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    Photo taken by the lady that gets our bum lambs. She and her granddaughter dress the lambs. She found them looking this way and was quick enough to take a photo. I hope you like it.
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    My husband and I used to take this kid snowboarding all the time. He was about 12 at the time. This was 15-16 years ago. Sort of mentored him, taught him to ride with the big kids. Anyway, he and his family moved away about a decade ago. I messaged him and his Mom about a reunion this Summer, as I have never even seen the Oregon coast. Lame, right? They both replied fairly quickly and are thrilled. He said he is looking forward to it and that he talks of us often. He has married now, and has a new baby. Ironically, he married a gal with the same first name as mine. Which is not all too common of a name. Our plan is to have a bonfire on the beach. I am super excited. There are bike trails out there too. They look delicious.
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    So I went to a different PB yesterday to see if I could score any final close out deals. Looked around and nothing really grabbed me. Then I checked out the bikes and found a deal too sweet to pass up. Fuji Cross 1.7, AL frame, 105 drivetrain, TRP Sphyre discs, praxis cranks for $500! Originally listed at $1,400. Spoke to the missus after work and got the green light so pulled the trigger on my lunch. I got the last one in my size! The guys at PB don’t even pretend to try & fit yoyu. they just said yep looks your size... I’ll need to dial in the fit myself but that will be easy. They needed some time to adjust everything so I left it there and will come back for it after work. I’ll post some pics later.
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    You might have that same issue in a few years...
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    ...I've camped outside in every one of those states. It looks like they decided to avoid any place that did not have a bountiful supply of mosquitoes. This is good planning. It will probably cut down on the crowds using the trail.
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    I rode my bike on I79 as a kid before it opened. I wouldn't recommend it now.
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    I could be a bum lamb for the afternoon
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    Our g'young'un's diapers have the magical ability to stimulate bowel movements upon putting the clean diaper on.
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    I think they use the same ones used for infants.
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    I don't just like it, I LOVE it!
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    Sorry. I had a moment this morning. Didn't like the prodding. The truck had a warm heater. My bike is here, and I can ride home. People in my hall are dropping like flies from the flu. Pretty much everyone around me has been sick. Luckily, I have avoided it. Was feeling a tad frayed, and today broke me.
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    ...this thread reminds me of the big blizzard of '86. I wuz drivin' a 8 horse team for the Overland Stage Company, and the horses' eyelids kept freezin' shut. Damn, that takes me back.
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    Yeah yeah... People who have inner drive need affirmation that it’s OK to back off. We all know she’s a stud, no need to push. Noobs!
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    Sometimes ice can form on the road with the temperature above freezing. Headed home from the game (we won!) about 12:30AM. 35 degrees, Light rain, mist, doing about 70 in teh interstate, I took the left lane to pass, there was a car coming up behind so I bumped up to about 75. Just as I passed and started moving back over, the truck suddenly started going sideways. I caught it, tires grabbed hard and tossed me the other way a bit. Probably scared the passed car pretty good. I'd like to take credit for cat like reflexes and uncanny driving skills, but the dashboard was lighting up with traction control, anti-slip, Auto 4WD.....
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    I ALMOST said Space Balls!
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    I thought it was the scene where Space Force One went plaid and Lonestar and Barf had to stop to wash the windows on the Winnebago.
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    Hmm, the quote thinghy mis-attributed the quote!
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    Pics will be nice when you have them! I did buy a cheap pair of MTB shoes there for a big discount, but the normal stuff I used to buy was pretty much gone. And, from the News Bot: Bicycle Retailer & Industry News (BRAIN) reports that all 60 of the remaining Performance Bicycle stores will be closed by March 2, as a result of the retail chain’s November bankruptcy filing. Layoffs of about 95 employees on Wednesday at Advanced Sports Enterprises’s (ASE) facility in Chapel Hill, North Carolina — the longtime headquarters for the company’s Performance retail division — ended hopes that any Performance stores, once the country’s largest bike retail chain, would continue. However, the new owners of the Performance and Nashbar e-commerce businesses told BRAIN they will operate and expand those websites. And the new owners of Advanced Sports, Inc. (ASI), the wholesale business that distributes Fuji, Kestrel, SE, and other brands, also plan to keep that business alive. The Chapel Hill layoffs removed almost all management and support staff above the store level for the Performance store chain, which still has about 60 stores open. All of those stores are expected to be closed by March 2, with some closing sooner. Remaining Performance store employees are now reporting directly to Gordon Brothers, the store liquidation company ASE hired soon after filing for bankruptcy protection. There were also at least a few layoffs made this week at other ASE facilities, including at the Philadelphia headquarters of ASI. Most of those laid off in Chapel Hill are staying on through Thursday or Friday. About 30 people remain employed there, but about half of those positions are set to expire either this month or next. There were also layoffs announced Wednesday at a call center in West Virginia that services Nashbar and Performance customers. The call center has been in operation there since 1995. It was not immediately clear how many jobs were let go at the call center, or if those positions were among the 95 job cuts announced. Amain.com, Inc. acquired the Performance and Nashbar trademarks and web domains, as well as trademarks for Performance house brands, for $1.245 million. Amain did not acquire any store leases, warehouses, or inventory.
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    Looks a lot like Lewis and Clark's route to me.
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    I don’t see a DUI Checkpoint option on Waze. So either they removed it, or people were customizing another road hazard or police presence indicator to show it was a DUI Checkpoint. Police departments sometimes publish their Checkpoint locations in the newspaper. They still catch a lot of over the limit drivers. A smart police force would post their own Waze notifications, even if there wasn’t a DUI Checkpoint or speed trap actually in place.
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    Except for skipping California it looks a lot like the Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash. It would probably make a great Tour de United States.
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    Well, the hacker at least has the "look and feel" of real jsharr photos down. You know, sort of out of focus, randomly selected, lacking in artistry, basically crappy. You know what I'm saying.
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    Not there! Screw the MAN! But fair enough. Cops will pull you over for the headlight flash thing, so perhaps they should also have access to the Waze data so they can drop by the folks who flag DUI spots and have a "discussion". Acceptance of of drunk driving is sickening. Acceptance of speeding is a lot grayer - ie speed traps vs reckless driving.
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    What about people who flash their high beams to let an opposing driver they're about to encounter an officer running radar? Where do you draw the line?
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    Yeah it was done in my area for a couple years before they opened the north section. I lived 1/2 mile away from the highway. We would jump on the big deserted concrete strip and ride north, stop in the rest area that is about a mile north of our road and then take the Edinboro exit and go down to the lake. Occasionally we would be passed by a construction truck but they left us alone. Nothing like being a kid and having miles of 4 lane interstate highway all to yourself.
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    I wouldn't think that Dirty is all that popular.
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    All that warm moist air coming from the dashboard vent must have messed with your brain.
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    Oh, where jsharr "camps" has full connectivity. Internet, cable TV, Netflix, Hulu, whatever. It's like a Marriott but the food is a little more "rustic" since jsharr has his thumb in all of it. He'll swing by once he unloads the scouts' bags for them.
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    Did you eat the customers when you got stuck at the pass?
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    Through Indian territory? Did you turn around before Deadwood?
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    I almost typed that. Although, I feel the expression tis a silly one. When has my uncle ever came to help me? Seriously. Crying out "Uncle" is somewhat useless. Instead, I cried for help. My husband stepped up. It is going to be real tough, if I have a bad morning and he is working. He works a lot.
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    If that. We're better off without him. We have DH.. oh wait. You pissed her off.
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    I'm pretty sure she excluded the n00b. The flaming finger was the giveaway.
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    Hey you dolt. She apologized to us. We don't need some kumbaya session here.
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    My assumption with DH is that she is tough as nails. Implicit in all my comments to her (but not to someone like jsharr) is a high measure of respect, and any level of snark or heckling by me to her is my belief that she is more than strong enough to brush off my inanity. So, I'd apologize except I think she properly flipped me off already. IOW, DH ain't a snowflake!
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    The imported stuff was ok, and I actually preferred it for a high alky brew. I wanted it to be more like wine than porter.
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    Yeah, that’s the map I was looking at. My house is on that map, just a bit southeast. It’s a nice trail, but connecting from downtown Pittsburgh and the GAP trail won’t be easy (for trail riders).
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    Probably a little south of there based on the best maps I can find without paying!
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    "I've got my eyes on you."
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    I hadn't heard about this (obviously I don't live there). What would be the basis for this? We're involved in a project where residents on a couple quiet streets report that Waze is sending drivers down their streets - which aren't built for this type of traffic - in the quest for the lowest travel time, avoiding one big problem intersection. I don't know if it's true but it's interesting. More cans of worms are opened every day.
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