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    New high speed!
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    Only 6 more months maximum for me!
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    ...my Jewish relatives who served it sometimes were convinced that the spiral slicing made it kosher.
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    It's like a dumpster fire, only better!
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    The past week I have been filling my neighbors three water gauges with different amounts of water when it rains and they are asleep... When he wakes up, one meter will say 3 inches, another at 1 inch and the other at 2.35 inches... wonder how much longer till they catch on?
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    Not sure if I’m lazy or generous, but I’m having my car detailed before giving it, with the payments, to BuffCarla. Drove it three years without cleaning the interior.
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    mr. and I went for a walk in the foothills to the east of our neighborhood, and while we were out in the open space the gate into the parking area was closed and locked. Neither of us saw the sign that the city closes the parking area at 7:00 pm. The thing is that we arrived after seven. So, now our car is locked away in the foothills open space parking area. We walked home from there. The lot opens at 7:00 am, I hope. Want to see my Relive satellite report? https://www.relive.cc/view/vmqX1w7YNLv
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    He is 73, they offered him a $30,000 buyout to retire. I told him he wood bee crazy not to take it. He has a bike, I’m going to see if he wants to do some trail riding. We did some kayaking together and he likes kayaking.
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    Did he pick up his new personalized plates?
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    While the first photo leading off the thread this month (and avatar) was from a time limited exhibit on "whimsical sculpture" at the Albin Polasek Museum, he was a local sculpture artist where his home/studio is now the museum. Below are some of his sculptures spread about the property. The Sower (1911), Forest Idyll (1924), Man Carving His Own Destiny (1907), Primeval Struggle (1931), Mermaid Mama (1962) These were taken as part of an e-book trying to write but the only allow photos for personal non-commercial use. Not certain what I will do, perhaps oil to canvas.
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    At PT today, I got to ride the stationary bike. After approximately ten minutes of partial pedal rotations I was able to complete one full pedal rotation. It has taken me so long to get this far. I am thrilled. Tomorrow I get to ride my bike, on the trainer, for ten minutes in the lowest gear. What amazing feat did you do for exercise today. I am happy as if I rode a century.
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    And now the Peloton Wife appears in an ad from Aviation Gin:
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    Tonight I got ten minutes on the trainer. Took about 4 minutes to get a full rotation and then I did 10. Took a break then did 15. Took 10 minutes to do this. Now I have ice and elevation. This was the view on ride tonight.
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    It was 40 degrees this morning in SW Michigan, the Lake Michigan water temp is about 40 degrees also, and the wind was gusting to 25 mph.
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    Dude. You have to let it go. It had a different meaning when your parents did that.
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    You're right, your boss IS an asshole.
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    How many first drinks can one order?
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    My brother has six days left to work. He finally decided to retire. I spent time with him yesterday and he is getting excited.
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    Wife saw that and wasn't impressed, then added... "If the made one that smelled like roasting coffee..." That is one thing about growing up in Jacksonville. Depending on which way the wind was blowing, we either got the pungent odor of the papermill...or the sweet aroma of the Maxwell House coffee plant.
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    Here. There will be horse and maybe tractor pulled hay rides.
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    Look out! You're gonna hit them. Take the ditch you're doing great....said in my Tony the Tiger voice
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    ...some are born grate, some achieve grateness, and some have grateness thrust upon them.
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    ...for some reason this year, the lime crop has been bountiful. There's a 5 gallon bucket of them sitting on the front porch now. I think I'll make pie tomorrow. Plenty of people have gotten fat on lime meringue pie.
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    Prolly laying on a Couch somewhere?? 😂
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    I could burn KFC 11 herbs and spices firelogs
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    you're gonna make a parody of me one that will last more than just one day par-o-dee of what I say (to the tune of "Not Fade Away")
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    She is no James, but who is?
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    Nate would not approve of this becoming a retirement thread. Are you guys low on Geritol?
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    For $25,000, they could have just put out a hit on him with the local mafia. Easier and cheaper.
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    That was almost three years ago. That WAS forever when I was young.
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    Ha! I wonder if DCKBAG is available?
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    US congress member to be convicted of crimes while in office. He spat in the face of another representative. Then was convicted of some kind of sedition. He also holds the distinction of being the only convicted representative to have been elected while in prison. Lock it down if you want, but this is funny as hell. 🤭 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Lyon
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    Hmm, more fuel to go with the coal I usually get.
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    Yay! Glad you had some canine help with your PT! So nice to see actual progress - it helps you keep motivated!
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    Our youngest got sent home from work when she was sick last year. Before she left for home, she ordered cold meds from Amazon. Phoenix area has same day. She barely got in the door at home when the package arrived!
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    That's about as fast as my Honda Civic will go.
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    Just Bailey's please..no coffee
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    No, but in 6 weeks I will be.
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    My youngest grandchild.
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