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    Big garage, an acre of lawn, one level living. I have to build an access ramp for my wife, and replace the bathtub with a no step shower. Exciting Times.
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    G ran a PR today. Big Xc meet in Columbus IN. This high school thing is really getting intense. His goal was to run 22 something this season. 2 weeks ago he ran a 23:08 in Louisville with side stitches that forced him to slow down at the end. Today no side stitches but he has some mild shin splints. There are only 3 freshmen on the team. The upperclassmen are running closer to 16 min races. So clearly he has work to do. But he has shaved about 4 min off his 5k time this season. I am pretty stinking proud.
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    He comes Wednesday for a visit. I may have mentioned this. Italian Wedding Soup for dinner Wednesday with salad and bread. Sunday sauce for the Saturday extended family dinner. Many pounds of meatballs now simmering in the sauce with Italian sausage. More cookies tomorrow. Pictures are the soup. Best stock I think I have ever made.
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    Ha, ha....., so Canadian. She just apologized to the Williams biased crowd for beating Serena
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    We did okay. Lots of local flooding, but the tidewater area lucked out as the storm hit the OB hard, but then veered off to the northeast. We got wind gusts in the 60 mph range and some trees were downed, but not as many as in the past. Lots of people here have been removing trees lately (mature neighborhoods can become overrun with old, dangerous trees). Lots of debris (leaves, twigs small branches) in my yard. I can hear the sound of mowers and blowers as I write this. Guess I'll get out there in an hour or so. I was waiting until the sun dried everything out a bit. Others are not so patient. Thanks for asking, Maxx.
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    Sunshine is so much more welcome when the air is cool.
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    OK so another twist to the daughter house thing... A guy I work with closely is splitting with his wife and she left with the kids. They just got a golden retriever pup and he was saying he feels bad for the dog as it is crated all day. He was looking for someone to take it in. Hmm, my daughter is buying a place and is talking about getting a dog... The mold issue kind of but the brakes in her taking him but now that it’s all settled we arranged for a puppy sleep over next weekend and if all goes well we may foster him until my daughter is ready to move in. The guy said he’d keep the dog until they were ready to move but we all agree he’d be better off with us as we have people around the house most of the day. It’s just convincing my wife and Jack... We’ll see how it goes... Here is a picture of Sparrow.
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    I did. Maggie May. Late September. Had to be back at school.
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    Yay it’s Saturday. I hope this Saturday goes better than last. It was the start of a tough seven days for me.
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    A bushel of green, locally sourced. Roasted and ready to freeze in small amounts. We wear gloves and open the pods and scrape off the charred skin with a sharp knife edge before freezing. I’ll keep a few out for stuffing with cheese, dipping in batter and frying into rellenos.
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    Peanut butter chunk cookies are in the oven. Some for him and some for Mrs. @Longjohn
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    Sunday sauce. I think that just means you throw in wine and meat. Kitchen smells great but after this cools I will freeze until FridAy morning.
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    Morning. Decided to go ahead and drink a cup of coffee and eat breakfast. May or may not take another snooze before heading to the farmers market. Sure miss those extra hours of daylight.
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    I have been up since 4:00. RO is all snoozy now, but she will be awake soon. I am going to try to sleep again now.
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    Call that Dotti dood. He knows how to build stuff.
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    I'm taking applications for a new forum BFF. I know that most of you here hate my guts, but there are automatic benefits that may allow you to overcome your disgust at this idea of friendship with the devil. The first benefit is the likes. I will like each and every post you make, even if they are catastrophically stupid and/or in utterly bad taste. And I will give you the good likes, not the whatevers and the confuzzled ones. Secondly, I will come to your defense at all times, especially if you are being attacked by the likes of Kzoo or Jsharr. All you have to do in return is to check on me to see if I am injured or dead after a hurricane has come within 100 miles of my house. Easy peasy.
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    I’m asking for one, small shift in the way we address this conversation: calling someone “a transgender” or referring to a group of people as “the transgenders” amplifies their gender identity over their personhood. Person first in all ways. Just as I wouldn’t call someone “a diabetic.” Or someone else “a retard.” We are people who see person in others. It’s not political correctness that compels me to ask. It’s a worldview that shares a fundamental human connection with others. Call it namaste, divine spark, shared DNA, empathy. We go a long way toward understanding others when we lead with their fullness of personhood.
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    So an update... During the inspection mold was found so a mold guy was sent out and there was extensive mold in the kitchen which would require a complete kitchen blow out and redo to fix. Apparently a planter box was built against the outside wall under the kitchen window and water seeped into the walls causing a lot of mold. My daughter & SIL we’re ready to walk away but the seller agreed to remediate the mold to the extent specified in the report so the deal is back on. Estimating a Nov move in now.
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    IT'S NOT A SHE SHED!!!!!!!!!! And it's definitely not a MIL shed!! But I'd be happy to build one for her.
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    Mostly people are born biologically male or female. That means they have the sexual characteristics of either the male of the species or the female. There are hermaphrodites and others who exhibit crossover characteristics. But for the same of clarity I’ll leave them out of this discussion. It would be pedantic to assume anyone here is referencing them. However, we live in an imperfect world. There are those who are born biologically male who, for reasons science is beginning to understand, have brain functions that are far more aligned with/exhibit female traits and vice versa. This is where the confusion is. A person’s biological sex may be one thing, but their psychological and brain chemical makeup may be of the ‘gender’ characteristics of the opposite biological sex. There is a fair amount of research and a growing body of evidence to support this. And I’m sorry, whether anyone accepts this or not, their non-acceptance doesn’t invalidate the veracity of it. Personally, I do not believe that every person who claims gender confusion issues fits the category I am discussing. I think we live in an age where it has become ‘chic’ in many ways to claim so. It can also be a method if garnering attention. But I’m not here to make those judgement calls. What I am doing is expressing that there are those who suffer a lifetime of gender dysphoria for which gender reassignment provides the only relief from that pain and who make their transition silently without public display and wish with all that is in them that the world only ever saw them as the gender their brains made them. It wasn’t a ‘choice’. It’s an condition they did not choose and for which they only seek correction so they can live their life free of the incongruity. Noone here has to accept this. We all have to choose what we accept/believe. But just because something is beyond someone’s realm of experience, that does not invalidate it. And the hell that those who transition often go through to attain that inner peace of mind and heart - the loss of friends, spouses, jobs and other societal complications - should offer cause for thought. It’s a lot to lose. But for them, it’s better than losing their lives or living in a gender hell.
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    Yes, I had to kiss the carefree warmth of fun and frolic away for a dreary existence as a student. I hated school. It was the certain death of summer.
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    I have been up doing things that FSOG might do. Making meatballs, chopping kale, batch of cookies. Now I am off to Wegmans.
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    Yes, leaving the beach to go back to school. His name was LJ. HIs dad owned the Chevrolet dealer in his town. We promised to write. He sent me a picture of his cat standing on a pumpkin. I kept that pictures for a very, very long time.
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    The dogs started my Saturday a couple ticks after 4. Seems to be a regular thing for them now. Rudy and I are out getting coffee so WoKzoo can get a couple uninterrupted hours of extra sleep.
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    Guest bedroom for my visits?
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    I hope it is a good thing. My son is helping. I'm spread a bit thin...
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    With all of the preparations out of the way we could sit and wait, and watch because we stayed. Lost power about 2:00AM Thursday morning. Not a lot of wind and the storm surge never materialized. LOTS of tree debris in the yard and driveway. Got the generator cranked up about 6:00AM so WofTy could have her coffee and to keep the refrigerators, the TVs and the internet going. Power came back up about 3:00PM Thursday. So today I will be putting everything back in place and cleaning up the yard. Then this evening I will finish the PBR I didn't get to finish at the race on Sunday.
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    Me neither. They York raked and rock hounded for three days. We are thinking of turning the backyard into a quarry.
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    You should run with him to show him how it's done.
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    RR is not being distracted by the bike club chick. I have Zooey (my back scratcher).
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    Tell me about the bike shed.
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    The secretary's husband sent her flowers today with a card that says, "I miss and love you." (He's been working in another state for the last two weeks.) Here's the conversation that happens every time someone comes in the office..... Those flowers are beautiful, who are they from? My husband sent them. Oh, what did he do? Why does everyone think he did something wrong?
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    I received zilch! I hope Ruby bites him on the rump.
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    This better not affect the walks around the lake.
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    Can I have your old house?
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    I don't know the punchline..... This whole experience has given me the idea that I should send flowers to my wife and just put "I'm sorry" on the card. That will make her wonder what's going on.
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