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    Proud of DoSmudge2

    She bought her own bike today. It's a Cannondale Quick 4 Women's. The color caught her eye. After that it was all mom and her Jedi mind tricks. Anyway that's what she blames for the purchase.
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    Proud parent moment

    My youngest daughter had a photo featured today on Canon USA’s Instagram page!
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    Had an echocardiogram for a mild heart murmur my new Dr found. The technician was cool and was explaining everything to me. She angled the monitor so I could see and she was pointing things out. She said the Dr will provide a follow up but asked what they told me. I told her they said I had a slight murmur and they wanted to do this as a precaution. She said thought so as I don’t see much of a murmur here, blood flow looks good. After we got to talking for a while she says, can I tell you something? Uh sure what? When I called your name I was hoping you would stand up and my heart jumped for joy when you did. Me thinking oh this is awkward... Then she continues... You see most older men are usually obese and well there was that fat guy in the room too. You are my third one today and my arm & shoulder really get tired pushing against a bunch of fat.... And I thought she was coming on to me...
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    Square Wheels

    I have now driven two BMWs

    the one I test drove, and the one I took home tonight.
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    My middle girl is having trouble today. I am not sure why this year seems harder than the last 25 plus for her. She sent this picture of her dancing at our wedding. Marrying all four of them is something I do not regret. Coincidentally I just hung our engagement gift. It is actually a barrel top label that was used to send apples by train in the old days. The card said something about you aren’t marrying an apple, you are getting the whole bushel. The girls love this label and Mr Aire understands.
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    I am president Still bored...OMG but hopefully fewer meetings....since I don't plan to a call a lot of them!! Pray for me!!
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    I don't think I have one for this year. Last year I trained really hard. I had a coach who really prepared me. I was running a lot and cycling a lot. My short runs during the week were 5 miles, usually 6 or 7. Weekends were 8 to 10. On the weekends I would go out to a local hill about an hour away and run hills for at least 2 hours. Same for the bike, there was a bike route about an hour away that I rode hills on for 3 to 5 hours. My life felt consumed by getting ready to run Washington under 2 hours, and do the 109 mile, hilly century a month later under 6 hours. For last years run, the weather was pretty cold and very windy. My wife claims that's why I finished at 2:10. Then I gave it my all on the century, lots of hills, 6:30. I felt terrible after these two events, they really broke my spirit. I gave training my all, I weighed 25 pounds less than I do now, and I still failed. I had no idea how much this affected me, still. I gave up my couch, I gained weight, I got a new position at work that takes a lot of my time, I pretty much gave up training. This year I had no expectations, wasn't even sure I could finish, or finish under the required time. It wasn't as cold as last year at the top, it was in the 40s with 40+ mph winds Still not friendly, but doable. I finished 2:26, the cut off is 3:05. I'll do it again next year, but I'll train for it - I hope.
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    Wade turned 18 yesterday

    Took him out to dinner with a bunch of friends from school. I got him a card, amongst other things. I think Wilbur might like the card. Front inside
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    The bike shed progress, June 11

    I'm pretty slow cuz I do a lot of learning as I go. But I got the floor on the porch. The metal isn't on the roof yet, but shed is basically covered. HoSmudge got most of the d-edge on. We also got the front facia on. Oh ya, and he installed my adorable window!
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    Smart Ass Kids...

    So yeah I got this yesterday... I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree... Little shits!
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    Road Runner

    Likes, help needed

    I'm testing something, could everyone please like me? Thanks
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    Bike shed, June 15

    That line across my nose isn't normally there. It's much better today.
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    Three Relics of the Past

    Friday was a fun day with a schoolmates I hadn't seen in years. L-R, my high school's Class of 68 top miler (me), Class of 68 Captain of the Cheerleaders (Diane), and Class of 68 top shot putter (Paul). In the 80's, Paul and I coached the high school track team we were on as students. Lunch at a Greek Restaurant - though we all had crab cakes - and 2 1/2 hours of reminscing and spreading gossip. We all had high school classes together, then all went to UMBC - where we never had classes together, and then all became high school teachers (science, theater and dance, social studies) in the same school system from which we had graduated. Not bad for three kids growing up in the armpit of the county, so we had a lot to talk about from old classmates to UMBC's new Event Center to students and teachers we worked with. Diane created a dance curriculum in the 1970's when none existed in Maryland high schools and it's still the largest in the state of Maryland in the high school in which she taught. She still travels to Broadway 10x/year to mentor dancers she taught who are now on stage there.
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    My vacation

    Has been up and down, some conflict, some love, some funny, some sad, a lot of drinking; I will need to detox after this. Topsail Island is not my favorite place. Not very photogenic. I forgot the cable to connect my camera to the computer and can't share the pics I have taken. Wife seems to be enjoying it. She is outside of her comfort zone and needs a lot of attention. Her sisters are stepping up and helping, so it takes some pressure off me. I will need a vacation to recover from the vacation.
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    Nope, never, crazy talk. I would rather stay home than share a suitcase with Mr. Aire.
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    I shared your story with our echo tech. At first she was mortified thinking your tech was coming on to you. Then she laughed her head off about the obese patients. She could totally relate.
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    Wade turned 18 yesterday

    Here is the card his little brother got him. Front Inside Offensive cards are a thing in our family. Cards about farts are good too.
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    I'm sorry to hear this. The other reminder of course is hugging that most beautiful little girl!! Makes some of the other crap worthwhile. Visit here more, we miss you.
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    June photos

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    She shed, June 16

    Doesn't look like we did much. Sam did some prep to decorate with pillows then we added the chandeliers. Still need to heat the hot tub, but roof is basically uncovered. Please disregard the stupid color of the rug. We're going to Kmart tomorrow to buy a seahorse rug. My phone ringtone is Badfinger Baby Blue. We made sweet tea but Grace left with some other man.
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    Just survived a tornado warning

    Sitting in the living room relaxing when all of our devices went crazy with tornado warnings. I went outside and the air was calm, no rain, but the sky was dark. I came back inside and we had lost all internet and tv signal’ . The rain started and we had a downpour for a half hour. Still no wind. The tornado warning was through 5:45. At 5:45 the rain stopped and the sun came out. I don’t think I could get my wife downstairs and I know I couldn’t get her back upstairs so I’m glad it missed us.
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    Hey Sheepherder

    Our ram is growing.
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    Glad to see at least one Texan make something of themselves
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    I am president Still bored ...OMG but hopefully fewer meetings since the board members are all a bunch of dickheads.
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    Simple solution... Retire, you won't need an alarm clock. You just wake up and say, "Waking up is a good thing."
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    Maybe if you jump through a few of those hoops first you might meet your goal.
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    I admire how you don't just wait until the closets fall down.
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    The Church of Jobs

    I found it!
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    Our friends at Breakaway Siberians have been posting pictures of their huskies in Blues gear all throughout the playoffs. The Blues management noticed this and contacted them and asked for a meeting with them and their dogs at the arena. Last night after the win the result of that meeting was posted on their facebook page. Facebook post Breakaway Siberians web page. Like our team many of theirs are rescue dogs. Huskies are very cute but a handful and many are surrendered because they are too much for inexperienced people to handle. That said I do not condemn good breeders. Without reputable breeders we will never maintain good dogs but will only have problem ones from uneducated breeders, puppy mills and accidental breeding. It has been exciting to see the pictures our friends have been posting of their beautiful dogs. It is hard to imagine how difficult it was to get 16 excited huskies to pose for a picture like this.
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    Had my ticker checked yesterday

    you bet. nod off in boring meetings spill coffee on your shirt spill lunch on your shirt drool throw skittles down wimmens tops that one time when everybody is stumped & they look at you. You answer, yeah I know how to fix that. I wrote that program
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    Kirby I had a dream

    That sounds like fun! My wild sister just got a rental car while hers was being repaired and it was bright orange. At first she was wary of the bright orange car, but by the time it was time to return it, she rather liked it. She also mentioned that when she drove it, other people in orange cars would wave to her like it was a secret club. I may need an orange car.
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    Wade turned 18 yesterday

    Ack!!! That's the card HoSmudge got me for my birthday!!!! Ha!!! I laughed pretty hard when I saw it. I use that phrase often.
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    Road Runner

    Froome (spoiler)

    Well, it could have been worse. He could have ridden into a metal gate.
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    If this were the mini then I understand the difficulty. The OEM sensor has special software to monitor the smoke levels in the Lucas Electronics. Without that special software, the check engine light will always be on to warn you of impending doom. Because it's a Nissan however the problem is inscrutable.
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    June photos

    Tue Night ride.
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    Good thing I am retired

    Being PO'd interferes with my already poor sleep habits. It is about time to go out and aggravate the dogs, and bring Tag and Duke inside to their crates. Shadi really watches Duke and Tag playing, but as yet has not entered into their activities. The other morning, Shadi and Tag watched a kid goat long enough (Gave it the eye.) that was playing in the barn, that the kid went back through the gate where it belonged. Yes, I bragged on them, and they thought it was great.
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    It's what I do

    Last night, I was trying to repair my watering system valve controller, when I removed an M3x10 pan head thread forming screw, it bounced off the bench to the floor, and a 10 minute search yielded no results. Because that's what I do, I lose one piece of hardware on each repair job. I was just at the gym for a lunchtime workout. Standing in front of the machine, deep breath, focus - hey, what's that on the floor? An M3x10 pan head thread forming screw! Seriously? It must have gotten stuck somewhere on my sneaker and lived there for 16 hours until it decided to relocate to the gym floor. I picked it up, put it in my pocket, placed it carefully on the bench while I was changing so I wouldn't lose it again. And that's where I left it. It's what I do.
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    The dilemma..

    I am beginning to suspect that there are no women in Greenville.
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    The dilemma..

    I could vacation with WOWilbur while you are in Italy.
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    June photos

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    Lunch - Monday edition

    Lobster rolls
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    The Texas accent was just voted sexiest in the US, ya'll.
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    Something like this. But otherwise I have no objection to packing jointly. If we can get away with one bag we'll do it, but generally it ends up being one apiece. I really don't understand the seemingly visceral reaction some have to the idea of your clothes sharing suitcase space with your spouse's. It's not like you're sharing a room or anything.
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