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    I am far from wealthy, but we are doing OK. If anyone here needs a helping hand, send me a PM with a local grocery store name, your address, and I'll be happy to help you out. My wife and I want to start doing this while people are struggling. I'd prefer to help people I know, but we'll be helping just about anyone we can.
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    Kirby got in my house. I looked out the dining room door at the bird feeder and there was a frog climbing up the glass. I grabbed my phone to take a picture and noticed it was on the inside of the glass. How the heck did a frog get in my house?
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    My all time favorite was years ago at a prior job. Another person and I had stayed up almost all night to complete some documents and were quite pleased that when the boss arrived in the morning, there was a set of documents, collated, stacked and ready to go. He commented on the fact that the staples weren't straight. (to his credit, when he saw our outraged faces, he mentioned that he just thought they had been collated by the copier and that the staples were fine) A few weeks later I was at a party with him and his wife. We repeated the staple story and she looked at him like he was a monster and said "please tell me you didn't really say that".
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    “My God . . . those meetings really could all have been e-mails.”
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    Earlier today I was trying to take a picture of a bird in a bush outside my window and I noticed the bird was obscured by a dead leaf. This made me a little annoyed. I was hoping the bird would move to a different part of the bush so I could take a picture, but the bird flew away. I decided to move the dead leaf which had just fallen from some nearby tree and wasn't from the bush at all. This made me feel motivated. Then I got busy with work and didn't do anything. This made me feel a little accomplished but also a little procrastinate-y. Then during the afternoon it rained. For a brief period it rained a lot. This made me happy because I like rain. Then it got very windy which made me a little scared since a tree nearly fell on my home once. Then I started to worry about the dead leaf. Had it been able to survive the rain and the wind? This made me a little nervous. I checked on the leaf and it was still there. This made me feel oddly relieved. It is still very windy and now I am worried for my dead leaf. This had me anxious. I hope my leaf is okay.
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    Welcome to my world
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    They've agreed to keep Celine Dion on their side of the border.
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    Are you kidding me? I work day in, day out with a bunch of old people. I have lost count.
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    It's extremely heavy denim. The company who makes them have the snootiest denim heads in the world. These were a bucket list item.
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    Here's the one I got today... Someone did not like the way I name computer files. I use the date in every file so I can easily tell the most recent version. (My district is currently on a legal hold and no computer files can be deleted.) For example, the file in question was titled "20200429 Staff Roster." The teacher asked if I could remove the date because it annoys her.
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    A vendor contact I work with is named "Amaia", which is hard to spell. I asked her to change her name because it would be easier for me.
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    Nah, some guy in a uniform gave me a ride, he claimed to be Special Ops, but we were riding in a 1972 Yugo, and he had the Village People cranking. We stopped at a couple of houses on the way home, he left with a lot of 1 dollar bills. I don't think he was a real police officer. (I don't think @Zephyr is either, I suspect he's more of a Crocodile Hunter wanna be).
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    I picked it off the window and was going to set it on the deck but two hungry cats came running when I opened the door. I fed the cats some kibble and carried the frog out in the yard and set it in the grass.
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    We are going camping this weekend. A little private land, on a small lake. A few other families. A very small ordeal and will stay apart at the camp faar.
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    I did a quick check of my mail before my torture session with my trainer. There were boxes on the floor in the mail room so I took a look. Much to my surprise there was a box...from Tea Source with my name on it......wait a minute..I think Kirby takes notes..I got 3 teas I usually buy..including Mr Wang I must pay it forward....
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    I saw the news about Amazon today. Their entire Q2 profit was wiped out addressing COVID within their organization. Worker protection, changes in process, etc. Stock dropped. Bezos basically said so what, this is life. Does this mean a shift somewhat away from profit over all? They will still make $10b this year. He's still worth $140b. I'm hoping this experience leads to a massive priority shift by corporations, government, the wealthy. It's life, not money. I can hope. We ARE learning how to work from home. If that sticks, there's benefits Kids who used to be glued to phones texting their friends are now complaining they have to text their friends instead of talk in person. Little things, there's always a silver lining
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    My neighbors are putting shots on everyone’s front porch. I got this bourbon just a few minutes ago! It was good!
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    Bleh!! I hate it! 55-60° is plenty!
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    I've owned Southwest Airlines stock (LUV) since first buying at $40.62/sh. in 2016 after liking its long-term results, durable competitive advantages, very-low debt, and S&P Quality IQ Reports saying it was the only airline with positive earnings for over 4 decades. Southwest dropped another 7% after announcing its Q1 results this week where it lost $0.15/share ($0.24 expected by experts) - it's first quarterly loss in nearly a decade - and said Q2 will be worse. But LUV is tremendously financially sound, and the experts are saying it will emerge from the pandemic stronger than the other airlines will. It has durable competitive advantages with virtually all routes in the USA, all picked among the most profitable routes, and great cost efficiencies due to only flying one model of airplane, the 737. I'm a Graham Buffett Value Investing Disciple who looks to the long term who doesn't beat the market by much but does beat it long-term and holds stocks unless the fundamentals change. So, after making sure I have the money set aside for emergencies and the improvements I want added to my house when its rebuilt, I just added 1 share of LUV @ $28.95 for every 2 I've owned, exhausting the final half of the money I had budgeted to add to stocks late in 2020 if I met my budget's expectations. I had already used the other half to load up on Cracker Barrel Old Country Store (CBRL) and CVS (CVS) at the end of March. There's a set if excellent articles here about current conditions and longterm outlooks that concludes: "...if investors do want to buy in and wait out a recovery, they should stick to top operators like Delta and Southwest. Today's headlines offer reason for hope, but the journey ahead is still likely to include significant turbulence... paradigm shifts that reduce business travel and encourage remote conferencing, as well as a gradual and painful opening of the U.S. economy will mean Southwest's rebound will take some time. With the right amount of patience, Southwest looks like a compelling investment." https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/04/29/3-takeaways-from-southwest-airlines-q1-earnings-re.aspx
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    I'm a 65o to 90o guy. Prime exercising outside weather.
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    You redeemed yourself with Neil Young and Rush.
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    I think more people will decide that fitness matters. Parks and trails are important. That personal time has value. That the movies, TV shows, music, art, etc that helped them deal with isolation are important. The artists should be paid fairly. That "unskilled" labor is more valuable to our society than we thought. Those are a few. I'm sure I will think of more beyond my post-lunch stupor.
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    They all freaking complained about that... Ever have one of those double jointed people step through the cuffs? Had that happen once and Dude took off! Unfortunately he tripped (with a little help... ) and face planted really hard. Dumbass...
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    Someone complained the handcuffs were too tight. "Don't worry, they are new. They'll stretch with use"
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    We have been paying all our staff. I needed someone to come in for one day to do an essential task. He complained that it was not fair that he ahd to come in.
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    Are you with me? I'll rent a minivan!
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    It must not have been able to sneak it in the house. Last night my brother and I were sitting in the dining room after supper talking and he said he heard something clunking around on the deck. I told him that would be our feral raccoon that comes up every night as soon as it gets dark to clean out the cat dish of anything they didn’t finish. I turned on the deck light and showed him. My brother was surprised the raccoon paid no attention to us and continued to eat. after the raccoon finished his dinner I open the door to see if he had left the deck. As soon as I opened the door Oreo our feral cat ran in the house and laid down at my feet and started purring. I skritched his head for a bit and he rolled around wanting his belly scratched too. I’m thinking the frog must have snuck in while I had the door open.
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    Update: We had a night of heavy rain and winds, but my leaf is still here. I've grown rather fond of the leaf.
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    I think was cats you’re supposed to give that rectally
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    The Angora bottle kid was wondering what I was doing. When I finished the two kids were running and jumping in the doe pen. They may still be there.
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    It's all relative. We have more than we need. We are happy to share.
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    I dropped most of an egg white on the countertop instead of getting it into the bowl. Then I thought I could pick it up. As my good friend RG would say, WRONG! The cookies baked up just fine, though. I ditched Chemistry class to play at the lake.
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    makes pecan pie for COVID-19 relief.
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    I think everybody is getting FAT-igued.
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    Don’t tell anyone, we don’t want any hoarding. I bought one bottle. They had a big display completely full.
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    For my next project. Converting existing aluminum wiring to copper with Alumiconn adapters and while existing co/al switches and plugs would work (since noted that the originals didn't have the co/al markings so may be designed for aluminum only) was switching color from cream to white. Doing 15 amp circuits first so cutting a roll of 14/2 to 6" jumpers for the conversion. Will get some 12/2 wire for the 20amp circuits. May add a new outlet by the front door landing. Also, will absolutely pull the cabinet out and correct a mistake I made as I moved the obsolete compactor outlet up to a counter level outlet rather than burying it behind the new counters, but I used 14/2 wiring rather than 12/2, and since it is a dedicated single device circuit rather than split with multiple outlets, replace the plug to a solo 20 amp plug. Also putting ground fault interrupts in the bathroom...which didn't exist nor code required when the house was built.
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    People are more important than things or money
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    They spelled Wrangler wrong
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    I don’t know how to respond to this & Ruby Ridge without it going political. Let’s just say mistakes were made and hopefully we learned from them.
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    Message me...I will send out tea
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    Yeah “my” beach was at the center of the controversy.... Sucks as it’s been our refuge, we go there 3-4 times a week as it’s so close. We just came back from a ride down there, one more before it’s closed... As for the picture, it’s a bit more complicated. Overall air quality is better but after a storm and a low pressure system is moving through air quality is always good for several days and images like that are common. When we have a dome of high pressure the schmuck gets trapped under that dome of pressure and we get shit air quality. We had crap air last week during a heat wave caused by high pressure settling over us. People like to bag on our air quality but it varies widely depending on where you live in SoCal. Are air is awesome year round where I live being close to the beach.
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    One of the first times I ever cooked, I did not know the difference between a clove of garlic and a bulb. It was the best spaghetti sauce I have ever made.
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    You all got a lot to compensate for, eh???
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