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    Lung Failure update

    Had my Pulmonologist appointment today. He said it was a viral pneumonia. He said no one with Pulmonary Fibrosis makes the recovery I’ve made in the last few weeks. I’m not back to normal but getting better. He does want to do another Cat Scan next month because my lungs still don’t sound right. It’s a big relief knowing that a battle with a terminal disease isn’t my lot. For now anyways. I Appreciate you prayers and words of encouragement.
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    Diabetes Update

    So I got a call Friday & Dr wants to see me. Says my A1C is much improved, down to 5.7, was 7.1 last time 13.4 before that. No changes to meds, stay the course. I still want to change Drs though, been unhappy with him for a while. Seems he's always in a hurry to see the next patient. Dude didn't even realize or comment that I'm down 30 lbs. Think maybe that had something to do with the improved numbers?
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    My Daughter

    I post a lot about my son so thought I'd share a pic of my daughter. One of the softball girls got married yesterday so they were both at the wedding. She's the one on the left with my niece. They're like sisters, been together since they were in diapers.
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    Sat. Emmy pitched her first full travel tourney. I was on pins and needles. The first day her team went 3-0, she pitched two of those. The threw 28 strikeouts!!! That's NOT a typo. She was rocking! She let about 6 girls on base in 2 games and only gave up 4 runs with 2 hits. Combined stats for 2 games. Sun. G rode in a race 2.5 hours in the other direction. G came in second overall (to George) and first in his agegroup. Even though he was the only person in his AG he still rode good. I got done there to drive 2.5 hours north to see Emmy's team play more. They kept winning only to eventually run into a team that beat them. Emmy had pitched a lot and she was cooked. They beat us 5-3. We got the the final game though. The championship game against the team that beat us. We had to beat them twice. Our back up pitcher came through big. We beat them. Then they put Emmy back on the mound. Emmy was back on form. She SMOKED that team, not giving up a run. Won the championship out of 20 teams! We asked her later where she found the speed she said "I had to. My team won that game on defense and I HAD to find a way to win the whole thing for them". I just about lost it. Incredibly proud of the rugrats today. (BTW Em threw 47 strikeouts on the weekend!!!)
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    Always, and I do mean always, like everyone's posts
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    Back story, one of my responsibilities is to conduct safety meetings. The next one is scheduled for June. So she comes into my cube, are you still holding a safety meeting?!?! Before Wednesday? Yeah no we won't be having any safety meetings before I leave. Well who's going to hold the safety meeting!?!?!? I don't know, maybe you are? Me, me no YOU are safety not me. Me fully enjoying seeing her go off the rails... The owner is going to make you safety manager. (Hes not). Me, me, I have too much on my plate to take on safety, that's why you are here. Yeah but I wont be here after Wed. Well either you have a meeting or... Or what, im not having one..... Well they need to find someone fast, I'm not doing safety. Yeah well remember the owner thinks you are. What, what, no!!!!! And she storms off and is calling the owner giving him an earful as I type this My work is done here!
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    You have your own floor..
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    Sparse Forumites

    I am in fact alive. I took a little hiatus due to losing my job, getting a temporary position, and finally finding myself a career of sorts. A foot in the door at least. Beyond that I had to deal with a creeper snatching pictures I had posted of my infant daughter and reposting them to other social media and making inappropriate comments to my wife about them. Needless to say I had to minimize my online footprint and also introduce someone to bar soap and socks. A quickie update puts me as employed and happy outside of retail finally. Babydesign is now 9 going on 10 months and surprising me daily. Wife is happy I am home more often and have weekends though it came with a, hopefully temporary, pay cut. I was in the hospital for about a week and a half from first getting dual viral infections that brought my immune system so low that a bacterial infection swept from my saliva glands to my blood stream. Most of 9 days in a secluded room in the stroke ward overseen by the infectious disease staff. Scary but I persevered and even lost those pesky 35 pounds I have been meaning to get to! I will be more present in the future since I do, in fact, miss you band of miscreants.
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    When N+1 = 1954 + $200

    I bought a 1954 girl's JC Higgens bicycle today for $200. I'm not sure if it's a Color Flow or Jet Flow model. It's been repainted - badly - but pretty much original other wise. Missing a few minor parts. WoJSTL and I were both born in 1954 so we know this bike is a real antique.
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    For 36 years this lady has put up with my crap and it's to late to change now. Today is our anniversary so I'm going to take her out to eat and there's a pretty good chance that I'm going to get lucky tonight.
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    Spring has sprung

    First hatch of goslings, and the turtles have emerged from the mud
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    Some pics

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    How did you hear of SWC?

    SW pm’d me on the LF and said he’d pay me $50/month to post here. Didn’t everyone get that deal?
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    Any Vacation Plans?

    I have three cabins rented at Pymatuning Lake in July. When our boys were small we used to often rent a cabin there for vacation. A couple years ago my wife and I rented a cabin up there again and when my middle son found out he wanted to come up and join us. He wanted to show his kids the kind of vacation he went on as a kid. It was a little crowded but we had a great time. He knows how to load a vehicle, he drove from Georgia up here with his four girls, his wife, six bicycles and a big inflatable boat. My youngest son has not made a firm commitment yet because of his job but we are hoping he can get the week off or possibly commute from the lake. He drove up (he lives local) with his family and spent one day two years ago and our eldest son made it up for two days. I'm really looking forward to everyone being there and praying for everyone to stay healthy. Last time my wife was just coming out of emergency surgery but told me I had to go. I drove back and forth quite a few times during the week checking up on her and she finally felt well enough she came up with our youngest son for one day. There are three new boys that haven't met each other yet born since this picture.
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    Any Vacation Plans?

    The 12 of us who did the Caribbean Cruise together last August plus 2 others are renting a humongous cabin and a large pontoon boat at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland June 30 - July 6, spending time at the lake and surrounding area including some amusement parks. I'm going to take my bike and use it at least part of two of the days. We're allegedly going to eat mostly at the cabin and rotate doing the cooking but that may change. To avoid having to do any cooking, I'm going to make and cook several shepherd's pies ahead of time (this recipe is superb: http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/traditional-irish-shepherds-pie-302120) in disposable lasagna pans and freeze them, and transport them in a cooler during the 3 hr drive. If the two refrigerators don't have enough freezer space, we'll refrigerate them and eat them within a couple days.
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    Any Vacation Plans?

    in a little over 7 weeks I will bike across Missouri and sleep in luxury accommodations
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    My husband called me a unicorn

    I came home and told my husband the story from yesterday. He laughed when I told him about sassing those guys with the comment. He said "A Unicorn is a rare sighting." Apparently, I am the unicorn.
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    I had to wait for these critters to cross the road. The local wildlife are all on the move. I saw Elk, Bison, Moose, and deer crossing the road this weekend. The forest service roads open May 1.
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    The wife wanted to head to the oldest Norwegian church that resides down here in Texas. Guess it had something to do with history and her heritage or something like that... So what the heck.. it was only a 2+ hour car ride. Personally I like the speed limit of 75 on the back roads, her... Not so much. One of the store in the nearby town. What we hunted for. I loved how it was only surrounded by fields and really nothing else. and a little general store that used to be around at one time. Loved the stone work.
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    Lucky man. I can never get them to sit still long enough for me.
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    I think this is a great thing and wanted to share, I hope you like it Two days ago on my evening ride w/ a friend we came upon a couple on a tandem. They asked me how to cross into Canada. I said there is no bikes allowed on the Ambassador & Blue Water Bridges in Detroit & Port Huron Respectively, & I was unsure if there was service to drive them across. By the looks of their bike which was heavily packed, that they were on a long journey (little did I know how long). They even had solar panels. I had a little bit of chit chat then went on my way as we were riding faster. Turns out they did cross in Port Huron to Sarnia via a lift from the bridge authorities. I thought was very nice to hear. I know this because; using the flyby feature on Strava I found them. Their trip started in San Diego, CA , and yet here they were in Michigan. I looked at recent history of uploads and they were riding centuries (give or take) almost every day to cross the good ol' USA. I friended them on Strava and commented on the ride that we chatted on so he would know who I was. I asked him how long of a trip they were on. Here was his response: "We are on 11000 miles. We left England 11 August and rode across Holland Germany Denmark Sweden Estonia Russia but used train Ural Mountains to Irkutsk then bike again through Mongolia, China, flew to Auckland and spent 3 months cycling around both islands before flying to San Diego then cycling to Toronto to fly home. " Holy crap, that's a long ass trip. Impressive to say the least. I wished them luck and safe travels, and I was glad to have met them. My friend and I were talking about how lucky we were to cross paths w/ these two. Amazing. I've met some cool people while riding, but these two will definitely be on the top.
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    No way, I know some people that never married. I would not trade my life for theirs ever.
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    happy bicycle day

    True. It is for me, 2 days ago I passed the 12 year mark for days unmissed, I forgot to mention it, this has reminded me.
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    There! I fixed it!

    does it go to 11?
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    Any Vacation Plans?

    Photography workshop in the Palouse this summer, and maybe a trip to Alaska
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    Any Vacation Plans?

    Just the usual...Heading to Switzerland for 3 weeks. Should catch the last day of the Montreux Jazz Festival. After that, open for bike, hike and other activities. May do a side trip to Tuscany this year, but uncertain.
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    Met The Latest One

    I think I've mentioned to you guys that my son seems to pick the hot & crazy girls. The dude has had so much freaking drama with girls it's unreal but his MO has been consistent. So he's been dating this girl the past few weeks, we met her for the first time a week ago. Cute but not skanky like the others. She's also quiet, unlike the others who seemed to take over the room. Huh, this one seems different. So his bday is this week so we had an early bday dinner for him. Our family, his two lifelong friends and new girl for Korean bbq. It was kinda odd to see her being so sweet to him, kinda doting on him but not in an overbearing way. The other girls were in to themselves. She's also really good with his friends. I keep waiting for crazy chick to come out but so far so good. We'll see how this one turns out but I kinda like this one... I generally don't get too close to his GF's as they flame out like a super nova after a few weeks. But this one is kinda quiet so hard to get to know her. Should be interesting tho.
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    When you are flying that low, you should probably concentrate on flying, not sight seeing.
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    Works best if you let the gas run for a few minutes first.
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    April photos

    Beautiful day for a ride. Temp in the 50s, but windy. 66 miles. I saw a lot of elk.
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    Daddy daughter day

    My son took some of the girls with him on a run to the dollar store tonight. They found some hats. Audrey has nothing on them.
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    ....and having to account for every second, this place has taken some getting used to. Last May, my boss tells me “We’re going on summer hours now....” I’d seen the email, but that said 8-4:30 and didn’t really know what that meant. He says “The other guys are working 8-4.....if you want to work around that.....” (Their normal hours are 8-4:30, mine 7-3:30). I thought “....did he just tell me I can leave a half hour early....???” Yup. I assumed that when the students came back in September, we’d go back to “regular” hours. Nope. It’s almost a year later, and I’m still leaving at 3.... A couple of weeks ago, one of my other bosses came downstairs at 3:15 or so. He asked me “What are you still doing here?” I said “Oh, I just wanted to finish these up before I went home....” He said “Oh, that’s great! Thanks a lot!” He walked away and I thought “Did I just get a pat on the head for not leaving early??? That’s fucked up!” 😆 Yesterday morning, my boss says “Are you going to be here before 7:30 tomorrow??” “Uhhh, Yeah, why?” “Oh, they’re turning the power off for a few minutes at 7:30. Make sure you have a flashlight”. I’m supposed to be here at 7 and he wants to know if I’ll be here at 7:30? Crazy stuff.
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    Razors Edge

    Happy Days are Here Again!

    Was it as funny as Vinny's experience? Tom
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    happy bicycle day

    like Every day? Or every working day? Either way 12 years is an impressive feat, but do ride 365 days a year. Wow. I don't even get out of bed 365 days a year
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    Bo the cat.

    We are ready for your afternoon nap. Couch
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    Movin' on out!

    Last kid just signed on for an apartment in the city. If she can ever get all her junk collected from every room in the house , she moves out next week!
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    WoZack is askeered

    We got our information packet for the Cape Bretton ride today. The describe a few climbs as “fierce”, “heartbreaking”, and “hardest climb you’ll ever do”. Looking at the profiles they are tough but nothing she hasn’t already climbed something similar. Can’t wait to get there.
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    Any Vacation Plans?

    Our big vacation is a 7 night Norwegian cruise with BuffCarla in June out of NY City. Heading to Halifax, Saint John NB, then Bar Harbor and Portland Maine. Also taking a beach vacation in mid September. 3 nights in Westerly RI with my daughter and then 4 or 5 nights in Rehoboth Beach De or Ocean City MD.
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    Any Vacation Plans?

    Yup. Squampton and Whistler, and a visit with Wilbur. That is our big trip. Also, planning riding the new extended version of the trail at Downieville. It's like 6000 ft of descent I think. We have 50 days of vacation this Summer. Yay! Lots of camping and biking.
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    It's probably time to buy a new bike.
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    Courteous forumite. Isn't that what is known as an oxymoron?
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    F_in Ray Of Sunshine

    There! I fixed it!

    Broke one drawer pull ages ago. The other one finally gave up the ghost last week. I went to the website to try and buy replacements. Nada. Got sick of pryimg the drawer open......
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    My friends on the bike forum. "The crazy biker chick out west..." "The guy down by Ann Arbor..." "The guy who runs it..." "The Canadian pilot..." "The lady in Minnesota..." "The tall, skinny guy who loves the water..." "That whack job I met in New York.." "The guy in Wisconsin with the place in Republic.." "The ornery guy in upper NY who loves dogs..." Stuff like that.
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    Yet another bird pic

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    I'd love to go back in time and NOT marry my first wife. That was 2 1/2 years of pure misery. If anything, I'd marry my second wife (who would then become my first wife) sooner so we'd have more time together before her passing.