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    He was a smart man, He knew you were watching and would kick his ass if he grabbed your husband's ass.
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    About 5 miles thru the development and a circle on country roads. Few hundred feet of climbing. I don't know why I got away from this. ?‍♂️
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    I'm selling wheels too cheap, obviously.
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    When I had the hitch receiver mounted on our new car a couple of weeks ago, I priced out getting the wiring kit installed while they were at it. I figured for a hundred bucks labour, I would do it myself and save the money. Didn't need the power plug right away anyway, cause we were just using the bike rack for our trip. Anyway, today I trundled off to U Haul and bought the wiring kit, and proceeded to crawl under the car in the driveway to hook it all up. The last car, made in 2008, I was able to just splice into the wires, solder and heat shrink, and it was all good right up until we dealt the car. Long story short, it don't work that way any more. I got it done, and it works, and I'm happy I saved a hundred bucks, but mid way through the job, I was wondering why I didn't just pay it.
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    I don't touch women other than a handshake. A lot of flight attendants like to hug. I avoid that at all cost. Nothing gets misinterpreted when there is nothing to misinterpret.
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    Mechanic: Sir, your car is ready Kzoo: How much? Mechanic $879.63 Kzoo: What was wrong? Mechanic: You left it in gear, you moran Kzoo: Then why is the bill so high? Mechanic: stupid ain't cheap, sir.
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    It was a film about Thaddeus Kosciuszko and his role in the Revolutionary War. I kept thinking that some former Forumite would have enjoyed it, but I can't think of who it was.
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    This one extra stitch conversation is pretty sassy from the little blue pill crowd. Just sayin'....
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    Yeah, I’m not going there with her right now! I just got the “will there be coffee?” request, which is less of a question than it is a declaration of best safe practices.
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    I for one, have always supported your little project. I would have given up long ago, and set the neighbor's front porch on fire. Shu Fang
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    Or just skip straight to an e-bike. Those things ride like butter!
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    My wife got me a two month early b-day gift. I was getting fed up with shoreline fishing so she got me a kayak so I can head to different locations on the lake to get the bigger fish. Basically all I'll be doing is tooling around looking at nature and maybe casting the rod a few times. Tomorrow marks the days it shall be getting wet. I just got done outfitting it with a rod holders, anchor on quick release if needed. Guess we will see what else is needed tomorrow. It's a good thing I kept the hoist in the garage and didn't sell it like I was thinking about
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    I have travelled around the world more than 321 times. No wonder I am so frickin tired.
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    Reminds me of a story from the mid 80's. I was working at a company that had a phone system option to access the intercom from any desk phone set - sent across the office and the factory floor. Marty was standing at his desk and punched the code for the intercom. Mary Ann walked up behind him to talk to him and tapped him on the shoulder and it startled him and he spun around. Across the intercom you could hear, "Ouch Marty. That's my boob."
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    I wish I got felt up more often.?
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    The horrible part is knowing that@Square Wheels, who has a major man-crush on Sagan is probably going to touch himself watching this video
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    Open the hotel room door, HAL!
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    New low or high depending on how you look at it. WoJSTL found a couple of business cards for a dry cleaners. BIL is missing a suit jacket and Patti called to see if they had it. Actually BIL has a $350 bill there with lots of clothing including underwear! Seems that when he decided to stop doing his own laundry a few months ago, he figured that he's have the dry cleaners do his tighty-whities! I'm tempted to have them put extra starch in his underwear.
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    Hey Wilbur, those pant's make your ass look fat
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    Glad you're feeling better And you will have a shed or whatever to rival the pyramids.
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    I am sorry, that can’t be true. You need some nice healthy chips/dip and vegan pastry to round that out. And an electric bike.
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    Red light district. I have heard about those.
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    that WofTy gets to see her bathroom redo get started. It's a major undertaking that I hope will be doable to her satisfaction. I may have to go for a REALLY long bike ride, say three weeks. Or drink a lot.
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    Wow! Does anyone know about this? Shouldn't you be calling the cops instead of telling us?
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    I didn't think that needed any explanation.
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    One never truly retires from ass grabbing.
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    No. You'd go back and forth like a pendulum due to gravity and friction. Eventually you'd slow down to a stop at the center of gravity of the Earth. I think that might be Cleveland.
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    I sometimes have problems caring on workday mornings too. I hope it's not a sprain and that your car is fixed soon!
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    It's strange ....right? He embodies every sin known to man.....but remains a likeable bastard. This causes me many sleepless nights.....the whole injustice of it.
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    Heaven knows that you have lots and lots of faults.........but that said one has to admire your loyalty......stupid and misguided as it is.
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    How often do you pilot jets?
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    When I was in elementary school, I was taught Columbus had trouble with some of his sailors because most people thought the world was flat and the sailors were afraid of sailing off the edge of the Earth. Years later, I was standing on the main street of the ruins of Ephesus, the world's largest city two millennia ago. I was looking at remains of the Fountain of Trajan, built by that Roman Emperor around 100 A.D., when our guide asked, "Do you know why one of his feet is standing on a large ball?" He continued, "He's saying, 'I rule the world.'" It instantly occurred to me that Trajan wouldn't have gone to that expense to create that propaganda message unless the average person seeing it realized the meaning - because the avg. person knew the Earth is a ball! It was a couple hundred years earlier that the Greek Eratosthenes, living in Alexandria, Egypt, realized he could measure the angle of the sun in Alexandria at the same time the sun cast no shadow in Aswan (knowing it was on the longest day, June 21) and, knowing the distance between the cities, he could determine the circumference of the Earth. He figured about 25,000 miles. It's actually 24,889. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella's science advisors knew Eratosthenes' confirmed-by-others number in 1492 and told them Columbus could not reach the Far East by sailing west for a few thousand miles. Columbus was very lucky - though apparently he knew something must be about where the Americas are because of the things that drifted across the Atlantic when he was living in the Canary Islands off Africa and by how long they appeared to have been in the water.
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    Actually, I'm guessing more the opposite. Far more likely, she complains, you just aren't paying attention to it.
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    You don't think that Scott was also a promotional bike? I thought it was likely. I can't see them (or any other brand) not giving him a bike or two if he called and said he was going to feature it everyday on the TdF (or at least every hilly/mountainous day). Wasn't LA's garage packed with Specialized bikes in his tour of his Aspen home? And we know Phil Gaimon dropped his Cannondale in favor of his Nove bike sponsorship. What does Bob Roll ride? Or Chris Horner for that matter? I'm thinking that the "active" retired pros - ie still in the bike industry, just not racing - still get some or all of the stuff for free or at huge discounts. Since I rarely encounter a real retired pro cyclist, I can't even guess what they would ride, but I have to think that the ones lower on the payroll list (while riding) aren't springing for new uber bikes at $10k+ a pop very often. LA's S-Works MTB:
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    It's also America's favorite retail outlet's birthday today.
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    The internet has been around long enough now that my mind filters out Otto and I don’t even see it until the second or third proof read.
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    Is it better than a twatwaffel?
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    Dunn, finito. It was a great lettuce year though! Lasted into July, which is unheard of! Thanks for asking! The garden is now cukes, tomatoes, peppers, flowers, and herbs.
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    Too many hills and too old legs. I'll admit that's a temptation, but, I still think the Roubaix rides like butter...
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    We've been moving him out of his apartment to assisted living for the past couple of months. Here's some of what we found. There were 10 large boxes sealed up and said "Do Not Open Until Dec 10". Most were filled with about 50 lbs of books. He had bed bugs in 2010 and starving the bugs is a way to kill them. Still the boxes hadn't been opened in 9 years. He has enough nail clippers for each finger and toe plus a few extra. Still his nails are way too long. He has over 20 belts and all but 2 have never been used. Over 100 ties. He was taking out books and DVDs from 4 different libraries and not returning them. He really doesn't read and his DVD player was broken. Same goes with the NY Times paper. He subscribed to it but the papers were never read. They were neatly stacked. He had over 10 radios for a small apartment. Also 4 sets of pots and pans but didn't cook. He didn't turn on his AC even though he lived on the top floor of a south-facing building. He also didn't open his windows because there was a funeral home next door and that freaked him out. I could go on and on. It's good that we were able to get rid of a lot of crap plus now the assisted living facility will keep him fed and on his meds. Now we just need to get his finances straightened out as bes possible.
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    Just physical. He's on the autism spectrum but was able to hold a job for 20 years and drive a car. But no psych drugs yet.
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    It was hot, not as hot as work, but hot.
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    I will be out there sometime. The bank goes to a finance conference in Seattle every year.
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    I followed my friend's lead. I needed his help. I blame that asshat.
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    Yo RG, I am doing ok. Feel better than my ER day and sort of depressed about my father.... and everybody is hating on me about my backyard project.... but those bastards can't keep me down. You?? How's the job?
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    You’re a good man. I’ve been there recently.
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