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    And today when I got home I found lots of caution tape. Maybe someone found the body? I also found this.
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    Snakes have to live somewhere.
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    All I know about food is you are supposed to put it on a stick and deep fry it. Unless it is chili or tacos or enchiladas or BBQ
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    That’s why @Parr8hed takes her there. He doesn’t either! 😁
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    I got a personal letter of thanks from our parks director this morning. He personally thanked me and my husband for our continuous trail stewardship. He also called out that I assumed a level of risk, when I went past the guy and then reported him. I was alone, when this all went down. Additionally, he told me that he would keep me in the loop, if anything comes from my police report.
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    Actually it was on my niece's public twitter feed that she received from another twitterer. Do understand she's 34 yrs. old...not an innocent babe.
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    Sorry @Dottles but this is the mental image I get...
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    Some people will always strive to take a good cause and turn it into a pile of shit, loot the stores holiday. Kudos to the man in the video trying to tell the crowd that Auto Zone had nothing to do with the killing. He failed of course but at least he had the balls to try.
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    @ChrisL @Razors Edge this is the Stradalli with the Shimano wheels and the old dish wheels they replaced First ride I was impressed! I’m thinking the original wheels were holding me back a bit
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    You can't just say you found gear oil. What kind? viscosity? synthetic? What do you take us for, a bunch of stupidheads?
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    I got my check, and no stupid letter!
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    So here is your softball post. Emmy throwing a riseball. Supposed to come in straight and jump up at the batter so they cut under it.
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    I'm heavier. When I work out in"the yard" I sweat. I sweat a lot and then I smell. So thanks to WoSharr's reinforcement of the idea, my wife picked up some cheap handjobs in front of a local drug house or wherever some time back and they work pretty well. Do the job anyway. But they're disgusting in color and look like something out of a bad Pat Banatar video. I was thinking they probably should look sexier out there so my wife will want to ravage me after they're done working in "the yard". I probably should look good for the neighbors too. I mean a heavier set white guy "working out in his yard" -- and looking good -- surely would make the ladies envious. Right? So I start googling for 'handjobs' -- that's right 'handjobs' -- and there's surprising a lot of stuff our there on craigslist. I checked into these that I thought could possibly work but for $14 bucks? Wait. Wut? $14?!
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    Yes. We do TONS of slow-mo work looking at little things in pitching AND hitting. It’s a great tool. mainly with families watching. All families wear masks. One team has to leave ball park before another team can come in. Only 3 girls in dugout. Rest have to sit in open, roped off portion of stands. No celebrations at home plate after a homer, no meetings on mound or shaking hands after game. Girls wear masks when not playing. I thinks that’s about it? oh, and any mom’s that are hot must show their boobs when they enter park.
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    And the Parody Meter thinks you're disgusting, but scored your klunker anyway............ 9.37
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    ...I've had/made the past couple weeks: Crispy curry-roasted salmon Salsa verde enchiladas Bruschetta zucchini boats Crispy chickpea tabbouleh bowls Louisiana-style tilapia Zucchini & ricotta sandwiches Roasted broccoli & fregola sarda Roasted veggie farro bowls Coconut curry lentils & kale Seared salmon & sweet chili glaze Creamy “dreamy” mushroom cavatappi Miso-honey salmon ...and on deck for tonight, crunchy chickpea shawarma pita pockets.
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    Many jarred spaghetti sauces have onions. Win-Win. Learnt that one from Dr. Mick.
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    Jambalaya is one of my favorites. Took me decades to realize that Move it on Over by George Thorogood was a cover of a Hank Williams song. Also the gospel song I Saw the Light.
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    I'm in Ohio and need a haircut too. Just because the shops are open doesn't mean things are safe. It only means there are currently enough hospital beds to take care of the predicted number of people who will get sick.
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    Executive order today in NY state: Businesses may legally require masks to be worn in those businesses and legally deny service to anyone not wearing masks.
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    Yeah you hit the nail on the head. The ambiguity I was referring to was was if the neck restraint is an authorized and trained tactic still. It seems that it still is but in many cases it’s not specifically addressed in policy. This is the ambiguity. I was referring to. There is no question nor ambiguity that you get your knee off the suspects neck once cuffed and get them up in a seated position so they can breath. You guys all know my background and I’m not defending their actions, just commenting that neck restraints are a common practice still and when used properly not dangerous or brutal. Of course, doing it in a manner that kills the suspect is...
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    I'm on the opposite side of their beliefs, but have respect for them in they treat their employees well and their food is as good or better than other fast food joints. Their waffle fries and milkshakes are quite reasonable and tasty. The basic chicken sandwich is definitely worth getting.
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    Just finishing up a 2 mile walk with my wife. I did not want to do it. Glad I did.
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    I made myself go out for a walk after dinner..2.15 miles in the hood..no trains to slow my pace..17minute miles
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    Through his last two years of university my son rode an old beat up cheap hard tail mountain bike back and forth to school so he would not have to pay for daily parking. At the end it was a write off, and not worth fixing. He moved to his full time job in North Vancouver and wanted to still ride. I wouldnt let him take the old bike as it was unsafe to use and not worth fixing up. He got a bike from a co-worker who has several as he likes to rebuild old bikes. My son snapped the chain on that one (twice) and didnt really fit him. He was disappointed as he wanted to commute to work when he could. So I offered to get him a bike to commute on for his Uni grad present. We looked at a number and he settled on a Giant Revolt gravel bike. He has had it two weeks, has ridden almost every day and loves how good a nice ride feels. Yesterday he did a 40 km loop on his way home, and wants to get proper riding shorts because he sees he will be doing some long rides on the weekends. He is built for bikes (unlike his dad), he is 5'8, 150lbs and super fit. I need to get riding because I know he will want to ride and try to drop me
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    Other stupidheads.
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    Forgot to take a breast out of the freezer..so I picked 1 up after work..1 you say..yes it was 1.3 pounds. I cut off what would maybe be the tender..anyway..it had a clear line..used Italian seasoning and baked it. Split the rest in 1/2..down the center so I had two thinner breasts..wrapped one up and put it in the freezer..cut the other one in half and pounded it out..salt & pepper and some of Emeril's basic seasoning..and cooked them on the stove top....at least 4 meals going on that piece of bird.
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    I get mine for "free", but somehow I get the feeling that $15 is probably an order (or two!) of magnitude less that the true cost.
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    @bikeman564™, you go to Ohio for a haircut and you will most likely be infected with stuff far worse that Rona. Go at your own risk.
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    What are you crying about? You aren't unemployed.
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    I heard you sweat like a pig too!
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    This could work but don't add or cut down on sugar as leeks have a sweeter taste. Leeks-- filled with antioxidants and a vitamin powerhouse. I say use them. Throw away that onion powder stuff.
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    Don't anyone dare say to make soup with them. Don't even go there.
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    I have never had their food. Am I missing out? I have some FOMO going on with this thread. I am triggered by this thread. @Dottles
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    Dude, I don’t mind to catch her in the front yard but I do admit to a little sigh of relief when coach says “let’s get pitchers and catchers together tonight”. one more night that I don’t have to worry about catching her.
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    I can tell you from experience that you want to catch it with a glove and not with a shin.
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    Practicing. Playing resumes next weekend in Cincy. Rec season opens up soon as well. Middle school ball was cancelled, but I think the coaches are still gonna try to play each other in an informal scrimmage type setting. Should be fun.
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    Hookers and blow to follow...
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    There is one somewhere around Youngstown and they were one of the sponsors of the Victory Compassion Ministries 5K races that I have run in. They fed everyone after the race.
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    How did the perfect country and western song not make the top 10?
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    The last time we rode together he was 16, and he was on a mountain bike and I wasn't. Not fair I know, but there is no life lessons on fairness.
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    Back in the before times I had a NASA press pass. I shot two shuttle launches. Today is exactly how it went. Set up and wait all day for one shot, or not. And then back to the hotel and wait for the next window.
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    On the long hilly organized rides it always the same. These girls that are maybe 100 lbs will pass all the Clydesdales just happily dancing on the petals as they pass us on the climb. We go over the crest and start down the other side and here are these cute little girls still going about the same speed down the hill that they were going on the way up. On your left——Zoom. Plugging away up the next big climb and here they come. Im no longer a Clydesdale so I’m not sure how that will play out now if I ever get a chance to do an organized ride again. I think the weight I lost was muscle because my caregiver lifestyle doesn’t get me out much.
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    They pulled up in front of my house, and delivered to my neighbor. Then he waved at me and just drove off.
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