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    And another year has passed.

    Anniversary day. 47 years. I'm treating her to breakfast at the Sunrise Café down front.
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    Got a Christmas Card

    From my former boss who gave me my first management job 30 years ago. I was actually surprised he's still alive, he's gotta be pushing 90 by now. I found his email and shot him a note and he replied back immediately! We're meeting for lunch after the holidays. i haven't seen him in at least 15 years. Looking forward to seeing him.
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    7 years ago today

    @KrAzY & I went out for wings & beers
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    Natty setup

    Last race of OVCX series Sat. National Championships next Sat. Griffin has a teammate that is an absolute beast. She took the wheel set off her B bike for G to race. Then she gave him her A bike for him to use in the pit. What a gracious gesture. Amazing odds that they ride the exact same frame, exact size. He has no idea. Will be so stoked when her gets off the bus!
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    Sort of apropos
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    For the drinkers amongst us

    ..a short life.
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    Tell Wo2 that counter top is a bearing wall! Can't do it. Wouldn't be prudent. Need a permit! Change order! New Mortgage! Cheaper to sell the house! *I have tried all of these
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    For the drinkers amongst us

    You bastards all know I only drink Zima.
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    For the drinkers amongst us

    I would never do such a thing. You are a very bad man.
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    Natty setup

    So apparently USA cycling website has rankings/results, etc. Yesterday I looked and he was at 32 in the nation out of like 408 that had a yearly license. That's pretty cool. One more race to go in his series before Nats NEXT weekend. His changes look good for this weekend. A good showing may put him on the podium for his series, which is one of his goals. It would also help bump him up a little in Nats standings. As it stands now I think he is call-up number 23 for the nats race (out of a field of like 90!) That's pretty dope. His goal is top 15 at Nats, and podium on of his OVCX races (which he's done) and to podium in the OVCX series. It all comes down to these last two races. He was pretty damn excited.
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    Got Your Tree Up?

    Here's mine!
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    No One


    ...from what I remember about hickey games, we were already pretty well warmed up.
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    Someone we know

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    And another year has passed.

    Happy Anniversary!
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    Got Your Tree Up?

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    For the drinkers amongst us

    Laphroig. Ancestry.com tells me I am 8% Scotch. Would like to get that number at least over 40%.
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    Based on this chart I can afford to live in Mississippi or Arkansas. Yeehaw
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    Jumping through hoops...

    Oh, I do. "Your fucking reports are weak, like little nancy-boys unequipped for this world. It is dog-eat-fucking-shark out there, and they have never had a real man with his arm all the way up their asses, working them like puppets until they understand how to fucking get it right" This is highly effective.
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    Got Your Tree Up?

    3 of them . 8 at work
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