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    With all of the preparations out of the way we could sit and wait, and watch because we stayed. Lost power about 2:00AM Thursday morning. Not a lot of wind and the storm surge never materialized. LOTS of tree debris in the yard and driveway. Got the generator cranked up about 6:00AM so WofTy could have her coffee and to keep the refrigerators, the TVs and the internet going. Power came back up about 3:00PM Thursday. So today I will be putting everything back in place and cleaning up the yard. Then this evening I will finish the PBR I didn't get to finish at the race on Sunday.
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    The secretary's husband sent her flowers today with a card that says, "I miss and love you." (He's been working in another state for the last two weeks.) Here's the conversation that happens every time someone comes in the office..... Those flowers are beautiful, who are they from? My husband sent them. Oh, what did he do? Why does everyone think he did something wrong?
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    I don't know the punchline..... This whole experience has given me the idea that I should send flowers to my wife and just put "I'm sorry" on the card. That will make her wonder what's going on.
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    "Why, don't you have any vases?"
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    Sumbitch. You are onto something.
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    An interesting find when the lab examined the three squamous cell carcinomas that were removed one had a lymphoma in it. The doctor said that shouldn’t be a surprise to you but it was to the person in the lab. He said nothing to worry about he got it all. Getting old sure is fun.
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    I was at the dermatologist today to get 15 stitches removed. While waiting I saw this sign. What a deal.
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    D2 got married on Prince Edward Island, just down the road from her Grandmothers old homestead. I wasnt got to put on any pics, because honestly I could csre less about other peoples kids weddings, butt he pics turned out well. We rented an old homestead that has been renovated. It was built sometime in the 1860. S1 and I explored the basement and in one corner there is still a few pieces of coal from the old coal pile for the stove They now at wedding do this 'big reveal' where they record Dad seeing daughter for the first time. @jsharr, I did it. When she came out, I did not change expression, I just said "I like your sleeves, they're really big" Even though she did not have sleeves, she roared laughing. Then she gave me these.... silver cufflinks to wear to the reception(I was not going to wear my uniform and eat lobster) Which resulted in ...... Then the walk down the aisle, Some words were said (officiated by her maternal Grandfather who is a retired minister) A few pics on the red shores of PEI, Then bring on the food. My family often would host family lobster boils, cooking up 100-120lbs of lobster for my very large extended family. She wanted her reception to mirror one of those family cook ups. (The bib is just for the picture, no true east coaster would be caught dead wearing a bib to eat lobster)
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    I am starting to practice. I am hoping it helps my spasticity and leg issues. It is such a different exercise.
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    We grilled big thick sirloin steaks and my wife actually ate all of hers. I also grilled sweetcor. And she ate that too.
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    And let me just state for the record that I don't care what you are. I don't care what you dress like, if you carry a purse or not. I don't care what parts you have. Do your thing. If you treat me good, I'll treat you good right back. Just don't try to create categories just for you.
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    Yes, but that is not an environment where you have things grabbing at wires, and many (not me) would probably not be comfortable with these in a professional setting. Hell, I gather some folks get as excited about hearing aid color as they do color of glass frames. I could give a hoot on color as long as they are functional. Again, different strokes for different folks.
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    Unfertilized in the morning.
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    I knew I could count on you for a reality check. It is an A or B choice with the exception of the odd genetic error. If you want to play a role, go ahead.
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    Just bake them on the grill for 1/2 an hour or so and then turn up the juice. And, WTF is "late season grilling?
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    I'm no husband, but I've randomly bought flowers for BCC, because I'm nice like that
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    Now that egg yolks as a cause for high serum cholesterol has been debunked, why throw away the tastiest most nutritious part of the egg?
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    Husbands are presumed guilty til proven guilty.
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    I guess I am just old fashioned. I am of the belief that if you have a penis you're a dude. If you have a vagina you are a girl. I like things simple. I respect the fact that there is a lot more that goes into this, surgeries, hormones, etc..... But I just don't get all of the "gender indentify" stuff. I mean I truly don't understand it.
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    I have extremely limited hearing in one ear from an injury many years ago. My hearing aids pick up sound from the left and transmit it to the right side, so I basically hear everything in one ear. Phonak Bi-Cros. They sit behind my ear with a tiny speaker that goes inside my ear. They are actually pretty comfortable, except when wearing glasses for many hours. I'm on my second pair (lost one and had to replace both). Within the about 5 year time, the technology improved noticeably. They are expensive, way overpriced, I'm sure. I paid $4K, but I get 2 year replacement warranty, free lifetime batteries and quarterly cleanings. There are cheap ones, but there's a huge difference. Think about the difference between crappy stereo speakers and good stereo speakers. The biggest problem with hearing loss isn't volume, it's clarity. You tend to lose higher frequencies more, that's the part that lets you understand words. So cheap aids just amplify muddy sound, especially in noisy atmosphere, you can hear, but not a chance you'll understand a word. They just make the mud louder. The expensive hearing aids are extremely clear. And, they are programmable to your specific needs. I have 2 settings. One that is tuned similar to what most people use as their "music" setting is what I use all the time. The other is more similar to a "conversation" setting, with brighter highs. I use this for noisy environments where I need more clarity, and for hockey, because it makes skates sound really different than their actual sound so I can tell left from right (the right ear still hears). Most of them can be infinitely tuned with an app on your phone, and also function as a bluetooth headset (also might work with your TV). Mine doesn't because of the transmit/receive from left to right. To get the right hearing aids and get them properly set up, don't just go to a mall hearing aid store. Find a real audiologist. No sense spending half the amount but just getting louder mud. You want to hear and understand, you'll have to pay what that costs. That's my experience. My mother goes to the same doctor, her problem is the normal bilateral loss for an 87 year old woman. She can't carry a conversation when she isn't wearing them, and definitely hears better with them, but we still sometimes have to speak loud and repeat words. Just be prepared for getting used to them. The world will suddenly be annoyingly loud, and you will hear background noise you didn't realize was there.
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    You bastards are all savages. Over-easy and runny yolks are the superior eggs, no method can compare.
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    Agreed. I have never focused on methodical exercise like this, except for my days as a rock climber. That was methodical but it had lots of adrenaline. I think it will be a great addition to my arsenal. Life is about change, right?
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    Oh man, bacon egg & tomato on toast. One of my all time favorite foods.
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    Scrambled or in an omelette with onion, pepper and diced hot Italian sausage. I also like Huevos Rancheros. Crushed corn tortillas, topped with cheese, topped with refried beans, topped with eggs, topped with more cheese and salsa.
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    Varies, but Wo2 & I like soft boiled eggs. We got some of the cups pictured below & they are great!
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    And I always pictured Cheese and Couch more like this. or maybe
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    What kind of parents did these two have. My kids know the words to most of the songs on Boston’s first album.
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    My wife is on her third chromebook. She has a habit of dropping them or dropping things on them. I just bought her this refurbished Acer
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    OK, but if you two clowns are music pros worth listening to, why have you never heard this tune?
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    I began with the inner ear model and now have the in ear and behind ear electronics. My only problem with the current ones, is that I sweat profusely when working or cycling and they sometimes cease to work with the damp environment. Airehead did some more extensive research on types and uses in the past, so I hope she chimes into the conversation. One friend has hearing aids that he charges each night, thus not requiring battery replacement. They really make a difference if you need them. I had gotten to the point that it was worthless for me to go to meetings, as I could not hear what was being said. Yes, many available now can be adjusted to center on certain locations and even block out some background noise.
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    Or Mt. Washington! (NTTIAWWT!) The old CrossFit place by me is now a dog training center. Before that it was an auto mechanic shop.
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    Wilbur has a suite at Borgata. They are one of the few casinos with dirigible parking you see.
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    I gave that a manual like, not an AWOL, just so you know.
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    And it's sort of important to his money that he is on the opening day roster. I predict that AB has a new employer by next weekend.
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    570 K around here will net you about 20 acres with a really nice 4 bedroom house, pool, and pole barn. Good luck to them!
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    Ylva found some wet balls today. Shu Fang
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    a portion of a crown broke off last evening while sucking on a cough drop at the BC meeting.
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    Please don't ruin eggs with onions.
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    It may be dusty in here because a tear filled my eye as I looked at the cuff links.
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