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    Big garage, an acre of lawn, one level living. I have to build an access ramp for my wife, and replace the bathtub with a no step shower. Exciting Times.
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    G ran a PR today. Big Xc meet in Columbus IN. This high school thing is really getting intense. His goal was to run 22 something this season. 2 weeks ago he ran a 23:08 in Louisville with side stitches that forced him to slow down at the end. Today no side stitches but he has some mild shin splints. There are only 3 freshmen on the team. The upperclassmen are running closer to 16 min races. So clearly he has work to do. But he has shaved about 4 min off his 5k time this season. I am pretty stinking proud.
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    He comes Wednesday for a visit. I may have mentioned this. Italian Wedding Soup for dinner Wednesday with salad and bread. Sunday sauce for the Saturday extended family dinner. Many pounds of meatballs now simmering in the sauce with Italian sausage. More cookies tomorrow. Pictures are the soup. Best stock I think I have ever made.
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    You should run with him to show him how it's done.
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    Call that Dotti dood. He knows how to build stuff.
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    ... is back for Season 36!!! Starting Monday, 9/9. Be there or be square!
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    31 on the morning ride cool and comfy
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    I'm taking applications for a new forum BFF. I know that most of you here hate my guts, but there are automatic benefits that may allow you to overcome your disgust at this idea of friendship with the devil. The first benefit is the likes. I will like each and every post you make, even if they are catastrophically stupid and/or in utterly bad taste. And I will give you the good likes, not the whatevers and the confuzzled ones. Secondly, I will come to your defense at all times, especially if you are being attacked by the likes of Kzoo or Jsharr. All you have to do in return is to check on me to see if I am injured or dead after a hurricane has come within 100 miles of my house. Easy peasy.
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    It''s a $7 uber ride from the Boise airport to our destination. I don't think we can do it, man.
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    She sells she sheds by the sea shore.
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    Probably have to ride with him! @Parr8hed that’s a respectable time for a freshman. As he matures and physically develops that time will come way down. He has the physique of an endurance athlete.
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    Based on the picture of you on your bike you recently posted...., I'll be your friend.
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    Look, just get one and add it to the arsenal. You aren't required to ride it each time. It's hard for me to understand not buying one. It make sense. And for gawd sakes -- you're never going to have as good of an excuse than menopause. Nobody says you have to ride it. But I think your husband might be right. It will allow you to continue to enjoy activities together. My point is -- once you buy one , ride it, and realize that you will still get a good workout -- you'll laugh at the resistance you are putting up now.
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    I like to cut the sausage to the size of the meatballs. It let's more sausagey goodness seep into the sauce and you don't have to try and cut slippery, saucy sausage on the plate.
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    You are now at the top of the list. Bribery is way underrated.
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    The problem is that colleges haven't made that shift yet. Here in CT there is a lawsuit going on with female students on one hand and the state high school athletic commission on the other. The girls are not getting the places in track and field events that they deserve and are not getting the attention from college coaches is the claim. We have two formerly male athletes who are dominating the sport at the high school level in the state and the girls are racing for third. It's like competing against Bulgarian women weight lifters in the 60's. There's a whole lot of "chemicalizing" going on.
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    One of my best friends daughters is now her son. He had a double mastectomy this summer. He's on hormone therapy. She's not sure what other surgeries may be in store, he's stopped for now. It was a surprise to hear, and it's been really hard on my friend. I have only been supportive for her. I've seen him since the surgery, he seems happy, but then I really don't know her kids personally. I let him drive my new car. My worry for people who choose hormone treatment is, that is is not natural, and will likely have long term and possibly disastrous outcomes later in life. A biologic female is not physiologically designed to have that much testosterone for their entire life.
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    There is a place just below my shoulder blades and to the right of my spine that constantly demands attention. My back scratcher and I have experienced some unbelievable moments of ecstasy. Orgasmic, even. And there is no limit. As soon as I am satisfied, I can come back for more. If she could only cook, I would not hesitate to marry my back scratcher! What a wonderful and gorgeous tool!
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    The first year I had my Element I was ambushed by a total of five deer. They were out to get me. Elements were tougher than deer. I had an antler scrape on the passenger side and a small crack in the plastic bumper cover up to the day I traded it in.
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    Yea, I certainly understand it being personal. I am just all over the place on the athletic thing. It's a very complicated world we live in.
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    Break down the foods that are causing a reaction to their purest form and then try them in small amounts. Often, it is the additives that cause the reaction.
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    My wife told her some time ago if she spends herself into debt she’s not bailing her out. They also told her that as long as she’s physically able to live on her own she can’t live with any of them. Nobody completely closed the door on her living with them.
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    Bring it, Iron Man!
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    Tell me about the bike shed.
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    @Prophet Zacharia I guess we have to fight now.
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    You win it every day according to cheese and I if I may speak for cheese and I may. Sept 2! 27 days total
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    I know nothing about the South, except that it is hot and possibly humid. I hear they make great fried foods and grits are a staple.
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    I don't understand this thread.
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    Cheese, Do you have confederate flags for curtains in the Airwick estate?
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    I thought you were anti-hippie?
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    Jumped right out of the trees into my path on the way to work yesterday. Luckily for the truck I wasn't going very fast and slowed almost to a stop before impact. But unlucky for the deer, I was going just fast enough to injure it. Most of the scratches on the truck were on the bumper and below, so I think it broke it's legs as it was flopping around in the ditch. I had to call the Sheriff's department to have it put down. I feel bad enough when I hit a ground squirrel.
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    I will be cleaning up from Dorian today. He made a mess in my yard.
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    I am sure you have won a shitload already, all it takes is likes. Update: August 1, 198 total.
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    Penn Pilsner is one of my favorites. It has become harder to find though, apparently I'm in a minority.
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    ​I googled it. OK, so Skynard. Kinda surprised that CAW likes this.
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    I feel guilty about everything,  even if I have no idea what it is.  Steve Gaines didn't add anything.   Gary and Alan ran the show. 
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