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  10. RR didn't appreciate this one. You'd better. Do NOT wake WOLJ up early this morning playing it too loud.
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  11. I was the first to watch the new video!!! She was supposed to dedicate it to you.
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  12. Happy birthday Robin where ever you are.
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  15. This is your best avatar of all time.
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  17. The book I bought yesterday I started to read I found a small marigold Pressed between leaves And in that small marigold, Well, I found a note Saying, "Please won't you write to me 'Cause I'm so alone" So I'm going to write back today Yes, I'm going to write right away I started "Dear Marigold, " Not knowing her name "I just had to write to you 'Cause I feel the same "You sound like the marigold That I found today The beauty was there to be found But fading away "So I'm writing to you today Yes, I'm writing to you right away As I star
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  18. I went to YouTube to specifically listen to the Maxine Nightingale song and saw that Sarah covered it.
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  19. Check out the Triple D game farm in Kalispell, MT.
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