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    I pick up a new watch after my anniversary date. This is this year's watch. Couch
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    He is such a nice guy, & very friendly. He chatted about his history of becoming a pro from when he started riding w/ his Dad when he was 12 yo. He did a lot of track racing, along w/ his two sisters who were actually better than him, hehe. But they never pursued a career in cycling. and do not ride today. I did not know this. He said when he turned pro he was lined up next to LeMond, Fignon, et al and thought "I don't belong here" He talked about racing in peloton and the dangers. He said its definitely scary. He talked about the tactics used form team-to-team, where deals are made to chase lead groups down. He even said riders would bet among themselves who would breakaway first His stories are amazing to hear. I could of listened to him talk for hours. When he was commentating for OLN & Verses, he named some riders who were good to interview, and some that were not...was funny. We asked a lot of questions which was cool. I asked if he had any of his pro bikes. He has two. A 7-11 Eddy Merckx (not sure of the year), and a 1999 US Postal Trek. He has some jerseys from the tour and other races. Someone asked what his most memorable pro career moment was. He said riding into Paris in 1999 w/ Lance in yellow. He didn't think they had a chance. (insert asterisk here). He also has a signed yellow jersey from Lance in his house. Kinda surprised me. But at the same point I think that's awesome. He's been to 25 TdFs. He rode in 9, commentated for 6, and the rest were on his own accord. Although its been a few years since he's been back. He's still involved in cycling. He commentates local races w/in Michigan, and some other states as well. He used to coach, but does not do that anymore. He coached for the US postal team also, I did not know that. He still rides, but no more than 2 hours, and w/o any computer. He just rides. It was a great evening and I'm glad he accepted my offer to come to the meeting. We told him about some of our club rides, and one ride starts probably a few miles from his house. He's interested in riding w/ us So hopefully this summer I'll get to ride w/ him. How freaking cool. Just wanted to share w/ you all
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    Can I have your bike??
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    OK I deal with this all the time. You should have recorded your answers to him on the printout. You could then go to the scanner and scan the document, send the scan to you - attach the scan to an email and send it to him. Why is this so difficult?
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    Heck no..he is married..and at 37..young enough to be my kid...we are not dating..but we are "seeing each other"...and at least one of us gets hot and sweaty
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    I plan on making a lot of guys angry like last year (that's why I wear a helmet... also it hides the ugly nicely) ... For the last two years I rode around on my motorcycle and at stop light I would get off the bike and run car to car handing out childish Valentine cards to ladies.. It makes people smile, and some of their guys friends find it either funny or it really makes them mad This year I will be handing this card out to about 70 lucky ladies... I did did not magically come up with that number... IT's because that's all the card stock sheets I had on hand when I made the cards... If the new shipment comes in before that big day.. I might make a different set... but for now this is the one they will be getting.
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    The first time I used Waze was on the road trip to Disney with my son and two little granddaughters. My son wanted to make it interesting for the girls so he had Waze give us directions using the voice “boy band”. Whenever they gave directions the girls repeated them in their boy band voice and then they both giggled. They had us laughing so hard we left that voice on the whole way to Disney.
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    The Yamaha dealer that sponsors racing addiction gave us some free tickets to the snowmobile races. Saturday is Wo46's birthday.
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    Photo taken by the lady that gets our bum lambs. She and her granddaughter dress the lambs. She found them looking this way and was quick enough to take a photo. I hope you like it.
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    Tomorrow we have more interviews of property mgmt companies so I will take a half day off for that.. Temps are gonna be cool..I need to hit the gym after a week with no workouts...cold is still hanging on..but not terrible. Cooking shows, laundry and meal prep for next week...the usual. How about the rest of you?
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    Pedaling my bike through a herd of Bison in Yellowstone was a little nerve wracking. But I made it through and lived to tell about it. (June 2009)
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    Right now it's not much. A couple of years ago, it was 25 miles/day. I do it for myself. Driving in traffic is expensive and stressful. I could do the 25 in almost the same amount of time as driving. It really helped me unwind and was so much more fun than driving. At the moment, my car is buried under snow. I couldn't drive it if I wanted. I'll probably dig it out this weekend.
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    Damn my eyes. I expected a recipe for forum chicken.
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    My husband and I used to take this kid snowboarding all the time. He was about 12 at the time. This was 15-16 years ago. Sort of mentored him, taught him to ride with the big kids. Anyway, he and his family moved away about a decade ago. I messaged him and his Mom about a reunion this Summer, as I have never even seen the Oregon coast. Lame, right? They both replied fairly quickly and are thrilled. He said he is looking forward to it and that he talks of us often. He has married now, and has a new baby. Ironically, he married a gal with the same first name as mine. Which is not all too common of a name. Our plan is to have a bonfire on the beach. I am super excited. There are bike trails out there too. They look delicious.
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    Time release. It also says take with a full glass of water.
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    Couch: Proud of my internet brother! I remember you posting on the LF during your detox. Didn't really know you then, but remember thinking "man this guy owns his shit". Yup. Not surprised you've been successful.
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    I hit my Garmin goal 7 days in a row. It wasn't a huge deal as my goals have dropped during the slothlike winter training schedule I have. On the other hand 7 straight days hurts when you're in winter shape. I think it feels good to hurt a bit. Petite would probably understand.
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    I have a date with my Trainer...I see an AZZ kicking in my future...
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    PM me for a list of things you can do to cars when there are no security cameras around. ?
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    Dang, @Dirtyhip throws in the towel for the day and you bastiges pile on... If ya ain’t feeling it, ya ain’t feeling it. Who gives a flying fuck if you ride, walk or Uber to work. Do what is right for you and screw the peanut gallery!
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    I’m going to keep doing neurochecks on @bikeman564™
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    This is your old team. If you were REALLY any good you would have included the fix for them and given them an opening on Monday when you can test it for them again. FAIL.
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    That's a rather narcissistic statement. You really think there are people out there that want to be Donk? * walks away shaking head *
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    That is crazy. On the radio today, they called them tanks with an attitude. I tend to keep my distance. They do like to hang out in my GF's backyard. She had one brush up against her window. These are being moved because they have gored a number of horses at a ranch.
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    Whooo! Yeah no...
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    That newspaper that publish oh so many truths .... Is owned by David Pecker Name seems rather fitting
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    Exactly, and he enjoys chatting He's someone I've been wanting to get for awhile because he lives w/in 1/2 hr drive. I mentioned it to a friend of mine also in the club and his friend knows Frankie. So later that night I had his contact info. I emailed him, he emailed back the next morning and was happy to do it. Class act.
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    It's interesting you should have the opportunity to have a world class athlete at your club. I used to see pro players over at the golf club in attendance for special events. I think probably most get paid for the speaking engagement or an autograph session. Much better when you can keep it informal and just chat about things.
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    Obligatory garage pictures, still early sinlighting wasn’t great. Still need to dial in fit, bars are a tad high so I’ll flip the stem or maybe swap it out with a 0 rise stem I have in the same length. Not sure if the saddle will work but I’ll give it a go. 21.5 lbs, OK for a crosser but the wheels are pretty chunky. I compared the front wheels of the Anthem & this one and by feel the wheel off my Anthem was noticeably lighter! My next upgrade maybe but I’ll ride it like this for a while.
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    Yes, and they’ve been involved in a very big news story over the past two or so years.
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    I'm going to forget about it until the day before, then come here to ask for advice to save my sorry ass.
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    How freaking cool, indeed! I hope that works out. Thanks for sharing this story.
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    Em has her first softball tourney of the year. First game is 11:00 PM tonight!
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    I'm having my ten year colonoscopy on Valentines Day. I would have preferred chocolates and flowers...
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    I've heard that some e-bikes have heaters
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    Sometimes ice can form on the road with the temperature above freezing. Headed home from the game (we won!) about 12:30AM. 35 degrees, Light rain, mist, doing about 70 in teh interstate, I took the left lane to pass, there was a car coming up behind so I bumped up to about 75. Just as I passed and started moving back over, the truck suddenly started going sideways. I caught it, tires grabbed hard and tossed me the other way a bit. Probably scared the passed car pretty good. I'd like to take credit for cat like reflexes and uncanny driving skills, but the dashboard was lighting up with traction control, anti-slip, Auto 4WD.....
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    Not really I guess. This is the 2nd time they cancelled. 5 years before was an epic storm. I think the hipsters just want the street cred but don't want to actually be cold or wet or windy or you know inconvienenced https://www.wweek.com/news/2019/02/06/portlands-worst-day-of-the-year-bike-ride-postponed-due-to-years-worst-weather/ Looks like it is postponed not cancelled. Is July wurst than Feburary?
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    Glad you are here to tell us this story.
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    Are you sure it wasn’t more like a week?
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    ...if you don't abuse your authority and send her a notice of eviction on the condo assn official letterhead stationary, it will make me sad.
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    Waze discourages use by the driver. You have to indicate that you are a passenger in order to use it if the car is moving.
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    ...this thread reminds me of the big blizzard of '86. I wuz drivin' a 8 horse team for the Overland Stage Company, and the horses' eyelids kept freezin' shut. Damn, that takes me back.
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    Maybe petite can swing by and give you a lift. You have longer arms and can help with the windshield wiper situation! WIN-WIN!!!!
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