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    You did let them know you drive a convertible BMW, right? They will use the A team nurses for the sponge bath.
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    I try to ride at least one fondo a year, and try to pick different ones, which is harder than you would think living here. My wife is not a long distance rider and maxs out at 100k(60 mile) rides, so I always end up doing these 100 mile rides alone. Which is fine, a large percentage of my rides are done by myself. I do, however, admit to being a little jealous seeing groups of obvious friends doing these rides together and having fun and making a day of it. This year I decided to see if I could get some company for the ride so I reached out to a number of people in our program who ride some (most around the 25 mile mark) back in March and tried to get them to do this ride for me. I had 4 yes'es, three of them had never rode over 80k before. Starting in March, I provided them with training plans and have been in contact and encouraging them throughout. Then they started to drop. One boss cancelled one guys day off for that day to fill a shift. Another has had some personal issues so she had to back out, another had an injury and had to stay off the bike for the last four weeks. So it was down to two of us. I just found out today when he signed up he signed up for 100k, not 100 miles. Oh well I tried. I will just spend my 100 miles thinking about not being such a dick all the time and maybe getting a few friends.
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    I hope that I will make a decision fast than @petitepedal.
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    Stewardesses got galleys? I thought only strippers had galleys.
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    You have idea how little humility I have left. Half the staff have seen my noodle at this point. I hear giggling as they leave.
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    I hope I do not blow the motor in this parody hot rod....
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    No, they just point into my palm, where I have written “I blame jsharr”. So it is unanimous.
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    I just assumed your paycheck was in the glove box of one of your three two cranes.
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    Seems like I'll be lying around.
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    You sir, are not a dick. One of these days I will join you.
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    Frog legs are never OK! 🐸
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    I would take one for the team and volunteer to do this for SW.
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    I'm going down to see my dad tomorrow and my wife and I are going to lay it all out of where he is at. It's not good and his failure or reluctance to accept his own condition is becoming a problem. He fails to grasp the level of care he needs or what the consequences are if he goes home. At some point he's going to run out of money and then he'll have to wait (maybe up to 2 years) to get the treatment he'll need. The whole thing is hard. It's hard on me and my sisters -- perhaps harder than he has it.
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    Tonight: Tour de Belleville. It's a 5- or 15-mile night ride with over 1K riders. WoJSTL and I are doing it on the tandem. Saturday day: Solo bike ride hopefully. WoJSTL has a half marathon in September and is going to start training for it. My half marathon days are over. Saturday night: Seeing Cinderella at the outdoor Muny Theater in St. Louis. Sunday morning: BIL paperwork. Still going through it. Sunday lunch with my son's family. Sunday evening: bike ride I hope. Also watch the TdF highlights when I get a chance.
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    Sorry.. I own that market already. You have enough titles like DeathJim and Forum Badass.
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    I was going to get started writing the meeting minutes that my boss and her boss will be voting on next week, but this talk of moderation makes me realize I shouldn't overdo work, either. Is there a diet based on procrastination? I'd excel on that one.
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    Being empty nesters is weird... No plans really. Family dinner out tonight, ride, chores & etc... When I was on vacation I went fishing. I went to the outdoors store to get a fishing license & my wife blew a gasket over a $55 license. I didn’t feel like arguing so I got a one day for $16 but knew I want to do more fishing now that I have time... Well she’s really gonna blow a gasket when I end up spending $71 for a license...
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    Is there a generic now. Sometimes patents wear out and you can get the generic version. Most insurance wants you to use the cheapest option for care.
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    Pandering will not help you. 💅
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    Count 0-2, 2 outs runners on corners
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    I can handle Razor's edge. 💅
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    I could be wrong but Noob was being facetious.
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    What a beautiful little girl!
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    Post road trip cocktails
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    Well he compliments jsharr nicely. You have to have a Norton in a comedy routine.
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    Keep reminding her that this was all her idea. She should like that.
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    You can help me put new light fixtures up in a gymnasium.
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    This may present a future problem for one who's lively hood is dependent on them. You are fortunate however in that you have a second opportunity in the world of decking.
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    That's not really a good place to store them. You may want to get a splinter jar or keep them in the kitchen junk drawer.
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    That doesn't look like a viaduct to me. It looks like a bridge.
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    Sounds more like complained.
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    Backstroke lover always hidin' 'neath the cover'Till I talked to my daddy he sayHe said, you ain't seen noting'Till you're down on a muffinThen you're sure to be a-changin' your ways
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    I have tubeless on my fat bike, and CX bike. I will never run tubeless on my road bike. My friend had nothing but trouble sealing punctures at that high of pressure, >90 psi. It works very well on my fat bike at 4-9 psi, & my CX which I run around 40-60 psi. My LBS told me the tires need to be removed annually to clean out the old dried up sealant. I didn't do this...yet. I just added some more thru the valve stem w/ the syringe thingie (which works very well). Also need to replace the gorilla tape...I use gorilla tape. This is also what the LBS's use. There are different brands of sealant, some better for hot some better for cold. Not sure the differences in replacement time. But if you spin the wheel and do not hear sloshing around, then the sealant is dried up. If, you get a puncture on a tubeless tire and it will not reseal, you'll need to put a tube in. My aforementioned friend (and us) could not remove the tire from the rim. Tubeless beads hold like a mofo. Very difficult to remove. Was for us anyway. And sealant is sticky which adds to the holding on effect. Tire wear? IDK. Lower pressure would probably wear it quicker. It is true that you can run lower pressures with tubeless though, not sure why other than more comfort. I don't know anyone personally now that uses tubeless on road bike so I don't know what pressures are ran. Far as size goes, I run 25mm wide continental gatorskins w/ tubes. Love them. 110 psi rear, 100 psi front. It seems the roadies I ride with typically run 25-28's. I would imagine if racing, tire pressures would need/want to be higher than 75 psi. I wouldn't want a soft tire on a crit. IMO (and I don't race), I would run 25-28 clinchers w/ tubes. Hope this was somewhat helpful
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    Heine talks a bit more about road tubeless and tire pressures in another post. I think the main issue with road tubeless is that it is relatively "new" to most roadies, and, like with MTB 15-20 years ago, it will just take a little time to take hold. This is a funny photo:
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    Oh my, you stickied my post? This has never happened to me. For that, you all get a bonus picture that is not available to the general public.
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    It's beautiful outside. Softball is fixin to start. I have about 2 cases of beer in my cooler on ice in the back of my truck. And I am sitting here cleaning blood.
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    He is planning ways to kill me.
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