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    Back from Chatty

    Saturday was the big ride day. 95 miles. 3 States (Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee). 2 mountains (Suck Creek and Sand). Over 6,000 ft of climbing. Griffin did about 85 miles. He didn't do the big descent because he was skeered. And at about the mid point he hopped in the truck for a few miles to eat and "rest his butt". He hopped back on at the next stop. About 10 miles left he was suffering but would NOT come off the bike. He was easily the youngest and smallest there. At least 4 of the riders there are going to ride for collegiate teams next year. 2 on scholarship. G ate it up talking to them. Pretty amazing weekend. Weather was mid 50's and cloudy. I drove SAG and cooked breakfast.
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    The cool kids' table

    I can't get to the table. I'm stuck behind some guy on the salad line who keeps making troublesome requests and is now complaining about the size of the feta.
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    Well, we put the deposit down on it. We pick it up next week. We're trading in our old RV for a gently used 2017.
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    They like having their own private area, and being warm is a plus.
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    Lad at rest

    This is what Lad does while my wife is watching tv or working on sheep records. He does not do this with me.
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    My middle son has been at Fort Hood, his family is still at their home near Fort Benning. He hasn’t seen his family since Christmas. They had a good weekend.
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    How long does it take

    My work has a 401k, I told them I didn't think I could run that far.
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    February photos

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    Wo46 did it

    She did a 3 mile run on the treadmill this evening and now the treadmill has over 1,000 miles on it. Now let's see if we can get this thing over 2,000.
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    As seen from my deck

    With a cellphone..thru the trees with below zero temps..in my bathrobe That is the moon to the northwest of my deck.
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    This one was a bitch
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    February photos

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    A happy mom

    My oldest son got these for his mom. He did this all himself. Had a buddy pick him up and take him to the store and bought them with his own money.
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    I still want to give that name at a restaurant with a wait just to hear the announcement: "Donner, party of four."
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    She must have had a slow acting PRI?
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    Dang is it ever hot!

    Hit over 80 degrees today. Glad I went early when only in the 70's.
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    Happy Monday

    why am I at work, I'm BC president this is my day
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    Bo got himself stuck.

    He's kinda fat. Couch
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    Life expectancy of a laptop?

    You will like it so much more than Windows 97
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    Has joined the A-Main Hobbies and Bicycle business. That's the email waiting for me this morning. I assume that means that Nashbar was purchased by A-Main from the dying Performance business. I am previously familiar with A-Main from my dealings with the Hobby Industry as they are a very large online store for RC products. They also have a brick and mortar store front in California along with one of the nicer RC racetracks in the country. Their prices were very good and their service was excellent. A couple of years ago I became aware that they had a bicycle division. If their level of service in the bike business matches their RC business this could be a good thing for the former Nashbar.
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    How long does it take

    Don’t need training if you wear E-sneakers.
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