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    Did hard ride today. I get home and realized I needed a few things at the grocery. So I rushed out. I get back and just realized that I was sporting a dirt unibrow. I have dust and dirt all over my face. 🤣 No wonder people were looking at me oddly. I figured that is because I am weird. LMAO
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    I never make fresh food, you guys are all suckers. The only good things in life come from a box.
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    We went to a charity fund raiser concert last night for a local place called City House that serves homeless teens in our area. The bands were Infinite Journey, a local Journey cover band, Sister Sledge, which had one of the original Sledge Sisters, and KC and the Sunshine Band. The first two were awesome and at a volume where you could hear them well, KC tried to make up for age and relevancy with volume and bright lights. KC is 70 and was trying to dance when he should have just sang. Way too dramatic and way too loud. He lost the audience and people began walking out. He could have kept them had he turned down the volume, turned off the lights and played 70s dance tunes instead of ballads and drama and banter and 7 costume changes. It was too loud and I am too old. The end.
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    I used to have to deliver payroll in some shitty neighborhoods. Situational awareness is a thing. I was in Wilmington CA at and had a stack of payroll checks. Parking was bad so I had to park about a block away. I saw a dude walking in the opposite side of the street quickly cross when he passed me and was coming up quick behind me. Sensing he was gonna rob me or snatch the checks & run I turned, threw the checks in the ground & said let’s go mutherfucker! Dude turned and took off!
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    HINT: It's not the last time she asks you for help. Give her a week. You will be saying "Yes, dear". 😮
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    I wouldn’t marry either of them, they aren’t my type.
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    They'd never strap this to my tail for fear that I would pee on it.
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    It’s all white meat.
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    What hour? I woke up and hour early. But since was dark and cool outside decided to go to the Wetlands Park and wrestle some gators. Only saw three, and none were large enough for a good old fashion wrestle!
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    There are way too many things that are too loud. Definitely some rock concerts. Franz Ferdinand was WAY too loud, but thankfully Cake in an open air venue was a perfect volume. I think venues with the sound too loud should be sued for causing permanent hearing loss if they don;t keep the sound at reasonable levels.. Most restaurants are also too loud. When they modernized the old style with many small separate rooms with soft surfaces to the modern open floor plan with hard surfaces, they should have added some acoustical sound-absorbing materials IMO. Just like they need to stay off my lawn.
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    I think this might be good for dear leader
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    It is the same size as your Terrain/Equinox but one I have my eye on is the 2020 Ford Escape. They brought back the hybrid with the 2020 model (plus hybrid but not other engines is 4 down towable behind an RV). They are not on the lots yet but are "arriving soon" where the regular engines are. Of course, Carla gets rid of her truck, you could always buy one.
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    ment be made for earrings, but I left the cuts about 5 inches high.. going to decorate the Christmas cactus with them as ornaments. (we don't care about a tree, so we got a cactus.
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    Beta quit yesterday. My AR is safe
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    Experimenting with panorama. Same lake as where the swan was resting.
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    The saying has changed. to fit the modern attitude. Invention is the mother of necessity. We have all become dependent on technology that didn't exist until recently.
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    I generally carry very little cash but at one point had $5K petty cash (in cash) but this was in the 90’s before electronic payment. I hated having that much cash. As. a booster we would deal with thousands in cash. I often worked parking for the OC Fair (our HS was next door and closer than off site parking). I would have an apron loaded with cash. My wife actually helped expose the band booster treasurer who was steeling thousands from band & cheer. We volunteered to work concessions at several football games and this person would always just take the cash. We had a process where two people counted the cash and both certified the amount. No I’ll just count it, that’s the way we do it... We told the football & Band booster presidents we would no longer work concessions as their process was completely F’d and subject to fraud and we wanted no part of it. A few months later that treasurer was in jail!
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    I made green chili chicken in a pressure cooker for lunchtime tacos. But I used store bought tortillas. After I get home from the gym, I’ll boil potatoes and carrots in the leftover broth for green chili stew lunches this week.
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    I don't mind eating lentil soup or chili many nights in a row, so I also am a fan of vat cooking. It makes more sense to just have to cook once if your time is snot unlimited.
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    Ya think it tastes like a regular grey squirrel?
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    I think it’s easier now that my kids are grown to spend time cooking from scratch. Except now it’s just my wife & I. Making a homemade dish from scratch when you worked 10 hours, spent 2.5 hours on the freeway and have two hungry kids and a frazzled wife at home ain’t easy...
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    I am in the kitchen right now. Big pot of veggie soup with a little beef, broth I made months ago and froze. Threw in some of each veggie that was in the Co-op box: kale, tomatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, and couple beets. Also just made Brussel sprout slaw for a few lunches. I prefer dressing on the side so that is now in little containers. Other Brussels sprouts just put in to marinade in a little olive oil and spices. Those are tonight’s dinner with pesto encrusted salmon and whatever I do with all these purple potatoes.
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    Find a welding shop that will replace the muffler and weld it in.
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    They are too busy training to be HR staff.
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    I have a lot of clocks, so I spent most of the hour changing the time on my clocks. I slept for the remainder of the hour.
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    That's what a Beta would say! 🤣 Mudkipz
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    I bought my Miata with cash. The seller wanted cash.
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    I am nervous with more than $40 in my pocket.
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    I enjoy making my food from scratch but there are some things like spaghetti sauce where it’s much easier and time efficient for me to use jarred. But I can make a really good spaghetti sauce from scratch. I don’t eat much bread or pasta not prepackaged meals so my foods are mostly made from scratch.
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    This is good. On your first ride this year, you can increase your mileage by an indefinably huge percentage.
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    I had an extra hour to flop around and not sleep in the bed.
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    You can't channel me...you need something ASAP
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    The safety rules don’t apply to recalled retaared workers. They love that loophole.
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    A little frost this morning
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    Can I get a pass since it was late Oct 31 and not November? This is the “parent tax”.
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    I hope to make it to San Diego, at least.
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    Early morning ride.
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