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    Best advice from a doctor ever

    Had my 6 month follow-up appointment with my knee surgeon. My knee has a new trick (a click when I extend it), but he decided it's just scar tissue. We chatted for a bit and then he gave me the best advice from a doctor ever... Ride your bike as much as you can. Go be an athlete. Well alrighty then!!
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    My life has be default been broken into two parts, the before the navy part over which I had very little control and the after that when it was my life. Of the former part, memories have faded, badly for the most part as until today I didn't really remember what my dad looked like. An old next door neighbor stopped by today and brought a batch of pictures from the middle of the last century to remind me of things forgotten, sometimes intentionally forgotten. This may be a bit long but here from prehistory is a bit of me. My father and the 4th house he built outsourcing only the concrete work and the well work. Me and Ted, the kid who moved into that house. I may have been teaching him to blow grass whistles here before we stopped to wet our whistles. Alas, dad passed away when I was 10. Mom remarried and my stepdad brought along my new stepbrother whom we adopted. It would turn out later that new dad was a drunk, a mean one and unfortunately later in life stepbrother had difficulties with booze and drugs as well. Mom, new dad and new brother Things were good back then. I helped raise michael and as you can see we were cyclists and airplane nuts even then. The pictures remind me of good times, but I suspect that my brain has wiped those memories on purpose.
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    Mortality bitch slap

    Want to meet at 4:00 for dinner at the Golden Corral tonight? It's filet night on the grill and I think that the chocolate fountain is working again. We have to be home by 5:00 so I can take my back pill and my sugar pill and watch my stories.
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    WTF chronicles of the ER 2

    Ok, Ralph told me to: I walked back to my car with the can of gasoline. Poured most of it into the gas tank but saved a bit in case I needed to prime the carb. I cranked and cranked and it didn't even fire. I opened the hood and took off the top of the air cleaner and poured some gas directly into the carb. When I tried to start it the carb/air filter/and engine caught fire. I ran around and opened the trunk where I had a pair of coveralls, tried to smother the fire with the coveralls but it kept breaking through. I grabbed a six pack of beer out of the trunk and started popping and pouring on the fire/coveralls. I got the fire out all except the paper air filter element was still smoldering. I grabbed it and threw it to the curb, got in the car and it fired right up. I drove back to the gas station to return the gas can and fill up my tank. When I drove back up the road I saw all these flashing lights about where I had run out of gas. When I got there I saw a firetruck and two police cars and they were squirting a fire extinguisher on my smoldering paper filter. I kept my eyes straight ahead and slowly drove past them while I innocently whistled. There may have been more alcohol involved in this evening than just what I used to put out the fire.
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    New place

    Wife, son and I went to look at four rentals yesterday. Lease on the apartment is up April 30 so we need to find something soon. Last place we looked at was it. Submitted an online application last night. It's fairly close to everyone's work and not far from the cross county trail. Five beds, three baths, 3,200 sq ft on a wooded acre.
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    It all started just over 20 years ago. We departed New York at 9pm and enjoyed the summer sunset until it began to rise again. Such is a summer Atlantic crossing. You never quite get darkness, especially when the great circle route takes you up to 74 degrees North. After an eye burning sunrise, even though we had covered most windows with paper charts, books and clipboards, we started decent into Yerevan. The sky above was clear and we enjoyed the 11:00 am local sunlight splashing off the slopes of Mt Ararat. It was beautiful. After the storm troopers had boarded, checked and stamped our passports and Visa's left, we buttoned up the airplane for our 5 day internment in the recently Soviet state. The town still had an oppressive feel to it and there were still many hammer and sickle monuments about. The brand new Mercedes bus winked us through the streets of Yerevan. It was hired to take us to the hotel and supply ground transport for our 5 day stay. We pulled up in front of a brand new building and were whisked into the lobby... of a Mercedes dealership. Our baggage had already been removed from sight and I asked the driver if we were near the hotel. Yes, yes, of course. A response I must have heard 100 times already. Some very well dressed and beautiful women approached and asked for passports and Amex. They brought fresh coffee and cognac with tiny biscotti. It was all very nice. The ladies stood in front of us as we enjoyed the snack so I asked if the hotel was nearby? Yes, yes, of course. After 10 minutes, the manager introduced himself and asked us to follow. We went in an elevator and he instructed the operator to take us to floor 10. On the 10th floor, we were shown a beautiful bar and were introduced to George, a well attired Nigerian and the only black man in Yerevan. George offered more coffee, drinks, pastries etc which we all declined. The lack of sleep was starting to take effect. We were taken to our rooms and once shown how to operate the sink and toilette was left alone. I went to lock the door and noticed there was no locking mechanism. Huh! I was tired, had a shower and went to sleep on the plywood mattress with 1/4 inch foam on it. After a couple of hours I woke up, got dressed and decided to go for a stroll. I stumbled across what I would later learn, was the Vernisagge Market. An open air market with vendors selling their wares. I came across Ivan. Ivan sold antiquities. Specifically, Armenian silk and wool rugs. They were beautiful, some colourful, some pastel but from age and wear. It was the latter that caught my eye. I asked Ivan how much and he started at 700 USD. "Nyet! Sto" was my response. He sneered and walked away. OK, he was not impressed with my 100 dollar counter offer. I left and wandered around the market and picked up a few pottery items. As I walked by Ivan on my way out I said "Dva Sto!". Nope. He shook his head and I left. Over the next few days I would swing by for another look. I really liked the rug and wondered when I might, if ever, be back. I tried him again at two hundred and he countered with 600. OK, he is interested. I stood around and managed to find an English speaker to translate. I mean, I was leaving the following afternoon. As the sun set and the rugs were being rolled up for the night, Ivan signalled me over and poured me a brandy in an old clay cup. We had a drink, he had a smoke and we gestured and laughed in my very broken Russian. He never mentioned the rug, we parted and I went back to the hotel. Departure morning, I got up, and cleaned up. Went down the hall to see George and enjoyed fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee and amazing croissants. After that, I took one last stroll through the market. Ivan just opened up and was unrolling rugs. When he stopped, I noticed my rug was not there. I stopped Ivan and asked about "rug". He gestured me to come to his store where he said "Tri stoni". Finally, a price we could both live with. I asked to see the rug and he handed it to me. Rolled and tied and covered in paper. I gave him the 300 dollars and we shook hands and smiled. I went back to the hotel, got changed and met the other crew with my purchase. I was so happy. When we got to the airport and went through security, the guards were very curious about the package. They opened it and pulled me aside. The asked for my antiquities permit. My what? This rug is an antique. You cannot take it without a certificate. I asked where to get one. "It is Sunday. Office is closed". I think I had the look of panic on my face. Another guard approached me as he had seen the little turmoil. "For 20 US dollars, I take it to you". Where? I said. He said, "Go through Immigration and security. Out of building look to right". Ok. I went out and looked right. The security guard was at the fence. He threw my rug over the fence and I gave him his 20 dollars. Broke a law but dammit, I fought hard for that rug. When I got it home, I had it cleaned and appraised. The guy said it was worth about $4000 but was not an antique. It was about 20 years old but hand woven and very well made. I think the airport guards were trying to stiff me for USD. It resides in my living room to this day.
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    Duke this morning

    -11F did not feel to bad after -22F low. Suppose to warm to 14F today, but we'll wait and see.
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    A few wimmens at work that I have known for many years have asked; "did you loose weight?" I said 25 pounds via biking my ass off...literally It is noticeable. One woman today wanted to make sure I wasn't sick I do feel better and people I ride w/ notice I'm riding stronger.
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    Auto Stop Technology..

    I guarantee you that these guys never had that issue with their team car!
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    A kindly old man died peacefully and found himself resurrected in the middle of a country road. And behold! Running toward him was his favorite dog! He knelt and embraced his long lost pet in tearful reunion. After some time, the dog seemed anxious to walk the road in what seemed to be the direction of the rising sun. The man followed. Before long, they came to a fence of wrought gold, with pearly gates, behind which there stood mansion upon mansion. The gatekeeper, a tall man in flowing white robes, greeted the man, and welcomed him to enter. "But what exactly is this place?" said the man, who had been a lifelong believer. "This," said the gatekeeper, is Heaven. But you'll have to leave him outside. We have a strict no-pets policy." The man stood in confusion for some moments. His face became grim. "No thanks," he said. "I'll take my chances with my dog." For a long time, the man and his dog wandered down the road. At last they came to an unpretentious farming community with no fences or gates of any kind. What appeared to be a contented old farmer was sitting on a stool next to an old-fashioned hand operated water pump. The dog ran up to the farmer, who petted him, and gave him some water. "Where is this place?" asked the man. "This is Heaven," answered the farmer. "It's all around you. You've been in it, or at least the outskirts of it ever since you died." "But that fellow back yonder behind the pearly gates said that place was Heaven." replied the man. "Nah, that's Hell," replied the farmer. "We leave the entrance there to weed out the hypocrites who'd leave their best friend behind."
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    A day on the slopes

    It was a good day to ski. Coaster The hard way up the mountain. The valley Ski race today. Looked like high school students. Apres.
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    Schralp day

    It was so much fun. My riding was so precise today. This trail has very tight trees. You gotta thread the needle through them. We did two shuttle runs. There were features that I cleared today that I have never done. There was snow at the top. We were rallying in snow dirt muck. My gal pal fell pretty hard and hurt her shoulder. Hope she didnt do too much damage to herself. She left after one run with her husband. The second run was fantastic. My husband, our buddy and I tore it up. I rode through this gnarly root and boulder section that I have never cleared. Really feeling strong.
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    Random Weirdo

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    I drove Griffin 5 hours to Chattanooga. It made me happy to be able to do something for him. One of the team dads volunteered to be the SAG driver since his back was a little wonky. This made me happy since it meant that I could ride with the team a little. I volunteered my truck since it was the biggest vehicle to hold the most gear/kids/bikes. This made me feel happy that I was able to help out. \ Team dad is a really strong rider, but small. About 5'4". So he raised my seat to the ceiling and scooted it up to the dash. This made me feel indifferent. When I went to leave to drive back to Louisville the seat was stuck. This made me feel angry. I drove 5 hours home with my head rubbing the ceiling and knees rubbing the dash. This made me feel frustrated. Once I got home and rested I cleaned connections, fuses, and the switch. I made sure everything was tight and then the seat started working again. This made me feel relieved. My truck is back to normal and this makes me happy.
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    They are so stinking cute. After ten granddaughters I had almost forgotten how much fun little boys can be. After taking our two year old granddaughter for her special day with nana and papa we brought her back home and hung out with the rest of the family for awhile. Their birthday party isn't until Saturday.
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    I have a pair of pj's just like those except mine have a flap in the back.
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    Patch Hell

    I would just get a new tube if it were me.
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    New place

    I like what you have done with it already
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    Bo is excited about his new baby brother. BTW, Tommy ate his breakfast. Couch
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    February Photos

    Spent the day skiing. Visibility was challenging at times. Lots of fresh snow. Good times.
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    Fun Family Day

    My son couldn't make it but we had a fun family day yesterday. Headed up to Venice Beach and watched the freak show. Picture below is in front of the famous muscle beach. We then cruised up the coast to Malibu, went through Malibu Canyon to Thousand Oaks and had lunch at my sisters restaurant. Checked out guitars at a shop in LA and I went to my favorite LA bike shop and drooled over bikes. A little bit more driving than I like but a fun day. Picture is daughter flanked by me & wife of chrisl and future SIL.
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    February Photos

    Playing with the new 'point and shoot' this morning while feeding.
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    February Photos

    One of my twin grandsons just because he is so stinking cute. They are almost one year old now. He doesn't have to wear his helmet anymore.
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    I was on line at the sandwich section of the cafeteria. This made me eager with anticipation. The first person on the line ordered an absurdly complicated sandwich which required a lot of customization and time to make (and trips by the sandwich maker to at least two other parts of the cafeteria for special items). This made me a little annoyed. Then the next person ordered American Cheese on white bread with mayo. That struck me as the saddest lunch I'd ever seen. The sandwich guy tried to liven it up by suggesting tomatoes, or grilled veggies or a tasty side dish of potato salad, but she wanted none of that. That made me a little confused, and still sad. The sandwich guy asked if she wanted it grilled, but no, just cold and plain. This made me perplexed. Then I realized she was probably very happy with her sad little lunch and was looking forward to a tasty meal. That made me feel a little happy. The End.
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    Took one of the girls with me. Trying out my new sight. Worked great
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    I don't care to show off my muscles. I don't want to make the guys feel like girly men.
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    There is a lot of jack up in here

    G’s bike team is in Chattanooga for the weekend in a rental house. 13 high end bikes in the living room. I’d say somewhere in the neighborhood of 60g parked in the living room. Lotta Dura Ace. And a box of these in the house. Griffin asked me if it was a cassette. 🙄
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    Had fun over the weekend in Chatty with G's bike team. G rode about 40 miles with them. The older kids rode about 80. G rode up the first "monster" climb. About 2000 ft of gain and 6 miles in climbing. It was pretty amazing. I will post some pics in a bit.
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    Where do you draw the line?

    I don't think that a hot vegan chick would be worth all of that.
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    I guess we need some gas control laws.
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    We are watching the Arrested Development series again. If you're not familiar, Henry Winkler plays the family's bumbling attorney, Barry Zuckerkorn. They snuck this in, in one scene with Barry in the men's room.
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    Millennials ??

    What always gets me with this stuff, I can't get over the amount of nerve some people have to have to even ask people for money to help them with this kind of stupidity. Of course, apparently I'm the stupid one because they went way past their goal and I'm the idiot that bangs my head into a wall trying to pay for everything myself and fix my own mistakes.
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    You could come to my house and work out in my basement. There is a boom box and a couple TV's, rollers if you have your bike, a treadmill, and a bathroom at the top of the steps. Personally, I don't care for public gyms. Not as convenient, germy, weird people doing weird stuff, and know-it-alls giving their advice. bleh.
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    Tests came back for Tommy. He's negative on the AIDS thing. He's still a little under the weather though. He's a bit better than yesterday. He's taking his medication without a fight but thats probably because he's too weak to fight me on it. So, our next step is to get his shots up to date next week. Then, get his balls sucked out (that is what they do now). Then its two months of living in our hallway before we introduce him to the rest of the cats. Since he's so easy going and used to being outside, I'm going to get him a cat walker so we can walk him outside until we have full introduction. The poor boy will be bored out of his mind, sitting in the hallway. Unless Air takes him. Her airedales need a cat. Couch
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    WTF, chronicles from the ER

    Or get lectured on the dangers of motorcycles I've had the ER lecture a few times. The only time I was ever in the ER for a motorcycle crash I have no memory whatsoever of even being there. They probably gave me restrictions on what I was allowed to do. I couldn’t follow what I couldn’t remember. I raced again that Sunday with a new helmet.
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    Just a quick update. We took Tommy in. He has an infection going on from the fight. He received a shot of anti-bionics along with cream for his ears and more anti-biotic pills. We had the Feline AIDS test done and we are awaiting the results tomorrow. Hopefully, he's good on that front because that will me we can eventually introduce him to our other four cats. If this all works out, he will get his shots next week and his balls nipped off the following week. I'm hopeful at this point. Worst case, we get him all fixed up, get him fixed and he continues his life as an outside cat. Thanks for the vibes. I'll keep you updated tomorrow on the AIDS front. Couch
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    New place

    Wife, son and I get along better in a big house.
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    What are the odds

    A friend of mine is a artist and did a photo weaving of me a few years ago. She has about 10 works of art on display for the month at a coffee shop. And then I noticed that I was on display next to a book that was written mostly about my dad. Ok I thought it was cool
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    Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    February Photos

    Kilmer's Mill, Manchester, Vermont
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    Before I went to visit my mother today, I stopped at the drugstore to get her some vitamins and other items she wanted. This made me feel productive. I had a 32% off coupon. This made me feel very good, but also a bit confused since it's such an odd amount of a discount. While I was at the check out line I saw the store manager filling little pink bags with coupons and various samples for "Beauty Day". This made me curious. The sign said the bags were a thank you to loyal customers and we should take one. This made me feel surprised. While I was still checking out, I saw a number of ladies go by the table and most of them either asked the manager for a second bag or just took two or three. That made me sad that people were so greedy and annoying. I finished checking out and took one pink bag, said thank you and left. That made me feel very satisfied.
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    That’s a Colnago on the left.
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    February Photos

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    I think the bottom board was RG’s answer.
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    Figure skating commentary

    And that's the male commentators.