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    Proud of DoSmudge2

    She bought her own bike today. It's a Cannondale Quick 4 Women's. The color caught her eye. After that it was all mom and her Jedi mind tricks. Anyway that's what she blames for the purchase.
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    Proud parent moment

    My youngest daughter had a photo featured today on Canon USA’s Instagram page!
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    An accidental ride.

    So, I started the day in the garage. Put the snow tires up on the rack, tidied up some tools that found their way out over winter, swept out the garage, washed the bikes, and inflated the tires. Got on the Stumpy and went for a spin around the block, then the same with the Bianchi, then the Tri-cross and finally the Lynskey. I managed to ride to the lake and back so about 20 k. No kit, not clipped in, no water, no helmet. Cargo shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt.
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    The bike shed is coming along

    Decided on a 10x10 shed with a 4' porch. I wanted a 10/12 pitch to the roof, but HoSmudge said a 12/12 pitch is easier; so it will have a 12/12 pitch roof. Here it is with the gable ends in place. The rain was making things too slippery to be safe when working on trusses, so HoSmudge headed home. I had planned on spending the night at camp, so I covered up with a poncho and kept going for a while. I dug out the trench for the porch "footings." Then I used the Paslode nailer to secure the joists to one side of the porch. I was pretty tired by then, so I called it good for the day. Put stuff away, ate some supper, and now holding down a couch. HoSmudge will be back tomorrow, and we'll put up trusses after we build them! And I'll finish the porch floor.
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    DoSmudge2 n+1

    When I showed you her new bike, someone suggested n+1. Actually, her new bike is her +1. This is the bike I bought her eons ago, maybe around 1998?? She never rode it much but still kept it all these years. Just had it tuned up this spring. She still loves it, and she wanted me to share.
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    Had an echocardiogram for a mild heart murmur my new Dr found. The technician was cool and was explaining everything to me. She angled the monitor so I could see and she was pointing things out. She said the Dr will provide a follow up but asked what they told me. I told her they said I had a slight murmur and they wanted to do this as a precaution. She said thought so as I don’t see much of a murmur here, blood flow looks good. After we got to talking for a while she says, can I tell you something? Uh sure what? When I called your name I was hoping you would stand up and my heart jumped for joy when you did. Me thinking oh this is awkward... Then she continues... You see most older men are usually obese and well there was that fat guy in the room too. You are my third one today and my arm & shoulder really get tired pushing against a bunch of fat.... And I thought she was coming on to me...
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    My hippie dress

    The old arms are big..but I am trying to get over that.
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    Deck life

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    Square Wheels

    I have now driven two BMWs

    the one I test drove, and the one I took home tonight.
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    First skinned knee

    Our granddaughter
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    Roof is on the shed

    The roof is officially covered. Bought the metal on clearance at Menards for $1.75/foot. Had odd sizes, but we made it work. I bought a 10' section of ridge cap, and HoSmudge had a piece used as packing material when he bought metal for his roof. My ridge ended up being a little calico, but it's done! Whoo hoo! DoSmudge2 gave me this nifty piece for my birthday, so I put it up. And apparently the woodland creatures approve of this build too. We had seen on an episode of Maine Cabin Builders the use of logs with burls as porch posts. We cut ours Wed. Those bastards are way heavier than I thought they would be! I said I could drag them out of the swamp. Stupid. Of course after a good day's work we need a good supper. My trout is from son-in-law who fishes with his dad in Lake Michigan near Muskegon. Very tasty! And I absolutely nailed the potatoes and onions!
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    Square Wheels

    New car

    Arrived this morning, can't pick it up until Monday, it needs to be registered first.
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    On June 7 at 2:30pm

    I retired from the spring factory
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    Is it bad to hate your own kid?

    Kid #3 (SonofZ) is in his last co-op for his Mech Wng degree. An avid diver he wants to work in the deep sea submersible field. Through his own initiative he managed to get his co-op at a world industry leader, so I thought that was pretty cool, until this week. This week he took his first dip in a 3 man sub. And he had the gall to send me pics of him overseeing it going in the water and him in it. And to top it off, it was the sub built for and used in James Cameron's "The Abyss". I kind of hate him right now.
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    I only cropped this one.
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    The bike shed progress, June 1

    sigh... This is hard work! It's coming along, slowly but surely. Ending up being more than I had envisioned. Will definitely be a solid build!
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    I'm a Wisconsin hillbilly

    After our plans had changed do to weather we decided to go to Devils Lake Wi. hiking. There's no way we are getting a campsite on this weekend in a state park. So we are sitting in a Walmart parking lot sitting in a chair, drinking a beer watching cars pull in and out.
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    Shu Fang

    A picture of Ylva.

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    Too good not to share

    I usually take the dogs for a walk around 2:00am, then put Tag and Duke in their crates on the porch and Shadi back in the kennel. And yes, at night Tag and Duke want in their crates and they normally meet me at the back door. A bit ago, I went to let everyone run. Tag came bounding out of her crate, but Duke was asleep on his back with his head in the back. I touched one of his hind paws, and he just wiggled it, same thing next time I tried. Tag looked at me, as if to say, "Get out of my way and I'll get him up." So she popped into his crate, messed with him and then got out. However, it took another time before Duke, very sleepily, emerged from his crate. After petting and a good run with Shadi, they were all ready to get in the kennel. We'll head out in a bit to feed the other critters. Such is life with little and big critters.
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    The Story of my Vacation

    I've been scheduled to take a vacation to Oklahoma for a few months now. A friend recommended a pretty state park and I was going to combine a stay at the lodge at the park with a visit to a wildlife preserve and some museums in Oklahoma City. I felt excited for my adventure. Then I started to hear about lots of tornadoes and flooding . That made me less excited for my adventure. The trip seemed fun at the time I made the reservations, but it was beginning to seem less fun. Plus it involved flights at really inconvenient times and connections. This was beginning to make me anxious. So I cancelled my reservations and booked a little cabin by a lake in Vermont. That made me feel happier. Although the last time I booked a cabin by a lake, I got agitated by the whole set up and left after one day and went somewhere less cabin-y. But currently, this seems very pretty and I packed like I was moving cross country, so I'll stay here at least long enough to have a nice glass of wine and some snacks while I read a bit and stare at the lake a bit. This makes me feel content at least for tonight. Not really the end yet.
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    Back at Allegheny General

    Even better than a negative biopsy report. We were there a total of six hours and they could not find the lesion to do a biopsy on it, it was totally gone. Thanks everyone for your prayers, God is good. They did do a biopsy on a swollen lymph node in her neck while she was there.
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    Cracker Barrel

    Tonight I will go to Cracker Barrel. I will not complain. I will not whine about waiting in line. I will be grateful that our dear friend is still with us and able to pick The eating establishment.
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    Emmy got herself a ring and her coach got himself a funny sunburn.
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    My middle girl is having trouble today. I am not sure why this year seems harder than the last 25 plus for her. She sent this picture of her dancing at our wedding. Marrying all four of them is something I do not regret. Coincidentally I just hung our engagement gift. It is actually a barrel top label that was used to send apples by train in the old days. The card said something about you aren’t marrying an apple, you are getting the whole bushel. The girls love this label and Mr Aire understands.
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    I am president Still bored...OMG but hopefully fewer meetings....since I don't plan to a call a lot of them!! Pray for me!!
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    The airplane is in maintenance until July 15. There are no flights booked for the remainder of July and none in August. This may be a very good job for cottage life.
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    Muscle Cramps

    I drink Gin and Tonic. My understanding is that it's the quinine in the tonic which is supposed to help, but never has in my case. The gin helps deal with the disappointment.
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    Windows and door installed

    We didn't do a whole lot on the BIKE shed yesterday, bit we did get good things done. HoSmudge spent a few days at camp and got two windows set in. We measured and leveled and installed shims. The two windows didn't have a nailing flange, so they were a little difficult, but we got them in ok. The door went in fairly well too considering the only shims we had left were the remnants from the windows. The counter top in the corner will be my work bench. Looks like I have a heckuvalotta more room for bikes than I thought! DoSmudge2 says I could fit ten in there. Gotta start shopping!! I stayed after supper and put a coat of paint on the door. It's actually an indoor door (solid core, so not flimsy or lightweight!), and we're supposed to get rain. I wanted a little protection for it, so I painted the outside of it. It's a little beat up, but the paint makes it look pretty nice! I'll probably put a couple more coats on the outside. Inside is really rough; probably at least three coats there too.
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    We are having a department "event" next week designed to promote bonding and getting to know one another. We were asked to prepare answers to a few questions (such as favorite book, movie, pieces of music etc) and items for the annoying "Two Truths and a Lie" game. I am not sure that knowing more about my coworkers is a good thing, and I'm dubious they want to know more about me.
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    Night falls over the Duomo.

    Just for y’all!
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    I lost my voice yesterday morning. Not sure why. All I could manage when I tried to talk in my normal voice was a croak and a hissing sound. I had to go to the doctor for something else, and make a stop at Home Depot to get copies of a key made. I was practicing talking on the way, and I found out I could talk in a falsetto voice where someone could understand what I was saying. Like the Bee Gees. Or the munchkins. So I get to Home Depot and the lady at the key making stand asked me what I needed. I handed her the key and held up two fingers. So far so good. Then I remembered WofTy needed some packing boxes but I had never seen them in Home Depot and didn't know where they were and didn't have time to walk around as I had to get to my doctor's appointment. She copied the key and asked me if I needed anything else. I tried to talk slowly in my normal voice but still a croak and a hiss. Then I tried the falsetto and told her "I can talk in a little girl's voice and I need to know where the packing boxes are." After she finished laughing, she continued to smile and told me where they were. I croaked and hissed what I hoped came out as a "Thank you" and walked away with my head down.
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    I don't think I have one for this year. Last year I trained really hard. I had a coach who really prepared me. I was running a lot and cycling a lot. My short runs during the week were 5 miles, usually 6 or 7. Weekends were 8 to 10. On the weekends I would go out to a local hill about an hour away and run hills for at least 2 hours. Same for the bike, there was a bike route about an hour away that I rode hills on for 3 to 5 hours. My life felt consumed by getting ready to run Washington under 2 hours, and do the 109 mile, hilly century a month later under 6 hours. For last years run, the weather was pretty cold and very windy. My wife claims that's why I finished at 2:10. Then I gave it my all on the century, lots of hills, 6:30. I felt terrible after these two events, they really broke my spirit. I gave training my all, I weighed 25 pounds less than I do now, and I still failed. I had no idea how much this affected me, still. I gave up my couch, I gained weight, I got a new position at work that takes a lot of my time, I pretty much gave up training. This year I had no expectations, wasn't even sure I could finish, or finish under the required time. It wasn't as cold as last year at the top, it was in the 40s with 40+ mph winds Still not friendly, but doable. I finished 2:26, the cut off is 3:05. I'll do it again next year, but I'll train for it - I hope.
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    Wade turned 18 yesterday

    Took him out to dinner with a bunch of friends from school. I got him a card, amongst other things. I think Wilbur might like the card. Front inside
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    The bike shed progress, June 11

    I'm pretty slow cuz I do a lot of learning as I go. But I got the floor on the porch. The metal isn't on the roof yet, but shed is basically covered. HoSmudge got most of the d-edge on. We also got the front facia on. Oh ya, and he installed my adorable window!
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    WoScrapr's obit

    hit the papers today. Working on the celebration of life. She didn't want anything big. But it's turning out bigger than she wanted.The venue holds 200.Hoping we can come in under that. It's a really nice winery close in so easy for everyone to get to. We are doing a stemless wine glass as a take away. Her name on one side. Then "boomshakalaka" on the other side. One of her fav sayings https://obits.oregonlive.com/obituaries/oregon/obituary.aspx?n=lindy-miner-mcgregor&pid=193090736
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    36 years ago today...

    ...and she hasn't kicked me out yet.
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    June photos

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    Today I bring you

    This soon to be delicious small ass spotted bass!
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    Our happy place

    Outside this morning I noticed how good WoZack flower garden looks. The gazebo we built from cedar logs about 12 years ago. It has a fireplace in it. We spend a lot of evenings out here.
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    Smart Ass Kids...

    So yeah I got this yesterday... I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree... Little shits!
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    Road Runner

    Likes, help needed

    I'm testing something, could everyone please like me? Thanks
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    June photos

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    Will you make yours a good one? i am preparing to go play politics and then play nice with NY State Education Department. I am bringing my A game, including the finance guy, because my students deserve the best.
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    @Airehead sent Rudy a gift box filled with goodies. He has a stuffed animal, chew toys. squeaky things, bags of treats... She was too good to him. Thanks Airehead.
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    June photos

    Spotted Eagle Lake at sunset
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    I had to work yesterday and we went to see a band some friends play in last night. My intention today was to watch Monaco and Indy then go to my dad’s shooting club because they were honoring him with a memorial today. Mom called last night and said they were moving the memorial ceremony to Noon so some people who had traveled from out of state could get on the road before expected storms hit. CRAP! That meant I had to shower quick right after Monaco and hope Indy was rain delayed. It’s about an hour and a half drive to the shooting range. We got there and a couple family friends were there I did not expect. Ok. Things got a little better. Quick backstory- my parents really enjoyed metal silhouette target shooting. Dad was state director of the organization for many years. After they retired, they went to the Internationals in Ft Stockton, TX for several years. They befriended some Brazilian competitors and traveled to Brazil 3 or 4 times. From records we can find, my parents were the first North Americans to compete in Silhouette shoots in Brazil! He competed until his health made him too weak. After that, he would still shoot mostly to hang around and BS with their friends. Mom decided she couldn’t think of a better place to spread his ashes. The club director took Mom and I to the top of the range backstop. There was a young pine tree up there. Jim felt that would be a place where Dad could watch over the group! I joked that if any one shot the ashes, they would know they shot too high! He didn’t quite get it.. Mom asked me to spread the ashes around the tree. After I did, Jim placed a small American flag. When we drove down, anyone that had purchased or been given one of Dad’s pistols was invited to join in a 3-shot salute. Jim let me fire a .45 he had bought from Dad. We had lunch and spent some time at the club. Many shared stories with me of how Dad had touched their lives. The day didn’t go quite as planned, but I wouldn’t have changed anything.
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