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    Been checking out my other forums. The snowmobile forum was angry when they didn't have snow. Now they have snow but it's too cold to ride. Lets go over and ask if they'd mind us riding our fat bikes on their trails since it's too cold for them. They HATE Fat Bikes!
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    Circa 1978. Cold winter night in the north country of NYS. 2Far headed back to school sees a car with a flat tire on the side of the road. Being the snow-jedi that he was, he stops to render aid. A SUNY coed is the driver of the disabled vehicle. 2Far begins to change the tire. Manages to get the jack out & on a firm piece under the car before his gloved hands quit working. Since her car is still running, he hops in coed's cars to warm up hands. Goes outside for round two. Gets the 5 lug nuts loose & car off the ground and the hands freeze up again. Gets in the car, coed says your hands will get warmer faster if you put them between my legs. 2Far agrees and complies. Goes outside for round three. Nuts off. Tire off, Spare on. three nuts back on. Hands cold. Back in car. 2Far reaches towards previously warm spot. Coed holds his hands and asks "Don't your ears ever get cold?"
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    It's only -19° with 25 mph winds. How bad could it be. Why pay for a service that I can do myself. That would be like paying for a hand job from a hooker.
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    I think it’s going to take a bigger battery than that.
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    ....this might be the time to share my epic story of trying to start the '68 Dart outside in the circular driveway out at the lake in MN. It was 20 below that night, and when I needed to start it (really, really, really needed to start it), it had warmed up to 10 below. So I got out the tools I thought I'd need, and the spray ether, and some gloves I could slip on and off quickly. Put the tools next to the wood stove, for prewarming. I figured I would go out for a while, then when it got too bad, come inside and warm up. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat. There's this trick where you pull a couple of spark plugs to lower the compression so you can get the engine to spin a little first. But at ten below zero, the spark plug wires were too stiff to pull off, so I ended up breaking off the tops of all the plugs, which was easy at ten below. Then I pulled out the tops from the wires, went inside to get the ratchet, socket and extension and a fresh set of plugs. Warmed them up on the stove. Went back outside with the ratchet and got the old plug remains out, which was surprisingly easy (probably because I use anti-seize to install plugs). Got the new ones in on the next trip, went back in for a final warmup, then came out and sprayed the carb throat full of ether. Got it to fire once or twice in one or two cylinders, then nothing. Got my friend to start the tractor ( which had a heater installed in it and was parked inside the barn). Threw on a chain to pull start it, and pulled it down the driveway, successfully pull starting the sucker. Success !!! In removing the tow chain, he flipped the hook up and knocked a hole in the radiator. I hope you have better luck with the battery.
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    Hokey expressions don't really seem appropriate when you're discussing a serious topic and potential ethics breach. And that's the darn tootin' truth.
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    Minnesota Resident Thinking Of Finally Packing It All Up And Moving Someplace Warm Like Michigan Yesterday 2:35pm SEE MORE: WEATHER MINNEAPOLIS—Admitting that this week’s extreme wind chills were starting to get to her, Minnesota resident Anne Mauer confirmed Tuesday that she’s seriously thinking of packing it all up and moving somewhere warm like Michigan. “The winters here can be so brutal. Maybe it’s about time I go someplace down south like Detroit or Kalamazoo,” said Mauer, adding that she had even applied to a few jobs in Iowa but worried it’d be too far from her friends and family back home. “I visited my sister in Ohio last Christmas, and the lowest it ever got there was, like, 10 degrees. It was so nice. Supposedly, they only had, like, two and a half feet of snow all winter. That’s what I want.” At press time, Mauer had given up plans to move and settled instead on a week-long vacation in Rochester.
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    What confusion? Enquiring minds want to know.
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    I will not complain about the 32F it is on the island.
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    Not QUITE everyone or every post. We do need to guard against trophy inflation.
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    It stays a bit warmer than the outside temperature, due to the body warmth of the animals. But we often provide an area with a heat lamp for the lambs to sleep and converse with their buddies. Ewes are excluded from these areas. The most important thing is for the ewes to keep the lambs full of milk. They can survive some pretty cold conditions with a full stomach.
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    Do you tap it to say 'thanks' or award a trophy ? I award a trophy. I would think the 'thanks' emoji would be a shaolin monk pressing hands and nodding
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    Where is the best place to mount a carbon fiber kick stand on a sled?
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    are they ardent defenders of only using Winter air? Because I still have some fall air in my tyres.
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    Offense and defense intertwine. This isn’t that American football where you get a break
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    Happy Milestone Birthday. 60 is the new 40. And 9:30 is the new Midnight!!!
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    People may pick up slang expressions and then use them without thinking about the appropriateness at the time. As I get older I find some expressions of those younger to be "surprising" to use a word. Familiarity sometimes leads people to be a bit more conversational and less professional in certain unfortunate cases. And that ain't no shit. Yes, even back in the day we had to arrange for a week or so of "civilian world correction" for sailors we knew were going home to visit family and relatives so that they would not cause mom's to faint away in shock.
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    As a trophy. Everyone gets one.
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    My father dragged a mail bag for a living. I'm glad that the USPS has enough sense to not put their employees in harms way.
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    Superintendents and School Administrators have turned to closing schools with music videos, song and dance... You can no longer just announce that school is closed.... What will you do We will gladly critique your video if you need help
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    I know for a fact our kids can use a little more outdoor time and get away from the electronics... Today I was thinking on getting the kids into geocaching. It will make them stretch their legs more, and start using then noggins for finding hidden treasures spread across the land. Maybe it will also teach them what poisonous plants not to touch as well. I have always been a nature person... wanting to go out on hikes and long ass walks for fun... The wife said she will take picture of nature while we roam the lands... she is not really into wanting to find things left by others. Only time will tell on how long it takes my kids to figure out it's not for them and they are boring.
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    You should see the guy that does my windows!
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    I clicked Learn More but nothing happened...
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    My oncologist said I have regained four pounds since July, yay!
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    an e-bike took my parking spot the other day. WTF? Do they know who they are messing with? ?
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    In 97 along ethnic 177 on a north facing slope there was snow until mid June. We had a contractor work on the Hill that winter and in July 15th there was still ice along the main skid trail they had used.
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    Just another day in the north country
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    That would be just the type of post to get a reaction.
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    We may get 5 feet of snow but the coldest we’ll see is maybe 5 below.
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    When that packet you're tearing open is an eyeglasses cleaner.
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    ?? Some weird stuff has already happened... Too complicated to explain now. Laters...
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    You're at least half right.
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    There was a brief time when I was first discharged from the Navy that I considered going back to Miami and trying to hire on as crew on some rich sob's boat. It probably would have been like being a flight attendant on Wilbur's plane.
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    I can help you there... The offenses job is to get past the defense and score. The defenses job is to stop the offense from scoring. You’re welcome.
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    My wife is nuts about them. I did this wall yesterday
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    we have a tempurpedic... I love the damn thing!!! Ours moves up and down like a hospital bed... awesome for watching TV or when your SO is snoring like a damn chainsaw... raise it up a little and they stop!!
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    Sure $51K seems like a lot, but it does include a free box spring.
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