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    Yikes. These things never happen with a box of cookies or bag of pretzels.
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    I'm getting better at it. When I bought a roto tiller a while back, the guy had it advertised for 350.00, when I started looking it over he said he would take 325.00. I looked him square in the eye and declared, you advertised this for 350.00, I'm not paying a penny less. He looked properly chastised, and quietly pocketed the money.
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    up a little. The fridge is right over there.
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    When I worked for the large corporation, there were about 650 employees in our building. For a long time about 95% were women. At one point there were only 3 men on the 2nd floor. It was essentially private. Later I was move to another area of the building. About half the men worked in one area. 1 stall, one urinal, one sink. Most days not a problem and a larger men’s room wasn’t that far away if needed. Our men’s room was designated the tornado shelter for our area which was 50/50 men and women. They had the annual tornado drill and one woman commented on how small the restroom was compared to the women’s. “And look! You only have one sink!” One guy replied, “Pffft! Like we even need THAT!”
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    I don't presume they are right. I presume if I do what they tell me to do, I will live to fight another day.
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    Mr. Aire bought a round watermelon. Yesterday, I told him it looked delicious. Tonight, I wiped down the counter, wiped down the watermelon, and reached for a knife. I stuck the knife into the very attractive watermelon. I didn’t get it in but an inch when the whole thing cracked and exploded. Wet, sticky liquid, with an odor so noxious that I can still bring the stench to my mind just by writing this, came blasting out. Literally shooting into the air, hitting the backsplash. Now I know why they call it a backsplash. Then it hit the window and me and ran off the counter into the dish washer. Some ran down the cupboard door. The smell.🤮🤢🤮. Did I mention how bad it smelled? Just awful and the liquid was all over the counter too. Keep in mind, I had only made one small puncture to this melon Typically a kitchen disaster brings the Airedales looking for treats to steal. Not this time, they backed away— far away. I got out a mop, a couple rags, and hot soapy water with non- chemical cleaner. I spent about 30 minutes cleaning up. Mr.Aire came in and said, what are you doing?” I tried to explain, yet, he was doubtful. Then I showed him the cracked watermelon shell. There is about half the flesh gone and a big empty cavity. On the outside it still looks lovely. I made him take the bag of smelly waste to the curb. it was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I am wondering if it was injected with something as a prank or whether it just rotted internally and fermented. It was bad. The end.
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    Maybe it was caused by the “exploding gene,” Or it was haunted....
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    I've dropped 15 lbs. My goal is another 15 to go which will take me down to my military weight 30years ago.
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    Just weighed myself, I am down 5 lbs in the last 9 days. Yay!
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    Nope. I've been dieting since 2/10... Down 50 lbs...
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    I got a start on returning my yard from a wheat field to a lawn today, slowed down by running out of gas and then a long line at Lowes to buy a gas can and some white tarp to hide stuff stored on my locked porch- the heavy-duty Troy Built weed whacker I got from my brother in law runs on straight gas and the only surviving can I owned had an oil-gas mix in it. I learned I couldn't attack the grass at its bottom because the ground is so moist that it pulled the grass out by the roots and wrapped itself around the weed whacker spinning end, jamming it. I spent some learning-curve time today pulling the grass out of the weed whacker. I learned I had to chop-off several inches at a time and work it down to the point where I'll be able to run a lawn mower over it. You can see how hot the fire got inside: the vinyl siding is curled at the edges Most of the SE quarter of the lawn was ready for a lawn mower by the end of today's work: But there are places where Spring growth is starting to overrun the porches, basement outside stairs, etc. Note also the heat-buckling porch ceiling. I originally thought I could get the yard in great shape this week, but I'm going to need more time. Another problem is using electric power tools with the electricity cut off for months. I'll either have to use some of the portable power the repair contractor supplies as the summer goes on or, more likely, beg to run an extension cord from my next-door neighbor's electricity.
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    What in the Sam Hill is going on. They are busting the bubble that astronauts are special and dare devels. I mean Jim from The Office wore khakis. This is shocking...and I am not even touching the polo shirts The Ruskies are suited up appropriately. Putin know optics
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    Got another 28.5 in after work, with just a sprinkle of rain. So 32 ish miles total. Following @bikeman564™ lead these were 'fatso' miles..., although I think for a totally different reason
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    I can manage a 37 million dollar budget, fire people who disrespect the mission, and cry almost every morning when I see the empty playground. Yep, I am that person.
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    When I slit open a butternutsquash, I came across this inside! Yea, squash sprouts inside the cavity!
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    My old John Deere 325 lawn tractor could mow that. First pass with the 48" deck set for 4 inches. Then mow again with the deck at 2 inches. Then use trimmer where needed. You may need to rake up the cut grass.
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    This is a statement of fact
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    Gracie and the baby bunny in our yard have kind of made friends. They were actually playing yesterday. Gracie would nose the bunny and it would run around her iin a circle. At one point it kicked up and jumped over her nose.
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    They are back at it again downtown. The crowd has grown to about 30. Still peaceful.
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    I bet @Zackny and @Kzoo can relate to this thread.
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    Up just a bit, nothing drastic. Nothing riding back to work again wont fix
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    Go to a different building to poop? LOL. I work at one facility that only has one toilet. There are like 6-7 staffers there. The toilet is right behind the nursing station. If you have to go in there and blow it up then everyone knows.
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    I’ve gained but my new healthy lifestyle plan goes into effect today.
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    The periodic table of frozen yogurt flavors
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    I love Klondike bars but they are the furthest thing from having amazing health benefits.
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    Been seeing them for weeks. Our Aussie friends were over. She had never caught a lightning bug. I caught one for her. Last night the boys and I were sitting on the deck just talking about the world today and social responsibility and the fireflies came out. Ryan caught one and as he watched it, he said "I remember when I was little, we would catch these and put them in a jar." He then followed that with "But we would always let them go." It was a good summer night. He also got to drive his brother's Tahoe last night. He was so proud. Huge smile on his face as he and Wade pulled up in front of the house. Coolest part was he rubbed the curb just bit and Wade told him it is no big deal, the tires are big enough that he could not scratch the rims. Was very proud of both my boys. The little things like fireflies, a kind word or a smile are what makes life special.
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    I gained back to almost my normal weight. I’m 180# now. I was 170 last summer.
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    Wilbur does. I do. Those are just little bitts though.
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    Well I gave out my food. Thread over.
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    I mentioned my Aunt Sally, who will be 100 on August 1 and a tremendous party is planned, was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Monday and then had a fall, injuring her head and sending her to the hospital the same day in Morristown, NJ. Today, there's been about the best news we could hope for though, of course, we're still cautious: There was no significant damage to her head from the fall and she was sent back to the nursing home. The doctor at the hospital estimates she has had COVID-19 for around two weeks but typical signs of the disease are NOT present! She may be one of those who are virtually asymptomatic! We hope it stays that way! And I hope she and I share enough of the right genes that I have the same result if I catch it. I mentioned Monday she's a tough old Polack and my cousin, her daughter, said the same thing in today's VERY POSITIVE report: So mom was transported back to the nursing home by 7 last evening. Her right temple and area around the eye are a mess and hard to look at. Morristown Memorial took very cool care of her. They not only ran the CT scan but a number of other tests including her lungs. She’s a tough Polish lady and everything tested ok. She showed a bit of fluid on the lung but the doctors felt it was nothing to be dealt with. All her vitals are fine. So now to the covid. Based on her diagnosis and dates I tried to have the doctor estimate where she would be in the disease progression. The hospital doctor who I found to be extremely competent and realistic felt she was probably somewhere around two weeks. He felt that except for the positive test results all the typical signs of the disease were NOT present. He suggested that they measure certain key indicators every day and if there is a change re-evaluate doing nothing but monitoring. He indicated that had he felt she had any worrisome covid indications they would have admitted her to the hospital. Mom’s spirit seems ok given the situation. I am pretty upset with the care at the nursing home that this fall happened and will deal with that on the back end. The hardest part is not being able to be physically present and in control of the situation. Thank you for the Prayers and please keep them coming. Aunt Sally on Saint Patrick's Day a few weeks ago:
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    I didn't think so earlier, but I sure do now. I went for a 2-mile walk, and past the same cop shop. Instead of 6 - 8 guys in regular uniforms kinda lazily hanging about by the barricades, there were 30-40 with riot gear and looking serious. They didn't have it all on, most of them. but had it all with them. Then I walked down the street about 1/2 a mile and saw about 15 cops on what looked like beefed-up cop scooters (I had never seen those before). Walked another half mile and saw maybe 10-12 cops in riot gear walking on the sidewalk, nobody saying a word. I turned a corner and walked another few minutes, and saw what I guess was 25 or so police SUV's and vans parked. Different feeling in the air tonight, and now with a curfew, too. Good night to be inside, I think.
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    I’m not sure. A couple of folks commented that they believed in the second amendment, bring it on. There was a big row about Black lives matter vs all lives matter. Several calling for the protesters to be arrested, that they were not wanted and I’m quoting, “in our good old boy town.”
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    Well if it was fermented, there might just be some hope left for that watermelon.
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    The riots will not end now. Our government has declared war on the rioters and is sending in the active military under an interpretation of an early 1800 law. There will be a revolution.
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    There was a small protest in my town, about 5 people. The Facebook comments about it on the local news page make me ashamed of my town. The racism is boiling over. And there were a bunch of comments wanting to know if they were locals or outside actors. It was five folks with a little kid holding signs chanting black lives matter. The amount of comments insinuating violence against protesters was shocking.
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    No. I'm still about 60 pounds heavier than I want to be... but at least it's not 70.
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    The neighbour was taken off the ventilator last night, died this morning. My brother is now in the hospital.
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    Still on it, still not well. My brother is still at home but feeling worse every day. This is week 3 for him.
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