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  1. You are one of the kindest people I've never met. My Grandmother had MS and was bedridden. Then she developed dementia. My Grandfather took care of her on his own. They had an aid and nurse come on some days, but the burden fell mostly to him. He refused to put her in a home. She died at home about 15 years ago, he's going to be 99 in a couple of months. I had a friend, only 37, who had planned to die at home. It got to be too much for her husband, so they last few days were spent in a hospice They stopped feeding her and giving her IVs, only oral, liquid pain meds they squirt
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  2. With Valentine's Day coming up there will be lots of focus on romance and love, and most of them will focus on the young romance aspect. But your care and actions demonstrate a truly selfless love that has grown stronger over time and through the tribulations of life. This can't be easy, but you have been a wonderful role model to your family on how a man treats the woman he loves.
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  3. Thank you, she deserves the best. She is a wonderful lady.
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  4. What a demonstration of love, John
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  5. Thanks John for posting this. So glad we got to meet Esther a couple years ago on the bike ride. Such a good memory. You both are in our prayers.
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  6. From what I see going on in the world I think I have a more normal life than a lot of people. My wife is doing much better. She still can’t sit up or stand but her pain is less. Her burn on her back is almost healed up. The expensive burn ointment the hospice nurses kept putting on her burn were not helping and I over ruled them and switched to triple antibiotic ointment. Every time I get stitched up from a bike crash or a skin cancer surgery that’s what they always tell me to use. After my wife had breakfast this morning she went to sleep. I put on a playlist of Beatles love songs and li
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  7. Keep fighting the good fight John. She sounds like a special lady and you're not too bad yourself. She's lucky to have you.
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  8. Thanks Keith, your prayers are appreciated. She still talks about that ride.
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