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    So my knee ended up being a stage 2 rupture of the quadricep tendon. No surgery, just physical therapy. The even expect me back on a bike this year. In oncology news, CT directly after radiation showed nothing concrete but also nothing too concerning to them, yet. No tumors so I'll take the win there. Only potential issue is my jaw bone is still heavily bruised and showing signs of blood starvation. CT in another month, hyperbaric chamber then too to try and save it if it is dying from the exposure. So overall pretty good outlook short term. Nothing life ending, maybe altering but that I can still live with. I can always get an artificial jaw so, fuck it. Why worry?
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    I fixed my washing machine!! The part came today and I bought the socket set today. Managed to replace the lid switch and put the machine all back together again!! 💪🏽 The part cost me $10 and the tools cost me $15 and I now have a socket set in my collection 😊
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    I’m trying to get my wife to eat so i’m Cooking stuff I know she likes. I made egg and toast for breakfast. That’s what she wanted. She wanted leftover chicken noodle soup for lunch. For supper I made a black angus rump roast, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. She said it was very good. She ate a few bites of this and a few bites of that. It was very good, very tender and tasty.
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    Photo taken by the lady that gets our bum lambs. She and her granddaughter dress the lambs. She found them looking this way and was quick enough to take a photo. I hope you like it.
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    I pick up a new watch after my anniversary date. This is this year's watch. Couch
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    My wife took these about 1:30pm Saturday when the temperature was -6F. Smokey was warm to the touch, which says a lot for the energy of the sun and being able to use the hay to block the north wind. I wonder if Smokey is snuggling with the lambs tonight, as the temperature was -29F the last time I looked. We know spring is on the way. Here is what it looks like on a cold night in eastern Montana. Edit
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    Problem solved. You're welcome
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    Temperature was 25F early this afternoon, but we were in the house and did not get over heated. I think currently it is 4F.
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    He is such a nice guy, & very friendly. He chatted about his history of becoming a pro from when he started riding w/ his Dad when he was 12 yo. He did a lot of track racing, along w/ his two sisters who were actually better than him, hehe. But they never pursued a career in cycling. and do not ride today. I did not know this. He said when he turned pro he was lined up next to LeMond, Fignon, et al and thought "I don't belong here" He talked about racing in peloton and the dangers. He said its definitely scary. He talked about the tactics used form team-to-team, where deals are made to chase lead groups down. He even said riders would bet among themselves who would breakaway first His stories are amazing to hear. I could of listened to him talk for hours. When he was commentating for OLN & Verses, he named some riders who were good to interview, and some that were not...was funny. We asked a lot of questions which was cool. I asked if he had any of his pro bikes. He has two. A 7-11 Eddy Merckx (not sure of the year), and a 1999 US Postal Trek. He has some jerseys from the tour and other races. Someone asked what his most memorable pro career moment was. He said riding into Paris in 1999 w/ Lance in yellow. He didn't think they had a chance. (insert asterisk here). He also has a signed yellow jersey from Lance in his house. Kinda surprised me. But at the same point I think that's awesome. He's been to 25 TdFs. He rode in 9, commentated for 6, and the rest were on his own accord. Although its been a few years since he's been back. He's still involved in cycling. He commentates local races w/in Michigan, and some other states as well. He used to coach, but does not do that anymore. He coached for the US postal team also, I did not know that. He still rides, but no more than 2 hours, and w/o any computer. He just rides. It was a great evening and I'm glad he accepted my offer to come to the meeting. We told him about some of our club rides, and one ride starts probably a few miles from his house. He's interested in riding w/ us So hopefully this summer I'll get to ride w/ him. How freaking cool. Just wanted to share w/ you all
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    I went to Mom's yesterday to watch the first half of the Saints/Rams game. She was nice enough to make me a couple of her delicious hamburgers. I stopped at the store and bought some chips, chocolate ice cream, and some cat food for the strays that love to congregate on her back porch. The burgers were perfect. I topped everything off with the ice cream. I then starting feeling very cold inside. The game was boring. I asked MomCheese to turn up the heat. She was nice enough to set it on 76 but I just couldn't get warm. I snuggled with Jackson, her adopted water spaniel, but still couldn't get warm. Halftime and I decided it was time to go home and prepare for the coldest night of the year. I asked Mom if she had any extra blankets. I gave Edgar my third blanket earlier in the year and tonight felt like a 3-4 blanket night at best. Mom brought me an old tattered homemade blanket. Old and beautiful. It was Dad's and I hadn't seen it since we lost him in 2011. Last night was horribly cold for Greenville. I was toasty warm all night. It wasn't like just 1 more blanket. No this blanket was like sitting by a rip roaring fire with your best girl. I had to stick my toes out a couple of times to cool down. The blanket was like a hug from DadCheese. I could have been sleeping outside in the yard in a puddle of rain and been fine. Thank you DadCheese.
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    My oldest just got excepted to get his orange belt in jiu jitsu and was also asked to join the competition team they are getting ready to put together. He is studying in jiu jitsu/MMA kickboxing, and is literally kicking ass.
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    I think you guys know Jack was a rescue. He lived the first 4-5 years as a breeder in a puppy mill and then in a no kill shelter where we adopted him from. The little dude has serious trust issues and it took him weeks to warm up to us. He doesn't take well to strangers at all. He still has a fear of anyone taking a hand up over his head and really doesn't like you in his face or have your face anywhere near him. Face kisses never happen, until last night. My wife was eating Checks Mix and Jack was staring intently hoping for a hand out. I leaned over his shoulder with my face right next to his like I was begging too. He turned his head towards me, gave me a giant lick on my nose and turned back to my wife!?!? No cowering or running aaway when I got up next to his face and after nearly 4 years I got my first kiss!
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    Angora kid wants to join the fun. Tag is the working dog, but Duke loves all the animals. He will often interrupt his play to go visit.
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    They took all the vending machines out of the vending area where I work and they are planning to replace it with "free" snacks and beverages. They've already asked people to be considerate and consume in "moderation". I expect this plan will last about a week before they take away the free snacks and just leave a big empty room in its place.
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    Get a lawyer and don't accept anything from the woman's insurance until you are 100% sure that your injuries go completely away.
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    We don't own the ewes but the lambs will be coming home when weaned. This may be way too small a flock to interest @sheep_herder These 3 will be joining Indy and Candy on our farm. They Sheared their sheep yesterday. We will be shearing in a couple weeks. Pandora Yanek Herman Shearing Naked sheep
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    I've been in Cali for the past week. There for some conferences. Went to a gym out there and some hot chick asked me if I would watch a machine for her. She was running back and forth between squatting and leg extensions. So thinking I am going to get laid I say sure, why not? Well of course some wanna be bad ass comes up to me and says he's gonna use the leg extension machine. I tell him fine. Then dude starts to freak out on me. Asking me if I think he's an Asshole. I say yep, I sure do and start to walk out. A date isn't worth all of this. So the hot chick follows me out and I am chatting her up. Wouldn't you know it, Mr Asshole comes walking out and get's in my face. Saying he wishes I would call him an asshole again. I am ready to get this POS out of here so I act like I am going to hit him. Dude freezes up and actually pisses his pants! It was all pretty funny. Some people are just wound too tight.
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    That is a good sign and they put down lots of runners of temp carpet to keep workers from walking on them.
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    She watched me take a bath today. Couch
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    Last year we actually did a pumping session before the pic...I just had the receptionist take my pic while waiting for a print out of this weeks session. It was a variation on the same workout I did on Tuesday..with 3 or 4 changes...like adding Russian twists, kettlebell swings and a couple of others..
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    Man, If you ever get an invite to the Overhead Crane Maintainers Ball & Awards Ceremony Don't miss it 😉
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    Saturday was the big ride day. 95 miles. 3 States (Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee). 2 mountains (Suck Creek and Sand). Over 6,000 ft of climbing. Griffin did about 85 miles. He didn't do the big descent because he was skeered. And at about the mid point he hopped in the truck for a few miles to eat and "rest his butt". He hopped back on at the next stop. About 10 miles left he was suffering but would NOT come off the bike. He was easily the youngest and smallest there. At least 4 of the riders there are going to ride for collegiate teams next year. 2 on scholarship. G ate it up talking to them. Pretty amazing weekend. Weather was mid 50's and cloudy. I drove SAG and cooked breakfast.
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    I can't get to the table. I'm stuck behind some guy on the salad line who keeps making troublesome requests and is now complaining about the size of the feta.
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    My oldest son got these for his mom. He did this all himself. Had a buddy pick him up and take him to the store and bought them with his own money.
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    My wife took these while she was waiting for a ewe to work with a new lamb.
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    Circa 1978. Cold winter night in the north country of NYS. 2Far headed back to school sees a car with a flat tire on the side of the road. Being the snow-jedi that he was, he stops to render aid. A SUNY coed is the driver of the disabled vehicle. 2Far begins to change the tire. Manages to get the jack out & on a firm piece under the car before his gloved hands quit working. Since her car is still running, he hops in coed's cars to warm up hands. Goes outside for round two. Gets the 5 lug nuts loose & car off the ground and the hands freeze up again. Gets in the car, coed says your hands will get warmer faster if you put them between my legs. 2Far agrees and complies. Goes outside for round three. Nuts off. Tire off, Spare on. three nuts back on. Hands cold. Back in car. 2Far reaches towards previously warm spot. Coed holds his hands and asks "Don't your ears ever get cold?"
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    We went to camp yesterday despite the cold. It worked out pretty well. The trail is finally feeling solid under my snowshoes. The drag sled is following the trail real well too. It was a gorgeous day. This is my turn around loop. Looks like I'm not the only one who likes my trail. This is at the home stretch. I always think it should be easy since it's pretty much a straight shot back to camp; but it's always drifted in, so it's a tough walk. I'm hoping I will actually get to ride the trail this year. We'll see. And to think @Parr8hed thought I should have spent the cold winter day in front of a fireplace. Well, technically I spent some time in front of a fire.... Warmed up and dried my snowy pant legs in front of the wood stove at camp.
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    She just rode on by and didn't even say "Hi". 😥
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    My wife is looking to advance her degree in the health field but is and has been stunted by the mathematics in her curriculum. She most likely is going to need an algebra class or two to get to where she wants to go -- and like so many -- she's had a fear of learning it. Math has literally held her back in her life as she's chosen other alternatives just to circumnavigate it. Well, I'm really proud of her as she has set her fear and ego aside, and decided to let me tutor her or at least prepare her for a more formal setting. We both want her to be in a more solid and comfortable position to take a class from the community college later this spring. Again, I can't tell you how proud I am of her and her willingness to tackle this fear head on. I am not a professional teacher but I know enough stuff to help her with her basic questions, fears, concerns, misunderstanding, and constructively show her mistakes. As a result, a strange thing has happened to me. I am feeling more fulfilled in being able to give back to her and it gives me a great sense of purpose watching her grow. We've just started a few nights ago and already I can see her gaining confidence. It gives me great joy knowing I am helping another human being -- let alone my wife -- removing a road block in her life while rewarding me with a usefulness I have not experienced in some time. I probably was born to be a teacher but unfortunately it's not enough to pay the bills to do full time. After some terrific sex, we actually went to bed talking math and discussed a Saturday bike ride. I feel I'm the luckiest man alive.
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    Still doing some bike work and wheel building, but it's pretty sporadic, and sometimes I go weeks with no revenue generation. So, early in the fall, I took my resume to a bunch of local car dealerships to apply for a position as a part time courtesy shuttle driver. In October, one of the dealers called me up and offered me a job running the shuttle on Saturdays. It's a nice, low stress job, get to meet lots of people and visit while I shuttle them home, and go back later to pick them up. I've had some extra shifts to fill in during the week when the regular drivers needed some time off, and also ran their parts express for a few days. I think I'll stick with it at least until spring, and see where I go with it after that. It's been fun so far.
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    I told myself I really shouldn't buy it. But I did: a slim fitting thin fleecy in bright tangerine solid orange colour. (only $31.00CAN). It was on sale and fitted me (mostly). It's tough to find full length zipper fleecy jackets that fits me and with zippered pockets. I can wear underneath cycling jackets or by itself without too much bulk. I feel energized wearing this flaming orange jacket....to jump into the 6th decade of my life coming soon.
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    Kind of. Moved from mid-island to the north end. About a mile away. First night in the "new" house we heard what sounded like a wolf howling. Looked out the window and there was a guy standing where the creek runs under the road down from the house, howling at the full moon. WofTy did not think it was funny.
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    We made it and on time. Northbound I-79 had a five mile traffic jam, we were southbound and no delay. The James Street parking garage was almost full. While circling looking for a parking spot we saw a door with a sign “cancer patients enter here”. I stopped in front of the door and went in and got a wheelchair and got my wife inside then I went and parked. It turns out radiation oncology is snot in the cancer center but in the main hospital. Three elevators, a bridge, and many long hallways later we arrived at radiation sign in desk exactly on time. I’m in the waiting room now and they have free coffee. I need a beer.
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    ..and it costed us about 10. Bike ride to three grocery stores. I bought some fancy organic cheese on sale at grocery outlet. Fancy cheese makes me happy. Then we went to another grocery store for a deli lunch and the remainder of our groceries. I got a free Fage yogurt that is like 32 ozs. I had a free customer appreciation coupon for a 17 oz., but they were out of that. We also scored free Kroger natural peanut butter...another customer appreciation coupon. My husband found some. Produce on discount....1 dollar. We also went to the truck dealers in town and did a little shopping. We had fun watching the sales guy try and follow us around. We had him chase us down about three rows. We recommend taking bikes when car shopping. We were just checking out prices today, but they were after us. Plus, we rented a Red Box that I had a free coupon for. I got a Star is Born for us to watch. Now, I shall makes some home popcorn. Kernel cost, about .10 Frugality can be fun. We are doing lots of things that cost very little money, if any. The biggest splurge was lunch. With the free stuff we got, it paid for itself.
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    She’s coming Home today at 11:00 they say.
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    So far so good. They told me to go home during rush hour. I would look for another job before I would deal with that every day. I still haven’t made it home. I haven’t had anything to eat since 7am so I stopped for a beer and a burger. Still waiting on the burger, this redneck bar has a hillbilly band playing tonight and it’s packed out.
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    Well, we put the deposit down on it. We pick it up next week. We're trading in our old RV for a gently used 2017.
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    It is probably 40+ years old, and yes it cost more than any of my bicycles. We've owned it since 1990, and this is the second time it was sandblasted and painted. This style is wonderful for hauling sheep in warm weather, and one can use chipboard to enclose the sides for hauling in winter.
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    Interested to see what it looks like.
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