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    That’s not the sidewall, they should be able to plug that.
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    Canned Sardines -- again

    I picture you saying that with a sardonic smile on your lips.
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    Nice waker upper

    Walking around out side at -22F at 3 in the morning
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    He posted this on Tuesday on Facebook.
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    ...the little pull chain on the Cyclo Benelux rear derailleur was busted, and I just managed to find another one on ebay at a ridiculously exorbitant price, but it was easier than making one out of an old Sturmy Archer 3 speed control rod. Which had been my plan. Which is why I had been putting off this restoration. I don't think I'll be able to use the original pedals without crippling myself, so there will be some minor modifications made. It came with the white Bluemels mudguards. I doubt the original or subsequent owners have ridden it much. The guy I bought it from was using it as a wall decoration.
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    That must have been a lot of static electricity buildup!
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    Keep an eye on the little ones!

    My son and I took my six grandkids swimming a couple weeks ago. When it was time to leave my son had me stay in the water with the almost two year old twin boys while he took the girls in to help them get dressed. He said he knew if he dressed the boys first they would be back in the water as soon as he went to help the girls.
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    We already knew that pigs fly.
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    Where is my buddy Zephyr?

    Thanks for missing me Cheese. Megan and one of her co-workers
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    Razors Edge

    Anyone here born in 1934?

    If so, I have $100,000 for you. I recently found a few bills with those dates. All are in fair condition. The $10,000 looks somewhat strange as it has a large salmon on the front. It also has some gold in it so it looks different all over.
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    Razors Edge

    Today, I will cry "HELP"

    I offer you Hawaii as well! And around here, it is getting to high 50*s again today. Snow is forecast for next week, though. Ice, though, is hopefully NOT.
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    Today, I will cry "HELP"

    that's what I'd do
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    Today, I will cry "HELP"

    It's hard to get old. It's even harder when you have to start admitting it. < backs away slowly >
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    Razors Edge

    Today, I will cry "HELP"

    ???? Man up!
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    So I got bit by a dog today

    Is the dog OK?
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    Strange place to put a balance weight.
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    And a happy Thursday to you

    The delousing (sp) station helps.
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    Wordy and more wordy

    "I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter" which is attributed to Blasé Pascal. I will write something then usually remove words and whole ideas making things more concise. Then there's Shakespeare's "brevity is the soul of wit".
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    I blame petite.

    I thought that this post was going to be about the recent downturn of car sales which is expected to rebound in around 4 years.
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    February photos

    This just stood out and couldn't resist taking the photo.
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    Where is my buddy Zephyr?

    Not at the time, but I think we have turned a corner so life is getting back on track. WofZ had some medical issues surface rapidly which kept me pretty occupied, but she is (hopefully) on the road to recovery now.
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    A closed mouth gathers no feet.
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