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    Roots suck

    G has been doing well with the whole MTB thing. But I really coud not ride with him when he wanted to train as I had no proper MTB. But the bigger part of the picture is that I have spent too much money on his bikes that I could not afford to buy myself a proper MTB. Had an older road bike that was a nice bike, just a little outdated. Put it on the facebook and found someone that wanted to trade a nice older MTB for it. G and I rode trails last night. It was fun. A few observations from my first bike ride in a while. -Mountain bikes are fun. -Trails are way more fun that roads for hours on end. -I need gloves -full suspension is very dope. It makes things so much nicer. -going over the bars because of a stupid root hurts off road, but not nearly as much as on road. -i am out of shape.
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    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    23 years old
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    Road Runner

    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    I was looking at my vast array of old pics on this Sunday afternoon, and it occurred to me that it might be fun to post pics of ourselves from long ago. I'll start. Here is a pic of me on the slopes with some snow bunny I happened upon. Circa early 80's.
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    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    Not that old, I think I was around 35 yrs. 2nd one is highly valuable. It is the only photo of my mother in Canada in cheongsam dress and her lst baby --me. Given the spirit, it is heirloom...and I'm still cycling folks, it's only 21st century now. WE lived in a town of 1,000 people in southern Ontario. The other Asians in community were my great uncle and aunt who sponsored my father to immigrate. They had at that time 5 children (before it totalled to 7 children.) My cousin was most likely the first French language teacher of Asian descent in the primary school system in her southern Ontario county.
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    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    I have so many old photos that need to be scanned and VHS videos that need to be digitized (I have a refurbished Magnavox DVD and VHS player recorder that does a great job converting VHS to DVD - which can then be saved as a digital file with freebie ripping software. I also have a nice 11" x 14" flatbed scanner. Maybe that will be a summer project. A cousin just sent me this photo which is my mother holding my cousin Phyllis (who went on to become VP of a large pharma company then mayor of a small NJ town) with me on the right, almost surely 4 years-old (based on Phyllis's tiny size) probably around Christmas 1954. I snapped a quick phone camera shot of the photograph in order to put it here and got most of it: The oldest other digital one I have as a jpg is of my father in the hat and me at Wild Bill Hickock's and Calamity Jane's graves (at left) at Deadwood, SD when I was 40 in July, 1991. It was a great trip. We knew my dad was dying of cancer, felt ok in the Summer of '91 and we decided he and I would spend two weeks exploring South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana including the Badlands National Park, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Bear Butte State Park (where we witnessed Native American Great Spirit rituals), Custer State Park (Buffalo!), Fort Meade (7th Cavalry Home), the Mammotb Site, Deadwood, the Broken Boot Gold Mine in Lead, SD, Devil's Tower, Little Bighorn Battlefield, and Yellowstone National Park. We stumbled on a Rodeo in Sheridan, Wyoming - the first we'd ever seen. Dad was up for it all, experienced it all, and had no problems with health: the cemetery below is up on a hill. He died the following April! Those are buffalo behind him in the close-up. If you look at the picture with the wild burro (who was begging for more of the crackers we fed him), you'll see his left hand only has a thumb and index finger. The rest was lost near Anzio, in 1944, as a platoon sergeant in Darby's Rangers.
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    Road Runner

    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    The Three Amigos. Me and my brothers. I am the ugly one. We are dressed funny. My brother on the left appears to be doing his Elvis impression.
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    With Dad's 1947 Kaiser, age about 3 I guess, so 1956 ish? With my first car 1971 With the last truck I owned before I escaped the owner operator game 1982. The whole fam damily around 1976. Me in the light blue jacket. No, that's not Burton Cummings front and centre, that's my younger bro.
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    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    Probably should have posted this yesterday for Father's Day. Didn't realize I was in the truck until I cleaned up an old B&W. Based on season, was about 3 (or 4 in July) , and dad would have died a few months later in November. Might be a year earlier, 2 turning 3, but don't think so.
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    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    My first non hand me down bike!
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    What I learned and did today

    I learned that there is a very reputable gun club within 15 minutes of me. I'm signed up for the safety and novice clay class on Thursday. I learned that of the three standard events, I really like sporting clays better than trap or skeet. My gift gun is not good for this but my old Charles Daley 12 gauge over/under probably is. I learned that one of my ultra running friends shoots skeet and he is going to take me to his favorite LGS that caters to the clay people. He thinks the man can help with my fitting. My stock has the ability to be altered. Pictures in next box. I learned that my dad is really excited. He called to see what I was planning. That is sweet. I learned one brother thinks he should have given me a Winchester not the Browning. I learned that I can transport my personal gun in my personal plane -- that is federally regulated. When we land and walk into the FBO it becomes the matter of the state. Apparently if the case is locked that is a good thing. This may be my dad shooting my new gun. Well it is definitely my dad but I am not sure it is the gun.
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    Gaming the sneezeguard system...

    Do they have real grocery stores near where you live? Good idea buying the used food. It will up your resistance to germs.
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    Back when I played football.
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    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    During my wilder days. With my parents in 1961. Fifth Grade. Last one. Wedding day, 6/4/1983.
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    I appreciate that you all tolerate me
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    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    The 4 stages of life
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    This thread is awesome.
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    I am the one on the right-- looks like they were trying to cut me out of the picture. I believe they were selling children-- cheaper by the boxful. My cute brother got a box to himself.
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    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    I am in there And in at least one of these 1984ish, 21st birthday party. My current boss and me are in there. I think this is our 10 year high school reunion
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    It looks like at least half of the people here were hippies at some time.
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    Guns & dogs

    Sam was a mixed Cocker I had adopted. We were walking the woods at the sportsman club I belonged to. We got back to the parking lot, adjoining the trap range. There were a couple shooting clay birds using one of those little spring loaded launchers to throw the clays. I said hello and we chatted bit. They asked if Sam was gunshy, I didn't know. They pulled the string, launched and shot the bird At the noise of the launcher Sam panicked, when the gun fired he jumped in the open rear hatch of their Explorer, and jumped into the drivers seat. I said that I hoped they took the keys cause Sam was leaving. Sam was a great little dog.
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