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    What was the worst job you ever had? What did you learn? mine was sitting on a spinach line. I used wooden tongs to fling out slimy spinach. It was summer on the humid eastern shore of Maryland. I had decided to drop out of college to date a boy back home. I spent my spring tuition money on stupid stuff. Told my parents I was dropping out and staying home. They got me this job almost immediately and a bill for room and board. I went back to college that fall. They gave me more money becAuse they saved what they charged me and matched it. I was so pissed at them at the time. They were right. I learned that I wasn't above any honest work. I learned that many people are very poor but still have faith and hope. I learned that everyone on the line preferred shucking oysters because it paid better if you were fast. I learned I did not want to fling spinach for 50 years.
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    My job was to clean up after the ladies who flung spinach.
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    Last Tuesday, a friend asked me to meet her for lunch at Red Robin. This friend is recent divorcee so this made me feel nervous and apprehensive. I showered with my new Dove extra fresh body wash that was part of my Christmas stocking from MomCheese. This left me feeling refreshed, invigorated, but sad that I would be paying for lunch at Red Robin instead of freeloading from Mom. It's was raining which seemed to heighten my pleasant lemon scented starched blue oxford. I wore Bass loafers with yellow socks which made me feel I was conveying an attitude of, shouldn't lunch be dutch? and I do not kiss on the first date. My friend had her hair in a layered bob haircut which eroused me somewhat but I found her skirt and blouse less conservative than I would prefer. Our waitress asked for our drink selections. I allowed my friend date to order first and she ordered the raspberry lemonade. This made me feel relieved and appreciative since I had noticed the placard advertising 99 cent all you can drink raspberry lemonade. I ordered Mr. Pibb but had to settle for Dr. Pepper since our nice waitress said Red Robin no longer carried Mr. Pibb. This left me frustrated and angry but I did my best to hide my emotions with pleasant small talk and banter. She ordered some type of pineapple burger medium well. I find this repulsive but I continued to smile as I listened intently trying to discern her intentions. I ordered the Banzai burger burnt beyond recognition. The food was delicious and the fries indeed were all you can eat which made me feel satisfied and thrifty. In the end I offered to buy lunch and she accepted. This made me feel both chivalrous and instantly regretful at the same time. The check arrived and I was relieved to exit for under 30 dollars including tip. I never figured out her reason for asking me to lunch. She initiated a peck on the cheek. I acquiesced which made me feel considerate and lukewarm like a Hallmark Christmas movie. The End
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    Beautiful and smart.
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    Worst job and lessons learned

    I was a kid working at a skeet range. My job was sitting on the ground in a low cinder block hut loading clay pigeons one at a time. The club had a tournament and a lot of alcohol was involved. I heard several shots hit the cinder block right behind me. After a few more pulls, the trap arm stopped swinging around. After about 5 minutes, the club president came out and started yelling me as to why I wasn't loading pigeons. I told him I was but it stopped working. Then the president reached to the back of the trap and moved the power cord. The arm swung and launched a pigeon right into his forehead. He finished his drink, jumped into his truck and drove to the hospital. I never did see him again because that drunken shoot was enough for me. Especially when I found out the wire for the trap was damaged by shot. Lesson 1. Guns and liquor don't mix. 2. If you're going to screw with wiring, maybe disconnect the wire first. 3. Don't face a loaded skeet trap at close range.
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    Well, the Chinese lunar rover must be operating in a different sound stage than the US landings were.
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    Your orders of overcooked burgers have inspired great disappointment in each other (plus the requisite self-loathing), and you consequently put each other in the 'holiday greeting card' zone right away. You need to take her out again and order her a cheeseburger, medium rare, with a runny egg on top, and a lusty alcohol-infused beverage to drink. Tell her that her eyes are not lifeless from her recent divorce, and there is a glimmer in there that only you can spark. Then tell her you are going to deliver a movie star kiss, and there is a distinct possibility she may melt somewhat. Explain that this often happens when vulnerable women kiss you. You have to deliver at this point, she has waited all her life for this moment with you.
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    Shu Fang

    Bama sucks.

    There I said it. Sue me. Couch
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    Over 72 years I've had a number of "filler" jobs between other jobs, from busboy in a restaurant to caddie at a golf club. While some weren't "great", none were horrible to the point that I had to quit. Lesson: People do what they have to do in order to survive. You have to try selling major appliances as a commission salesperson to understand that.
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    I am quite simply incapable of achieving a camel toe.
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    Screw parr8, this is all mine

    For an obviously blind woman with poor taste, she is very pretty.
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    Worst job and lessons learned

    Corn detasseling. I learned that I hated detasseling corn.
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    Square Wheels


    I don't think I can move to the south, you people are odd.
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    At the gym today

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    I can’t talk

    I have a phone interview at 2:00
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    In college, I answered an ad which essentially turned out to be a fundraising scheme. Knock on doors, get folks to "donate" to a good cause, get paid a portion of the total raised over the daily quota. Basically take a bunch of college kids out into the suburbs to knock on doors. Yeah. That lasted one afternoon, and no, I didn't hit the quota. I'm not sure I even got one sucker to give anything. And, my biggest disappointment, no hot but bored housewives needing a little extra attention
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    I get eroused on the internet sometimes...
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    The story of my trip to Red Robin

    How did the waitress respond to the $1.27 tip on the the 28.72 bill? I would have gone with a yellow and sky blue argyle sock to show my devil may care attitude and to get my socks to match my shirt. The charred burger left me feeling disgusted, reviled and revolted. Everyone knows that a burger is medium to medium well, with American cheese, iceberg lettuce, diced purple onions, hamburger sliced dill pickles and a generous amount of Frenchs yellow mustard. I am still debating whether or not I can see past this and give your thread a like. Also, can you give us a few more physical descriptors of your "date" such as bust size? Asking for a friend.
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    Worst job and lessons learned

    As I read this as I got to the “picking rejected brats” I thought for sure you were going to say you drove a school bus.
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    When my wife passes the granddaughters they still yell out “you cheater”. Grandma laughs every time so they continue to do it. They do understand if grandma didn’t have the motor she would not be able to ride with us.
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    Pink Floyd says it’s all dark.
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    Probably because the stranded aliens on the dark side of the moon are scavenging parts from all previous lunar landings.
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    Early winter wildlife

    There have been some interesting goings on at the womaxx cafe. It's the season that we move the tables back toward the tree cover to try and let the yard recover from the constant deer walking. First we had a rare sighting of the owl that lives near here. It's a fuzzy pic because it was still moving when the camera tripped. Some of you may remember this bird from last years pics when I posted a view from the back. Last night I believe someone told this visitor that it was standing room only. This goes a long way to understanding why all the low hanging branches are bare.
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    My wife’s Hilltopper conversion you can ride without pedaling except on the steep hills you have to help because the motor doesn’t have gears. My wife will ride with me and the granddaughters and when she has had enough (usually we are already heading back) she stops pedaling and uses the motor to return. It works out great because she would not be able to ride with us without it.
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    A less serious electric bike thread

    You're welcome.
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    It is good to realize that bullies need pushback.
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    Worst job and lessons learned

    I don't think I ever had a bad job. I worked on farms as a kid. Feeding and mucking cows at milking time. bailing hay all hot summer - I knew what I was in for and the guys I worked for were good people. I had some construction jobs during summer in HS. Block/mud tender was a difficult one but again I had a great boss. Maybe the most interesting one was the summer I was 15 turning 16 (just a kid that mom drove to work every day). The block layer boss lined be up with a retired guy (retired home builder) that was building a summer house for him and his wife - they had retired to Florida. We started out framing the floor and then the walls. He was teaching me as much as he could. When we got most of the framing done he decided he needed to play more golf so we would start each morning with him teaching me what I needed to know for the day and by 10am he was off to play golf - leaving me alone to build. After a couple days he realized that his plan of leaving me alone wasn't going to work so..... he hired two guys from the local college football team to work for me - the 15 year old kid supervising 2 college guys. Every morning I showed up at 8 and he taught me what I needed to know for the day and at 10 he left and the 2 football players showed up. They turned out to be lousy workers so I had them fired after a couple of weeks. The guy asked if I knew anyone that wanted to work so he hired by best friend and the plan continued. At 8 he taught me what I needed to know and at 10 he left and my buddy John showed up. So that summer I supervised the construction of the house - me and my 15 yo buddy. We have stories - we both survived to be 16 but just barely.
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    Uh, you have your states confused! OK is Oklahoma! IA is Iowa. To my knowledge, IA has never been OK.
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    Worst job and lessons learned

    First "job" was at 13. Caddied for tips at the country club nearby. Earned a little cash and learned that golfers tend to be dicks. First real job was at 14 washing dishes for a restaurant in a Holiday Inn. Learned much from my coworkers. Thai cuss words and that not everyone is in this country legally. One night the front desk employee came back to the kitchen to announce that ICE was in the building. Lek and Nooie, the cooks, bolted out the back door. Sam, the manager, gave me a hat and a spatula and said, "look like you know what you're doing". ICE came in, one guy looked at me and said, "ain't you kind of young to be a chef?" Off the cuff, I said it was an apprentice thing through my high school vo-tech. They left after half an hour of searching. Everyone should work retail or service industry to learn what other people are like.
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    Dang. I thought we were going to hear that you and BCC have been going at it like bunny rabbits!
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    I only believe reliable white horse souces.
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    Now I want Raspberry Lemonade! But I"m stuck at work all day. But this was a very good story, Cheese.
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    Why was I not notified? I am your bfff. I would have went to the automat and bought you some broccoli and cheese soup.
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    A less serious electric bike thread

    And so much for - less serious. if you guys can’t be less serious, I’m out.
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    That's exactly what I have. I just don't have the throttle mode on mine.
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    I don't know if the is smart or just smart compared to the company she keeps..
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    And Cheese scores a win. :)
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    Off Season Bliss

    Walking Jack at the Balboa Beach Fun Zone. The place is swarming with people in the summer, it's dead tonight!
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    Yeah, she's been needy tonight. The rugrat went home today and PtWC makes herself scarce during the visits
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    "Roll Tide"
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    Worst job and lessons learned

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    The new and improved Hi thread

    There will need to be many more appetizers now.
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    I found a quarter

    I am not 100% sure either of these are mine
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    I’m worried about the skin hanging off your head.
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    First world Garmin problems

    So.. I decided to buy myself and my wife new watched. I do have a forerunner 920XT and a Fenix 2, but I wanted something smaller to wear while working and just out and aboot. I picked us up the vivosmart HR+ watches for a good price. Welp.. looks like Everytime I ride my motorcycle it is trying to log it under a cycling exercise. I don't mind it much because it scores more workout points for me and the wife does not know..I wish there was a way to override the workout and have it ignore the cycling part. Garmin wrote me back saying it's because of the position of my watch while on the motorcycle that causes it. I say that fine and all, but why have the watch automatically stsrt logging a workout.. that's just silly. And if you just skipped to this point.. please like this post so I can have more likes then AWWC. Thanks!
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