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    So he wants know

    On a waterbed, oh wait, that was another thread.
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    I’m too old for this shit

    It's the hair.
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    So he wants know

    Sounds like the answer is, at home surrounded by love.
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    That sign is funny. The reality is bear spray works. If you live in bear country, you carry it. I've seen black bears and grizzlies multiple times while riding this year.
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    Hurt my back, can't do dook

    In Maryland, you have to take a college-level course in Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries to coach high school sports (you can get away with "emergency" status without it the first year). What they drum home over and over is that ice is good at any time, but heat can cause swelling and pain. It can also sooth during the first 24 hours, but after 24 hours heat should only be applied if you're doing 15 minutes of ice, then 15 min of heat, then 15 minutes of ice, etc. ending with ice. There are the remains of dead tissue in your capillaries that can irritate your body and send messages to it to send water (swelling) to the area, and the ice-heat-ice-heat-ice-etc. treatment squeezes some of those poisons out of the capillaries, the heat causes fresh blood to be absorbed into them, then the fresh blood absorbs bad stuff for 15 minutes, then is squeezed back out.
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    So he wants know

    Make sure you ride your age. If you want to show off do it in miles instead of those metric thingies you guys use up there.
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    You mean with another person? i had a waterbed in my first apartment. Hard to get good traction on those
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    where I want to spend my 60th birthday next year. I couldn't answer very well, because my birthday falls right in the middle of a work week and am trying to save my vacation days later. Or maybe I won't even have a job. Really. I'm trying to get stoked...but life looks unsettled so far. I DO celebrate that I have a loved one, am in good health, etc.
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    Lincoln, NE. 25 degrees and falling. Winds gusting up to 33 mph. Snow about halfway through the game. Yet the majority of 88,000 Husker fans stuck it out to see the Huskers take a win over Michigan State! The atmosphere was electric! It’s been a rough first season for our new head coach, but there have been significant improvements as the season went on. We may not make an owl game this year, but there is good momentum to carry us to next year! Spent the day with WoW, my son, and 2 of my nephews. Fun day overall. Never really felt cold except for media timeouts and the walk back downtown.
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    For her a walk in the park is spending minutes sniffing various spots before peeing on them. I guess certain things just need to be done and someone has to do them.
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    Margarine or Light Butter?

    That is true. Maybe I am wrong and that stuff is actually good for you. Personally, I do my best to cook from scratch. It just tastes better in my opinion.
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    ...my back is fine, so I did a turkey today.
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    Once You Own Your House

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    So he wants know

    And don't forget we might be in a deep winter freeze ie. -20 to -25 degrees C around birthday time. Seriously...happens too often. One year I managed to cycle 20 km. on my birthday. That was enough. Sounds good ...ride American miles and get gift in American dollars.
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    Hurt my sack. Can't do pork.

    You should just lay on the floor and sweat.
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    Now we know how you hurt your back.
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    Sunday dinner

    Fried green tomatoes. But I baked them.
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    I have to pull her away from kids toys and balls and such left on or near the sidewalk before she pees on them.
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    Square Wheels

    Sunday dinner

    Pile of veggie stuff the wife made. She's pretty cool.
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    Margarine or Light Butter?

    I don’t see the need to spread grease on my bread. If I did I would use butter. I have churned my own butter, it’ snot processed in the way margerine is. You take the cream off the top of the milk and shake or churn it until you have butter. I wouldn’t touch margarine with a ten foot butter knife.
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