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    Brief health update

    So my knee ended up being a stage 2 rupture of the quadricep tendon. No surgery, just physical therapy. The even expect me back on a bike this year. In oncology news, CT directly after radiation showed nothing concrete but also nothing too concerning to them, yet. No tumors so I'll take the win there. Only potential issue is my jaw bone is still heavily bruised and showing signs of blood starvation. CT in another month, hyperbaric chamber then too to try and save it if it is dying from the exposure. So overall pretty good outlook short term. Nothing life ending, maybe altering but that I can still live with. I can always get an artificial jaw so, fuck it. Why worry?
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    Results of my MRI scan are back

    No new lesions in the C-spine, T-spine or L region. There was one very small lesion in the right hemisphere of my brain. It was not active, but it was new from the last images from 2014. So, the results mean that I am still kicking ass on the MS front. This is very good news.
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    and there was much rejoicing

    We have rid ourselves of the rental home. It recorded. Now, I can be very thankful. I wasn't convinced that we closed anything, until it funded and recorded. So thankful that the water heater, furnace and fridge lasted 22 years. So glad to rid ourselves of an additional responsibility. No more calls. No more screening and stressing. No more legal consultations, or unexpected bills to repair things. This deal was teetering on a delicate balance, but the FHA stuff all went through.
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    Just became a great one. My brother became a grandpa. Baby is named Eleanor. Born 3 weeks early, 4lbs 11 oz.
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    I fixed my washing machine!! The part came today and I bought the socket set today. Managed to replace the lid switch and put the machine all back together again!! The part cost me $10 and the tools cost me $15 and I now have a socket set in my collection
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    I'll still not hit peak toxicity until Friday but the rad sessions are over. Already knew, reasonable expectation of, results: Cancer is gone in neck. Still can come back in lungs, liver, brain stem or some weird ass place down the line. My first of many to come CT scans is just a month from now. 20% chance of reoccurring each year. So now we start the clock and celebrate next year. I wanted to add, thank you very much for your support. All of you, quite especially a few of you, you know who you are. Couldn't have wished for a nicer group of people. Seriously, honest to doG, I have close friends that I've known for a long time that I don't care about as much as this forum. Thank you. btw, the mask is fucking creepy as hell.
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    I’m trying to get my wife to eat so i’m Cooking stuff I know she likes. I made egg and toast for breakfast. That’s what she wanted. She wanted leftover chicken noodle soup for lunch. For supper I made a black angus rump roast, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. She said it was very good. She ate a few bites of this and a few bites of that. It was very good, very tender and tasty.
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    Bum lambs living the life

    Photo taken by the lady that gets our bum lambs. She and her granddaughter dress the lambs. She found them looking this way and was quick enough to take a photo. I hope you like it.
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    I pick up a new watch after my anniversary date. This is this year's watch. Couch
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    The Story of my Trip to the LIbrary

    After living in this town for almost two decades, I finally decided to visit the library. Normally I don't like having a time deadline to read a book, but I wanted access to some of their online databases. This made me feel all eager to learn. I found the library which is located in a nice little town park with tennis courts and and a baseball field. It was pouring rain. This made me feel wet. On my way into the library I passed a cheery young woman who ran by and shouted "Happy Rainy Day!". This made me feel very welcome. I entered the building and a sensible elderly lady at the front desk told me I could apply for a card there. She asked me if I had a drivers license with a town address and I told her yes and handed her my wallet. She looked at my license very suspiciously which made me feel a bit like a suspect, even though I had done nothing wrong. She seemed pleased that I had printed off the application from online and already filled it in. This made me feel proud. She typed a bunch of stuff in the computer and then handed me my very own library card in a paper case and a smaller key chain sized one. This made me feel very accomplished. She then offered me a tour of the building and I was actually very impressed with the collections and the nice reading spaces. There was a mother and daughter working nicely on a jigsaw puzzle. This made me feel very neighborly. She told me there were ACT training classes going on in the activity room. This made me very glad I didn't have to take the ACT exams. I told her that the building was very lovely. This made her feel proud. I looked around the reading room and saw a magazine that looked interesting. I sat down in the one big leather comfy chair in the room and read it. This made me glad that nobody else was in the room and I could have the best chair. On my way out I noticed the road that passed the baseball field meandered up a hill. I wondered what was up the road so I decided to drive up despite the heavy rain. This made me feel adventurous. I drove up the road and discovered it ended up in a parking lot. That made me feel a bit let down, but overall I felt very accomplished. The End.
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    The one and only TrentonMakes!
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    From today
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    The Story of Last Weekend

    Emmy’s team went undefeated to the championship game. They beat an older team in extra innings to get there. This is important because it meant that whoever we played had to beat us twice. This made me feel proud and optimistic. Well the coaching staff decided to start a back up against the the same team that we had just beaten. They’re win in the loser bracket put them right back against Emmy in the championship game. This made me nervous. Our ur back up pitcher spotted them 5 runs in the first. She got pulled, but the damage was done. This made me frustrated. We were home and the last inning their pitch was getting frustrated. You see, it was cold and windy and the rain was starting. And we were hitting her and getting on base. This made me happy. Well, it was too little, too late. We lost but had momentum. On to the rubber match. Emmy started. The rain came down. It was dark, cold and windy. Our coach decided to be visitors when he won the toss. This is important because it kept our hot bats up and the frustrated pitcher on the mound. This made me nervous. We put 7 on them in the first inning (only a 2 inning rubber match). This made me super nervous for the last inning because the older girls would get a chance to bat. This is how it played out. Emmy took the mound in the bottom of the last inning. She was up 10-0. It was dark and windy. It was cold and the rain was not letting up. The other pitcher had no control. I was super worried that she was going to walk in a few runs due to the conditions. Then she would get frustrated and lose the game. They were on their #4 hitter in the meat of their line up. Emmy sat her down with 3 pitches!!! The next batter came up and was also dispatched after striking out. I was gaining confidence but this still made me nervous The final batter was up. Her count was 3-2. She’d fouled off 3 pitches. The wind was kicking up. The fans were going nuts. The girls in the dugout were up on the fence trying to get into Em’s head. The last pitch? Strike 3 looking, a fastball on the outside corner. And possibly the hardest pitch that she threw all weekend. Guys. I cannot tell you how proud I am of this kid. She never lets up, works her ass off, and is the most intense kid you’ll ever meet. Her bat had been lagging but she was hot at the plate this weekend with 5 base hits. 2 sac flies and a sac bunt. 2 walks and only 3 k’s. She recorded 29 strike outs and only 9 walks allowing 4 hits and 5 runs in 4 games pitched. (We didn’t get to record one of her games). She was AMAZING!!
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    131 miles on Sat. Tough ride, lots of climbing. The weather was pretty damn good. Cool temps most of the day, the rain held off, it was very windy. Looking back on what I just rode. That climb was tough, super steep and loose gravel. Lots of cattle The payoff. The single best descent I have ever ridden. The last 21 miles were downhill with a lot of pavement. These switchbacks were so fun. When we came out of the canyon, the winds were crazy. 40-50 mph gusts of crosswinds. At one point I unclipped because I almost blew over. 11.5 hours of riding. Thinking about next year.
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    I won an award

    After our staff meeting this morning we went out to our training room to take our annual Christmas photo. In walks our director, Regional Attorney, my supervisor and our HR person. First thought is Oh fudge, what did I do. Instead I was given our Regional Employee of the Year award.
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    Envy chain

    And I’m looking at all three of you.
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    Veterans Day

    My grandad, 8th Army N. Africa WW II
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    Miss me?

    I’m hopelessly addicted to imaginary people. I tried FB, but too many people there aren’t imaginary, and they’re kinda assholes. So, if you’ll have me back, I’ll be glad.
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    I was just getting on to driving in Pittsburgh. Her doctor said she doesn't have to come back for any follow up. She can follow up with her regular oncologist or her radiation oncologist. They all work together. My wife says she doesn't feel any pain, just a little wonky especially after she eats. I have been driving my wife to Pittsburgh every day for her treatment, she says she can't drive in city traffic. After her treatment each day I drive her straight to her mom's house and she works until about supper time. I've been working on her mom's house and property while my wife works in her dad's office. I'm glad this chapter is over, I need a bike ride or kayak trip. My wife is going to work tomorrow and Saturday to get her hours in for the week.
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    I have a new company!

    I've been working as a subcontractor for 9 months. The primary company is going to hire me direct. As they will saving money that way, I'm going to demand at least a 5% raise. I actually requested 15% but I'm going to let them talk me down some.
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    Another year down

    Today marks my 8th year sober. Very infrequently, it has happened enough to remark, someone asks my advice on what type of beer they should get or what does X beer taste like. I haven't a clue anymore. I can't remember what a beer tastes like at all. That's a good thing, I guess.
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    Photos from Portugal

    In no particular order.
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    My wife took these about 1:30pm Saturday when the temperature was -6F. Smokey was warm to the touch, which says a lot for the energy of the sun and being able to use the hay to block the north wind. I wonder if Smokey is snuggling with the lambs tonight, as the temperature was -29F the last time I looked. We know spring is on the way. Here is what it looks like on a cold night in eastern Montana. Edit
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    Well I'm in trouble at work

    Problem solved. You're welcome
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    Temperature was 25F early this afternoon, but we were in the house and did not get over heated. I think currently it is 4F.
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    He is such a nice guy, & very friendly. He chatted about his history of becoming a pro from when he started riding w/ his Dad when he was 12 yo. He did a lot of track racing, along w/ his two sisters who were actually better than him, hehe. But they never pursued a career in cycling. and do not ride today. I did not know this. He said when he turned pro he was lined up next to LeMond, Fignon, et al and thought "I don't belong here" He talked about racing in peloton and the dangers. He said its definitely scary. He talked about the tactics used form team-to-team, where deals are made to chase lead groups down. He even said riders would bet among themselves who would breakaway first His stories are amazing to hear. I could of listened to him talk for hours. When he was commentating for OLN & Verses, he named some riders who were good to interview, and some that were not...was funny. We asked a lot of questions which was cool. I asked if he had any of his pro bikes. He has two. A 7-11 Eddy Merckx (not sure of the year), and a 1999 US Postal Trek. He has some jerseys from the tour and other races. Someone asked what his most memorable pro career moment was. He said riding into Paris in 1999 w/ Lance in yellow. He didn't think they had a chance. (insert asterisk here). He also has a signed yellow jersey from Lance in his house. Kinda surprised me. But at the same point I think that's awesome. He's been to 25 TdFs. He rode in 9, commentated for 6, and the rest were on his own accord. Although its been a few years since he's been back. He's still involved in cycling. He commentates local races w/in Michigan, and some other states as well. He used to coach, but does not do that anymore. He coached for the US postal team also, I did not know that. He still rides, but no more than 2 hours, and w/o any computer. He just rides. It was a great evening and I'm glad he accepted my offer to come to the meeting. We told him about some of our club rides, and one ride starts probably a few miles from his house. He's interested in riding w/ us So hopefully this summer I'll get to ride w/ him. How freaking cool. Just wanted to share w/ you all
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    They got her good side.

    I was reading through the monthly Vintage Vew magazine when I came across this. All Wo46 said I think that they could have found a better picture of us.
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    Square Wheels

    Luck, Karma, or hard work?

    I suspect a little of each. Small item of luck I planned to rake leaves this weekend. Sunday it's going to rain, so that left me tomorrow. I have a work project I hoped to finish, so leaves and work were going to make for a long weekend (big yard). On the drive home, I joked, how cool it would be if the leaves magically disappeared before I got home. There are 4 or 5 guys out there now finishing up in the dark. My wife called someone a couple of weeks ago and left a message. He never called back. I called yesterday and it said his mailbox was full. I assumed they were out of business. This made me happy. Staffing at work We've gone through a lot of turmoil over the past few years. We had a challenging director and lost many good people. That director no longer works for us as of June, and I was made interim director. As a bonus I get to do my old job too. I have never once complained. I put in a lot of hours. I am available all of the time. I am there for staff, I listen to them, and do what needs to be done to protect our staff and provide superior service to our customers and patients. A couple of the staff who left have returned. Many people are putting in lots of extra hours. We are hiring new staff. Things are looking much more positive. I joke a lot that the harder I work the luckier I get. I try to constantly learn from everything in life, even things as mundane as a hockey game or driving in traffic. Everything is a teaching moment if you let it be. I am super negative by default, but over the past decade or two have worked a lot on that and am trying to be a sincere and happy person. It really is paying off. Life is far from perfect. I have many issues to deal with personally and professionally, but I try to attack each problem with a positive outcome in mind and I almost always find one.
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    Road Runner

    Inducing labor

    That's what they did. They went and got him (C-section). 8 lb 6 oz boy. First thing he did when he got out was, he peed. Then he pooped. Soon after he was all cleaned up, he was drinking. So far, he seems to have a pretty good handle on what life is all about. All is well in Road Runner land.
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    Nip but no Tuck

    Showing off what he knows and a closeup of a very friendly boy. He is about 1 month younger than Duke; so he is just a kid.
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    I went on a 63 mile ride with my wife this last Saturday. We didn't take a camera (I hate stopping and starting and thinking like a photographer while riding) but decided to revisit our path today. Our ride took us through the Sammamish, Snoqualime, and the Snohomish river valleys. So while there's not any photos of us and/or our bikes, I hope it gives you and idea of what it's like to ride in Western Washington. I've really enjoyed the photo threads you guys have put together so thought I'd return the favor. The photos below are in series. They are linear and represent the start to finish. I had to filter out a lot so if you think there are too many -- sorry. There could have been a lot more. I also chose not to narrate them. I hope they are self explanatory. Please ask if you have any questions.
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    I have a new fur baby

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    Dad's blanket

    I went to Mom's yesterday to watch the first half of the Saints/Rams game. She was nice enough to make me a couple of her delicious hamburgers. I stopped at the store and bought some chips, chocolate ice cream, and some cat food for the strays that love to congregate on her back porch. The burgers were perfect. I topped everything off with the ice cream. I then starting feeling very cold inside. The game was boring. I asked MomCheese to turn up the heat. She was nice enough to set it on 76 but I just couldn't get warm. I snuggled with Jackson, her adopted water spaniel, but still couldn't get warm. Halftime and I decided it was time to go home and prepare for the coldest night of the year. I asked Mom if she had any extra blankets. I gave Edgar my third blanket earlier in the year and tonight felt like a 3-4 blanket night at best. Mom brought me an old tattered homemade blanket. Old and beautiful. It was Dad's and I hadn't seen it since we lost him in 2011. Last night was horribly cold for Greenville. I was toasty warm all night. It wasn't like just 1 more blanket. No this blanket was like sitting by a rip roaring fire with your best girl. I had to stick my toes out a couple of times to cool down. The blanket was like a hug from DadCheese. I could have been sleeping outside in the yard in a puddle of rain and been fine. Thank you DadCheese.
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    A win for my son

    My oldest just got excepted to get his orange belt in jiu jitsu and was also asked to join the competition team they are getting ready to put together. He is studying in jiu jitsu/MMA kickboxing, and is literally kicking ass.
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    I think you guys know Jack was a rescue. He lived the first 4-5 years as a breeder in a puppy mill and then in a no kill shelter where we adopted him from. The little dude has serious trust issues and it took him weeks to warm up to us. He doesn't take well to strangers at all. He still has a fear of anyone taking a hand up over his head and really doesn't like you in his face or have your face anywhere near him. Face kisses never happen, until last night. My wife was eating Checks Mix and Jack was staring intently hoping for a hand out. I leaned over his shoulder with my face right next to his like I was begging too. He turned his head towards me, gave me a giant lick on my nose and turned back to my wife!?!? No cowering or running aaway when I got up next to his face and after nearly 4 years I got my first kiss!
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    Merry Christmas!

    As this year wraps up, I am truly thankful to you all. Because of you, I have an amazing assortment of wonderful gifts to give to my daughter. So many so, that there are several that are being shelved until birthday or Christmas following. The out pouring of support as I came to grips with the diagnosis was even more so amazing than the gifts. I know that there is faith, fellowship, love, and kindness in this world. I just never believed that I was deserving of it from almost strangers. Even that is almost unjust. I've known you all for as long as I've known my physical friends. Know that not just on this day of celebration, but all others, you are my most cherished friends. Thank you all so much. Merry Christmas to you and your families.
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    Amazing does not seem to cover the experience. Griffin met and talked to all kinds of pros. He raced his heart out. His buddy George from his team actually won in the 11-12 year olds! Griffin can say he’s trained with a National Champ! He met met the winner for the 75+ category who was a monster! So cool to talk to. She gave him so many life tips and good advice. I had to hold back tears listening to her. He raced so well. Finished 63 out of 94. (Though I think it was actually higher than that). He got pulled off lead lap so races didn’t get behind. Solid rear of the main pack. He NEVER gave up and smiled the whole time. Conditions were shit. See my vids on Facebook. Horrid mud/rain. It was so much fun and he was beaming from ear to ear the entire time. Ellen Noble Katie F’ing Compton
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    Taken today north of the interstate on the road to White Sulphur Springs, MT. Had to skip a trip to the Larmar Valley due to glare ice on the roads. Was not willing to drive on the ice, after waiting and slowly driving off Bozeman Pass for 2+hours. It was a parking lot of semis and cars, and I gather they finally closed the pass due to black ice.
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    Today we make the last payment on WoZack a student loan from her Masters degree. Might have to buy a new bike to celebrate
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    35 years ago today

    Mrs Chris married me
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    Wife comes home today

    Her hospital stay was extended one day due to low blood pressure and heart issues as wore heart monitor. Then had fever creating "concerns" for pneumonia or blood clots, so additional testing but no fever this AM. Haven't received the official word that discharged, but used the opportunity to tell her that bus 13 stops in front of the hospital and won't have to transfer busses. She will never live it down. Several years ago I had to take a bus from the airport with luggage because she didn't want to deal with 5:00 traffic as she would be leaving from her workplace downtown. At least she did pick me up where the transfer point would be. Now payback as any opportunity I have..."Well, you could take the bus..."
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    Neurology appt today

    Another year down. Last significant MS attack was in 2007. I expect my appt to be a fun session of talking about racing, life, and future plans. There will be a small discussion about my ankle (pondering possible foot drop or spasticity). I will talk about my thyroid going south, and prep for an upcoming medical procedure that will prevent me from eating for 24 hours. My med requires that I eat, so I have to ask...Do I take it, or avoid it for one day? I will also talk about heat intolerance, and I don't expect to hear much other than things I already know. When I got diagnosed, there was a moment in time where I felt hopeless. Luckily, my strength carried me forward to fight and get myself better. He will ask me to get another MRI, and I plan to comply. It has been ten years since the last one. Seeing new results will give us an idea of how this is progressing or not.
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    Changes Afoot

    They took all the vending machines out of the vending area where I work and they are planning to replace it with "free" snacks and beverages. They've already asked people to be considerate and consume in "moderation". I expect this plan will last about a week before they take away the free snacks and just leave a big empty room in its place.
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