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    Did hard ride today. I get home and realized I needed a few things at the grocery. So I rushed out. I get back and just realized that I was sporting a dirt unibrow. I have dust and dirt all over my face. ? No wonder people were looking at me oddly. I figured that is because I am weird. LMAO
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    A dog handler friend suddenly had a major life crisis. He was in the hospital over a month. Dog handlers typically do not have good insurance being self-employed. Kind people took in his dogs. His mother died suddenly during this. All lead to him having to sell the house they both had lived in for years. He was homeless. Kind people helped. He took a second job with UPS, worked hard and saved. Now six months later just bought a little house with room for dogs. A few of his will come back others are well adjusted in new homes which makes him sad but happy for the dogs. It was the right thing to do. He worked hard and is making his situation better. We are having an online house warming party for him because his brothers pretty much took everything from the house while he was in the hospital. Families can be not so nice.. Friends pulling together is very nice. Terrier people are very loyal. Feels good to be part of it.
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    So.....ya ever been to Walmart....
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    The Cabriolet broke down so he has to walk to and from work, so he no longer has time to post. Maybe we should buy him a car?
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    Who has time to cook, too busy watching cooking shows.
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    Daughter has been to Dubrovnik and loved it. Neighbors across the street are refugees from the adjacent Bosnia /Herzegovina where the family was separated in the conflict and thought the husband was killed until saw him in London on a BBC broadcast. While victims of the atrocities, they speak highly of the homeland and two years ago were able to return and visit relatives that were left behind.
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    Get your stair legs in shape.
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    I had a vegetable tonight, corn. Candy corn.
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    I never make fresh food, you guys are all suckers. The only good things in life come from a box.
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    They should lose their license to produce anything, this stuff is complete garbage. Brach's is still king.
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    Coworkers help a fed ex worker in Greenville who was waking 12 miles home each night get a new car. That's just the sort of feel good story about Greenville he'd want to celebrate. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/nation/2019/11/04/gofundme-fedex-worker-darlene-quinn-12-mile-walk/4154337002/
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    But..it is the wrong side with brown paper backing...it will look different on white thinset.
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    No problem - you beat cheese to it anyway. We'll have to see if I garner one from him.
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    Both I 'spose. But you should roll with the happy. Cooking is remarkably individualistic. People seem to either love or hate doing it. I just get writer's block when trying to come up with a meal. But when I finally do buckle down and do it I am just aboot always happy with the results.
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    He only commentates now - at least he has cooled it with the whatevers for the time being.
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    And the Parody Meter says........ 10.00 Nailed it!
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    We went to a charity fund raiser concert last night for a local place called City House that serves homeless teens in our area. The bands were Infinite Journey, a local Journey cover band, Sister Sledge, which had one of the original Sledge Sisters, and KC and the Sunshine Band. The first two were awesome and at a volume where you could hear them well, KC tried to make up for age and relevancy with volume and bright lights. KC is 70 and was trying to dance when he should have just sang. Way too dramatic and way too loud. He lost the audience and people began walking out. He could have kept them had he turned down the volume, turned off the lights and played 70s dance tunes instead of ballads and drama and banter and 7 costume changes. It was too loud and I am too old. The end.
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    How are those a suitable replacement for beer, again?
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    Sorry. Didn't mean to trigger your Fruit Loop separation anxiety / trauma. Nobody is going to take your Fruit Loops.
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    In a curmudgeonly sort of way.
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    cur·mudg·eon noun a bad-tempered person, especially an old one.
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    I walk to work just about as often as I drive.
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    Same. I'm not allowed to go to any bicycle or motorcycle shop without adult supervision.
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    Have you watched Jim? He coaches for a sub par college football team. He's a horrible coach. He's perfect for the job. Mudkipz
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    They are just lucky they got booted off the ship while they were in port.
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    Cool. Happy mining! It is a great country. Also nice and in the area is Ljublijana and Lake Bled. Nice day tour out of Zagreb. fullsizeoutput_5ab.mov
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    I have a cabinet in my garage with about 20 cans of jolt in there.. You can find it at the dollar general.
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    I’ve crawled out from under a vehicle and made a quick run to the parts store only to get back and see black grease all over my face.
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    Time for a cheese steak.
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    I once cleaned out the fridge at work. Many Tupperware and other plastic containers filled with mold. I found a package of cheese with a Best By date over ten years in the past. I didn't throw that away as I considered it a historical item. I did throw away two 30-gallon garbage bags worth of crap.
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    I found an unopened carton of cottage cheese dated best before Aug 7 in the back of the fridge yesterday. I opened it and it looked/smelled good. The cats loved it.
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    Not me, but my Ravens fan sister Donna and her son Ryan, a Patriots fan, always attend the Ravens-Patriots games in Foxborough or Baltimore. Ryan's a college student and spending less and less time with his parents but the Ravens-Patriots fames are "Our Thing" that Donna and Ryan cherish. At tonight's 8:20 pm game in Baltimore, they'll be at the 50 yard-line, 8 rows back from the Patriots bench area. They got the tickets cheap: $335 each!
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    I congratulate you on the effort and passion for it. Home Economics was killed in the early 2000's by G W Bush's "No Child Left Behind" which assumed EVERY student should aim for college and it diluted classes like Physics because, "Eventually special ed students will be taking it," as well as cheating kids of skills who could have earned good money in auto repair, carpentry, etc. Eventually, teachers from Texas exposed the fact the Gov. Bush's No Child data was faked and it had never worked there and eventually it was phased out - but the damage had been done and schools still have not recovered the level of Vo Tech as well as home ec, business math, etc. classes that many kids need. The Home Ec teacher at the high school where I taught chemistry and physics saw the writing on the wall and decided to modify Home Ec into a science credit course called "Nutrition Science," in which she had majored at Penn State. She and I had previously worked together on other projects and I had coached her kids in Cross Country so I was asked to work with her and help create the curriculum and to modify the college-level labs so they used safer chemicals and could be completed in one or two high school class periods. We attended teacher conferences all around the mid-Atlantic, demonstrating the labs and teaching teachers how to run the course. It is now taught in many high schools in the mid-Atlantic as a one-semester, 1/2 science credit.
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    I used to have to deliver payroll in some shitty neighborhoods. Situational awareness is a thing. I was in Wilmington CA at and had a stack of payroll checks. Parking was bad so I had to park about a block away. I saw a dude walking in the opposite side of the street quickly cross when he passed me and was coming up quick behind me. Sensing he was gonna rob me or snatch the checks & run I turned, threw the checks in the ground & said let’s go mutherfucker! Dude turned and took off!
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    HINT: It's not the last time she asks you for help. Give her a week. You will be saying "Yes, dear". ?
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    I wouldn’t marry either of them, they aren’t my type.
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    They'd never strap this to my tail for fear that I would pee on it.
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    What hour? I woke up and hour early. But since was dark and cool outside decided to go to the Wetlands Park and wrestle some gators. Only saw three, and none were large enough for a good old fashion wrestle!
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    There are way too many things that are too loud. Definitely some rock concerts. Franz Ferdinand was WAY too loud, but thankfully Cake in an open air venue was a perfect volume. I think venues with the sound too loud should be sued for causing permanent hearing loss if they don;t keep the sound at reasonable levels.. Most restaurants are also too loud. When they modernized the old style with many small separate rooms with soft surfaces to the modern open floor plan with hard surfaces, they should have added some acoustical sound-absorbing materials IMO. Just like they need to stay off my lawn.
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    We quit going to some restaurants because of the noise level.
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