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    Getting old is not for sissies

    Update on my wife and I. We had an appointment with her new medical oncologist yesterday. He’s going to start her on chemotherapy right away and order lots of bone, and body scans as soon as they can be set up. My surgery for my hernia is coming up in the middle of this and I won’t be allowed to drive for about five days. A week later I’m having a squamous cell carcinoma cut out of my face. My wife is doing much better. She is eating good now. She comes up with strange things she wants (she had a grilled Keilbasa sandwich for breakfast today). I’ll be glad when I can get back to cycling and kayaking. For the present time I’m needed at home so that’s where I am.
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    Fish are now here

    I am drip acclimating the two new clown fish I just picked up. My pup will not leave their tub. She is watching them careful to make sure they are on. Every now and then she licks the container.
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    He remotely controlled the horn while I was showing people my new car. I had no idea what was going on. He’s still laughing.
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    Wilbur's absence

    He's a pig. Probably best to lay low until after all the ham Easter dinners are done.
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    John D. Rockefeller jr. century

    The weather looked nice so I thought it would be a good chance to ride a century. Traffic is light in the park and the road is closed to cars from Taggert to Signal mtn. I made it to Flagg Ranch before the road was closed and I had to turn around. Signal mtn was open which is unusual this time of year. It was snow covered and icy near the top. I saw another rider go down trying to ride through one section. Yellowstone in the distance. I was able to get to within two miles of the south entrance.
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    Two photos from this afternoon

    These were taken in a small lake across Main Street from the lake used for swimming.
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    Mr. Aire is such an engineer--- it was nuts. We had to buy a chainsaw. I didn't care so much about what we bought. We only have brush/limbs to clear and to cut up the two trees they cleared to put in the driveway. He of course, cared a lot and got a chainsaw appropriate for a family of 11 that heats with wood. Of course he wanted to use it which left me to brush clearing. I worked and lived at a landscaper/nursery during my last two years of college. Clearing brush and laying sod are the reason I stayed in college. In this home, we heated 100% with wood including a cook stove int he kitchen and a wood powered hot water heater. My next home also heated with wood using an external furnace. I know a thing or two about chainsaws and firewood. (Mr. Aire for the record, has never used wood to heat anything except the occasional camp fire.) Being the engineer he is--- he of course was an expert at tree and brush removal. He was cutting the logs way too long for most fireboxes and cutting them in half once again made them short and stubby. I tried to talk to him about it but he pretended he could not hear me due to his ear protection. I deserve a gold star for completing my portion of the work without hurting anyone. We have some really nice oak firewood at the road edge for anyone who needs it--- logs are either too long or too short but the quality of the wood is nice. I am going to take some vacation today and finish the job before he gets home--- well if it stops raining.
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    A few taken early afternoon, but may try for more later today.
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    This is why I love RG

    And put up with all his insanity.
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    Hard to put this down in words

    Oh...this is really sad. You have been such a steadily happy and enjoyable person on the forum and all while dealing with so much. Life is not fair but it is about living. Please enjoy your time with WoSrapr and make every minute you share count. It sounds as though you have been a close couple who have shared a special life together. I had a couple of close scrapes in my life and it taught me that death isn’t horrible for the affected. In fact, it can be a blessing. It is hard on the survivors. I will be thinking of you when that day comes. I am sure she will worry about what happens to those left behind. When the time is right, be sure to assure her that all will be ok. Your character is being tested and it shines. You’re a good man Scrapr. Warm Canadian hugs for WoScrapr.
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    Think we might have a problem

    DeeJay wants to know why the new saltwater tank does not have fish yet. She just does not understand that we are waiting for a quick cycle and get them this weekend. She did however discover not to drink the saltwater I was mixing. WoK has already picked out two clown fish for the tank.. the store is going to hold them for us until Saturday. I will have to wait another few weeks before I get them their first of three maybe four anemones. This is what she picked. They are lightning blue/maroon clown fish. They get the title blue because of the darker maroon colors.
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    They did not know what to think about the little 2-legged visitors.
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    Hard to put this down in words

    I didn't mean to pour out a mess of words. It was just that we were in the middle of it. And had hope that the next thing was going to be the "cure". Now we are down to the last one. The Keytruda is a relatively new immunology drug. Instead of the chemo killing the cells it unlocks the immune system to kill the cancer cells. A friend of ours had her adrenal cancer "cured" with Keytruda when she got in a trial. So we have a tiny bit of hope. Tiny. But our pathways are closing. She has had 2 doses with one more today. The tumors seem to still be growing... WoScrapr had so much fun on our trip to the Volvo factory 2 years ago that she talked a lot about going to get hers. I promised her in the oncology ward she would get to go. In late January it looked like she was getting better. We put down a deposit on her trip. Which I had to cancel this week. I don't like to beg but if you hit your knees tonight say a fast one for WoScrapr.
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    That's a pro move right there.
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    I wasn’t even shooting at you.
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    Spring at camp

    It was a gorgeous spring day at camp yesterday. It's not on any Great Lake, so the temp was a balmy (hot!) 66°. A lot of the snow is gone, but the snowbanks and a lot of snow in the woods is still there. Of course my trail is good and solid, so it will be one of the last things to melt. (sigh) I walked my trail, and I have to say I will miss the snow. I think we bonded. I really enjoyed snowshoeing up there this winter. I'll be going up again Tuesday; might be one of my last chances to walk the snow. I brought both dirt bikes with me. I rode the skinny on the camp road, but I probably should have ridden the fattie. The road was soft and in some places really wet. I walked through this the first time but tried riding it on the way back. That was a no. There is a large, open wet spot/swamp farther down the road. It's usually obviously wet, but yesterday it was a lake! Good thing for the culvert under the road so the water has some place to go. It was a really good day. I totally enjoyed the full day of sun and the warm, T-shirt weather. Oh ya! HoSmudge invited me stick around for porterhouse steaks on the grill. He kept an eye on them while I sauteed some mushrooms and made a pasta salad. Yup, a good day!
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    Aunt Bee

    It was all a ruse. Like calling her "Aunt" Bee, just so Opie wouldn't realize what was actually going on with his dad and her.
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    Happpy Good Friday

    A family will come out this morning to see the critters. They like them all, so we will make the rounds. This afternoon I'll try to visit family and friends of a fellow that helped us find our home back in 1988. He had farmed much of the country that we were considering, and steered us away from problem areas. He was a Good Man. May even slip away to take a few more photos later today. Here are a few more from yesterday.
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    We you are the only fan in town

    I don't have cable but I wanted to watch the motorcycle race so I went to the corner bar. Everybody in the main bar watching baseball and I have the whole back room to myself. I kinda like it this.
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    Just fly @Parr8hed 's Emmy out to help you.
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    You got RG interested when you said "double header"
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    Ryan is a Thug

    Ryan, with a distraction caused by Lindy, jumped me from behind. He knocked me totally to the floor and this gave me a lump on the head. Then he checked my pockets to steal anything I had. Luckily I had nothing. He tried to tell me it was because he was overjoyed to see me. I am sending him to live with his Uncle Cheese. @AirwickWithCheese
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    So, for Easter...

    I put a brisket in the Weber to smoke. then son and I took the top and doors off of the Jeep. Later we drove out to Great Falls to see the river. Great day.
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    April Photos

    One month old today
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    April Photos

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    April Photos

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    In a case like that there is only one solution, you need a new bike.
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    THis is the 2nd time where I've coincidentally bought a plane ticket months ago...and had to leave because home was flooded. So we just returned from SEattle -- a short trip to temporarily forget. Cherry blossoms. Walk by Space Needle and Museum of Pop Music/Art.
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    Page Turner

    Are men garbage ?

    ...because now that I'm retired, I sometimes like to go down the block on rainy trash pick up days and flip open the lids of the cans in front of the guy's house who had the Trump/Pence yard signs in 2016 ? He's usually gone, and does not find out about it until his cans are half full of water. Does this make me passive aggressive ? I know it must irritate the hell out of him.
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    Sunday breakfast

    McDonalds #3 value meal with medium coffee.
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    from the farm.
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    Here you go, I know I’m going to regret googling this.
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    April Photos

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    April Photos

    The elk are on the move.
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    Pizza buyback!

    There is a pizza place I read about, opened up late last year. I got to it and had a slice; it was awesome. I had another. Came in again tonight and had a slice, awesome again, so I ordered another. “This one is on me”, he said. Turns out I had been talking with the owner, a super cool guy, really gives a crap about everything involved. Plus, they are playing devo. Yay!
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    Yuh huh. Got here a couple of days ago, and thought of grape pies ever since.
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    No shift, jsharr.

    Man are you hard on transmissions. So you screw up a Chevy transmission designed to haul a dozen tons up mountains and then you screw up a bullet proof transmission built for race cars. What are you doing wrong here?
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    I was going to ask him if he believed everything he read on Google. I can see right now, with my eating habits, I am going to die at a young age.
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    Fish are now here

    And she is still refusing to leave them alone
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    Your first sports memory

    Harlem Globetrotters surprising defeat of the Washington Generals.
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    Raplh's Executive Assistant

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    A few from this morning

    My photographer is traveling, and it was too cloudy and windy for me to go south and take waterfowl photos. In the last photo, Duke's and Tag's attention were shifted due to antics of the lambs that come into the back yard to eat out of the sled.
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    At least she's cute

    Apparently one of my Aussie's decided she liked a rock and is guarding it from the other one.
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    Please pass along my long held belief to Mr. Aire. "You don't know the true potential of your wife, until she tries to kill you." Wilbur
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    April Photos

    Visiting mother in hospital and staying overnight in Tampa rather than day trip. View from room.
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    Stupid rain.

    We got rained out of our second day of softball. Slopped around the campsite drinking screwdrivers and made a big breakfast. Made sure everything was nice and muddy before packing it up to go home. The night before we played a second year team. They had a 15-2 record. Em had pitched the game before so we started someone else. Fell behind 5-0 in the first. Kept plugging away. Found ourselves down by 1 in the top of the last inning. Coaches put in Emmy facing the 4,5,6 of a really good hitting team of older girls. Emmy sat them down in 14 pitches. They put in their stud pitcher (who looked old enough to drive to the game) We put a girl on and moved her around. An overthrow trying to pick her off at 3b sent her home but she got caught up in a pickle due to excellent back up play in left field. After an eternity of go, back, go, back she scored on a fielding error by catcher. Another girl was walked and moved around on a wild pitch and stolen base. So it was tied up, 2 outs, full count. Runner on 3. Our girl popped up a fastball and it fell directly behind the pitcher in no-mans-land. Everyone crashed but nobody could reach it. With 1b, short and 2nd all crashing that left 1b wide open for our little speedster to get on, since the steal was on our runner on 3 was already waiting on home for the ball to drop. It was one of the most amazing games I've seen. Emmy pitched 9 innings over 4 games. 22 strike outs, 3 walks, and only allowed 1 hit and one run. We were the team to beat before the rain out cancelled the semis.
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