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    My Dad’s older brother, Norman, was born in 1923. Dad, 1929. Norman joined the Army in WWII. He took part in the D-Day offensive as part of the 82nd Airborne. Shortly after midnight, June 6, he and other soldiers parachuted behind enemy lines to assist the invasion. Norman earned a Purple Heart that day. He returned to the US before the war ended and never spoke of himself as a soldier. Norman died in 1974 from lung cancer. He was always larger than life when I was growing up and I never knew his story until recently. I (now), joke with my cousins, that he was why it’s called Normandy.
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    I kicked her out the door.
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    and feel like it was a very wise decision. I opted out this morning. I was tired and the weather is cold with threatening precipitation. It it hailing like crazy right now. I feel vindicated. I used to force myself to do things, even though I was miserable while doing it. Lately, I chose happiness first. I will do chores, do the rowing machine, and yoga. Sounds much better. Additionally, I am still recovering from illness on Wednesday evening. Thursday was a complete wash. Just sitting up to use my laptop or watch Netflix was painful.
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    There's a Love American Style marathon on tv this weekend. They just had one segment featuring Robert Reed and Tiny Tim. Tina Louise has been on two shows in a row. Right now James Brolin is giving tips on getting "dames" to Henry Gibson. It's a regular who's who of 70's tv.
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    Just argued negotiated with Sirius for one year. My first year runs out today. I asked for a better deal than they offered online. NOPE I demanded they not autorenew my contract. NOPE I'm a terrific negotiator!
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    I would be down for it. I do have a B-day this month.
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    Great story! My father, in Darby's Rangers, never spoke of being in action. He'd tell me funny stories but not battle stories. Then, in college, there were entire aisles of the library filled with WW2 official histories: U.S. Army European Theatre had about 50 huge books. In them I learned that things I thought my Dad had embellished were not exaggerated at all. I'd ask him and he'd ask back, "How do you know about that?" and then he'd fill in the details. That's was the only way we learned anything about what he did in action until my sister and I got old enough to drive him to Ranger Reunions. In one reunion lecture at West Point, an Army historian was telling how the Rangers spotted for the Air Force, miles behind enemy lines, where the Germans had set up camouflaged artillery at a town called Castellamare, Italy and called in the information so exactly the Air Force needed only one pass to knock out the artillery. My Dad stood up and said, "That's not how it happened!" Another ex-Ranger pointed to my father and said, "He should know: he called in the positions." My Dad had been trained to be in artillery before Darby asked him to join the Rangers - initially only 400 men - because he needed spotting skills. He also called in the Naval artillery during the Rangers amphibious landing at Gela, Sicily, shortly after the platoon he led stopped an Italian tank by ripping out the spark plug wires! So, little by little, we got a good picture of what he had done in action in 1942-43 in Africa, 1943 in Sicily, and 1943-44 in Mainland Italy where the Rangers spearheaded five major amphibious landings, multiple behind the lines attacks, and paid the price. Dad, the year before he died, in Custer State Park, SD in 1992 feeding crackers to a wild burro and ready to duck back into the car in front of hundreds of buffalo, thumb and index finger only on left hand courtesy of attacking behind the lines near Anzio, Jan. 1944:
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    When I get to the checkout the cashier always asks me if I want my milk in a bag. I always tell her no, just leave it in the jug.
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    I am addicted to Twitter. Also use FB, but try to keep it non political. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue pretty hard. Usually when I find myself typing a response that begins with ‘Jane, you ignorant slut...’ I walk it back before I send it.
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    I sure hope it is snot skin cancer again!
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    Garden work. Moved 8x8 timbers around. Dug 8 holes in GA clay. Moved several pots of rocks hither & thither. Moved a couple of ~80# ish pots 3 times. Shoveled a bit. Raked a bit. Moved the fountain.
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    62 miles w/ 14 friends had a fantastic time. Rode to a coffee shop, I had a cold brew which was delicious then rode to a dairy queen where I had a banana split blizzard, also delicious
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    Rode my age birthday bicycle ride. Actually almost did enough for next year. 66.9 miles. https://www.strava.com/activities/3579442728
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    Just spent two hours behind the brush mower. Not sure what that equates to for walking distance but I’d guess 2-3 miles.
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    Yeah I thought of it but didn’t think to post of it. For some reason one of my sisters feels it’s important to remind me each year too. Interesting to hear the tales of WW II Veteran Dads. My Dad was in the “KNIL” loosely translated to Royal Dutch Army of Indonesia. Indonesia fell to the Japanese early in the war & he spent 3 years as a POW at Changhi Prison. When liberated he was so weak & frail the liberating medics triaged him and sent him to the morgue. He realized they gave him up for dead so he crawled out of the morgue and then was taken to a hospital where he recovered. However, shortly after the War, Indonesia declared independence from Holland so he actually ended up fighting in the war of independence. My mom told of some scary stories as even living on the base was not safe for them as Holland didn’t have the money nor will to fight the Indonesians as Holland was still in shambles. My dad never received pay while he was a POW. The Dutch Govt couldn’t pay them and then after he immigrated just refused to pay him. My mom was able to get the back pay in the early 1990’s.
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    @MickinMD, I definitely don’t want you to die of cholera. Be safe
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    Man, I wanted to drop jaws, set records, impress girls, get better every day. Now I just want to do something and not hurt myself.
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    I did a garden walk. I haven’t done anything since October 29th last year. Kind of tied down here. I figured I better start slow so I set Strava for walk. Some of it was a bit faster than a walk. About 26 laps around my garden. it will be interesting to see where I am in thirty days.
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    Sure. Screw you SW. Send the watch to Richardson.
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    24.5 hilly, windy miles. Can tell I haven’t ridden all week.
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    2.2 miles in 38 minutes..lots of wind...and Map my walk didn't register correctly..so now I have to figure out settings breezy and getting hot & humid
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    And an iced Jack Daniel’s latte for lunch while mom naps. Screw you @Dottles
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    I rode my age this morning plus 0.9 miles. Having a combination birthday / retirement party this afternoon.
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    One for @sheep_herder and @Digital_photog
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    Beautiful day here too. Church was good today, my wife slept through it. This was the first day that people could attend physical church if they wanted to. I don’t know how many did. We always have livestream and the service is also on Facebook live and on TV. If I was able to go I would still wait a bit before joining in. I’m enjoying listening to the birds and soaking up a beautiful day.
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    Zoom access can be given via private message. We should do it again.
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    All this sun and I should stay oot of it. The umbrella is snot doing a darn thing for the low early morning sun. What a delightful day. Cool, breezy, sunny, no work.
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    Made a resolution to try to be here for another one next year.
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    Earphones work well. You'll find it much more peaceful in the house while the wife mows.
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    It sure looks official. IIRC, there once was a slave auction house at or near that square. Would be a fitting turn of events to keep the name, as I believe the museum to the slave trade remains.
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    sleep well, enjoy sweet dreams, and see you tomorrow
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    Well...let's think up an occasion and hunt down @UglyBob. . Maybe a Saturday night one...where U can get a nap in and stay awake long enough for the west coasters to drop in
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    32 miles. Just before I left the, UPS guy dropped off my new HR from Garmin. So I strapped it on and went riding. Normal readings. Ride average was 118, max 164 (while going for a segment). Works great And I took a pick of @Kzoo He looks pissed Actually this is Radar, he is being taken care of by the park
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    No miles. Hot and windy and I had stuff to get done. Finished painting the folding chairs. Broke down and cut up some fallen branches for the fire pit. Too hot and windy for it tonight. Got about 2/3 of the way done with a water feature for the patio. The pump from an old setup is a little too small. Will have to get a little bigger one. I used a galvanized wash bucket to test. Need a permanent base and some river rock. My dance photo session was postponed a few weeks, but scoped our some locations for a couple other upcoming sessions. Going to get on the bike early tomorrow before the heat sets in. Wind is going to be a given by the forecast.
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    No miles unless you count the travel to camp and back. I did transplant a bunch of raspberry shoots from home to the garden at camp. I also dug up some lilac shoots from a bush at camp and transplanted them to a different spot. Trimmed a bunch of dead branches from the lilac bush, two crabapple trees, and a regular apple tree. Found out one type of "weed" in the flower garden at camp is actually a Lily of the Valley. It's only as long as my finger, so it's really cute. I'm trying to revive some of the flowers and trees at camp.
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    The mayor came out to observe them tonight. He had no idea our town had them.
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    Just my blog. Am I the only blogger here? I don't even use Twitter, Instagram nor FB to promote my blog. I used to get way more traffic ie. 7 yrs. ago. I think blogs are so common place nowadays. I chose a blog where I can compose and write more than 140 characters. Instagram seems cool but I would like give some textual reference. I don't like FB because you can't expect a reader to be visually comfortable to read more text in tighter space.
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    Well thought out priorities
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    WoJSTL and I rode 20 miles on the tandem. It was getting a little warm at the end.
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    I have a back yard now. I just kick her out the door.
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