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    Getting old is not for sissies

    Update on my wife and I. We had an appointment with her new medical oncologist yesterday. He’s going to start her on chemotherapy right away and order lots of bone, and body scans as soon as they can be set up. My surgery for my hernia is coming up in the middle of this and I won’t be allowed to drive for about five days. A week later I’m having a squamous cell carcinoma cut out of my face. My wife is doing much better. She is eating good now. She comes up with strange things she wants (she had a grilled Keilbasa sandwich for breakfast today). I’ll be glad when I can get back to cycling and kayaking. For the present time I’m needed at home so that’s where I am.
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    A few from this morning

    My photographer is traveling, and it was too cloudy and windy for me to go south and take waterfowl photos. In the last photo, Duke's and Tag's attention were shifted due to antics of the lambs that come into the back yard to eat out of the sled.
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    Wo46 and I along with our son are racing in Kershaw South Carolina this weekend. pit security is the responsibility of Mona
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    Fish are now here

    I am drip acclimating the two new clown fish I just picked up. My pup will not leave their tub. She is watching them careful to make sure they are on. Every now and then she licks the container.
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    I worked vary late the night before and only got 90 minutes of sleep. This made me feel loopy. I decided to go shopping on the way home from work. This made me feel productive. I looked at food for MomKirby and couldn't decide between some takeout salmon or beef stew, so I got her both of them. This made me feel a little wild. Then I went to the bakery section to get a dessert for lunch with MomKirby and my sisters. I went to point out the dessert I wanted, and another woman came up to the bakery. I let her go ahead of me and that made me feel generous. When she went to order, she put both her hands on the handle of my cart as if it were her own. Surprisingly (but with complete justification) this filled me with rage. The woman asked the bakery clerk if the cannolis were fresh, and she replied "yes". The woman told me smugly that she always asks if a cannoli is fresh because you can't be too careful with cream. I asked her if she really thought the clerk would tell her if they weren't fresh. This made her feel shocked and a little uneasy. This made me feel a little wicked and a little happy. When I went to check out, the clerk put all my purchases in lovely, strong plastic bags. This made me feel bittersweet because it was the last weekend for free plastic bags at the store. The clerk asked me if I wanted to double bag one of the bags and I said yes for old times sake. This made me surprisingly satisfied. When I left the store there were some girl scouts selling girl scout cookies. I bought a box of thin mints to bring into work and a box of Samoas for MomKirby. This reminded me of my selling girl scout cookies when I was younger and made me feel all nostalgic. The End.
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    The Story of my Weekend

    Friday I got off work and we scooped up one of Emmy's good friends and headed the Explorer west to the land of Mizzou and SEC softball. After 5.5 hours in the car (and waving at @JerrySTL ) we rolled into Columbia at about 23:00. This made me feel exhausted. Sat we got up late. There was no waffle batter for the waffle makin' machine. This made me angry. There was lots of coffee. This made me happier. We got to the game way early. Emmy got to see her idol Riley warming up. She yelled at her and waved. Riley smiled and waved back. This made me happy. In the 4th inning we were walking around and stopped at the rail to see Riley up at bat. She hit a hard shot that went up the 3rd baseman's glove and finally got fielded by SS with no play. Base hit (they were hard to come by this game). A lady that looked surprisingly like Riley saw Emmy cheering and asked what happened. Apparently she could not watch he daughter up at bat Emmy talked to her for about 10 minutes before she figured out that it was Riley's mother. She had been following R's instagram and knew that there was a family driving from Indiana to see her. She asked Emmy if that was us. We sat there and chatted with her for like 30 minutes. It was incredible. She talked to Emmy about pitching. Talked to us about raising ball players. Truly a sweet person. She told Emmy where to wait after the game and promised a meet up. This made me feel optimistic. After the game Riley came out and could not have been sweeter. She hung around for 15 minutes or so. She didn't just answer questions and take a quick pic, she asked Emmy all kinds of questions. She introduced us to her parents and brother. She hugged Em several times and even took a selfie with her on her own phone. Then the ultimate compliment to any youngster, she followed Emmy on Instagram. This made me feel so happy that I almost teared up. She left to board her plane and we drove back home arriving about 9:30 pm. This made me feel so happy but exhausted again. Sunday we ate Easter food and put up the kid's new basket ball goal. This made me feel accomplished. The end
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    He remotely controlled the horn while I was showing people my new car. I had no idea what was going on. He’s still laughing.
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    We you are the only fan in town

    I don't have cable but I wanted to watch the motorcycle race so I went to the corner bar. Everybody in the main bar watching baseball and I have the whole back room to myself. I kinda like it this.
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    Shu Fang

    Testing picture uploads.

    Shu Fang
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    Some people are nice

    I had a trap lesson this morning because lately I haven’t been able to hit anything. I mentioned to my coach that Mr Aire had been harassed into shooting on his work skeet team. He has never shot skeet, well he did today but I am ahead of myself. He has only been shooting trap for a month or two. His gun is a Browning 100, hand me down from my dad. It is a single barrel. Not a skeet gun. But all of this is just fluff to the point. My coach brought the NY State Female skeet champ with him, not sure if it is this year or some year. She worked with Mr. Aire. She also lent him a good skeet gun for the next few weeks. At Easter my dad will give him one. So a person we had never met, lent a person she had never met, a lovely gun. Just because she is kind. Mr. Aire has now shot skeet once. Sounds ready for the league, right? It is always delightful to share the earth with kind people.
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    I talked to Wok and she is allowing me to get back in the hobby of saltwater fish tanks.. to her surprise or demise (not sure yet) I pulled 4 large boxes out of the attic I had stated away she did not know about. I have everything except for a tank to get back up and running. She was a little worried at first because she saw that I was in the garage laying everything out and taking inventory. I even started a vinegar bath for my equipment so it will take and clean the coralline algae off of it since our move to Texas was a pack and go and I did not have the proper time to tear everything down and clean it properly before boxing it up. I even ran the TDS meter on the RODI system I have house in a plastic bag for three year.. I am surprised the filters were not cashed it still works like the day I put it away. On Saturday I am going out to some ladies house to look at a fish tank she does not want anymore.. If all is good and the acrylic is not scratched too bad I will be in business.. hopefully I can get it up and running by next week, and start the 1 month cycle process before thinking of a few new pets to add to the family. This tank I plan on keeping simple, a couple Ocellaris fish and a few (long and bubble tip) anemones. I want this to be a show tank and nothing way over the top like my last few gave been. Here are some pics from my last tank.. I never knew how much I missed this hobby.
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    As I was checking out the cashier noted that the lady before me left a small bag of groceries. There were no other store employees close, so I offered to try and catch her in the parking lot. She was still busy loading groceries into her car, and was appreciative that I had brought the sack to her. When I returned, everyone was waiting patiently, and none seemed put out by the additional wait time.
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    Shu Fang

    Stupid dog.

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    Last night on FaceTime:
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    Nana’s snuggle bug

    Is getting big. She is only five years old and still loves to climb on nana’s lap and snuggle. I love how she can make nana smile even when she is not feeling good.
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    They gave me a pretty cool hat

    I got a hat with my Chrysler 300
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    Wilbur's absence

    He's a pig. Probably best to lay low until after all the ham Easter dinners are done.
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    John D. Rockefeller jr. century

    The weather looked nice so I thought it would be a good chance to ride a century. Traffic is light in the park and the road is closed to cars from Taggert to Signal mtn. I made it to Flagg Ranch before the road was closed and I had to turn around. Signal mtn was open which is unusual this time of year. It was snow covered and icy near the top. I saw another rider go down trying to ride through one section. Yellowstone in the distance. I was able to get to within two miles of the south entrance.
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    Two photos from this afternoon

    These were taken in a small lake across Main Street from the lake used for swimming.
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    Mr. Aire is such an engineer--- it was nuts. We had to buy a chainsaw. I didn't care so much about what we bought. We only have brush/limbs to clear and to cut up the two trees they cleared to put in the driveway. He of course, cared a lot and got a chainsaw appropriate for a family of 11 that heats with wood. Of course he wanted to use it which left me to brush clearing. I worked and lived at a landscaper/nursery during my last two years of college. Clearing brush and laying sod are the reason I stayed in college. In this home, we heated 100% with wood including a cook stove int he kitchen and a wood powered hot water heater. My next home also heated with wood using an external furnace. I know a thing or two about chainsaws and firewood. (Mr. Aire for the record, has never used wood to heat anything except the occasional camp fire.) Being the engineer he is--- he of course was an expert at tree and brush removal. He was cutting the logs way too long for most fireboxes and cutting them in half once again made them short and stubby. I tried to talk to him about it but he pretended he could not hear me due to his ear protection. I deserve a gold star for completing my portion of the work without hurting anyone. We have some really nice oak firewood at the road edge for anyone who needs it--- logs are either too long or too short but the quality of the wood is nice. I am going to take some vacation today and finish the job before he gets home--- well if it stops raining.
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    My wife got her appetite back yesterday. She hasn’t eaten much for the last two weeks. Yesterday she asked me if I would made stuffed chicken breast and mashed potatoes. I baked a couple giant yams to go with it. She ate a whole plate of food.
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    Official coffee

    My local shop has an espresso blend named for me:
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    I locked my keys in my car

    Call the Lock smith to get the wife & kids out before they panic.
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    The story of my weekend

    Took off work Thursday and headed to the infamous Brown County for the weekend. This was going to be the first trip of the season in the camper. This made me excited. Arrived at the KOA in Nashville to find a nice, dope site complete with cool furniture and a concrete pad and built in faar pit. The other family we were camping with went with us and we went to Bigwood's Pizza house and micro brew. We met another family there. I had a really good pizza and an amazing peanut butter stout. This made me happy. We went back to the campsite and watched Purdue win around a faar. This made me jealous (for the Hoosiers). Friday we went to the IU/MSU softball game. Emmy's team got to take part in pre-game festivities, meet the coaches and players, and get VIP seating for the game. IU put up a 12 run 4th inning to take the win! This made me very happy. Emmy got to hang out with Tara (starting pitcher) after the game for a few min. Sat and Sun were a bit of a blur. Our softball tourney got cancelled due to some torrential rain. This later turned to sleet. This made me mad. For the first time ever I got a coax cable and hooked the camper to the cable TV input at the site. We stayed inside and watched basketball while the camper got covered in sleet and snow. This made me angry. Sunday I packed up the camper and headed home after a big breakfast and huge faar. Packing up everything in 28 degree snow made my fingers hurt. I was sad to see our adventure come to an end, but happy to be home. The end.
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    A student driver

    This young man is a student at womaxx's high school. He finished 2nd in the local track championship in SK light modifieds. He just tested at Daytona in an ARCA stock car. He has cerebral palsy. He's quite the kid.
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    Southern Utah

    Trail riding. Snow Canyon
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    Southern Utah

    Zion NP. This place is so beautiful. It's so crowded they closed the road to cars and run shuttle buses. You can ride your bike, so we did that. My GF showed me all of the routes she has climbed there. Seven walls in all. One solo. We talked to a ranger and he said they have a pair of condors in the park. A first for Utah and Zion. I think we saw them. She climbed this. Prodigal son. She soloed this one. It took two days.
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    Square Wheels

    Oops, we did it again

    Wife and I just went to the Tesla dealer. In and out in a couple of hours with a new car for her. Mine will still be weeks, I'm jealous. She's so happy. Not hers, just a random pic of the color / model she got. She went for the fully autonomous driving.
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    A few taken early afternoon, but may try for more later today.
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    This is why I love RG

    And put up with all his insanity.
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    Hard to put this down in words

    Oh...this is really sad. You have been such a steadily happy and enjoyable person on the forum and all while dealing with so much. Life is not fair but it is about living. Please enjoy your time with WoSrapr and make every minute you share count. It sounds as though you have been a close couple who have shared a special life together. I had a couple of close scrapes in my life and it taught me that death isn’t horrible for the affected. In fact, it can be a blessing. It is hard on the survivors. I will be thinking of you when that day comes. I am sure she will worry about what happens to those left behind. When the time is right, be sure to assure her that all will be ok. Your character is being tested and it shines. You’re a good man Scrapr. Warm Canadian hugs for WoScrapr.
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    Think we might have a problem

    DeeJay wants to know why the new saltwater tank does not have fish yet. She just does not understand that we are waiting for a quick cycle and get them this weekend. She did however discover not to drink the saltwater I was mixing. WoK has already picked out two clown fish for the tank.. the store is going to hold them for us until Saturday. I will have to wait another few weeks before I get them their first of three maybe four anemones. This is what she picked. They are lightning blue/maroon clown fish. They get the title blue because of the darker maroon colors.
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    I have had a great uncle's leather club chair for about 20 years now. It is very solid but the leather was shot when I got it. It made me feel nostalgic. I started stripping the leather off which made me feel nervous. I have never been one to work on leather projects, you see. I then took the old cotton batten out and thought about the cotton workers who toiled to make a chair. This made me feel sorry for them. Then the horse hair was removed which made me feel like I could have had a nice pair of shoes made back then. I needed to repair the wood armrest frame but the wood was being difficult as it is a hardwood that is near petrified. This made me feel angry. I increased the size of the pilot hole and held everything in place while I used my electric screw driver. This made me feel thankful for the screwdriver and competent. Then the screw broke. This made me feel angry again. I then moved the pilot hole and decided to use a little more rpm on the drill with the screw. This made me feel aggressive. Damned if the screw didn't whistle through the wood and into my finger. This made me feel like an idiot. I pulled my finger off the screw and that made me feel linguistically liberal. Once I cleaned my finger, I put a bandage on it and carried on with the project. I thought about driving to see Parr8 about the injury but then thought he would remove the finger and give it to a fingerless bum. That made me feel distrustful of transplant types. The end.
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    How to thank an employee

    Just say you generally do not like people but enjoyed her working for you (everyone will laugh because they will know at least the first part is true) Also say how much you appreciated how much work she did and how it made your job easier, and give a small example(but only if it is true) Do not try to be funny..., it will come off as awkward.
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    Razors Edge

    Let Me Introduce Rocket!

    ...who is my brother's new cat/kitten (9 months old):
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    She just sent me some swag from the company she works for. She is Marketing manager for a photography accessory company in California.
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    Southern Utah

    I spent the week in Southern Utah. My girlfriend and I did a three day bikepacking trip in Grand Staircase Escalante. We visited Zion NP, and Snow Canyon State Park. Grand Staircase is amazing. It was the first bikepacking trip for my GF. The weather was perfect. She is a champ. I look forward to doing it again. Next time, I'd bring more wine and coffee. We ran out of both. Peanut M&Ms can get you through a lot. We climbed to the top of this mesa. Holy shit was it hard. Five miles and steep. We did some walking. The top. Million dollar view
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    Just fly @Parr8hed 's Emmy out to help you.
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    They did not know what to think about the little 2-legged visitors.
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    That's a pro move right there.
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    I wasn’t even shooting at you.
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    Ain't no wood worker professional

    But I did alright.. I just got finished last night building my new fish tank stand. I decided to go a different route with it then the traditional cannot style. I really hate trying to climb inside while working on pumps or taking apart the skimmer to empty it. Enjoy my horrible building skills through these lousy pictures. The new light and crushed coral substrate should be here in a couple days. Got a better deal online then at the over priced store.  I'm just going to sit back and watch the electrical people shit themselves over my Frankenstein electrical box.. so far that box ran two tanks for over 6 years non stop. I figured I will keep using it for this tank also... Yup.. no GFCI and it's near water..... The wall outlet is going to be a GFCI in the next couple days.
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    My Kind Of People!

  46. 8 points
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    Shu Fang

    A wonderful picture of Ylva.

    Isn't she lovely? Shu Fang
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    The make America great again wall. I will have you know, the sun still shines, the food is still great, the water still bad, the auto gas and cigarettes still stink, the people still friendly (not the drug cartel though) and everything is cheap! A case of Corona is $12. Dinner for 3 at a top steakhouse that included 3 different cuts of meat with wine cost under $170 and was far superior to most high end US steakhouses. Uber is the safest form of transport because Uber says they vet the drivers..The hotel staff were happy as was the mariachi band. Life was good or so it appeared. Now, another 6 day trip to Boston and Eastern Canada..
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    Rock buggy

    My son bought two 1-ton axles to do an axle swap on his Jeep Cherokee. Got in over his head and changed plans. Friends of his in Fredericksburg have a business that does Off-road mods and scratch builds. My son’s project rolled out today for the first time. There is still much to be done but it’s taking shape.
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    I've been pretty absorbed with my father's care lately and there's been little time for anything else outside of work. But yesterday, I did take off with a friend and his trailer and picked up a cord of cherry. With the unusual cold February and first half of March this year, it more or less depleted my seasoned firewood so this move was necessary. All I had time for was to dump it on the side of the house last night -- so it will have to be stacked whenever I can find time this upcoming week. I got that cord for $175. It will probably last me a full season when used in conjunction with my pellet stove. For those that don't know how good of deal that is, I probably could have taken that same load and turned around and sold it on Craig's List for $500. Tempting as that is, this cherry is like a microwave with the heat. It burns hot, real hot, smells good, comes in sizeable, working cuts, and it's dry, dry, dry. Best thing I've burned to date. That's it, man. That's my excitement -- and yes -- I'm really, really happy to have it. Going down to visit the old man today, sign papers, make payment, and prepare his new room to receive him tomorrow. It's been almost 4 weeks since his break and he's been in hospital beds and an assisted care facility. Tomorrow he moves to an an Adult Family Home in Tacoma -- which is almost about 2 hours from me. Honestly, it's been non-stop since it's all happened and a lot of worry trying to get him the care he needs while simultaneously trying to protect his assets. As his POA, it's an honor, a lot of worry, and pain all wrapped into one. But the goal is to get father healed again, and return him home when it is safe to do so. I've committed the best of my ability to do so. I'm not sure how long he's going to stay at his new home but I'd like to see him stay another month at least as he will receive far greater care there than when he returns home. Peace out.
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