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    Wandering down the street.
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    Well today, it finally happened. I had to squish Ylva's brains. I also steam rolled her during our nap today. It was fun! Naturally this should be a somber moment with deep inner reflection but I find myself oddly satisfied. I really truly enjoyed the experience. Don't worry folks, Ylva is safe and she is currently playing with one of the cats. But she's like ten times more smarter now after "The Squishering". Also to note, Ylva barked at a plastic bag that was swimming through the breeze today. She's absolutely brilliant. She's the smartest dog in Rochester Proper. Couch
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    On the way to church. She just discovered these photos on her phone.
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    Well, it finally happened folks.

    We had a dog that everything had to be normal. If my in-laws were coming and my wife moved her car from where she normally parks and parked it further away so her mom and dad wouldn't have to walk as far the dog wouldn't stop barking at that car being in the wrong place. He also barked at a Mylar helium balloon that drifted in from who knows where and got caught in one of our rose of Sharon bushes. And oh my if I put on a balaclava to work outside in the cold, this dog wanted to eat me. I would take off the mask and talk to the dog and he calmed down, as soon as I put it back on with him watching me he would go ballistic again.
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    He donated blood every week for 60 years and saved the lives of 2.4 million babies
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    I didn't catch the father's shoes part. I just thought you were being cheap as usual. I apologize now.
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    What a sweet story, Wilbur. It's funny the memories that certain items can bring back. When my nephew graduated from college he wore a tie that my Dad always used to wear on special occasions and it was really nice to see it again.
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    I bet he was running to the store for milk and bread.
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    To give you a serious answer, I like winter. I can't imagine living somewhere that doesn't have snow for a good part of the year. Today I rode my fatbike in a national forest and nordic skied in a national park. Tomorrow I might downhill ski at the #1 ski resort in the country. I can do this all winter long, not just occasionally while on vacation. In the warmer months, I can roll out my front door to mt bike trail one block away. I ride my road bike to two national parks. During the month of April, the park is ours exclusively. No cars. Climbing, hiking, biking, skiing are hard to beat here. How often do you get to do these things? Living in suburbia would drive me crazy. To each his own, but being close to a Costco does nothing for me.
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    Sadie the Hero Pitbull

    My Mom really likes pitbulls and she called me this morning telling me I had to find the news article about Sadie the hero pitbull. Sadie sure is cute. I thought you might like the story too. https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2019/02/07/hero-dog-save-owner-gas-leak/
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    He seemed to be coming from DQ. I bet there was a stash of dilly bars and buster bars on his back. Everyone, even moose, loves the deliciousness of a buster bar!
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    I bought Ylva a watch with diamonds.
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    Bison drive

    I think that with a bit more development Bison- Drive will put E-Bike to shame
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    Valentine Day plans

    I plan on making a lot of guys angry like last year (that's why I wear a helmet... also it hides the ugly nicely) ... For the last two years I rode around on my motorcycle and at stop light I would get off the bike and run car to car handing out childish Valentine cards to ladies.. It makes people smile, and some of their guys friends find it either funny or it really makes them mad This year I will be handing this card out to about 70 lucky ladies... I did did not magically come up with that number... IT's because that's all the card stock sheets I had on hand when I made the cards... If the new shipment comes in before that big day.. I might make a different set... but for now this is the one they will be getting.
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    I took a pair of my fathers shoes he had when I was a kid. Some really nice dimpled leather Imperials. Full wing bluchers from Florsheim. Back in the days when Florsheim made nice shoes for the masses. I had them resoled and they came out pretty nice. I almost don't want to wear them.
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    Where is RG ?

    We live in sad times. Back in the 70's, if RG found himself in this position, he'd form a band in his parent's carriage house. Write a few pop tunes, go on Dick Clark, make a quick million. Much like Sugarloaf.
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    Elk. Lots of them.
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    Athletic shoes and work boots. About the time the boot's soles give out, the water resistance is gone too. I recently bought a pair of nice shoes, I likely won't wear them enough to ever have to have them resoled.
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    Resole, since I wear braces and have custom boots; I don't have what you would consider nice shoes and my running shoe days are over. I was wearing shoes made by Drew, but something changed in the manufacturing process, and the boot maker's glue would no longer work for reattaching soles to the shoes. In time the whole sole started coming apart.
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    I trust you will now like my Sugarloaf video?
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    Where is RG ?

    I worry a lot about RG. Not about mental stability or anything. He has that in spades. Really a rock solid and fun guy. He is having more than his share of challenges right now and I wish I could step in and make his problems go away. He needs a job, needs cash, and probably needs to get out of NYC for a sanity break and breathing space.
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    Apparently the 2,500 purse that led to the $900 revenge bike resulted in a revenge - revenge purchase of a $500 matching wallet for the purse. Looks like she’s up by $2K so yeah he’s next.
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    Valentine Day plans

    Taking BuffCarla to a swanky restaurant. We're going Tuesday as Thursday will be a zoo, and we don't like zoos. Flowers, a card - the whole nine yards.
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    Valentine Day plans

    I'm going to forget about it until the day before, then come here to ask for advice to save my sorry ass.
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