
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    The first one is the bottle kid that is living in the house. She is on her bed in the corner of the kitchen by a heater vent.
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    People I know were going to take these to the landfill because they were discolored and ugly. We went and took all of them off their hands. My husband is building a patio and planters for me. He is wonderful and amazing. work in progress behind the stack he is moving the red stones putting down weed block and reinstalling the red stones somewhere else. There is another giant stack on the other side of the yard. these people are also tossing some used trex boards and we plan on grabbing those too. So much waste in this world.
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    Private land. Private lake. Out in the outskirts of the middle of nowhere. There were 3 other families there. All had been pretty much staying home. Pretty low risk. We kept our distance pretty well. There was enough camp faar and alcohol to kill any Covid. It was very nice.
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    At the school that I'm working at the teachers have a list of things that they would like to have fixed or looked at. So in one of the classrooms the teacher said that the window didn't work right. So I'm outside fixing the track on the window when the cops come flying up the curb across the grass with lights a flashing. The old lady across the street said someone was breaking into the school with a crowbar. I had a screw driver in my hands. I told cops why would I break in I have a key.
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    All is well Annie worked 3 very hard 12 hour shifts came home and fell asleep for 12 hours straight. Her phone was in her purse in the other room. When she woke, she found 26 messages from Mrs. Further, she replied at 3:00 AM
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    What do you think? @Chris...
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    Now I am one of the cool kids, no thanks to JSharr.
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    The Angora bottle kid was wondering what I was doing. When I finished the two kids were running and jumping in the doe pen. They may still be there.
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    Coming down off Stevens Pass we had ourselves a black bear sighting. Really cool. First time in 50 years traveling these mountains I actually saw one along the highway. Lots of dear but no bear.
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    A couple of weekends ago my daughter & SIL bought new cruisers. SIL’s mom wanted a cruiser too but didn’t want to pay what they paid so found a Huffy for $80 on CL. She rode it over to their house the other night (she lives 5 houses down...) and showed me her bike. Knowing I’m a bike nerd asked me what I thought.... I’m looking over the blobby welds & crap construction but then see the bike really is in good shape for what it is. I tell her nice bike, give me a couple of hours with it and I can really make it nice. OK deal. So she drops it off last night and I go to town on it. Hit the chrome with steel wool, use a polisher in the paint and a couple of hours later bam it freaking came to life! Nearly all the rust came off, minor scratches out, paint shines again. I put in a new basket & bell she bought and it freaking looks nice! Look at the sun reflecting off the paint!
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    It's hard to capture in a photo, but it really is waaaayyyy too long. I haven't let my beard grow out like the rest of the guys here.
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    The signs on the interstate tell me that I’m working across the street from the biggest McDonalds in the US. Maybe I’ll walk across the street and get an anus pounder for lunch.
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    This reminds me of one of my prior stories that I think was posted at the Love Forum. I was at the grocery store and saw a Dad in his car and the son was walking the cart back to the store. Since I was going in, I took the cart from the kid and said "I can take that". Boy did I feel silly a few minutes later when I saw the Dad and son shopping at the store with a new cart. I believe that was the story of how I mugged a young boy.
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    The home brewing supply store in town wanted me to weld some stainless steel brew kettles for them. I was going to change him a case of beer but he was so happy with the job he's going to brew 2 cases for me. The job took 15 minutes.
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    First pic is it hanging to dry overnight, then in the smoker earlier today. Love keilbasa.
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    ...but, did my 100th ride of 2020 today. Topped 3,600 miles.
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    Truer words have never been spoken! Or written.
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    These are usually reserved for Christmas and Easter but Mom is having a hard time with social isolation at the Assisted Living place. My sisters and I are going over to cheer her up from the backyard where she can see us and talk on the phone. I’m bringing her some sticky buns. My Dad used to make these back in the day.
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    From my wife
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    To see your avatars. I love you all.
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    She is doing fine. Bored staying at home, but doing her best to distance when she gets groceries. She talked to Rosalie earlier that day. Rosalie is the mom of one of my oldest friends. She used to live in the country, but moved into town after her husband passed away. Lives in a nice little house on a street I ride on my way to and from work. Mom asked me to slow down when I ride past. I guess she has been trying to wave me in, but I hadn't seen her. That street has a lot of young families and I have my head on a swivel watching for little kids with everyone at home. Mom thinks she is just bored and lonely staying at home and would like to visit with someone for a few minutes. She's a sweet lady. I will have to watch for her.
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    Don’t know if you remember Fred Nash. Not sure what his LF name was. He might have been Gravel Runner on the LF. Or was Gravel Runner the female lawyer from Central NY? Anywho, I suspected it was him birdwatching at the cemetery so I said Fred? And he said James? It was him.
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    Went on a hike yesterday.
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    From today’s Memorial Day fun.
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    Kirby got in my house. I looked out the dining room door at the bird feeder and there was a frog climbing up the glass. I grabbed my phone to take a picture and noticed it was on the inside of the glass. How the heck did a frog get in my house?
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    I love this mug...but it ain't mine
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