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    Finished The Ride

    Shared from my Facebook posting regarding our Finish The Ride tonight... Finish The Ride. Tonight we finished the ride that our friends didn't get a chance to finish last week. I spoke to several riders from the Chaingang that missed last weeks ride for one reason or another. We all shared that moment of shock and sadness. I got to ride with Daughter #2 and several of my Chaingang friends. I missed Tony and Larry. I kept expecting to see them, both when we were getting ready and during the ride. The ride was great. We got to be led by Lance, escorted the entire way by three police cars (it was great not having to stop at ANY of the stop signs). The community support all along the route was off the charts and the support from first responders to close the roads was very much appreciated. Tomorrow is Tony and Larry's funeral. Tomorrow their lives will be celebrated. Tonight their passion for our sport was honored.
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    I got a job offer.

    Enterprise Risk Manager at a $2B credit union. Good pay and benefits galore. I start January 23.
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    Cancer still sucks but...

    ... my tumor is benign and the fracture is healing perfectly. Jury still out on whether they will watch the tumor or remove it. Bad news--- this doesn't explain the joint pain. Who cares, I'll take it. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
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    I thought it was going to be an easy thing to do but it wasn't. I have a ton of respect for the manager I called yesterday. His character inspires me; he's a really good man. But, he doesn't run the company. He doesn't make staffing decisions and I'm certain he has a directive to bleed out the last of the blood of every employee (this might sound dramatic but I wouldn't be surprised if it is true). I have three co-workers I adore and love; which also made this decision to leave a hard one. Anyway, I'm moving on to a place where my schedule allows me to go back to school. The new company knows a new degree is my final goal. I'll work a night shift and eventually move to a 1st shift with the agreement I can take day classes as needed. From everything I've heard from the inside, you generally work 40 hours a week; something I have not done in a very very very long time. I generally work 50 to70 hours a week, depending on the week (most weeks lately have been around 70). The new job is more money and I'm hoping to use the extra cash to eventually buy Ming a house and pay for school out of pocket. Sorry if this is a boring post but this is the only place I have to write this stuff down in a public forum. Facebook isn't an option for things like this. Thanks for reading my drivel. Couch
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    Meet Shadi, a 5-year old female Border Collie.
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    There's no point to this post other than testing a new feature, please click the Like this button. Thanks
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    Got a promotion today...

    Over the last couple weeks at work I was helping out a fellow employee.. unbenounced to me, my boss actually had me training for his spot when he decided to leave the company and go back to school full time. Monday was his last day. While working with him, I was told I was just going to fill the job till a replacement could be found.. I was cool wit that since I have no idea what all his job intails. Today as I was working away at the job, I was pulled aside by my leader and was told I have that spot in the company if I want it. HELL YA... I want that job... not only do I get away from constantly being in the publics eye, I get an office, computer, a scanning gun, and a kick as sign printer. I am not the Sales Sign Specialit at work.. my day is basically making sale signs, walking around, fixing broken things, and just having a stress free day. The best part is my hours will mainly be when my kids are in school, and not many if no night shifts. Plus the best of all.... I get a raise
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    Proud of DoSmudge2

    She bought her own bike today. It's a Cannondale Quick 4 Women's. The color caught her eye. After that it was all mom and her Jedi mind tricks. Anyway that's what she blames for the purchase.
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    Now I really feel like @Randomguy. I didn’t see anything there w/ massage chick. Too much baggage and she seemed pushy as to start something. What really shocked me was she’s still married but estranged from him. I’m not signing up for a Jerry Springer episode. Anywho, the chick I went out w/ last night seemed like a no brainer. She’s a very avid cyclist, my age, good lookin’, nice butt, and oh yeah, in my bike club. We’ve known each other for a few years (since she joined) and have ridden together countless times on club rides. I was messaging w/ her Saturday night, eventually asked her out and she accepted. We were both on our club’s ride yesterday so I asked if she’d like to do dinner last night, she was like sure. We ate at Texas Roadhouse. I had the ribs she had the steak, and we both had a few beers. After dinner we sat there for a couple of hours just chatting. That was fun. Most fun I’ve had in a while. Mainly talked about bike stuff, rides we want to do, places we’d like to ride etc, but other stuff also. She is divorced and has a 20 yo daughter who has her own things going on w/ school and such (I’ve known all this already). She’d like to go out again and so would I. I hope this continues into something because it seems like a good match. Dontcha think? After the previous relationship ended, this is someone I thought I would really like to try for.
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    Probably 23 years old
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    I'm not dead yet!

    I'll report more later, but first beer. Then food.
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    It's final!!

    Today Isabella and Titan's adoption was finalized! It's been a long journey, 1,062 days to be exact. 2 new grandchildren. So glad this is finally finished. Now a new chapter is starting.
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    The countdown is on

    Retirement in one month. WOOHOOOOO!
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    Started at 6am this morning. After a relatively flat start we headed up of Bear Notch. Not a terribly hard or long climb but enough to know you climbed. That was followed by an awesome decent back to the valley. Then began the long climb up through Crawford Notch. The last mile or so was 13%. We drove down it yesterday and it really looked hard. Actually it wasn’t nearly as bad as expected. Once over the top we had about 30 miles of rolling terrain. This is when it really started getting warm, 85 or so. Then we made the 11 mile climb through Pinkham Notch. Long but not real steep. That was followed by another fun descent. Once back in the valley we. Had about 12 miles to finish. Most of it was flat until at miles 107.8 you turn on the road to the finish. They said it averages 13% but it’s a couple real steep pitches and a few lesser ones. Tough ending to a long, hot ride. Pretty proud of WoZack she did 108.8 miles, 6200+ feet of climbing and averaged 14 mph.Good bbq chicken afterwards
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    Proud parent moment

    My youngest daughter had a photo featured today on Canon USA’s Instagram page!
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    Brief health update

    So my knee ended up being a stage 2 rupture of the quadricep tendon. No surgery, just physical therapy. The even expect me back on a bike this year. In oncology news, CT directly after radiation showed nothing concrete but also nothing too concerning to them, yet. No tumors so I'll take the win there. Only potential issue is my jaw bone is still heavily bruised and showing signs of blood starvation. CT in another month, hyperbaric chamber then too to try and save it if it is dying from the exposure. So overall pretty good outlook short term. Nothing life ending, maybe altering but that I can still live with. I can always get an artificial jaw so, fuck it. Why worry?
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    Results of my MRI scan are back

    No new lesions in the C-spine, T-spine or L region. There was one very small lesion in the right hemisphere of my brain. It was not active, but it was new from the last images from 2014. So, the results mean that I am still kicking ass on the MS front. This is very good news.
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    A little girl and a quiet bark

    Long and sappy so you might want to skip this. Today I took Tillie to the Rochester Children's Book Festival. There were like a million kids running around all day. We were situated right outside the area where authors were reading to kids. So in like 20 minute intervals we were flooded with kids exiting the space. In between, it was quieter with just a couple of kids at a time. The idea was that kids could read to the dogs if they wanted but today they were much more interested in petting and visiting. At a quiet time. I little girl stood near Tillie. The girl was timid and shy so I had Tillie settle down flat on side and stay. I asked the girl if she wanted to touch the dog and her mom looked alarmed. I ignored that. I then asked her if she wanted to hold hands with me and touch the dog. Yep, that she would do. We touched far away from the head. She then moved to pat her on her own. I gave Tillie the don't you dare move kind of look. Tillie was a champ. The little girl smiled so big. Then she whispered very quietly, does your dog bark? I said, "Not here, she is working but she barks at home." The girl said something that I did not understand. Her mom said something in what sounded like perhaps Mandarin to her. They exchanged a few words. Then the mom said to me. She doesn't know much about dogs in our country. Here she has been at University. (I figured she meant the children's hospital.) Then the girl whispered again and I understood. "I have never heard a dog bark." I'm thinking, "oh crap, how am I going to get her to bark here when we worked so hard to get her to be quiet when working." Then without any help from me, Tillie whispered a little bark. It came out as a muffled woof. It was not a normal Airedale bark. The little girl laughed and smiled. She hugged Tillie and her mom took a photo. It was a little dusty in there as I watched it happened. Tillie is a good dog. Later she came back with a signed copy of the Biscuit book. The aithor had even drawn a picture of bscuit in it. A good day was had by all. We saw about 300 kids but I don't remember the others.
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    If I get five or six likes, I will have as many likes as posts, which will put me the the "Kirby Club" at least for a bit. Can ya help a brother out? Or do I need to makes a bunch of random socks and like myself(i.e. Me-----> <------ Also Me)
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    Well, nobody walked out...

    and those that came in stayed and had a few drinks. My debut last night went fairly well. I messed up more than several songs, both lyric and chord wise, but I just kept playing like it was normal. Several people came up after I had finished and said they liked it. I can do better so I'll have to polish it up a bit. Totaled about 2 hours of playing time. My finger tips need more callouses.
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    I'm a grandpa

    Alexa Grace arrived a little before 10 this morning.
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    LBS story

    I worked Saturday at the LBS. Busy day as it was sunny and pleasant out and everyone wanted to buy a bike and ride. A family of four comes in to get a bike for their 9 year old daughter. The 7 year old already has a bike. I look at the girl and she fits a 24" kids bike fine. But I'm thinking she is going to hit the hormone highway real soon. I ask the 'rents to humor me and take them back to the adult mountain bikes. Set up a 13" WSD entry level bike and explain the near future to Mom and Dad. They are shocked that she fits a adult bike and like the fact that she will ride this bike thru high school and probably take it off to University one day. sold! Mom and Dad wants new bikes to ride with the kids. I hook MOm and Dad up with some sweet hybrids, new helmets and a floor pump. $1,400 in sales. They can't take the bikes home today but can return next week to pick up, is that ok. Sure, no problem. They take the helmets and pump, very happy customers. About an hour or so later Dad calls back. The 7 year old has a bike and the wheel won't turn. Can we look at it and how long will it take to fix? Bring it in this afternoon. I'm sure we can fix it while you wait. A while later he shows up with the girls. Sure enough he rear wheel will not budge. The problem is the tire is bulging off the rim at the brake pad. I ask Dad if the girls were testing out the new floor pump. First thing they did when we got home he says. Well the tire is rated 35-50 psi and it's at 75 right now. Too much air. I fix the tire and explain to the girls that they almost had a tire explosion. Don't get crazy with the pump. I like my part time gig.
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    If your reading this then lets assume you know how to keep your big mouth and swarthy fingers silent. I know quite a few of you on social media and this cannot leak there. I'll assume at this point you agree to keep this only on here and are now privy to this news. Some might be asking why then should I be telling you something I can't tell on the book-of-faces, groupme's, twitters, and instagrammies? Because I can't keep it in!!!! TIL I am going to be a father.
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    Getting old is not for sissies

    Update on my wife and I. We had an appointment with her new medical oncologist yesterday. He’s going to start her on chemotherapy right away and order lots of bone, and body scans as soon as they can be set up. My surgery for my hernia is coming up in the middle of this and I won’t be allowed to drive for about five days. A week later I’m having a squamous cell carcinoma cut out of my face. My wife is doing much better. She is eating good now. She comes up with strange things she wants (she had a grilled Keilbasa sandwich for breakfast today). I’ll be glad when I can get back to cycling and kayaking. For the present time I’m needed at home so that’s where I am.
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    and there was much rejoicing

    We have rid ourselves of the rental home. It recorded. Now, I can be very thankful. I wasn't convinced that we closed anything, until it funded and recorded. So thankful that the water heater, furnace and fridge lasted 22 years. So glad to rid ourselves of an additional responsibility. No more calls. No more screening and stressing. No more legal consultations, or unexpected bills to repair things. This deal was teetering on a delicate balance, but the FHA stuff all went through.
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    Fuck cancer thread

    Sorry it's been awhile. 0.02 update below: Daughter of golden is now 14 months and constantly keeping me busy. I switch to a new job as an analytics developer for a startup/thinktank firm (farm) on Monday. First big software gig for me, secured a nice salary and the ability to take a cut of the concierge coding services we offer to existing clients. Biggest news pertains to the thread title. Thus past year I've been sick; weird flu like symptoms, swollen glands, racing heart rate.... I think i might have posted back when i was hospitalized back in March. Well, fast forward to a week ago. My ENT had done a biopsy of a saliva gland and lymph node on my jaw. Nothing crazy showed cept some `giant` cells. So we had surgery to remove both last Thurs. Today I went in and pathology confirmed: adenocarcinoma. Specifically the cystic type that attacks saliva, lymph, and mucus glands in the head and neck. I'm off to a specialist in the next few weeks to see just how severe and potential treatments. I'll leave on a good note, here's some photos of me and my reason to kick cancers ass!
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    The cap has arrived.

    I like it.
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    Knee surgery

    Surgery was Wednesday. It went pretty well. I usually have a hard time with anesthesia, but this guy got the cocktail just right. I wasn't miserable when trying to wake up! The surgeon had a hearty piece of cadaver ACL; he reconstructed my ACL with it and used the rest to fix the MCL. I'll be on crutches 3 weeks and off work for about 6 weeks. But the best part is I WILL be riding my fat bike in the snow this winter! Yay!! Well, you COULD see my knee cap before the surgery; it's gone again under swelling. But the knee is on the mend, and that's what matters. I believe the white stuff on the bottom of this pic (the ACL) is supposed to be attached to the little bit of white stuff on the top of the pic. I must have been a good girl. HoSmudge got me a treat! DQ Dilly bar. Holy cow do I look sleepy in that pic!
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    Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    Badly Sprained Back

    From being twisted around my granddaughter's little finger...
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    Now I feel old

    My oldest son called last night to let us know that they found out yesterday they are expecting. Sounds like I'm going to be a grandpa
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    Many, many years ago when I was just a child my godmother gave me a hideous bright pink plastic wallet as a birthday present. That made me feel sad, because I was just a child and it really was rather hideous. Over the years, however, I found another use for my pink wallet and I'd hide it in my family's possessions so that they'd pull it out and be annoyed. That made me feel devilish. One day my father pulled it out of his briefcase during a business meeting and my sister pulled it out of her pocket when she was with her cool, teen friends. That made me laugh. Over the years everyone in my family got in on the joke and we'd take turns hiding it on one another. As we grew older our hiding places got more elaborate. That made us feel clever. My sister's fiance's family hid it in the lower level of a large box of chocolates. We'd have friends mail it from random cities to surprise the recipient. It showed up in luggage and wrapped for numerous Christmas presents. It made us feel silly and light hearted. Somewhere along the way, the pink wallet got lost and none of us could remember where it was and who had it lost. That made me sad. Decades passed and the wallet was just a joyful childhood memory. That made me feel nostalgic. This weekend I was with my sisters doing some errands and when I got home I went to get something out of my purse and found the pink wallet! That made me feel gleeful! Apparently my mom had it all this time and when she was moving my sister was helping her and found the lovely wallet. The End.
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    Forum meetup

    Sorry I look like the Yuengling got the best of me in the picture. I am blaming the photographer and not her subjects. A great start to my Western Pennsylvania business trip.
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    Just became a great one. My brother became a grandpa. Baby is named Eleanor. Born 3 weeks early, 4lbs 11 oz.
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    Surgery went well according to the doctors. THey will have him bear weight tomorrow. A coupe rods and a handful of screws and he is back together again. I am home to sleep for a couple of hours. He is heavily medicated and pretty funny. Now that he knows the kids are ok, he is asking for his stuff. "where are my clothes?" They cut them off you--everything is ruined. "Where is my flight suit?" Cut all the way down the front and each sleeve. "Damn them, didn't they see the zipper? Those people should slow down." :I need my boots." They are in my car. He thinks a second, "I guess you can keep them. I can't go home naked with boots." "Where is my fight bag?" I don't know, probably evidence with the wreckage. "I need that, it is new." He really bought it in the early 90's. "Go get it, I need it." I can't dear. "Yes you can, you can do everything." He has a point.
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    Memorial Day

    As we enjoy our time with family, bike rides, beaches & BBQ's please remember the true meaning of this holiday. Thank you to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
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    New Job Update

    OK so a week and a half in and I'm loving the new job! I don't like to talk too much about what I do but I did move to a different, albeit very similar industry. However I'm the Training and Safety Manager (Manager's in this firm report directly to the Owner) so I only have one person to report to and nobody reports to me! No HR, staffing, payroll/billing nor operational headaches. There is also a new Risk Manager who handles all W/C claims so I don't even have to deal with that directly but do work with her closely with my Safety role. It's a 30 YO family run privately owned firm that is the leader in their industry in both size and prestige for decades. They are actually turning away business as they can't take it all right now and they have 1 person doing the marketing for all of the firm nation wide, it's about 90% referral business. There is just a really cool vibe in the corporate office and everyone is just really nice. Also really casual, nobody has an office, not even the owner/CEO and people wear jeans & t shirts. One guy dressed down Friday and was in shorts?!? I really don't have many casual clothes so wear dress slacks and long sleeve dress shirts and am always the nicest dressed person there... Oh and did I mention they are paying me more than I was earning at the hell hole I was at?!?! So what do I do? Take an established curriculum, enhance and modify where necessary and find a way to ensure consistent application, retention and record keeping of this curriculum to 4,000 employees nation wide. They also want me to focus on leadership training to the field management team. My ancillary role is Safety primarily identifying concerns and addressing via training. I've been doing a lot of studying and talking to the field folks trying to learn as much as I can from them these past few days. I'm going out in the field today and tomorrow working as a line employee to get a ground up view of operations. Can't teach what I don't know... Another ancillary benefit is I'm no longer home officed and being out of the house working in an office environment has allowed me to shed about 5 lbs already. I'm focusing on my diet which is easy when you don't work so close to the kitchen... I'm also seeing improvements in my diabetes management with less stress, better sleep and diet. One of the negatives is my access to the forums is limited.... I check in occasionally but mostly during lunch or at night. OK, well time to hit the road, have a great day all!
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    I rode my bike today

    It was one 11 miles. It was one 11.5 mph. It was a flat, muddy-ish trail. I rode my bike without pain. My heart rate stayed where it should. My o2 level was decent when I got home. Only the good die young, I am going to Iive!
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    A small accomplishment for some but a 6.6 mile ride today with almost 3 of it straight up a 3% grade was a big deal for me. I find that at my age my ear/hand (balance) coordination is poor. I rely more on eye/hand and that requires practice and more riding time then I got this week. I was a bit nervous coming back down the 3% with a 60 to 80 foot drop on my right. I'm glad no one came up to pass me as I didn't feel like crowding the edge. I find it hard to believe that a couple of years ago I'd have been coming back down this at 25 mph on loose limestone. That's it for the week as the rains are coming in tomorrow morning and my body says it's time to take a day off. 17.7 for the first week back since 2014.
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    Don't normally bring stuff home when I go to the landfill, but someone was getting rid of this, and I thought it would be sweet for the basement. Problem is....I can't use it, because "someone" has discovered there's a ball involved and flips his shit if you try to play....
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    An accidental ride.

    So, I started the day in the garage. Put the snow tires up on the rack, tidied up some tools that found their way out over winter, swept out the garage, washed the bikes, and inflated the tires. Got on the Stumpy and went for a spin around the block, then the same with the Bianchi, then the Tri-cross and finally the Lynskey. I managed to ride to the lake and back so about 20 k. No kit, not clipped in, no water, no helmet. Cargo shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt.
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    The bike shed is coming along

    Decided on a 10x10 shed with a 4' porch. I wanted a 10/12 pitch to the roof, but HoSmudge said a 12/12 pitch is easier; so it will have a 12/12 pitch roof. Here it is with the gable ends in place. The rain was making things too slippery to be safe when working on trusses, so HoSmudge headed home. I had planned on spending the night at camp, so I covered up with a poncho and kept going for a while. I dug out the trench for the porch "footings." Then I used the Paslode nailer to secure the joists to one side of the porch. I was pretty tired by then, so I called it good for the day. Put stuff away, ate some supper, and now holding down a couch. HoSmudge will be back tomorrow, and we'll put up trusses after we build them! And I'll finish the porch floor.
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    I’m your friendly medic today

    At the bicycle race. G got 3rd in the ITT last night. Pulled another 3rd in the RR today. We’ll see what the crit brings tomorrow. I’ve been very bored as the medic. So that’s good.
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    I fixed my washing machine!! The part came today and I bought the socket set today. Managed to replace the lid switch and put the machine all back together again!! The part cost me $10 and the tools cost me $15 and I now have a socket set in my collection
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    I'll still not hit peak toxicity until Friday but the rad sessions are over. Already knew, reasonable expectation of, results: Cancer is gone in neck. Still can come back in lungs, liver, brain stem or some weird ass place down the line. My first of many to come CT scans is just a month from now. 20% chance of reoccurring each year. So now we start the clock and celebrate next year. I wanted to add, thank you very much for your support. All of you, quite especially a few of you, you know who you are. Couldn't have wished for a nicer group of people. Seriously, honest to doG, I have close friends that I've known for a long time that I don't care about as much as this forum. Thank you. btw, the mask is fucking creepy as hell.
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    I finally got to bring WOLongjohn home today. She still has to take an antibiotic for ten more days and has to visit some of the doctors that were working on her case within the next week or two. She missed her scheduled surgery, they will have to reschedule it. The doctors all agreed that it was good that this was caught before they tried to do surgery on her. It's good to have her home.
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    Square Wheels

    Man 1 : Mountain 0

    So, admittedly I was getting a little freaked out about the weather. The week up to the run temps were I the 20s and 30s, several inches of snow, freezing rain and winds averaging 50 mph with gusts in the 90s. Those are far past the conditions for which they would simply cancel the race. If it were in the 20s or 30s alone the race would go on. I was not prepared for those temps. The day before the run was beautiful. The forecast for Saturday was also perfect, I started to relax a little. Dawn and I went to pick up my number the night before, I also wanted to check the place out. I’ve driven up Mt Washington many times, but this was my first race of any kind ever. It was a pretty big deal. The starting banner was set up the night before. I got my number, not sure how I scored such a low number, but I was happy to have an actual race number. The morning of the race I was again concerned about the weather. Predicted 40s at the top, while not cold, it’s colder than I would run in just shorts and a shirt. I had on a compression shirt (love that thing) a cycling jersey (for those that run and don’t cycle, these are cool as they have pockets), tights and shorts. I was also planning on carrying a sweatshirt tied around my waist. I changed my mind an took off the tights and left the sweatshirt behind. Once Dawn headed up the mountain, no turning back. I walked around for almost 2 hours (cars had to head up very early) and started to get a little chilled. Clearly I need to HTFU. While I was waiting I met George Etzweiler. Really cool guy, his 11th time running it. He’s 96! They are pretty good about giving him a bib with his age. Finally the race was about to start. Again, I’ve never been in anything like this, so it was all really pretty cool to me. They had us all line up at the banner, the people that were expected to win / place well were in the front. A few minutes of talking, some words from our sponsor, a singing of the national anthem, sounding of the cannon and off we went. All 1140 of us. The first mile we all stayed together. Some of the fast people obviously went ahead, but the rest of us lumbered along. By mile 2 I was happy with my decision to leave the clothes, I was soaked with sweat. At this point I was still running. By mile 3 it was a mix of walking running. I took off the compression shirt and stuffed it in one of my jersey pockets. It was soaked. I was trying really hard to drink as much as I could. My breathing and heartrate were too high to sustain. This is when the walking started. It was mostly running until mile 5, then it switched to mostly walking, running when I could. I am also doing the bike ride in August, that is going to be a lot harder. At least with the run I can stop, or walk. There is no comparable option with the bike, it’s go or stop. On a hill like that there is no starting again once you’ve stopped. So the whole run I was saying, this section will be hard, but not too bad. This section will be really hard and about all that I can manage. Uh oh, this section is probably harder than I can handle, what will I do? I had to stop doing that and focus on the run. By mile 6 I knew I still had a long way to go, but I was convinced I’d make it. By mile 7 you could see the top, then you turn a corner and you can see the observatory. I knew I was close, and I knew I had someone who loved me and was cheering me on waiting. I am very lucky. The end is a brutal 22%. I was mostly walking at this point but needed to make a good show of it and tried my best to run that hard part. The crowds cheering you on really helped, but it was more than I could do. I ran most of the 22% hill, walked for a little, than ran across the finish line. 2 hours 17 minutes. 910 out of 1140, clearly no record, but I wasn’t last. Actually the guy in last was pretty special, it was George, he finished! He’s 96. His son and grandson started with him, not sure if they finished. At the top they packed the cars in like sardines, Dawn said it looked like a scene from the Walking Dead. I got my participant trophy. The blanket was nice, I was pretty overheated and the air was cool. Then the best part. I haven’t had a soda in almost a year. I love soda. So there it is, the hardest physical event I have done (to date). Will I do it again? Possibly. At lunch with Dawn yesterday I suggested she do it next year. She didn’t say I was nuts. She’s thinking about it. If she decides to do it I will start training this fall for a run that is next summer. I want to run the whole distance next time. As far as winning, I feel like I won. I have a lot of respect for Mt Washington. I’m saying Man 1: Mountain 0, but suspect it’s more of a draw at this point. Next up is the century around it next month, then the ride up it in August.
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