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    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was making lunch and heard a rap at the door. I went to the door as the UPS guy was walking down the driveway. I picked up the large heavy box and was surprised by the weight. I was expecting a box of medical supplies today, pads, wipes, lotions, and drugs. The hospice nurse said they should be delivered today. I set the box down and went back to making lunch. We had our lunch and I did a load of laundry, sheets, gowns,towels, etc. I finally sat down and was checking the forum. Finally I decided to open the box and see what all supplies I got. That’s when I saw the perishable notification on the box. I opened it and found a note. Four bags of cookies and a big basket with six loaves of gourmet breads. I set the cookies on Esthers tray and she immediately started enjoying them. Thank you again, We are getting more support from you guys than our local face to face friends. I did let people know if they have any trace of colds or flu we didn’t need them to expose us because of our weak immune systems.
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    Got this from my second daughter who got married last August, so apparently come August 2020 I am going to start sleeping with a grandmother
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    Einstein was almost released from his two preoperative procedures. He was awake. He drank the ginger ale. They were decreasing the pressure on the band holding his artery closed. Then he had an allergic reaction to something. Then it started spurting blood in a rather dramatic quantity through the hole in his wrist. Now we ae in the wait mode again. Overall he is pretty durn healthy for a heart patient and all should go well with next week's surgery.
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    I have tried for a few years to make my own fat bike trail for winter at camp. I finally got to ride a winter trail! It was too soft using snowshoes, so I walked it with boots. I still pulled the drag sled, bit I had to really get some better psi for compression. The boots without snowshoes worked, but it was quite bumpy. Not only was it bumpy, but I don't do well on narrow trails. I am a wiggly rider. Needless to say, I spent a great deal of time like this... It was still great to finally ride the trail.
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    My monkey turns 60 today.
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    So freaking cute! They should be home soon, can’t wait to meet him.
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    24 years old. His present is a tailored suit with all the accoutrements, which he will wear to his older brother’s wedding next weekend.
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    I just got word we are the winning bid. I just called Tude and she is happy. The shitty people downstairs and their piece of shit children won't let me sleep today, so this is fantastic news. But, this experience has taught me something - - I really don't like hippies. In fact, I don't like them at all! And I can't wait to get away from the people downstairs. Mudkipz
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    is what I walked since November 5th tomorrow I hop on the bike (trainer) for the first time since October 28th
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    I hope we win. Pat really likes the house. I like the neighborhood. It looks like hard working middle class people live there. I'm not looking forward to more debt, but hopefully I keep my job for ten more years. I should be able to pay a big chunk of the house off of I keep my current job. Mudkipz
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    It's so lovely when two people reach shared understanding and can finish each other's sentences, but mr. and I haven't reached that level of connection. For lunch today I was cleaning some leftover chicken meat off the bone, and it looked as though there wouldn't be enough for all of us to eat from the leftovers. So, I started to say, "I could open up a can..." "...of whoops ass." mr. finished my sentence. "Tuna. I was going to say tuna." He will find this can in the cupboard when he gets home from a movie with #2 son. We're having BBQ and whoop ass for dinner.
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    And their dad fixed some supper for them.
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    I don’t want to get blinded by science. Now get that out of your head
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    Kinda excited. We bought a new couch. This was not a used couch on Craigslist or a couch from a garage sale. A brand new couch that we can dirty up ourselves. We had a recliner that we got for free. It served us for ten years. Put that on the curb last week and it was hauled away by someone. We also had a used leather chair in an ugly green. We used that chair for about 10 years too. Put it on the curb yesterday, for free, and it went away. The gal that picked it up told us it was a piece that matches her couch exactly. Same color and style. It was horrible green/blue 80's color. Our new couch is brown. It has two recliners. Got it for $500. One furniture guy said it was not the best mechanisms, Ashley furniture. We can't afford enormously expensive furniture. One of the couches was 5 grand. Leather and electric controls. Nope. I am so grateful for finding a deal and having a new piece of furniture. It is very comfy.
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    Einstein- heart is healing, lung is still collapsed, you cannot come home with a chest tube. Out of ICU. Lindy- weird bladder infection. Spent three hours with him at vet’s. They are excellent. Ryan- one of the good ones. Paulie- should not be crated as long as he was today. Took all of them to vet. Did not expect to be there three hours. Now he is doing laps around the house. @Kzoo, Paulie has a bad case of Airedale zoomies. Me- done, just done. Tired and stressed.
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    I'll and get some more today. Also the sun was setting as they were playing.
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    It’s nice to have her home. I got her ok to take a picture. At first she said she didn’t want her picture taken but when I told her I wanted to post it for my cycling friends that are praying for her she said ok.
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    I took an early flight home from North Carolina a few weeks ago so that I'd have most of the day to unpack, do laundry and get ready for work the next day. But much to my annoyance, my car got rear ended while I was driving home. The young guy who hit me was very sweet and apologetic, and I felt bad for him, but it was frustrating to have all my plans change so quickly. My fender was banged up and hanging off, and his air bag went off, but nobody appeared hurt which was good. The accident happened not too far from the dealer I've used for service, so I drove there and they arranged to send it to their body shop. I got a rental car and was on my way, but hours after I'd planned. I've had the rental for the last three weeks and it's always a bit unnerving because I'm not used to where all the controls are and how things are set up. Plus I didn't want to get too comfortable and leave a lot of things in the rental, so I put the garage opener in my purse. Much to my dismay, on two different days, I thought I forgot to close the garage and woke up with having left the garage door up all night . It's unnerving because who knows what animals wandered in, but also because the door to the house was unlocked all night. I finally realized that when I had the garage opener in my purse, it would get jostled around and ended up opening the garage door. Once I realized that, I was careful and double checked the garage each night. I got my car back yesterday, and I'm glad that the insurance company was actually pretty easy to deal with. The rental was probably better (certainly newer) than my car, but it's nice to be back with all my own stuff.
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    The twin dudes got their hair cut today. They had a great time. They are growing up so fast. They will be three next month.
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    This is not a parody of RGs post. I got a package from Colorado this morning. In it was a package of ten bean soup mix, a package of golden cornbread mix, and a package of lentil soup mix. I’m going to soak the beans tonight and make soup and cornbread for tomorrow. This package was a product of the “Women’s Bean Project” a social enterprise that believes all women have the power to transform their lives through employment. Pretty cool surprise. The other day I got a package of organic buttermilk pancake mix and a bottle of Vermont pure maple syrup from Airhead. I made some up for breakfast and added frozen blueberries. My wife ate two large pancakes and liked them so much she had me make them again the next day. I received a care package from petite while my wife was stil in the hospital. I froze most of it until my wife was home to enjoy it. It included a loaf of homemade cranberry orange bread, a loaf of nanna bread, and two large bags of mint M&M cookies. I ate the Cranberry orange bread since my wife isn’t supposed to eat cranberries. It was really good. My wife loved the cookies and the banana bread. She asked me this morning if we had any left. Nope, we ate it all gone. She had to settle for bacon and eggs and toast. I really appreciate all the love being shown to my wife and me. This is a tough time right now but we are going to get through it.
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    Using some of those groceries.
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    The teacher told him to return to his seat and he said, "kiss my ass." He comes into my office and I asked he what happened. He told me that he thought he said something funny, but the teacher got mad at him. I asked if he ever heard someone laugh when they hear that. He said, "My dad says it to my mom all the time and she laughs."
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    I started the cylinder head modifications on the superbike today. Found a broken bearing...I'm glad I found it now and not at 180+ mph. Had to make some new tools to be able to get the head apart. It was snowing all day so I just played in the garage.
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    A few of our scouts headed off to Northern Tier National HIgh Adventure Base in Ely, Minnesota for Okpik. Here are a few pics. Will get to hear about their adventure at the upcoming Scout meeting and Court of Honor. I hope @smudge and @Digital_photog and @dennis and all you other frozen forumites like this.
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    They will share their 'Good Times'.
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    Set back day. Removed one of two drain tubes. Resulted in a lung collapse. Cardiologist came back in and rerouted the tube that was still in and started him back on oxygen. A big hunk of scar tissue or clotted blood got sucked out into the tube. Everyone was happy about that. He is resting. Cannot really talk without losing his breathe. At 4 they will do an X-ray again and see if the lung has improved. Putting the chest tube back I. Will hurt like hell.
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    Today at work. I am large and in charge; I am the organizer for my employer. We had 20 donors sign up in advance. My goal was 28 so I sent an email this morning to all employees saying that we are ready for walk ins too. I just came back from the site and the place is buzzing with donors. Yay!
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    Tom's vet visit only cost $145 this time. On the 17th, I take Meep into the vet for a checkup and shots. I might post pictures of that. Mudkipz
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    And it’s not for sissies. I’m going to talk about what it’s like sometimes and you might not want to read this. My wife has been getting weaker for a full year. After she was diagnosed with a brain lesion she had a strong radiation treatment. She was still walking on her own at this time. The radiation oncologist referred her to a medical oncologist to continue treatment. She started losing strength day by day after starting chemo. At first I would help her to the car and drive her to the cancer care center. At the CCC I would get one of their wheel chairs for her because they make you check in and go from one end of the building to the other and back again. She started having trouble with our stairs and I would have to get behind her and push and lift on her butt to get her up the stairs. On the way down I went in front of her and held her hand. I could see this getting worse so I searched online for a used stairlift. I found one on eBay and bought it only to find out the guy had already sold it. It took me three days to get my money back. I couldn’t wait for that so I went to Craig’s list and found another one. Craig’s list works a little better than eBay and I was able to contact the seller before buying it, in fact I didn’t even pay online but gave him cash when he delivered it. I thought I was all set now until the first day we used the stairlift she still had to walk out to the car and we had a total of three steps between the house and the car. She fell on the third step, I managed to get her back on her feet but realized I would need to build a ramp. I called my son’s father in law when we got home from the doctor. He came over and made some measurements and a list of materials I needed. I picked them up that evening and gave him a call. He came over in the morning and we built the ramp. That worked pretty well until the end of the year she was having a hard time standing and walking. I moved a commode chair right next to her recliner so all I had to do was help her to her feet and turn her a bit so she could sit on the commode. The last week of the year she was losing strength daily and I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to wait for Monday’s doctor appointment. I ended up calling an ambulance for her on Friday evening to take her to the ER. Our son and I spent the entire night with her in the ER as they ran test after test. They finally discovered she had a UTI just before they were going to ship her to Pittsburgh where they have brain doctors. They started her on IV antibiotic and admitted her to the hospital. She spent a week on the sixth floor getting the UTI under control and another week on the fifth floor getting physical therapy to try to get her back on her feet. They were unsuccessful at that and sent her back home by ambulance and put her on hospice care. We have an RN visit on Mondays and Fridays for about a half hour and an Aide on Tuesday and Thursday for about a half hour. The rest of the time it’s up to me. I’m getting pretty good with getting her on a bedpan and wiping her butt. I have a couple hundred pairs of rubber gloves to make the job easier. I keep my phone with me where ever I go around the house so she can call me when she has to go. Usually she wakes me twice a night when she thinks she has to poop. When you are bedridden you can never trust a fart. Better safe than sorry. Changing the bedding while the patient is still in the bed is not an easy task. I somewhat enjoy giving her a sponge bath. I keep the house real warm so she doesn’t get chilled and massage her as I wash her. She seems to enjoy her bath. I tell her how much I love her all the time, after everything is washed I put special body lotion on her because her skin is so dry. I bought her a half dozen hospital gowns because they are the most practical thing to wear when she is in the condition she is in. We are accumulating quite the assortment of medical equipment. She had a walker from when she had her hips replaced. She used that during physical therapy but they suggested a wheelie walker for her trips to the bathroom. We got one but she never used it. I had a shower chair and adult commode chair from when I broke my hip. She wanted a wider chair because she has wider hips. Now we have two of each. We have a hospital bed complete with the mattress that continuously changes air pressure in the different sections to help prevent blood clots and bed sores. We didn’t have any sheets that size so I bought some twin bed sheets to get us started and ordered hospital bed sheets on Amazon. We had just about weened her off her steroids before she went to the hospital. They put her back on them. They give her a good appetite but I’d like to see her get off them. Who knows what side effects she is getting from them? They are known to cause weakness and that’s her biggest problem right now. She slept most of the day today, I don’t think I like that. I would like to see her more active. Well I guess I jabbered enough tonite, I just wanted to say what was on my mind. I’ll try to get back to this and give an update later.
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    I think this guy just ran off with it.
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    I got a package from Minnesota today, and ignoring the shipping address, I wondered who it could be from! It was a treat box from Petite! A super cool mug with RO on it, and fun new teas to try. Yay!
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    Did not have enough time to really do them justice. These are a few taken before the evening feeding.
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    All I know is that I could not respect Longjohn any more than I already do. Talk about selfless love. Amazing to me.
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    I told my son if he ever uses Jujitsu for beating someone up and starting fights he is grounded for life. But if he uses it to stop fights I will back him up 100% at school and he is not in trouble.. so there were three kids at lunch in his school today that he sits with. One has a disability and is in a wheelchair. One of the asshole kids was picking on him and slapped him in the arm a few times. Another kid at the table got up and tried restraining the asshole kid by holding his arms. My son figured if he got his hands free there would be a bigger fight. So my son walked behind him, and basically choked the asshole kid out and restraining him until a teacher could come. the assistant principal called and asked if we had a few minutes to talk.. said he watched the video and didn’t see anything really wrong with what my son did, and he is not in trouble but wants to know why if one kid was holding his hands, why did he feel the need to choke home out.. during the conversation the assistant principal was laughing because my son is well behaved and doesn’t even talk to the teachers because he is so shy. This was out of character for him to do this, but was happy he stuck up for his friends... oh the joys of parenthood!!! I want a copy of that video from the schools security cameras!
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    I got a bucket full of inner tubes that I will never get around to patching, I also have a garage wall that I can cover with hooks. Home gym !!!!!
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    I made this for you. Hope it helps.
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    She just misunderstood her job description. They hired her as a stocker and she thought they said stalker. Honest mistake.
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    They brought my wife home today. I got here about an hour before she did so I could make up the bed. I bought new sheets and pillows and pillow cases. She seems to be doing ok, still very weak. I made creamed chicken and biscuits with smashed potatoes and steamed some green peas. I always give her vegetables and she eats them. When she ordered her own food in the hospital she never ordered a vegetable. Of course i’ve Seen what they do to vegetables so I don’t blame her.
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    I thought the puppy pics would be cute, but they're cuter than cute!
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    I keep watching it over and over and over again.
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    In the last photo, the two Lincoln lambs live with the horses, because the ewe wants to live there. Note there are three lambs snuggling in the vertical shot or 6th photo.
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    Just prayers, we believe in the power of prayer.
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