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    I think he is 14 today, and he had to go to the vet. Monday he got a bath at the groomer and thought that was pretty neat. Everyone hug your pups. They deserve it.
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    made it to the regional office in Chicago and they may make changes to other senior buildings based on my concerns and complaints. Only got a call from 1 census worker today...my original contact.
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    It's why proper drinkers go with the paper bag wrapped tightly around the bottle. It has worked for a century, why fuck with that????
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    There is a pro in town. She is fast. Noticed she is complaining on Strava about the altitude. Local gals are getting lots of notifications. She is an XC rider. I think I only lost one of my DH records to her so far. Eh, that one is way more pedaling.
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    No, she just told me to go get another one and looked at the bag and shook her head.
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    That is the right attitude. She is opening up her home to you and saving you a ton of money. Show your appreciation as much as possible.
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    Can't believe it took this long for someone to ask. Thought I should read through the posts before asking. Did not want to repeat the obvious.
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    I heard she may possibly get to meet our DH!
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    Lots of contrails this morning.
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    Should I get it?
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    After meeting one of my HS math teachers my mother said "I think she died a couple of years ago and they've forgotten to bury her...."
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    .....but around here we have to frame them vertically or we get a bunch of crap in the shot...
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    Rudy says “Happy birthday Lad”
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    I generally don’t eat shrimp at home because they have a negative effect on WoW. I love them, though. We made pulled pork tacos tonight with the pork shoulder I smoked over the weekend. A dab of sour cream on the corn tortilla, a little sriracha, pork reheated in the skillet with a little corn from some corn on the cob. Cabbage, cilantro, squeeze a lime. Yumm!!
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    I can't wait for the saga of living with the mother-in-law. We have not had a good saga like that in a while
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    You should have just leaned to one side and let it rip. Own it.
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    Most of my teachers were excellent - especially my college undergrad advisor who really took the place of my father who knew little about higher education or responsibility or opportunities. But there was one useless teacher in 11th Grade College-Prep English named Mrs. Palethorpe. She would do things like give us elementary school homonym spelling tests, not even realizing the purpose was to see if we knew which homonym to spell according to the sentence it was in! She'd say, "Spell 'its' as in the sentence, 'It's a nice day.' Then she would say, "Now, that's it's with the apostrophe." We tried not to look at each other in disbelief and laugh! Then she claimed she gave two of the words in the reverse order, so everyone got 18 out 20 right! She would tell us to pick any book we wanted to read for a book report. We were college prep kids, we had read tons of books - some had been required summer reading before 9th and 10th Grade! We could have simply written a report on any book we had already read. But that was too easy. So several of us went to the library, picked books we had never read and weren't going to read, and made up a whole story to fit the title. I picked The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. I made up the entire story. But another kid in class named Tim actually did read it and did a report on it. When handing back the reports, Mrs. Palethorpe said, "Mickey and Tim, I don't know what to make of your reports. It's as if they are two entirely different stories!" I, by academic reputation, got a B and Tim got a C - and he was the one who read the book! To this day, when I run into Tim in a store, restaurant, etc. he'll say, "Hey! There's the SOB that didn't even read the book but dropped my book report grade to a C!" Since then, I read The Martian Chronicles. and saw the Rock Hudson, Roddy McDowall, etc. movie. Ray Bradbury was much more imaginative than I was!
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    Well, it has been one year since Wendy's passing... I still miss her so much, though not as sharply. Mostly I reflect on what might have been... Yesterday was also the 10 year anniversary of my father's passing. Those that know me from the LF probably recall that tale. I have been working hard on my self-care this year... I started talking to a therapist and tried to explore different areas of philosophy and spirituality to try to understand my own world view and what it means to me, my present and future... I've lost about 60lbs and gotten as fit as I've ever been in my life, eating healthy and exercising regularly (some might say excessively lol). I feel so much better mentally and physically! There is still work to do, and I must take care not to fall back into complacency, but overall things are looking up. My sincere thanks to all who have provided support and compassion during some of my lowest moments in life, giving me strength to make it through to the other side. I really appreciate it! E
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    It was "exciting" enough to get them in deep shit for a while.
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    Greenville, have we learned anything about your weather patterns? Yes, yes we have. It appears that Greenville will have afternoon or evening showers in the forecast almost everyday. 89 as a high today, and you will be rained to sleep in a very peaceful manner at night, drifting off as the raindrops come down on the roof. Should Cheese get more dogs? I wonder often if he has sufficient quantity to meet the quota.
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    Almost like someone said "Let's create a standard so we can charge people to certify them!" We used to get coached before an audit. Our ISO slogan was "Do what we say,, say what we do". The guy doing the practice audit asked one of the guys what the ISO slogan was and he said "Do what we want, tell them what they want to hear". "OMG, NO!"
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    I get to possibly meet her today.
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    It would seem you don't sleep at all, you posted that at 2am.
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    Can you discern the year of This 7-up ad? I wonder if it was a lithium effect that soothed crying babies. 7-Up was originally called Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda and contained lithium citrate right up until 1950. In fact, it's been suggested that the 7 in 7-Up refers to the atomic mass of the lithium. ... The government banned the use of Lithium citrate in soft drinks in 1948 and it was removed from 7-Up.
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    My watch arrived today. I spent most of the evening learning the watch. Most setting are rather intuitive. Some... not so much. Updates are done and the battery is charged. Tomorrow, I get to take out links in the titanium band. It's way too big out of the box.
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    You said that better than I did...I just might start using PRI as a term..even though it makes me think Public Radio International
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    A billion and one census workers crowded the senior house and was spreading PRI amongst them all.
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    Good think I read the rest of the thread after reading Madam Shrimp in the title. I really was expecting a midget operating a house of ill repute.
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    For most of my school years I'll admit that I was not the best student. A few teachers tried to help me but most of them just pushed me through the system and washed their hands. But in the long run I think that I turned out ok.
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    Good work!!! Glad you stepped up and spoke out.
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    Order me a barnstormer. We will be there a few minutes after you. We will go around to let @Digital_photog land first.
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    As mentioned, my wife put in her notice on Monday and her last day is in early September. We can't really start tackling the 'get-this-place-ready-to-sell' endeavor until then. But we can begin to haul a few things up there now as we just rented storage. With the market so hot, it's generally a good idea to move your stuff out so that the home is basically move in ready. This ball is rolling! It's exciting but also a bit nerve wracking. Change can be fun and thrilling or change can be stressful and hard. Sometimes it can be a little of both. Sometimes it oscillates daily. In the meantime, I'm supposed to be working remotely and to say the least this has been a bit unsettling and distracting. Essentially we need to empty out the house and put our belongings in storage up in another county and get this house ready to sell. Then we go live with her mother for a month or two or three. I love her but God have mercy on my soul.
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    I admire you. Enjoy being kind to yourself.
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    But if the humidity is low, the shade works!
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    I am going to make the tortillas and homemade crema, avocado salsa. , etc... I don’t mine shelling a few shrimp. I am only going to make these once in a life time.
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    I want to make shrimp tacos. Does medium sound right? I have never made them. Einstein hates fishy tacos. He will eat these or fix his own dinner.
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    Thanks. We need to be there and I'm glad we have a place to go.
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    You had a heart attack.
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    These are unusual times..maybe there is underlying stress that manifested in that moment
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    what is this thread about?
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    I was born. I have no clue why
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    I covered it in my "oldest restaurant" thread, but it remains unexplainable how I ever got married!
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