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    Meet Shadi, a 5-year old female Border Collie.
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    For historical reasons that are difficult to explain, my sisters and I all give each other little gifts on Mother's Day, even though only one of us has kids. My wild sister gave me a plant and it came in a plain brown bag with a little design stamped on the side. The design made me question if she's been lurking here.
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    G done good

    First adult Tri yesterday.
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    She always enjoys this trip.
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    Pure brag but he is cute

    Lindy is awesome. Green qualifying ribbon and a first place as icing on the cake.
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    Went completely unplugged this weekend to check everything out and work out the bugs. So far, I need to replace the coach batteries (not holding a good charge) and the fridge isn't working in the gas mode. It was fine before we left the house, so I'm thinking something rattled loose on the drive. Oh well...the joys of a new rig.
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    some pics from work

    Spent the day in the melt shop, got a few pics of steel being born Overall of the melt bay Charge bucket headed to arc furnace AOD furnace flaring Pouring from AOD30 tons of fresh steel
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    Most were taken after feeding this afternoon to fill a request of her previous owners. She does like to watch the livestock, and is sometimes visited by lambs. My wife is petting her in the first one after their morning walk, but I was threatened with bodily harm, if I showed her raggedy coat and her wonderful hair do.
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    Leaving today

    Fly out of the country for a few weeks today. Going to visit the wife's family in Turkey. They really want to see my daughter, most have already cone here to visit but first time I've been there. Figure after 12 years I owed them the trip. They aren't too interested in seeing wife and I, the baby is the main attraction. So we'll stay in Ankara for a few days for everyone to get acclimated then leave my daughter with Grandma and the Aunt's. Wife and I travel to Istanbul, spend a few days, then Cappadocia, few more days, then Pamalluke for a day and back to Ankara. Everything sounds fantastic; except the 21 hour flight with a 22-month old. Wish me luck!
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    It's been 5 months since my last outdoor ride. I ride indoors on an exercise bike during cool/cold weather due to previous injuries that don't like cold air. It took forever to get all my stuff together and get my bike prepared to ride. This made me feel aggravated and reminded me of why bike riding is such a bitch compared to jogging or walking. Hours of prep later, I was finally up and pedaling away. After 5 months, I was afraid I might have forgotten how to ride. Amazingly, I felt better on this initial ride than in past years. I was riding with no hands almost right away. This made me feel happy and childlike. Several motorists treated me with much respect by remaining stopped at intersections when they really didn't have to. There was plenty of time for them to pull out in front of me but they chose to wait for me instead. Of course, I waved to them to acknowledge their kindness. This made me feel that their may be some hope for the motorist/cyclist relationship, after all. I was filled me with optimism and good cheer. At one point in my ride, I was riding as far right as possible but not in the so-called "bike" lane. The bike lane in that one part of my ride is full of glass and hardware and other disgusting sharp objects. I got a flat once from riding through that crap. A guy in a truck yelled at me as he went by. I don't know what he said but I assume he was expressing a heart-felt opinion that I should have been riding in the "bike" lane. Motorists generally don't see all that dangerous crap in the "bike" lane, so it was a reasonable comment on his part, I'm sure. I almost caught him at the next light which was about a 300 yards away.. If I had, I was going to inform him of the situation. In the end, I just felt good that I was riding well enough to have almost caught up to him. I finished my ride without falling over, getting a flat, or having a heart attack. My average speed sucked, but I was glad to be back to riding outdoors again. Indoor cycling sucks. Even if Wheel and Jeopardy are on, it is mind-numbingly boring. Last night, in spite of all my attempts to remain fully hydrated, I got the screaming leg cramps. I probably should have been wearing pants to keep my legs warm but it was very warm in the house and I didn't think it would be necessary. This pissed me off. Next ride, I will try to pick up the pace a bit. The End.
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    Roommate from hell

    Got home about supper time last night. My son snapped this picture as I was praying with my wife. I was amazed how good I looked. I still have a lot of pain but it’s good to be home.
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    No good deed goes unpunished

    So I was asked to lead training for new Cubmasters and Asst Cubmasters months ago, before Ryan started playing rugby. The training was today, as was a rugby tournament in College Station, Texas on the Texas A&M campus. I tried for the last two weeks to find a replacement trainer. Had one guy tell me he could cover my morning class, but not my afternoon class. Had to pass as this would leave a class uncovered and there were people signed up to take the class. So I told Ryan that I could not make his tournament, because your word in your bond and told someone I would do something, so I did it. Had 1 person no show for the morning class, and all the people no showed for the afternoon class. Ryan started in all 4 games today. They won 3 and finished second place in the tournament, losing to the best team in tournament 15-7. Ryan's coach said he was a beast today. Before he left, I told him that in sports and in life, that in order to play like a champion, you had to think like a champion. He has a tendency to be timid if he is unsure what he is doing. Told him to give it 100% no matter what he did. He told me tonight he just sort of stopped thinking and started doing.
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    Friday I got off work and we scooped up one of Emmy's good friends and headed the Explorer west to the land of Mizzou and SEC softball. After 5.5 hours in the car (and waving at @JerrySTL ) we rolled into Columbia at about 23:00. This made me feel exhausted. Sat we got up late. There was no waffle batter for the waffle makin' machine. This made me angry. There was lots of coffee. This made me happier. We got to the game way early. Emmy got to see her idol Riley warming up. She yelled at her and waved. Riley smiled and waved back. This made me happy. In the 4th inning we were walking around and stopped at the rail to see Riley up at bat. She hit a hard shot that went up the 3rd baseman's glove and finally got fielded by SS with no play. Base hit (they were hard to come by this game). A lady that looked surprisingly like Riley saw Emmy cheering and asked what happened. Apparently she could not watch he daughter up at bat Emmy talked to her for about 10 minutes before she figured out that it was Riley's mother. She had been following R's instagram and knew that there was a family driving from Indiana to see her. She asked Emmy if that was us. We sat there and chatted with her for like 30 minutes. It was incredible. She talked to Emmy about pitching. Talked to us about raising ball players. Truly a sweet person. She told Emmy where to wait after the game and promised a meet up. This made me feel optimistic. After the game Riley came out and could not have been sweeter. She hung around for 15 minutes or so. She didn't just answer questions and take a quick pic, she asked Emmy all kinds of questions. She introduced us to her parents and brother. She hugged Em several times and even took a selfie with her on her own phone. Then the ultimate compliment to any youngster, she followed Emmy on Instagram. This made me feel so happy that I almost teared up. She left to board her plane and we drove back home arriving about 9:30 pm. This made me feel so happy but exhausted again. Sunday we ate Easter food and put up the kid's new basket ball goal. This made me feel accomplished. The end
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    Big move for Mom!

    My mom drove up to the Black Hills to spend time with a few of her sisters. This is her first trip since Dad passed away. She has been weighing options of where she wants to live now that he is gone. Moving back to the Black Hills was an option to be near her sisters before they all get too old. She called me the other night. It was kind of late for her even allowing for the time change. She found a place in Hot Springs she wants to rent. It is right next to the river just outside of town. I could hear in her voice she was just giddy with excitement! Sounds like I will be driving a moving truck in a couple weeks!
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    26 Years!

    Married Wednesday. I went to get a card today and for some reason thought it was 22 years. I then realized our daughter is 25 so this is 26! I then saw all of the 25 year cards and wondered if I missed the opportunity!?!? We met around the same time 6 years earlier so we hit 32 years together this month too. 32 of my 53 years with WoChrisL!
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    Square Wheels is a meanie

    He remotely controlled the horn while I was showing people my new car. I had no idea what was going on. He’s still laughing.
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    Nothin' could be finer...

    Nothin' could be finer than to walk the park called Kinder in the mornin'. Golden Doodle struts right up and sniffs each little buttercup that's dawnin'. When the blackberry flowers, twine around the trees, Whispering pretty stories, to a hawk floating on the breeze.
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    10 years ago today

    I pedaled 24 miles from Astoria Or to the Pacific Ocean and back. Day one of my coast to coast ride. Test ride to hook up the Bob and see how it worked. Stayed at the Lamplighter motel in Astoria. Yes- the one that serves fresh soup and fresh baked bread. It was tomato bisque that night. Who quits their job at the peak of a recession? Me, that’s who. Having the worlds worst boss makes the decision easier.
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    Happy Friday from RO

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    May Photos

    First hummingbird of the year
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    Things didn’t go as planned

    They might have given me viagra while I was out to keep me from rolling out of bed.
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    A lady I have known for about 35 years and she often sits behind me. Asked me to lean down so she could tell me something...."your butt is getting smaller" I had a hard time singing that hymn...I was laughing so hard
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    Couch saved my marriage....

    ...by introducing me to a garage painter. Turns out getting involved with the painter is way cheaper than the divorce.
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    Stuck in Munich

    Yes we did, a near thing too. They held the plane for 20 minutes while Luftansa reinstated our tickets. They didn't just cancel they removed almost all records of the flight plan. Was rather annoying, I got quite heated at the counter rep as they had the usual casual indifference I've encountered in Germany. Here in Turkey. The weather is wonderful, highs barely topping 70° with fully sunny skies. Going to visit father-in-law's at the cemetery and then the tomb of Ataturk. Then off to a nice dinner somewhere. Here's us trying not to transfer our frustration onto the already tired little one.
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    A miracle just happened.

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    May 4th miles and such

    WoJSTL and I did our first ride on the new tandem together. 12 miles and we didn't crash. Plus we are still talking!
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    Earlier this year I bought a Breezer Doppler Team gravel bike and it's a lot of fun. Just last week WoJSTL said that she wanted to start riding with me including doing the Katy Trail Ride next year. I took that as a good excuse to buy a new tandem! It's a Schwinn Twinn and pretty cheap at only $500. I'll probably need to do some upgrades, but it's a good starter bike. If WoJSTL doesn't like it, I have 5 grandsons who will eventually be tall enough to ride with me. I did give my touring bike to my son so I'm down to 3 bikes plus a tag-along for the grandchildren.
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    Wilbur's absence

    He's a pig. Probably best to lay low until after all the ham Easter dinners are done.
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    My new love

    Tony, the excavator. He was just here and says we can be ready for fencing in two weeks. He is an older, no nonsense kind of guy you want in an excavator. He said they don’t mess around and only get out of the shovel to take a wee once in awhile. Should get the pond dug and the lawn area leveled in two days if the rain holds. He says he will bring both trucks and shovels and a skid so that they don’t spend all day driving back and forth. Plus for him is also that he knows the DEC regs and runs a clean operation. He works on a handshake I like that The painter is gone leaving shiny white walls behind. I tipped him 25% because he is a good man Life is good.
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    WoKzoo is looking at Airedales

    Sure, what is the worst that could happen? You sell the house and build a giant Airedale ranch?
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    My baby is famous today.

    She was on the Today show today. I knew her before she was a star. She’s on the left.
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    here's a picture of my first rescue kitty. She was a stray who wandered around the apartment complex where I lived. She was friendly and I'd feed her sometimes, but was certainly not going to bring her in because I had bad allergies. She'd sit on my patio and meow to get in, but I resisted because of my allergies. Then I ran into the apartment manager who said some people were complaining about the roaming cat and she'd have to call animal control unless someone took the cat in. So the next time I saw the cat, I opened the door and she happily came in and showed no interest in leaving. I loved the way she was digging her claws into the carpet - probably the first time she'd ever slept on anything soft and she didn't intend to leave.
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    May Photos

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    Happy Friday.

    Good morning, I am starting to feel closer to normal. Yesterday I even went out on the deck and sat in the fresh air for awhile. I got my hot tub up and running again but I’m not aloud in it yet. My son brought us some groceries yesterday and the two year old twin dudes and their three year old sister came along to cheer us up. They did a great job of it too. If feels so good to be home. The sponge baths were fun but I like my shower better.
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    What a nice evening..

    I had the District 9
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    9.4 miles

    That was my first real bike ride of the year. We rode out to Cumberland, next town over. There is a sandwich/baked goods place there, and I was planning to stop and split a coffee and a goodie. Closed on Sunday. Still, I proved to myself that I can ride. With help, of course.
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    The Story of my Saturday

    I got up early to take my car to the garage for an oil change. This made me feel productive. But I got held up with some work emails and left later than I had planned. This made me mad. But when I got to the garage, they could take me right away which made me happy. I I'm always slightly intimidated by the owner who is a brusque Eastern European, but I've dealt with him for years and trust him. He didn't make me feel bad, so I felt good. After that I did some errands and came home for lunch. That made me feel accomplished. I was all set to do some laundry and take a nap, when I heard a loud bang and glass came flying around my bedroom. This made me feel alarmed and my cat was worse. Then I remembered I live next to a golf course and I went out to see which bad player had put a golf ball through my bedroom window. I saw two rather young teens on the course and one of them was trying to move away quickly which isn't easy to do when you are carrying a set of golf clubs. I called them over and the young boy who had hit the ball (not the one running away) seemed nervous (probably afraid of telling his parents) but was very polite and asked what he should do. This made me feel bad for him, so I just asked him to ask the golf course to come help cover up the window since it was going to rain. Then I started cleaning up the glass from the bed and all over the floor which made me nervous, but I think I got it all, which made me feel relieved. Then I called the glass company who said they had the right glass in stock and could come on Monday to fix it, which made me happy. The golf course people came and covered up the window, which made me feel better. Then I was finally able to take a nap which made me feel very happy (and less tired). The End
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    Embarrassment of Riches

    One of the ladies at work received a very large bouquet of flowers. This thing looks like it should go to a funeral except it’s red roses and other pretty flowers. She asked if she could keep it in our area as she can’t bring it home and doesn’t want anyone to know she got it... Uh yeah sure keep it here. Im so gonna give my wife the biggest bouquet of roses she’s ever gotten!!!!
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    May Photos

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    May Photos

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    Road Runner

    I had a good interview today

    RG's granddaughter is unbelievably cute!
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    a bird, some squirrels and a turtle
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