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    You're going to be green with envy

    When you see the lovely frog card that Petite sent me! And because Petite is a woman of consummate taste, she used a frog stamp as well!
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    Ryan took a big leap and applied to the Health Sciences Academy in our school district. He was accepted, but this meant he will be bussed to a different high school across town. Due to this, he decided not to play football this year, as he did not want to have to play against all his old team mates and friends. Instead of football, he signed up for JROTC as he wants to pursue a career as an EMT / Paramedic and may go the military route for training, as he is pursuing the EMT path through the Health Sciences Academy. Very proud of the man that Ryan is growing to be.
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    Was supposed to go look at a different one Saturday. The other one was further away and had a rebuilt title (roof was damaged by previous owner, easy to do if you forget something is in the trunk). But combination of storms Saturday morning and kids not wanting to go prevented it. So Saturday afternoon, wife was on the computer and yelled at me to get ready let's go, dealership close by just listed it. Really, it wasn't listed that morning. They had just got it in, hadn't cleaned it (things was still pretty much spotless). All the service records were in the glove box, not a single oil change missing, dang the previous owner was maintenance anal. They had it priced good already, but told the sales guy we would go home and think about it, he dropped the price to a point we couldn't say no. Year newer than the other, clear title, same price. And the wife, who said she wouldn't ride in convertible, spent rest of the weekend saying, "let's take the convertible." And it's all @Square Wheels fault, he put the idea of a hard top convertible in my head and I wanted to be cool like him. Just with Japanese reliability versus German maintenance.
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    Assateague Island pics

    A few from the vacation
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    Is still rad. Toads wild ride was done this morning. I love this area. 1800 ft of climbing and scary rocky obstacles. I did this insane rock staircase going down that I have never cleared until today. My buddy was walking and I rode past him on the rock garden. He called me queen all afternoon.
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    I like Hershey's

    The chocolate snobs will tell you it's rot gut bottom of the barrel crap chocolate. I'll eat their portion.
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    Just got back from visiting an Adult Family Home in his home town and I felt really good about it. It's quiet and peaceful. I told the folks running the place that I needed to give full diligence and visit two other places on Saturday but in the back of my mind I felt really good about this home. It's theirs to lose. It's in a beautiful setting and the home itself is very comfortable and relaxing. The owners are of Romanian descent and lovely people. He'd have his own room and there'd be someone there around the clock. The place has all the equipment and I was impressed with the caregivers. I just really feel like he can thrive there. It's like 10-15 from his house and his family could see him daily and I can come down and visit him during the weekdays. Most importantly, I think it could be his final stop and I would not feel like I've dumped him. I don't want to celebrate too early and we need to settle the financial end but I feel very, very relieved I have found something I can live with. It's my sincere hope he can too. I mean knowing where he is going to land and getting other members of the family to agree with it is a tall order -- particularly when those other family members are still believing he is fit to go home (he's not). It may not be perfect but frankly it's as good as anything I'm going to find him. Again, it's a giant relief.
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    18 pounds less

    Today than my last Dr. Appt in May. Keto works. But it’s hard. Cheated a lot on my two trips the past week. Have 7 more trips planned before end of year.
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    Your stretching exercises

    I quit stretching when I reached 6 foot 5 inches. Too hard to find clothes if I stretch anymore.
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    SofZ has invaded the US!

    Son of Zeph is in sunny California. They are down there for a couple weeks on Catalina Island doing some stuff with NASA. He said US customs at LAX were rather skeptical when he told them he was in the US for two weeks so NASA astronauts could drive around in Submarines. They didnt believe him at first, it is likely a story they hear all the time.
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    Five Guys Burgers

    Met up with some guys I graduated high school with last night at a burger joint in Plano called Country Burger. Had a great time catching up and sharing old stories. We are going to make this a once a month get together and hope to get more old friends involved.
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    It fit...

    ...and only. once did I think about killing Mr.Aire. I will say this here—- it is likely wrong how happy that room of blue EVA mats has made me. It has also scared me silly. I have no excuse not to practice and Lindy and I should be able to place in the ribbons. I am feeling the pressure. And I cannot wait to try Ylva on a course. She will be an agility rocket. I may have to steal her from Couch.
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    Forgot to show y’all this

    thats her “hard assed” look. She also got a new shirt.
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    My son totally burned me

    So we are in my car and a song comes on that I like, so I am singing along. Wade asks me "Who sings this song?' and I replied with the artists name. Probably Jimmy Buffett. to which he replies "Yeah, let's keep it that way" All i could do was laugh! Apparently he did it to Martha as well and she tried it on me as we were watching tv and a good song came on. Could have been in pitch perfect. Sad part is I fell for it again!
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    And wife also likes to make sure everyone knows it's my midlife crisis car. I am not arguing with that either.
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    Saturday drive

    Took the top and doors off the Jeep. Drove out to Front Royal and explored Fort Valley Rd. Narrow two lane twisty road through the Shenandoah Valley. Climbed up the hills and down the other side to Luray. Stopped at a roadside smoker and ate a pulled pork sandwich. Good stuff. Saw some paragliding off the side of the road. Took Skyline Drive back to Front Royal. Nice relaxing drive.
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    He told me he wanted to take his mom to Olive Garden, but it was spensive. Made me feel bad for bargaining with him on price. He told me lemonade was $1.00 per glass but I got him down to $5.00 per glass if I bought two glasses.
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    Assateague Island pics

    Mind if I share a few?
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    August photos

    I felt like I was being watched on my ride today.
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    Who is looking for another car?

    That's the replacement for the El Camino, El Corvetto.
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    Good thing you noticed that and not the groping going on..
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    Do you think this will be ready?

    Maybe you can host them in the barn as a Plan B, as long as everyone takes their shoes off.
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    I started at the Bicycling Forum in the Pro Cycling forum. I was just getting interested in cycling and some of the posters were very helpful learning about the strategy of the sport. While hanging out there, I started looking at the Love Forum and eventually posted. I like the fact that there are a variety of people with different interests and experiences. In my real life I'd never meet a bon vivant pilot, an awesome schralper, caring school admin, a man who could transport organs, a sheep herder with impressive artistic skills, a Greenville enthusiast with an appreciation for 70's culture , a petite Adventurer and people with the wide range of skills and interests we have here. I find the different points of view and experiences interesting and I've seen how the people here can come together with heart and spirit for a good cause. Plus sometimes I laugh out loud at the posts. Plus it can help keep me sane during a long work day.
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    I come here to think lazy and talk lazy.....after a day of meeting about surveillance videos with some folks at work and next steps; looking at database access levels for trainees and discovering some strange specs.; testing someone's training course instructions on data migration from 1 application to another; telling a stressed out colleague that they inserted the wrong course descriptions online for employees; reviewing changes to web text pages; finding out from colleagues about 26 more employees who got laid off last wk., etc. Cafe is a place to chill here and smoke some Internet weed.
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    August photos

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    I like Hershey's

    I think it is good chocolate.
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    August photos

    Made it to the family cottage out East
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    I used to think a 12 mile ride was long. Then I started road riding for real. Then I thought I had to go fast. Then I got a cellphone with a camera. Then I started riding in the woods. Now I ride however fast or slow I want, generally in the woods. I see many things I want to stop to look at, and many times I take a picture of it. Then I am happy. And I get back on my bike and pedal like a happy 5-year-old out cruisin' the neighborhood. But my 'hood is the woods, and I am 55. Ya, life is good when you have a bike.
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    Thought about, but then we realized we are to old and not limber enough, so couldn't figure out the logistics of how to do anything. So we went to Dairy Queen instead.
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    Damn Weiner

    @jsharr trying to stop himself from parodying this thread....
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    Who is looking for another car?

    This one will make heads turn when it pulls up.
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    Volvo re delivery

    Ok...it's not a Tesla....but still pretty OK WoScrapr & I were hoping to go back to the motherland (Sweden) to do her Overseas Delivery (OSD). It's like a secret club. Volvo pays for 2 tickets & 1 night in a nice hotel to the factory town. Then you can drive all over Europe or not. About 50% don't take it off Volvo factory grounds. There are drop points all over. Mostly Western Europe. Then you wait while your car is shipped across the pond. The delivery at the dealer is called redelivery. We signed WoScrapr's OSD on Feb 01. Redelivery was yesterday Aug 16th tl;dr Scrapr got a new car Here is a little write up from Swedespeed to recap for those not following along. My V60 OSD was April 2017. We took our boy & spent 3+ weeks starting in Stockholm and ending in Paris before returning to Portland. I wanted April in Paris for Mrs Scrapr. We had our 21 y/o son along so it was not quite as romantic but still was a great time. And I'm very glad that we took him. Very. That summer all Mrs Scrapr could talk about was how much fun the OSD was. She loved the factory tour. She is a people person and not as much a manufacturing & things person. But she just loved how Volvo treated the manufacturing staff. And our delivery person who came from the floor. So by Fall we were talking about an OSD for her. On Nov 1 of 2017 she was Dx with esophageal cancer. The first night in the oncology ward we were both crying. And one of the things she said was "does this mean I don't get my OSD?" I promised her there that she would go. She went through radiation & light chemo, then a brutal surgery in March of '18. Almost 20 biopsies came back clean. No cancer left. Over that summer she was recovering. We made a nice trip to Grand rapids & Chicago. At that point Volvo had taken the XC60 out of the OSD list. So I was stuck on doing hers. The XC60 fit her and was just the right size. XC90 was too big, XC40 too small. By November of '18 her cancer had come back. Oncologist called it Stage 4. "I can't cure you" is what he saidShe went back in for more radiation & chemo. This time the radiation left some serious burns on her skin. By the end of January Volvo opened the XC60 back up for OSD. We were waiting for a scan to see how the chemo was doing. I think that was just after the first of February. in the mean time she started on a drug called Keytruda. One of our good friends was saved with the Keytruda. So our hopes were high. On Feb 01 we signed a OSD for the XC60. Delivery date was May 21. As we got through Feb & March the cancer started gaining ground. The bad part the tumors were growing during treatment. By April we knew that she could not travel. Rather than cancel we hoped that she might have a bit of time to drive the XC60 here in the States so we did not cancel. On May 23 she passed at our home. 2 days past our delivery day. Out here on the Best Coast it takes 10-12 weeks to get the OSD delivered. Turned out it was right at 12 weeks. Today i picked up her XC60. It was a bit hectic as Jim Fisher Volvo is doing a lot of work on the showroom & parking lot. But they are super people. A lot of foot traffic in there too. I was sandwiched in between 2 other deliveries. Another couple was looking at an last gen XC60 when the salesman mentioned OSD. I'm like you should do it. Awesome sauce. I had them value my V60 and it looked good to me so I signed some papers and came out with money in pocket. It took a bit to get the Volvo On Call switched over. Mostly because it was in Mrs Scraprs e mail & phone. Got that sorted and all is goodA bit bittersweet redelivery Wish we could have made it to Sweden *how's the car you say? Pretty nice stuff
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    Am I okay with making a fool of myself? Of course I am. I'm an old fat guy who rides in spandex, juggles, and writes stories. And I hang out here, so...
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    August photos

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    Am I being a jerk?

    Not at all. People are told to take their shoes off qhen they come to our house. Buy some of those shoe covers from a safety supply store. Tell people but if they forget, they slip these over their outside shoes
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    Not sure yet, I hear there are videos. We'll see. I may post them. I did all three songs, my step brother covered for me, a lot.
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    August photos

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    I like the spicy brown mustard, and often wear it on my shirt...
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    Y.I.R.(Yesterday I rode).......

    On the Great Trail, the Galloping Goose and the Lockside Trail. Good friends of ours moved a few years ago to Victoria an hour and a bit south of us. Vic is a very cycling centric town and they have become urban cyclists since moving there, riding their bike to the market, run small errands, to church on Sunday, etc. Yesterday was his birthday and they wanted us to come down to go out for supper and stay the night. Where we are traveling tomorrow we could not so we offered to come down for lunch, his pick. There is a food truck/stand near the bike trail so he asked why don't we bike out, eat and bike back. It is a MUP with lots of riders on it, a few walkers closer to town. Usually my rides are hammerfests and this poking along was different for me. The trail starts along the harbour.. Then over a trail bridge to the other side In some places on the trail, the bikes have the right of way and cars have to stop when crossing the trail. And when following roads often had dedicated cycling path Then through the parka and green spaces out of town And over some wetlands to get to farm country Once in farm country there were lots of honour system farm veggie stands by the road where you could grab some veggies they had out and stick your money in a can. We even had a few dirt sections And eventually ended up in fields.... And then LUNCH! It is a farm to table place, they grow most of what they serve on site and everything else is local. Probably 75 % of their customers arrived by bike. After filling our bellies..... We chatted for a bit and turned around for the 19km(12 mile) ride back to their place. All in all a relaxing ride. He really enjoyed it as a birthday trip. The poking along was new to me, and we got passed by a couple pace lines I really wanted to jump on, but a fun way to spend a day
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    Gratuitous g'young'un pics

    Road trip!
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    I blame Kerby

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    Charmin Forever Roll

    That wouldn’t last long when the granddaughters come over.
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    You guys help lessen my stress.
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