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    I'm getting an extra week of vacation! I didn't expect that at all. This is great news as I really need the extra time off. I plan on visiting my parents in March for a week so this comes at a great time. For my friends in Ohio, and the State up North, I'll PM you details if you want to meet up for coffee in March. Mudkipz
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    We have a new groovy store opening tomorrow. I got a ticket to go to the preview for a private shopping experience and a chance to win free groceries. I am not so sure they will get my ongoing support, cause an existing regionally owned store is already our main place to shop. Anyway, I hope to win some stuff. Wish we luck.
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    Western philosophical argument and logic is divided into two periods: Presocratic and Socratic. The logic displayed in the writings of Plato (Socrates' student) and Aristotle (Plato's student) set the standard for debate based on truth and logic. But there has to be an agreement among the arguers where the debate starts and potentially leaves the truth. In ancient Greek, axíōma means 'that which is thought worthy or fit' and is the highest place of common belief among Socratic debate. For example, the ancients often debated whether "things are many" or "things are one" (the atomists claimed things were made of one kind of small thing) but they all agreed on the axíōma that there were "things" that exhibited many different physical properties: the question was that if you kept cutting them in half, in half again, etc. would they eventually break down into something else (atoms)? Really interesting arguments. For example: The philosopher Zeno said, "If things are many, then you can't walk to the door. You have to walk halfway first, then halfway of the half that's left, then the remaining halfway, etc. etc. and there would be an endless number of halfways." I wasn't until the 1900's that scientists realized that a REAL-world line cannot be divided into an infinite number of existing points like math does: there is a minimum "quantum" length. Zeno and the other atomists had it right 2500 years ago! So, the word "axiom" entered English as meaningc"a statement that is taken to be true, to serve as a premise or starting point for further reasoning and arguments." - Wikipedia It's derivative, "axiomatic," then logically means " self-evident, unquestionable or taken for granted," - Miriam-Webster Dictionary As in: "MickinMD's posts tend to be long."
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    One day my mom called saying that she needed some dental work and could not afford it. Me...well I heard that you were at the casino yesterday. Mom...but I won. Me...then you can afford the dental work.
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    They give us a gift card to shop and I get to buy carrots before any one else. That is kinda cool. Special carrots.
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    According to the candle, it is a “funny, gorgeous, sexy and beautifully unexpected scent”, a mix of “geranium, citrusy bergamot, and cedar absolutes juxtaposed with damask rose and ambrette seed” I had never seen this word before Hips discussion about oils and here it is again. I wonder how DH feels about her cleaning products smelling like Paltrow twat.
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    And really, who would buy a Crown Vic and not know you had to add oil every other day?
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    Perhaps, "Little Ginger Prick" was his formal title.
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    Ylva can have the spare bedroom; I’m sure we can find a spare sofa for you. Wo7 will get along well with Ylva, she’s insane too.
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    I am a secretary. I just happen to be a smart one. Investing and finance is just a side sling.
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    Yes, but not as much as Greenville hates Asheville. That's the benchmark. :)
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    I am new here. I pee in the shower and I like to catch delicious bass. Is that so wrong?
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    The gambling addiction and the temptation to not live beneath her means is a shame, but enjoy the time with your mother while you can. I wish I could do the same!
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    The fact that you don't know is particularly axiomatic.
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    It is axiomatic that Wham-O always had the best outside toys.
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    Palestine is in Texas. I have been there. Lots of trucks. You can park a tour bus anywhere. They have churches on every corner, mostly Baptist, a few Methodist and even fewer of the cults like Lutherans and Catholics. You can buy guns at Walmart and for lunch you can have thick slices of beef, cut of a brisket that has been slow smoked for hours. On my recording you can find sweet little old ladies saying Bless Your Heart.
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    Fill Oil Reservoir Daily?
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    Have you considered Hinoki or bergamot?
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    Order Papa Johns and take them a sixer of coors light.
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    Mobil 1 from the oil change place. For a filter, I think they just shove a roll of Charmin in the hole.
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    good luck, we're all counting on you
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    Lord Little Ginger Prick, thank you very much!
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    I found the pictures
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    Guess the queen has dispensed with formal titles.
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    It's not like Harry has a chance at the throne. Let the guy live his life, I say.
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    I hope it's not a taboo tiki idol from a burial ground!!!!!
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    Seems very Prophetic if you ask me
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    Megxit is A&E, not P&R.
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    I pee in the shower too My wife won't let me pee in the backyard any more
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    Sorry to break it to you Mick but there is controversy ALL over this. This reeks of a P&R thread. The Church of the Nativity is in the West Bank - that is not in dispute. Depending who you speak to it is..... a. Land belonging to the Palestinians. b. Land that the Israelis took by force when the Palestinians tried to knock them around and they need to give it back. c. It is land that is illegally occupied by Israel and they need to get out. d. It is Israeli property and they haven't yet kicked the Palestinians out yet or e...... What it is not is un-controversial. Just because you walked there and saw Palestinians does not make Jeopardy wrong. Depending upon who you talk to..... Thousands of people have died over that piece of dirt and thousands more will. Pick your side but that doesn't make your answer to the question (or question to the answer in this case) right.
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    I hate to disappoint you but Palestine is in Indiana. I drove through it last week. Oh, you should also know that Texas is a very small town in Ohio.
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    Daisy and Crosman had the best outside play toys
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    I think people are betting on a big pay day resulting in Tesla being bought out by one of the bigger players. Of course I think that day has past already as Tesla's tech is showing to be less revolutionary now as others are entering the field and closing the gap quickly.
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    I miss lawn darts. Educational toys they were.
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    We didn't need cell phones growing up because we had Wham-O toys.
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    The weather is trying to mess with my ability to get carrots. Like, plenty of snow on the ground and more predicted. On a positive note, I can buy frozen goods and likely get home before they melt. The seek has been surprisingly good as my main rig for snow these days. It was about 5 inches on the ground yesterday. 700c 40's, studded
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    Sometimes I don't want to talk to other people. If I stop at the corner bar for a beer the conversation is football, football and football and sometimes basketball. I can't even name 10 football, baseball or basketball players so I won't have much to add to the conversation. I do spend a lot of time on my phone with my son when I'm working on motorcycles and the sidecar because he is a mechanical engineer in the power sports field and since I paid for his degree I use his brain as much as possible. Right now the southern sidecar series is racing in Florida and the only place I will see the results and video of the races is on my phone. I don't have cable so I use my phone or tablet to watch Supercross racing. I love watching flat track racing and the only place that I get to watch that is my phone. The only way I can stay in touch or have a conversation about the sport I love is my phone so if you see me in public on my phone while everyone else is yelling at the tv over the bad call I'll be on my phone with the motorcycle racers.
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    This birthday seems a little fishy to me. Happy Birthday though.
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    I need mine. It's the only way I communicate with AWWC in a coherent manner. This is hard to believe but he's pretty normal over the phone Mudkipz
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    There are a lot of young folks on the forum.
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    Surely you realize that I am not your go to source for something like that. My recipes usually begin with "brown the meat".
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    Remember you need to have contributed to a Roth for 5 years before taking money out to be able to do so tax-free. I see @Tizeye already covered that, though.
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    They allow me to surf porn while I am pooping. Cell phones win.
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    you do strike me as the Portland Maine kind of person
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    What ever happens, it's not my fault.
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    It would be wrong to pee in delicious bass. Please don't pee in delicious bass. Please don't pee in delicious bass in the shower.
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