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    I've been pretty absorbed with my father's care lately and there's been little time for anything else outside of work. But yesterday, I did take off with a friend and his trailer and picked up a cord of cherry. With the unusual cold February and first half of March this year, it more or less depleted my seasoned firewood so this move was necessary. All I had time for was to dump it on the side of the house last night -- so it will have to be stacked whenever I can find time this upcoming week. I got that cord for $175. It will probably last me a full season when used in conjunction with my pellet stove. For those that don't know how good of deal that is, I probably could have taken that same load and turned around and sold it on Craig's List for $500. Tempting as that is, this cherry is like a microwave with the heat. It burns hot, real hot, smells good, comes in sizeable, working cuts, and it's dry, dry, dry. Best thing I've burned to date. That's it, man. That's my excitement -- and yes -- I'm really, really happy to have it. Going down to visit the old man today, sign papers, make payment, and prepare his new room to receive him tomorrow. It's been almost 4 weeks since his break and he's been in hospital beds and an assisted care facility. Tomorrow he moves to an an Adult Family Home in Tacoma -- which is almost about 2 hours from me. Honestly, it's been non-stop since it's all happened and a lot of worry trying to get him the care he needs while simultaneously trying to protect his assets. As his POA, it's an honor, a lot of worry, and pain all wrapped into one. But the goal is to get father healed again, and return him home when it is safe to do so. I've committed the best of my ability to do so. I'm not sure how long he's going to stay at his new home but I'd like to see him stay another month at least as he will receive far greater care there than when he returns home. Peace out.
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    That's not mine. Mine is in pieces in Bavaria. They didn't have the car I wanted in the color I wanted anywhere in the US, so they're making me a new 2020. They aren't even out yet. I'm kinda happy. Went to look, came home with a new car. Not sure why "some" people take so long doing this.
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    Just ridiculous

    It got to 50F, and we went for my first bike ride. The road in front of my house follows the contour of the hill I live on. Even with the motor, I'm not ready to do steep. As soon as you turn out of my driveway, you are climbing. That defeated me last year. So I put it on high, and was pedaling like I had eggs on my pedals and didn't want to break them. For most of the ride I had it on the middle setting. We went about a mile total, not much, but it's a start. The real test of a bike is do you want to ride it again. The answer is hell yes. This bike fits me better than any bike I've ever owned. It has grips that have that place to put your palm, and short MTB horns, so you have 3 positions, which is nice. It's my first 10 speed since my 1969 Varsity. No room for gears up front. The saddle felt like a brick. The bumps felt bad, but I've had a lot harsher, and I should get used to it. I was just looking at BFs E-bike forum (I didn't look there before I got it). One guy said you should store the lithium battery somewhere where a fire wouldn't be really bad. I think what I need to do is find an industrial strength fire alarm. Maybe one that can wirelessly communicate with another alarm that's inside the house. I need to get a couple good bike locks. I'm also thinking of ditching the rack for my Barley saddlebag. I think that would look even cooler. I'll take a pic of it sometime. I had a PT shoulder eval a few days ago. So, I've been googling exercises that I thought would help, and at about 3AM I started doing them. I have a cooked muscle just below my right shoulderblade, when I went to 5 pounds, it cramped impressively. So I'll need to stick to 2 pounds for that one. In any case, I did a number of exercises that had me bent over. I was also bending some getting the wife's bike ready. She has a Rivendell. It's the Bleriot, which was actually made in Taiwan from Japanese tubes, but it's still a nice bike. The upshot is that my legs were almost quivering before I got on the bike. Fortunately the tender bits were at the back, and bikes work mostly the front of your legs. But the end result is they are not entirely happy with me. Which is great.
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    I was a member of a band of miscreants...
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    Mr. Wangs Hu Hong

    You are probably confusing it with Mr. Hu Hong's Wang.
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    Chip substitute

    Steamed some fresh broccoli, rather than cook the stem I chopped it into thin slices and crunched on them while prepping the rest of dinner. Tasty, crunchy, healthy.....2 out of 3 ain't bad
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    Weekend shopping

    Well...I think I met with success at DSW shoes... but as far as clothes go....it was a bust...I hate stores where they over crowd the merchandise... AND OMG just because I am old enough to be a grandma doesn't mean I want to dress like the Grandma's of 20 or 30 years ago...Come on give me some style....
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    I rode. Outside. For the first time this year. For the first time in a long time. 19 miles, about 1:15.
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    The red cherry glow is a thing of beauty.
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    Have you ever been in the band?

    I was only there for band camp.
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    Software upgrade

    I do appreciate your efforts keeping this place running, SW.
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    Sunny Saturday

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    March Photos

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    Thai Chili Beef, a monthly special. Right on the edge of being too hot, so IOW, nice! The first was a white-pepper hot soup that was waaay over the edge! The second was a ginger-hot one a decade or so ago, and I was quite surprised that ginger could be that hot! Normally when you say make it extra spicy the difference is negligible, but every once in a while it is a different story.
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    25 for me, sunny, 42°. slight breeze. Apparently 15 miles is my limit before my legs hurt I'm slow too
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    Square Wheels

    Weekend shopping

    That's because I won't be able to afford to eat.
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    Square Wheels

    Weekend shopping

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    42 mile ride on the W&OD. Ashburn to Purcellville and back. Good ride. #11 for the year, 267 miles so far.
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    Today's veggie run

    Rice-a-Roni is "the San Francisco treat." The average American man lives 76.7 years, but the average San Francisco man lives 78.8 years. Therefore I should live two years longer if I eat Rice-a-Roni!
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    Today's veggie run

    I like the total
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    I had some kind of spicy beef dish that was pretty tame tasting, there was an old Chinese lady walking around with a pitcher of water, she thought I was some kind of freak as I wasn't reacting to the heat. Well, about half way through the bowl I found the little peppers, those tiny little red ones, they had cooked them whole, and you didn't really get any heat till you bit into one. Then you got a lot of heat. The little lady with the water got quite a laugh out of my bright red face.
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    I did some exercises targeting the weak spots in my shoulders and back. I also did my first bike ride on my new bike, I did a post about it, Just Ridiculous. This summer might not be half bad. I love your 'dreadmill', very clever. I feel mine pretty much saved my life, it's also a great spot to watch Cspan and my news shows like Rachel Maddow. So I understand where you are coming from, even if I can't quite get there. This isn't political, it's a Cpsan that's a couple guys talking about our future in Space. I've only watched a couple minutes so far, but it's looking good. https://www.c-span.org/video/?457723-1/nasa-administrator-space-travel
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    ...my two cherry trees are just starting to break flower buds. I anticipate a better season for cherries here than last year, because the bees are already awake. And last season was the worst I've ever experienced in terms of fruit set, so anything will be an improvement. Glad to hear you found one of those home places. Most of the ones I've visited here in looking for the one that we used for my mom were much superior in terms of care and attention to the understaffed skilled facilities I've visited. They just don't have PT, but there are workarounds for that. Sometimes you can contract with a PT who will go to the place and work with the patient. I ended up having to find a GP physician here who still made house calls as part of his concierge practice, rather than put her back in hospital or a skilled facility when she got sicker toward the end of her life. I just needed someone to write orders and prescriptions with an "M.D" behind his name on the signature line. It turned out to be well worth it in our case.
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    I flipped chicken and a burger on the grill. 1, 2, 3 flip. 1, 2, 3 flop. 1, 2, 3 flip.
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    Spent today at the end of season party at our local ski hill. Lots of fun, costumed skiers and riders trying to clear two separate pools of water. It was COLD, too!
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    Yes. And we had a band powerful enough to turn goat pizz into gasoline.
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    Yes. I played B flat and alto clarinet in high school stage, concert and jazz bands. B Flat clarinet and oboe in the Burnaby concert band Alto sax in the Vancouver Beefeaters marching band B flat clarinet in the Burnaby Hastings Rotary band Guitar in Ezra, our garage band, but we toured Western Canada bars so we were ok. Band was my thing.
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    iCloud storage

    They keep the doctor away and teachers like them.
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    Mmmm Sunday Breakfast

    Scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage crumbles and cheese on flour tortillas with salsa
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    No one in my extended family --though several nieces and nephews did learn piano for several years, trumpet and violin. The youngest is 9 yrs. old and learning guitar. One of dearie's American nephews was in marching high school band for several years.....I think this is more U.S. schools and colleges. He loved it and it taught him a lot about self-discipline plus have social fun. None of the colleges nor universities in CAnada have much marching bands at all. The university I went, had a little one which I found odd...I transferred from another Canadian university that had less of a marching band. In our city, we probably one of the very few Canadian city marching and performing bands, that go internationally. It is associated with the Calgary Stampede. They practice often in a playing field, not far from Saddledome Stadium in non-snowy weather. It's serious practice. My boss' daughters were dance and band performers before they became instructors themselves. This is great local band that performs internationally, primarily older teens below.
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    I was first chair recorder in 1st grade, only we called it a flutaphone, which is a name I like better.
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    Beeyootiful sunrise- thanks for freezing your tookus off to get it!
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    Square Wheels

    Software upgrade

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    Prophet Zacharia

    Software upgrade

    I’ll be more appreciative when the name is changed to the Keith Moon Cycling Forum for at least 24 hours as was voted upon and won. Thank you.
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    Spring Melt Pond Skim

    If you need alterations you have to take it to a welder.
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    As much cottage time as possible.
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    It was excellent. The footage was all 1969 footage. No acting. We both enjoyed it. Sadly dinner at our used to be favorite Chinese place was a mess.
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    4H Club Sheep

    The animals at the county-owned demonstration farm, Kinder Farm north of Annapolis include: goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, sheep, cows, horses, alpacas, quail, and sometimes ducks and turkeys. The animals are bought, bred, raised, and sold as projects by the 8-18 year-old members of the Kinder Farm Park 4H Club who are their owners. Here are some sheered sheep I snapped during today's walk with Jake the Golden Doodle. I don't know what kind of sheep they are, it varies from year to year and project to project:
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    No plans to venture off the continent this year, but we will be spending about 8 days in the Buckeye state at the end of June.. First few days are in a state park that I can't remember the name of right now somewhere between Columbus and Dayton. Plan is to ride some bike trails, and if the weather doesn't co operate, Dayton has a bunch of museums I really want to check out. The last few days will be in the Mohican state park. We typically do a family camp thing with my wife's siblings and their families. This year, it's the first week in August in Algonquin Provincial Park.
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    We went to camp today. Gorgeous day. Temp was about 40°, probably a little more. ?? I walked my trail without snowshoes. It's fairly solid; I only sunk through a few times. I sat under this tree so I could sit on some boughs and then my other sweater and not get a wet butt. It worked! Best PBJ I've had in a long time.
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    The smart thing is to marry someone 30 yr younger with a nursing degree and and have a great prenup with power of attorney granted to someone you trust beyond the young strumpet. That being said, I think Parr8 is already married so maybe we have to encourage RG to go to nursing school.
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    When you have to get racing fuel

    This place is 3 miles from Road America so if anyone wants to come to Wisconsin and watch us race at Road America we can go have a beer after. Last year at the race track there was beer tasting with 85 drifrent beers. I you want I will get you out on the sidecar as the monkey for a few laps of practice.
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    Sunny Saturday

    Made it home from the cruise in Miami. Plane change at Reagan Airport. Flew right over the Pentagon and had a window seat. I was like ‘Oh it’s the Pentagon’. Wished I would’ve taken a picture of it. Also caught a nice view of the Capitol building.
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    Sunny Saturday

    I spent the day eating and drinking and visiting. Had an annual reunion breakfast thinghy for the old workplace that was very nice, then went to a friend's house nearby there for more visiting and a drink. Double Pull Imperial Coffee Stout from Pleasantville, NY - very good!
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    Stale loaf of bread

    You beat me to it. Bread pudding is a simple joy. I've only made it once, but I have a New Orleans gourmet bread pudding recipe. It's about a bazillion calories a bite, but so good. https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/bread_pudding/
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    Sunny Saturday

    I’ve been busy all day. The sun is bright and I’d love to go for a ride but I need to keep an eye on my wife. She wanted cheesy scrambled eggs and a bagel for breakfast with some grapes. Then I helped her get a shower. I vacuumed the carpets and ran the scrubber. We invited my sister in law out for lunch. I grilled a London broil on the grill, the cats stood around hoping the whole time. I baked some potatoes and steamed some fresh broccoli to go with it. I cut up a watermelon I found at the LGS yesterday. It was from Honduras and was sweet and delicious. For desert we had some chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream. I got the leftovers put away and the dishes started. Decided to sit down and take a break. I also did two loads of laundry this morning.
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    The day is almost over

    It is puppy day?
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