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    mr. and I play pool at this tavern that plays the Sirius 80’s station while #2 son is at his speech therapy social group a block away. I love Friday date night.
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    I'll start. Why does grass refuse to grow in certain spots in my lawn, but every known vegetation in the Northern Hemisphere will sprout and grow like hell in the tiniest of my sidewalk and driveway cracks?
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    My aviation doctor ran meditation clinics for pilots. It helped them with stress and anxiety. Narcotic meds were a no=no for pilots until a few flew planes of people into oceans, rivers and mountains. Now prescribed narcotics are approved. Better a treated depressive pilot than an untreated depressive pilot. Meditation wasn't that successful a treatment. Of course most, keep the mental stuff quiet and self medicate with alcohol, hookers and blow.
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    I am slowly getting into meditation..I did real well at 15 minutes 5 days a week..til PT exercises took over that time slot. Trying to get back at it..One of our newer residents is a Buddhist monk and there is a couple who are regular meditation practitioners who have opened there apartment to those who want to learn. They are doing a book group/meditation session for an hour on Fridays. I have been participating as I can.
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    Your wife took the remote with her when she left??
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    That looks like a nice place for a picnic, Cheese,
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    Why is David Hasselhoff so popular in Germany...or at all?
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    Where does @AirwickWithCheese go when he's not here?
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    It is time for him to return home.
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    Kirby, I imagine you make friends everywhere you go. ?
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    I’d replace them. I think the bigger worry than simply getting a flat is the likelihood of having a blowout at speed and sustaining nasty injuries.
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    That dooshbag? She has no taste Cheese. You may have a chance!
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    We had an all black cat like that show up at the back door a few years ago in the dead of winter. We let him in and called him Vader while we tried to find out where he belonged. We asked at the vet about a mile from the house if anyone had reported a lost cat. The assistant was shocked. She had accidentally let a cat get away while cat sitting. It was black. It's name was Vader. Everyone was ecstatic to find him ok. Sometimes reality is better than fiction.
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    Just venting. Venting is better than punching her in the face, next time we cross paths.
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    I managed to get these photos of the cat who maintains the circle of life in my backyard for you @Kirby
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    It sounds like he would be in a foreign land anywhere.
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    Can I be Canadian best man? That is like, 34% less than best man.
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    I would also like to be his best man at his upcoming wedding. I don't believe he is engaged or even dating a woman right now, but how would we know? At any rate, I feel like best man would be a good role for me. At the very least, RO could be the flower girl.
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    I like Dottie because he tries stuff. Even if he makes a bad choice, he gave something a shot. Also, right or wrong, he ain't taking a bullying, nor should anyone. I know I should hate him for his electric bicycle pimping and his faux veganry, but they are endearing traits because they aren't all or nothing. It is good that black and white thinking gets all kinds of proper shading with Dottie. Plus, he is a total pervert.
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    I was cajoled into believing that leaving p&r open would help the rest of the site. That did not prove to be true, not even close. Many good people have left the site due to the bickering. There are thousands of successful political sites for you to debate on. This will not be one if them.
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    I want to talk about everything. Most of us realize that when people talk politics or religion, that people can poke a little and have it be fun. Sure, it can work out wrong sometimes, but the concepts behind things are very cool, Very cool conceptual content can be based on religion or politics, and there are examples. My post on "Jesus Christ Superstar" was fun,, and I felt like I wanted to say a couple of other things to the mythology of it all and how it was approached in the movie. I didn't, mostly because I felt a person or two would go squawking or not, and if not, then maybe somebody might take it into the not fun side. This bummed me out, because there I was altering behavior and we went missing out because of what others simply might do. This is bad. Saying what we want (within reason) in the spirit of fun, or exploration, or debate, or even ignorance can all be good. I have learned things here and in the LF that showed me different takes on things that made me more charitable in viewing other's different ideas, when presented in a certain light. We simply can't go on not thinking for ourselves or being fun because of what a few might think, That is nancy-boy millennial thinking right there.. This is the internet, and at some point, people have to be able to face a world that has different ideas and views, and to grow a bit of thickness to our skins. It is one thing to be respectful, but it is entirely different to pander to the lowest common denominator and become mindless robots (no offense, parodybot). I am being quite serious when I say that if you can't take a little poking or even have your beliefs questioned, perhaps the internet is not for you. Again, I think most people here can take a bit of a poke and dish a poke out as well. Anyway, knee-jerk pulling of whole posts is bad voodoo, especially if it is just one comment that can be or is simply being ignored by others. I like the freedom to post things and see where they go, as long as the posts are obviously fun or insightful or serve as educational in some way.
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    He has a very human side, for an IT guy.
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    Do you remember Garth from the old place? He posted mostly in the cycling related forums and seldom on the Love Forum. His whole family rode a crap ton of miles per year. I don’t think they owned a car. He had his own chain treatment using graphite and melted wax that he was known for. Gave him like 10,000 mile chain life. He also used Vaseline for chamois cream and didn’t wash his bike shorts.
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    I agree with this. Dottie, if you get screwed over and get points for this, I'll go down with you -- not on you.
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    Still, I’d like to know what to avoid. I’m a debate team coach, and cannot talk about what my students are debating. I’m a journalism teacher and cannot talk about what my students are writing. There’s a chilling effect on the fullness of my personality under the P&R ban.
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    Went for my favorite motorcycle ride around the lake and came across hundreds and hundreds of cyclists following my same favorite go-to motorcycle route. But in the opposite direction. This would make for an excellent forum meetup ride as the pit stops along the way are excellent and some of my favorite local places to stop anyway. I saw every type of bike you can think of from road bikes, tandems to adult sized big wheels, but I only saw a handful of fat bikes. Maybe we can all ride vintage three speeds or such. And I could finally get PP the river boat ride on Lake Geneva that I promised years ago. https://fattireride.com/
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    Not sure. Living right is not something with which I am remotely acquainted. OTOH, dead wrong and I are close friends.
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    Thankfully..the new board voted to take down the giant American flag that was nailed across the knotty pine paneling in our entry...Now our place is way out dated but hey we have to spend money on the physical plant and structure right now..not decor..a new resident offered us a almost new loveseat...which would allow us to replace a lesser quality one...she also offered a huge...like 4ft tall city scape of Paris the Eiffel Tower is center and its is period to early 1900's in look..with a 4 inch frame...(much more expensive than the cheapie art we have...but not something that fits the knotty pine)..Anyway...the guy on the Board responsible for the giant flag being hung ...suggested it was too "Tuscane" for our lobby....I asked him to clarify that..and he said "Italiane"..... I replied...Thanks...I wondered since it was a picture of PARIS....
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    It doesn't matter. Just know, I have more of both.
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    Has Dottie been banned yet?
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    I wouldn't call it fasting...more like readjusting my eating habits during the13 days I vacationed/spent time with family and close friends this month. All different visits..sometimes groups of people or spending time with a person. Includes dearie and I eating out. I lost a bit of weight. About 4 lbs. What I ate over 13 days in Toronto (which is like NYC,,,,,enormous range of food options). Same/similar daily breakfast to what I often normally eat at home (cornflakes, yogurt, skim milk, fruit and tea or coffee since latter was at hotel). Per day, 90% time only 1 full restaurant meal each day. These are the different types of places I dined at with others/another person: Thai restaurant (this one I went twice, each time with different person). It was authentic (ie. Pad Thai was made with tamarind, not ketchup.) and creatively traditional. 3 different Italian restaurants --it just happened. 3 different Chinese restaurants - 1 refine/expensive for dim sum, 1 strange hotpot, buffet and 1 middle quality suburban place Historic public /farmers' market - 3 different days where I had my peameal bacon sandwich for lunch. ? Also we got our local fresh fruits, veggies, German pretzels for a few small supper meals and snacks at our hotel. 2 different winery bistros in Niagara on the Lake winery region during 1 day bike trip (took train part way) where we had flat pizza with wine. (Of course, we went to 2 more wineries...) 1 Korean restaurant 2 large lunches at my mother's place. She cooks healthy. I got her homemade sticky rice packets wrapped in bamboo leaf. How she makes is not fattening like one finds sometimes in restaurants. I actually only biked 4 days in total during the vacation. We did use subway heavily or walked. We were primarily in the downtown area and would use transit to meet up with family most of the time in suburbs or farther ends of city. I did have gelato 3 different times. At the Thai restaurant with oldest niece. Engineer now romance writer. We had 3 different dishes. One of the dishes included stink bean which is real veggie grown in Thailand. It is a traditional dish. And it was good. But then if people haven't tried bitter melon, fermented tofu as a condiment....then one wouldn't understand how mild this dish was.
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    He is in a foreign land in Little Canada.
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    I have twice. See my blogs. I have two trips there. Yes, totally worth it
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    What! Where is your excitement in life? Live a little. ? Me? I gave up pushing worn out blue jeans, stretching usefulness by cutting off and the scraggly edges back in the 70's. Look good...get new tires.
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    I think of him whenever I harvest from my garden.
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    You need words? What is it that folks do not understand about no P&R, and then you start threads about churches, scripture, and baiting about political catastrophes? Just curious. Hell no, I don't agree with SW shutting down P&R, but it is his forum. We've had similar things happen on the local forum, but once they got it through the lady's head that the moderator funded the forum, she stopped threatening to get a lawyer. Not seen her for a while.
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    Yes, I do remember the chain deal. Funny, my wife's friend's husband was just mentioning how he likes to take his chain off and soak it in wax and I was thinking, man, what a lot of work!
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    Does your bike have a saddle or seat? Or are you riding the post? You could be doing it wrong, Dottie. Just say'in. GMS
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    Alive and well and reporting for duty, SIR!
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    So it WAS John Eddy! Maybe! brb! Man, my brian is fried.
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    Who the hell is Eddie Money? Gotta love a guy who titles one of his records like that. Dammit, that doesn't google worth shit, but I could swear it exists! I am loosing it! Well shit! In other news, John Eddie is apparently live and well, although no one knows who the hell he is. Well lookie here! This is right around the corner! https://johneddie.com/events/turnersville-nj
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