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    I may have mentioned Fred before. Last week he came down to my office for help. He is legally blind, 92 years old and he was having issues with Verizon. I had him sit in the chair by my desk..and we went to work setting up auto pay ( which he though he and his daughter had done a couple months before...new card..new number) So we spent about an hour on line talking to asses and then being transferred to the automated sign up. Jumped through all the hoops auto pay was set to take his $$$ on May 4 including the past due money Today..he came down..no mask and no sling ( he has fallen 3 or 4 times in the last 3 months...broke his arm)...He was all upset..he was trying to place an order for frozen food from Schwan's..and his phone had been shut off for non payment.Said he was so upset he was about to have a heart attack So I got on the phone at least twice..got disconnected...and I figured my blood pressure was as high as Fred's. Decided to call the Verizon store a few miles away..and thank you Clayton!! He was very willing to help..he made the same call and found customer service just as helpful as I had In the end..he set up an online account for Fred, got the bill paid, made sure auto pay was set up. AND tweaked his account and reduced his monthly bill. Fred said if he was starting a business..he would hire me in a heartbeat (he had a couple of companies in his day)...He also said if restaurants were open he would take me to dinner...We both laughed that he was getting off easy with the quarantine ..I left work..late..but managed to get to the Verizon store just before Clayton left for the day..he even unlocked the door to let me in to say thank you. a good end to my day.
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    Pretty much the same which I guess is a good thing on a hospice patient. She just got recertified on the program which means she is not well enough to leave the program and she is not dead. She really likes to eat. I guess that is about the only enjoyable thing she is able to do. She has been on hospice for over three months now.
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    Hammer (yes, that's his name) is having a bubble/cyst removed from his head today. It should be a fairly innocuous surgery (no general anesthesia), but ya never know. He's 13 or 14 years old but in great spirits. Hopefully we are worrying for no reason, and Hammer will be back home around 3:30 this afternoon sans bubble. Thanks peeps. ❤️
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    To go back to normal
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    One of my neighbors went a little stir crazy. He is out and about and wearing a mask and gloves, so he should be safe
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    You know my mom was on four, got kicked out and had six good months. Then she passed suddenly. That mother of mine always got things her own way. Wishing you all many more days for hugging.
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    Our family is praying for negative test results: My sister Donna, her husband Brian and son Ryan (the one who lost infant son Tucker a couple years back) are all sick, self-quarantined at home, were tested for COVID-19 yesterday and it will be 2-3 days before they get the results. I went grocery shopping for them today and it felt strange and upsetting having to leave the groceries on their porch and wave to them from my car. I was going to walk Jake today but decided to quarantine myself - unless my sister's family (10 minutes from my apartment) needs me to pick things up and drop them off - until we learn if the results are negative: no sense in risking another possible serious case and not being able to help them in case they're all in trouble. Yesterday's email: FYI- Ryan, Brian and I all got tested for covid this morning- per the health dept recommendation. Ryan has been sick for 6 days, my cough is worse with some shortness of breath and Brian woke up this morning with a cough and feeling like crap. More than likely just another bug but I guess better to find out for sure. Donna D. RN, MSN The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Division of Adult Hematology Senior Clinical Nurse
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    ...you bastards. <- if I were @RalphWaldoMooseworth But I’m not. So, I’ll say the air is filled with bird song this morning, crude oil is at -$36 a barrel, and children are riding their bikes around the neighborhood. It’s a beautiful Earth Day.
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    Even those snakes won't hurt you. Unless you get bit. Full grown adults rarely die from Copperhead bites, but they can from Rattlers and Water Moccasins. I never had much of a vocabulary. In fact, my friend Bob Schneider would still be alive today if I'd known the difference between "antidote" and "anecdote". He got bitten by a copperhead, and I'm telling him funny stories out of Reader's Digest. His head started to swell, I said "This ain't working". He goes, "READ FASTER!!"
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    I bet he can’t wait for my wife to go back to work. After yet another far too long walk... Poor guy is pooped!
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    I told Wo46 I feel like I'm stuck here with no one to talk to and nowhere to go. Now I know why the dog chewed on the furniture.
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    Dogs across the country are baffled by this turn of events. Cats just remain as angry as ever.
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    Just got a call from the vet. Surgery went great. Pick him up at 3. Whew!!!!! Thanks all. ❤️
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    Today is my sister’s birthday
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    I think that you stopped by to thank Clayton in person speaks volumes about you as a person. Nice touch, Petite
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    I cleaned the refrigerator and made a bacon cheeseburger, fries and spinach omelette. They will eat leftovers and they will like it, dammit!
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    I would have bet my cat posted this.
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    My brother is pulling his hair out as his wife is home officed, he’s home, his two adult step sons and the oldest sons young daughter are all in the house. Im still going in and my son is home but my wife is going stir crazy.... She volunteered at a food bank and starts tomorrow.
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    In the Yoop we call that Tuesday. Sorry, had to brag.
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    The hospital bed we have I think goes a long way toward preventing bed sores. It’s an air bed that is constantly moving transferring pressure from one area to another. Our nurse and our aide are always mentioning how good her skin looks. When I give her her bath I spend a decent amount of time rubbing her back and any surfaces that are in contact with the bed.
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    I think not mowing would be more apropos....
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    Surprise Drug Test? Is that related to 4/20? I got my 10,000 steps and did some core exercises.
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    I took a pitcher aside on the high school varsity softball team I coached and told her she was being demoted to the JV team, but it would help her in the long run because she'd be the scheduled starting pitcher every other game and could hopefully work her way out the wildness in her pitching. I was shocked when she replied that if I demoted her, she would tell the school officials that I had been touching her inappropriately and making sexual suggestions! Of course, I demoted her and immediately reported the incident to the Principal, etc. The girl made the lying complaint. The Principal told me he was going to report it to the County's Social Services because it would not take them long to discredit the girl. The entire team was interviewed by the County's Social Services and backed me up. except for a few who said they didn't know anything either way. Social Services took two days to dismiss the complaint. BUT.... The assholes at the Board of Ed wanted a deeper study of it and we held meetings every week for a month - the father of the girl had some political standing in the county. Finally, one of the mothers of one of my players came to me - I was, of course, still coaching the team - and said the mother of the girl who complained was making up stories about me and the mothers and fathers of the rest of the team were ready to testify that she was committing slander and libel against me. So, at the next meeting, I asked the representative of the Board if he was prepared to defend me from slander and libel by making a charge against the girl's parents - who were present. I told him that if he was not, I would have my personal attorney present at our next meeting in addition to the union attorney. The faces of the parents reflected the fact they knew they had been exposed as liars. The whole matter was settled to the Board's and Parents' satisfaction the next day. I learned the squeaky wheel really does get the grease! I had disputes with management about minor things like scheduling, assignment to certain duties, etc. after that, but I knew to be proactive and it proved to be the thing to do. One of my honors students got the blackmailing girl pregnant the next year and she left our school. I didn't have to worry about what might happen the next season of softball. I kept my mouth shut but I really wanted the thank that student for knocking her up!
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    Kress had ram/ewe twins. The ram Olentangy is the younger one. Less than 15 minutes old in this picture. He is the darker one. Carmen is about 40 minutes old. I should say I believe we are done. She doesn't look like there will be a third one. I haven't done an exam so I can't say for sure.
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    So far all my staff are still getting paid. That helps me sleep at night b
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    Nothing but with the bars all closed I would have to do it at home. The advantage of day drinking at home is you don't have to wear pants or get out of bed.
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    I was out for a horseback ride with a buddy. He took a piss on a cactus and got bit on his pecker by a rattle snake who was coiled up by the cactus. I rode back into town to get the doc and he told me all I had to do was make a cut over the snake bite and suck out the poison. So I rode back out as fast as I could and told my buddy he was gonna die.
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    Absolutely! Every cyclist or pseudocyclist loves a new jersey, after all!
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    The nice thing is that old people vote, and hopefully will live long enough to vote and to remember who was so quick to put them on the ice floe.
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    Measure like 2far, and replace all four on Jetta and Jeep, but mount new ones on the front of the truck, and rotate the fronts to the rear. Don't think I've ever replaced all 6 at once on the pu. Run all Coopers on all three vehicles and have for may years. Run all weather on the Jetta, and fairly agressive tread on the pu and Jeep. I don't like having flats on vehicles or trailers, and we run a fair amount on gravel roads.
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    My Timex lasted forever. Then I lost it. Still bugs me that I can't find it. Here is your watch.
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    I could see why some of the boys took him for snobby. He had a quiet way about him, a walk and a talk that just wasn't normal around here. He strolled, like a man in a park without a care or a worry in the world, like he had on an invisible coat that would shield him from this place. Yeah, I think it would be fair to say...I liked AWWC from the start. I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice. Still, the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone. I guess I just miss my friend. *this may have been plagiarized.
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    Probably the most wondrous in decades? And unlikely to be repeated very often. On the one side, that's great, but it is tough "missing out" on it. I gotta say, it is nice to give nature a chance to relax once in a while
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    We have had a few here in Wisconsin. This guy went through the roof. 3rd DUI I don't know the story behind this one. This my favorite Drum roll...................................
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    The mirrors on the ceiling may affect wifi signal..
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    Chased a 2 year old for 45 minutes thru the neighborhood. The little critter’s quick and loves to push door bell buttons. We live in a townhouse community.
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    I talked with him on FB today. He seems to be okay. But judging some of the recent interactions I've watched here with him latey, he's probably just tired of some of the locals.
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    I also had a resident...kicked off of hospice..twice!! Give her a hug from me.
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    I've been thinking about fencing, long term I know I'll need it. But I'm not sure of where and how big the garden will be, and there is a shed and possibly a green house in the mix. My Nemesis the woodchuck did me a favor and committed suicide by car, the grass was greener across the road.....
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    I wanted to show my son a video on YouTube so was using the search function on the YouTube app on the TV. If you have it you know how awkward it is to enter a name with the TV remote scrolling to each letter. My son says dad stop, clears the screen and boom from his phone to the TV. Yeah mind blown!
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    He is social media distancing and flattening his post curve.
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