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    My laptop spelling challenge

    It is now Mississsippppi I cannot cope with financial planning, tendonitis and Mississsippppi
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    The scale is still moving slowly..but damn...more and more people are commenting on my "weight loss"..a older guy who is a caretaker for the rich lady who occasionally gives me hand me downs...the UPS guy who sees me daily..and the 30 something window washer...we have chatted these past 6 years or so.."you're looking good...what are you doing?"...it all helps...
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    Yes, but not as bad as myolcoxafloppin.
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    Explain the news

    I'm here. Jsharr and I are making a babeh. Couch
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    Russian mail order brides...

    I think the chances of it working are slim. Most of them have a cousin in New Jersey and they go running to them. The public humiliation of a situation like that precludes me from ever considering that. Plus now Im married, but was single for 10 years Dont we have a Very high ranking politician on his 2nd one? Slovenia, close enough.
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    What kind of bird is this?

    Ducks are white, Aylesburys for example. A place I used to ride through has a sign about dismounting due to ducks in river. Lovely place and lovely sign, roughly handpainted on a scrap of olde ply.
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    The family jewels...

    I never get dropped by the pack. Just by a 13 year old kid.
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    Explain the news

    Explain me this "He was arraigned and released on his own recognizance" How much of this recognizance stuff has a chap like this actually got?
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    Good Morning

    I get to fly today. Maybe I'll get to see Wilbur up there. Couch
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    Good Morning

    I like needling people too.
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    Good Morning

    One word.......... welding helmet
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    Good Morning

    Serenity now.
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    Trivia From the Year you were Born

    Dirt was invented Continental drift started
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    What kind of bird is this?

    If there were any coconuts on the ground, I'd guess an African swallow.
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    Goat Geddah

    Financial planning

    Are you sure that's a good idea? So it seems this "advisor" is really an annuity salesman. Rethink this, dear lady.
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    I want

    I cannot believe none of you dolts posted the correct response.
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    Trivia From the Year you were Born

    They did that so you would sit in the corner quietly.
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    Good Morning

    FIRM. (Fixed it for me)
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    ...joke. It was a very popular expression on the Jewish side of my family. You needed to keep a scorecard when I was growing up. There were cousins who only spoke to each other intermittently, maybe after ten years and everyone forgot why they were mad.
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    Square Wheels

    3/22 miles & such

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    Did you know: Walter Brennan ranks second among actors / actresses by total Academy Awards won (3) in acting categories.
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    Geez dude, I sterilized them with copious amounts of alcohol before the little op. And besides, I did it long before MRSA was a thing.
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    You know what bugs me?

    Didn't this thread end at the word "everything".
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    official race photo

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