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    You all know that WoScrapr passed almost a year ago. Our boy (he's 24) texts me tonight out of the blue & says do you have dreams about Mom? I reply funny you should ask. Last night she touched my arm when I was sleeping. She startled me & I woke up. I think if I had not woke up we might have hugged. So young Scrapr says she came to me last night & hugged me & sang to me. I think young Scrapr was a bit freaked out about it. But he said the hug was really good Both on the same night. We are checking with other good friends to see if she came to them. I had only 1 other instance where I "felt" her presence but did not see her
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    Because instead of replacing the door switch on our ancient drier, I use a crutch, a footstool, and a block of wood to put enough pressure on it to to run.
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    Backstory: We have run out of Tommy's medicine and it has been relatively painful refilling it -- for obvious reasons. Well, he has been stuffed up and unable to go number 2 for the past week and only able to void little blobs of nuggets. Instead of his usual medication, we have been using Miralax instead, which was originally suggested by the Vet several years ago. Apparently, Tommy lit a huge one up this morning while I was asleep -- Tude witnessed the magical event. In times like these, you have to grab on any good news you find.
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    You do know how to tell the difference between an oral and anal thermometer, right? The taste.
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    Sloopy is now 6 days old. 4 lbs 8 oz at 1 day. Yesterday she weighed 5 lbs 2 oz. I'm sure everyone here wishes they could gain weight that fast.
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    This should have been a super easy project, but of course it wasn't. I ended up with three different head types on the screws, so I had to keep changing the driver bits. I tried going through the 2x6 then into the 4x4, but I couldn't hold the 4x4 tight enough to the 2x6. (Later, HoSmudge told me I needed to use clamps. Oh!) Had to move stuff to get the ladder in there at correct angles. Stripped out a screw head or two (HoSmudge taught me how to use vice grips to remove them.) So ya. Should have been a three minute project. It took longer. Anyway, the hook is up, it works great. After installation, went for a ride on the muddy, rutty, icy camp road. Thank goodness for large tires with low PSI.
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    My son ran down stairs this morning, naked and overly excited. Runs up to WoIndy and says, "It finally happened, white stuff came out of my penis!" I really don't want to know what's coming next.
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    the masks for @Airehead's school are done and ready to ship tomorrow. We still have more material. We bought 9 yards of remnants at $1.99/yard instead of the regular price of $5.99. Made a total of 27 masks and used about 1/3 of the material.
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    I even remembered that it's Saturday and I could sleep late and not turn on my office computer today!
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    Since no one else started it.
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    The coyote was done with it
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    I realize Michigan only has Dickie and Carhartt but you can't be that out of touch..
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    Went out for a walk last night and came across this father and daughter. All she wanted to do was play catch with her dad All he wanted to do was make her run through drill after drill Inside, Outside, hitting spots. Poor girl was so confused but she was good at doing what he bitched about.
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    Today I jigged around the kitchen while listening to JJ Cale and making a meat loaf. I'm puzzled as to why the Government doesn't make this compulsory during this crisis. Now it's back to the Laptop.....I'd love a day off but there are too many people making mistakes on the internet.
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    Taken this morning after feeding. The last two are of one born Saturday afternoon. Decided it needed a drink after I woke it.
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    I keep a couple masks stored out of site but wear them when I clean the stoves. I had some cheap ones and the straps would tear off my head so my wife stepped up her game and bought me some higher quality masks that were more sturdier and filtered at a greater level. I use them maybe 3-4 times a year. Well, duh, they are N95s! So I went out to deposit a check at an ATM and went into a Lowe's and Coastal Farm and Ranch store equipped with an N95 mask and gloves. I social distanced and cleaned my hands. I feel pretty good for going out. A risk for sure but I minimized that risk. First time I went out all week.
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    Sausage and kale soup here. Made in December. Found when inventorying the freezer.
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    I seldom leave the house, but if I go outside and then come back in, I wash my hands. I wash after using the restroom of course I wash before touching food. At least I am not this poor lady.
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    Following up on the thread a couple days ago, they arrived today. Took a chance on size as sizing chart was significant different from Sidi. 10.5 is 45 in Sidi (and Schimano) where it split between 43.5 and 44 in Fizak. Got the 44 as the 43.5 was out of stock and the fit great.
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    I know. I have been begging her to come to me. Every night when I lay my head down I talk to her and tell her I miss you & I love you. And please come to me. I cried every night when I talked to her until about mid January. Now it's only a couple times a week. Healing or a new normal is starting I told Young Scrapr I was really happy for him
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    Overwhelmed. Grades are due today at 2:00, but I haven’t finished two sets of essays. And online classrooms begin Monday, so I’m in web meetings during the morning to learn how to roll out the district and school plan. Here’s my modified version of the 1918 influenza epidemic children’s jump rope chant. “I had a little birdie / its name was crastination / I signed it to a contract / now procrastination.” The good, though? I read a few essays last night that were inspired, elegant, powerful. I’ve known people with heart in my classes. It’s very encouraging.
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    I spoke to a man this morning who stated that this was all a scam and overblown by the press. Right.........we live on the edge of the target that is New York City which is growing in diameter every day. The rate of death is sweeping across CT from west to east just as it has swept onto Long Island, down into New Jersey and now from what I hear into Eastern Pennsylvania. It's only time and numbers. I've composed my final words. Should I disappear some day, make this my avatar and keep me around for a while.
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    A lifelong friend of mine just got out of hospital in London. He took ill while there on business and just brushed the fatigue on jet-lag. 4 days later he was in hospital and on a ventilator for 10 days. He is 62 but a lifetime competitive soccer player. No other ailments. He said he was convinced he wasn't going to survive it.
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    A beautiful day here in the Nation’s Capital. I needed a route that avoided the MUT as much as possible. Rode from my house to Vienna then past Wolf Trap Farm Park to Great Falls and back. 29.6 miles with 900 feet climbed. Not a lot but it wasn’t flat either. Pics are Difficult Run and cherry trees at Meadowlark Gardens. Nice ride.
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    This should have been a super easy project, but of course it wasn't. I ended up with three different lengths of the staples, so I had to keep changing the stapler's feed. I tried going through the 1x6 then into the 1x4, but I couldn't hold the 1x4 tight enough to the 1x6. (Later, WoRE told me I needed to use clamps. Duh!) Had to move stuff to get the sawhorse at correct angles. Missed a staple or two (WoRE taught me how to use needle nose pliers to remove them.) So ya. Should have been a three minute project. It took longer. Anyway, the mount is up, it looks great. After installation, went for a ride on the pristine and beautiful country roads. Thank goodness for narrow tires and Di2.
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    I want to mow the lawn, it's not really high enough to need mowed, I just like riding the mower around.
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    No new kids, and the ones born late yesterday afternoon are doing fine. The four older kids are having a blast running and jumping in the barn area next to where we keep the new kids. We just piled some of the cleaning from the pens, and they are thrilled that they have a place to play 'king of the mountain'.
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    I got an email this week that the jerseyfrom Scratchtown Brewery had finally arrived. It’s a 75 mile drive to a small town. I picked up my jersey and a couple liters of beer. Since I was close, I decided to do our shopping for the week in a nearby city. The grocery has a rustic bakery with incredible Asiago cheese bread, but it was sold out! The layout of this store is completely different than our local one. It was exhausting trying to find the items on the list. The fact it was picked over in certain places didn’t help. Still the jersey looks good! Can’t wait to wear it this week!
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    Ain't nobody got time for that. Maggie's going to be so sad when this is all over and we go back to work.
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    So..when I got back from Nebraska..work via the Board of directors had put some practices in place and pretty much cancelled ALL group activities..what few thing were left..pretty much have been cut off since then...ANYWAY...first thing I did was contact our direct TV provider to figure out how to get our regular exercise and Tai Chi videos into the apartments..we did..no sound..but they can follow the videos pretty well. Then I started wracking my brain to come up with someone healthy and able enough to maybe play piano in our atrium...I asked Richard who does music at several churches..at first he said no..but then he called me back and said he would do it!! He is not into performing and hey it isnt his usual style of music..we postponed doing it last week due to my allergies..but today he played for close to 40 minutes..Gershwin and some movie tunes from the 50's or 60's..and he closed with God Bless America and encouraged folks to sing along. The residents were GREAT...maintained social distancing...anywhere from 5 to maybe 15 or 20 folks on each floor..they clapped after each song..and I think it lifted peoples spirits.....Richard and I spoke a couple days ago..as long as folks maintain the safe distance...he will make this a Friday 2pm gig I have also requested a few CD's and will try to play 1 or 2 a day..just to break up the emptiness of our atrium..I played a jazz one this morning...will do it again Monday!
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    I realize it is a delicate subject especially in times like now. You should consider an opportunity. Just so you know, I'm in the market for a few things: Smart TV, not too big, with Chromecast built in. A Dyson cordless vacuum, preferably with the factory accessory pack. A nice zero turn riding mower in good condition. A small plot of land in a scenic area. (Not Colorado. Taxes are too high.) Near a lake or river would be okay. Cash and/or securities. (No airlines. Thanks.) A Winnebago, fully equipped, with burgundy interior. Peace on earth and good will torward men.
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    That sounds like a tough situation. When my Mom gets really mad, she calls me Missy. Like, "Listen here, Missy, you can't tell me what to do." When I get called Missy, I know I better back off.
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    Freshly baked sandwich loaf. Made the dough with my new Kitchenaid stand mixer, a belated birthday present.
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    It’s lockdown I’m laying back in my easy chair and I really need to pee no way it’s going to happen though I’m comfy and… it’s lockdown Can’t remember when I washed but I know it’s been some time the smell is bad and getting worse I just keep breathing through my mouth it’s lockdown I really need to change my clothes for it’s been quite a time my underwear crackles as I walk but I don’t care it’s lockdown Don’t go to bed now… it’s just too far just chill out here in my easy chair watching re-runs of Judge Judy and eating Tunnocks’ tea cakes it’s lockdown. George White 02/04/2020
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    When I picked it up it felt like it was all air. I told my wife they must have sent me more bags of air.
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    Angora kid and a triplet just left for their mountain home. Hopefully will see the kid again in the autumn.
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    is now on Amazon Music and other platforms. Music and lyrics are both his work. He played all parts and mixed it. I may be a little biased but I think it is pretty good work for a 6th grader. Reason to Believe by Tege Holt
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    Did she know she was your girlfriend?
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