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    Miss me?

    I’m hopelessly addicted to imaginary people. I tried FB, but too many people there aren’t imaginary, and they’re kinda assholes. So, if you’ll have me back, I’ll be glad.
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    For the manual people

    Back when I started driving commercially, the first diesel I drove had two handles poking up out of the floor. When I asked the boss if somebody was going to show me how to drive it, his response was "ah, you'll figure it out" I did, but I think I rounded off a few edges doing it. Came to realize later that the boss had no idea how to drive it either.
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    Amy just finished her Ironman, she had some problems this year
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    My sisters and my Mom and I decided to go to the Catskills today This made me excited. The weather was very rainy this morning. This made me disappointed. We first drove to the cemetery and put some autumn flowers on the graves of family members. This made me happy but also very cold. I discovered that the shoes I wore weren't waterproof after all. This made me wet. Then we drove to the town we used to visit in the summers. We drove by the old house which looked nicely maintained and very pretty. This made me happy. Then we drove to the old restaurant for lunch. My traditional sister got the hot turkey sandwich as always. My wild sister got something different which is why she's wild. But my Mom ordered a BLT which is the first time in decades she ordered something other than the hot turkey sandwich. This made me shocked!!! The End
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    What Are "Points"?

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    October photos

    Jemez mountains. Fenton Lake and FSR.
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    I see the problem with her time. She stood around taking pictures all afternoon.
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    If you finish an Ironman, there's no shame in my book. If you attempt an Ironman and drop out, there's no shame in my book. But I do think it's shameful that a fat bastard like me sits on my sofa and study code and post to SWC.
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    We got new fork lifts at the shop one time and they had this little tiny lever on the left side of the steering wheel. It looked like your normal turn signal lever. I was hauling a large trim box up to the die shop and it was balanced on the forks of the fork lift. The mag man was behind me on his electric cart and was on my ass the whole way threw the shop. I kept waiting for him to go around me but he just stayed back there. As I approached the die shop I decided I should signal my turn so he didn’t try to pass me as I was making my left turn. I flicked the lever to make a left turn and the forklift went into reverse, the trim box slid off the forks and went ass over teacups down the aisle and the mag man slammed into the back of my highlift. I guess the new forklift didn’t have turn signals, that was an auxiliary shift lever. Who knew? Not me. I didn’t want to drive that thing in the first place.
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    For the manual people

    You guys know your shift.
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    Sometimes I wish......

    That I lived in a small house in the country...Snug & well built...with a fire place...and probably a puppy.... a nice 1.5 car garage...with room for bikes and crap (one must have crap in the country)...I have seen some old farm houses that would be perfect..if they were just a bit better insulated and tight... Well...I don't have the money for that...but it is nice to have dreams...especially on a snowy day!.
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    Is someone here named Otto?

    I posted a pic of Otto in the wrong thread, but he's cute enough to post another one. Here he is with his brother, Otto is the orange kitty. .
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    I didn't know you had a beard, damn your wife is homely.
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    OK, so who here is off dairy?

    My neighbor has been off dairy for about ten years. He sold all his dairy cows and bought beef cows. He said dairy cows are too much work, you have to milk them twice a day seven days a week. With beef cows if you want to sneak out for a day or two just put them out to pasture and give them a couple round bales to chew on.
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    Welcome to my life.
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    Square Wheels


    Upon your demise, we will refer to parodies as BuffJims, Buffs, Jims, or simply BJs.
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    Yup. Backhauled a lot of Volkswagen radiators too. That one doesn't mean anything to the current generation.
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    Millennial Anti-theft device
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    you're taking cupcakes to work in the morning? Seems like the friendly thing to do to welcome the new boss. New boss same as the old boss It's not RG is it? He has been scarce. Working on his signing bonus?
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    Miss me?

    Yay. I caught you a delicious bass.
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    Here is Otto, although he's older now. ETA: Oops, this was supposed to be in another thread, but the addition of Otto to my sister's family was a good change.
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    Safety FIrst

    Our work safety guy pointed out the exposed saw blade on a bandsaw. We had a difficult time convincing him that some teeth had to be exposed for the saw to work.
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