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    Warmed to -11. But I am not going out on the deck to take pics 10 to 11 inches fell this past week
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    Bison drive

    Here's my Bison drive.
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    If you do, and you are blending spices for tandoori chicken, do not touch your eye before washing hands. Don't ask me how I know..
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    I had this beer open for a good half hour and it still cold. It's 9° outside and the beer is starting to freeze up.
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    Mine aren't all Cheese puppets, one is Cheese himself!
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    I'm such a badass

    I like to say I’m a kinder gentler badass. DH is a badass on a whole nother level.
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    Bum lambs living the life

    Who knew they could be so stylish? They dress better than I do.
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    Can you see Uranus? Where is RG?!
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    Bison drive

    A few years ago my daughters, WoJSTL and I were going to do some hiking in the mountains near Lawton, OK. My daughter turns her minivan left into a picnic ground. Next thing I see her hauling ass in reverse and a buffalo charging the minivan.
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    On the way to church. She just discovered these photos on her phone.
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    Anyone here still smoke cigars?

    I do!!
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    I don’t wear the kind of shoes that you resole. I wear running shoes, bike shoes, and sandals.
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    Where is RG ?

    I worry a lot about RG. Not about mental stability or anything. He has that in spades. Really a rock solid and fun guy. He is having more than his share of challenges right now and I wish I could step in and make his problems go away. He needs a job, needs cash, and probably needs to get out of NYC for a sanity break and breathing space.
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    Bison drive

    I saw this herd a few times driving near Fort Providence NWT a number of years ago. These are wood bison which are quite a bit smaller than plains bison. Still impressive critters though.
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    Where is the threesome emoji
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    I think you set your settings so that we can't follow you.
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    My mom had one for making sambal. She only used it for that as I’m sure if you used it for anything else it would be hot. One of my sisters ended up with it. It was a wedding gift so travelled from Indonesia to Holland to America. It was slick & smooth from decades of use.
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    Our son sort of put it into perspective. When someone asked him how he could stand the heat and humidity after he moved down south from Wisconsin. He said he dealt with the same in both locations. He'd start the car ahead of time and set the climate control before he drove away, and hurry between the car and store. I'm guessing at some point if we can retire, we'll move somewhere warmer. But until then, we're still making memories.
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    He's letting me and my wife stay with him next weekend.
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    Same place when I listen to ABBA or Sugarloaf.
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    3: AWWC, JsharrsDisgruntledAunt, & Jsharr Edit: now 4 w/ Kirbys wild sister
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    February photos

    Maddie got a haircut.
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    pistol yes. mortar no. oops. nevermind
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    Challenge accepted. I have always wanted to follow a Noob.
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    I'm sure people were buying kale just in case they had to make smoothies to survive a power outage.
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    It's my Canadian roots. Couch
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    Bum lambs living the life

    Photo taken by the lady that gets our bum lambs. She and her granddaughter dress the lambs. She found them looking this way and was quick enough to take a photo. I hope you like it.
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    Dear Ralph, I have decided to forgive you. Cheese
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    Yeah Elysian has some good brews. I work right across the street from the brewery. But I am on the @Couch_Incident ride. I too don't drink anymore -- and for good reason.
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    Couch got me hooked on Upmamn half Coronas.
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    Anyone here still smoke cigars?

    Just going to break out a Diamond Crown tomorrow for a nice long snowy drive to Bend. Normal summer drive time is 2:25 hours. Saturday will be close to 4 hour I am about 6-8 or 9 a year. My go to is almost anything by A Fuente. Then a LaGloria. Then I let the cigar shop guy guide sell me whatever he wants to
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    petite and I buy one every 20 years like clockwork!
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    Anyone here still smoke cigars?

    Drive to Rochester. I hear couch is an aficionado. He is also on the most intriguing members list.
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    They are all good. It is so hard to pick one. Maybe the marble rye episode. or The vintage Southeby's cake and Elaine dancing around eating it. LOL
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    I'm such a badass

    Remember, messengers with a bad message have sometimes been known to be kilt.
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    Silk City Bomb Squad

    They might just be riding when they have an adult with them. It’s a scary time for little kids out by themselves like we used to do. My crew does a lot of riding.
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    Valentine Day plans

    We're going to DC for President's Day Weekend with another couple. So we'll probably celebrate Valentine's Day there. I suppose I should make reservations at a Restaurant somewhere, the walkabout may not work.
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    Maybe Not What You Thought?

    How many new cars can we count on you to buy?
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    Same as Buff Jim...about 6 a year. Usually late nights.
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    Do you use a pestle and mortar?

    “Do you use a pestle and mortar?” Heck no, what do I look like a farm assist?
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    New product review

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    Thank. My partner helped me understand Jerry. I had never heard the term jammer before.
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    really? REALLY?

    That explains it.
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    Pill question

    I'm not dead yet
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    The question should be, why do homeless people live where it gets to -33 degrees
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    Surprise.........there are people in the world who think that living in the Greater Washington DC area is hell on earth.
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