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    I've been scheduled to take a vacation to Oklahoma for a few months now. A friend recommended a pretty state park and I was going to combine a stay at the lodge at the park with a visit to a wildlife preserve and some museums in Oklahoma City. I felt excited for my adventure. Then I started to hear about lots of tornadoes and flooding . That made me less excited for my adventure. The trip seemed fun at the time I made the reservations, but it was beginning to seem less fun. Plus it involved flights at really inconvenient times and connections. This was beginning to make me anxious. So I cancelled my reservations and booked a little cabin by a lake in Vermont. That made me feel happier. Although the last time I booked a cabin by a lake, I got agitated by the whole set up and left after one day and went somewhere less cabin-y. But currently, this seems very pretty and I packed like I was moving cross country, so I'll stay here at least long enough to have a nice glass of wine and some snacks while I read a bit and stare at the lake a bit. This makes me feel content at least for tonight. Not really the end yet.
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    @Airehead sent Rudy a gift box filled with goodies. He has a stuffed animal, chew toys. squeaky things, bags of treats... She was too good to him. Thanks Airehead.
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    Cool, you got a photo of the rare double headed ducks.
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    Don't mess with Texans...err Oregonians....errr @Dirtyhip's oregano <heh, heh> it's legal and all now
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    great idea! I need to start doing that, maybe I won't procrastinate as much My chore list so far: 1. Make chore list.
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    How many tons of firewood will it hold?
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    I think of it as a spectator sport.
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    We could be playing Risk and making fun of forumites right now. Sam would catch frisbees and we'd watch the lightning bugs from that porch.
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    Yesterday’s project
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    That busybody from the Jane Austen novel.
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    Her first T-Ball trophy and a medal she got yesterday for winning a tourney. She threw in the championship game and the semi game. The final game she pitched all 7 innings. Gave up one walk and didn't allow anyone else on base until the bottom of the 7th. Struck out 16 in that one game. Ended up giving up 4 runs on 4 hits with a couple of errors on our right fielder and one at second base on a steal to make things really interesting. She dug in and got that last out at the plate.
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    In other news, I hope to see Tommy James and the Shondells somewhere this summer. I will travel for this.
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    The extra mass I drag uphill helps going downhill, but it's inefficient both ways.
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    When the fish are not biting I have to do something to amuse myself.i found a cove out of the wind, I’m using surface lures because I didn’t get bait. I don’t have much luck with them but I’m still having a great day.
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    I liked this one best.
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    Hardly. She's been a huge challenge. But, I love her. She does mean alot to me. Shu Fang
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    Wo46 tells me that she would love for us to move south where it doesn't snow. But she always tells me that when she's shoveling snow.
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    No. Yoga contradicts my Christian upbringing.
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    Wilbur has nothing on me?
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    I have confirmed the results for those interested. James loses tonight. 2Far's post was accurate in every way.
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    ..until I actually get to watch Jeopardy myself.
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    She also owns AWWC, and she has never ever met him. Shu Fang
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    Lake Willoughby. It seems like most of the attractions are south or west of me, but I am planning to meet a friend in Stowe tomorrow. I slept in until I woke up without the help of an alarm today, so I missed the sunrise. But it was a beautiful morning and I did a nice (but relatively brief hike) this morning, explored some nearby towns. It's windy and looking like rain later, but I'm settled for the day. I am well stocked for bug spray since I was planning to be hiking on my other trip, but so far I haven't really encountered many bugs. I'm almost afraid to type that since it seems like tempting fate!
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    ...follow your dream, man. People laughed at me when I said I wanted to be a great psychotic. The rest is history.
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    One story that I know @Airehead will love.... The coach of the other team was getting so frustrated that his girls couldn't hit. He told them to crowd the plate. Had them standing with their toes literally touching the plate. Em was pissed off about it. Really pissed. She motioned for our coach to come to the mound. She told him why she was pissed. He petitioned the ump and the ump did nothing. So Emmy fires a fastball inside and the littler girl jumped back out of the way, Em just looked at her and smiled. Her coach told her to get back on the plate. She looked at Emmy and then looked at her coach and shook her head no! Later on after the game one of the asst coaches told me that our head coach called an outside pitch on that one, and Emmy had been hitting her spots all day long. No way that pitch was not on purpose. ?
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    My shoulder specialist asked me if tomorrow worked for me to schedule an mri. From first appointment to surgery was less than a week.
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    Today I rode my wife’s e-bike since she isn’t riding it. I averaged 18mph and I didn’t even pedal. Now my thumb is a little sore from holding down the button.
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    If you decide to lick it you better pet him first.
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    No, but I bet you are jealous he can lick it!
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    I need a hammock to fully appreciate this storytelling.
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    That was the fastest log splitter ever. All the rednecks on the mountain used those. They would laugh at people spending money on hydraulic splitters. They said heck everyone I know has at least one old truck sitting in their yard anyway, might as well put it to work.
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    i'm trimming some branches with my lopper this week but it won't come close to that amount!
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    We just split it yesterday. I never found it worthwhile to own a splitter as I can rent one for $50/day. I picked it up at 7 yesterday and we were done at 2.
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    25 miles on the Ashton to Tetonia rail trail. Start: Marysville; End: Felt 70-78 degrees, mostly sunny, 5-15 mph winds. https://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/parks/ashton-tetonia-trail#js-tab-2
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    Young Hispanic family..couch is gone...they are coming back for the loveseat soon.
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    I seem to have picked an area that is far away from almost everything, but I do think there is some nice hiking in the area.
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