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    47 years ago today While the shopping center is still there, the stores aren't My hair is about the same length today since last haircut was in Feb.
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    My wife will ask to use the bed pan and then after awhile she will say she is done. She will say she didn’t think she did anything it was just gas. So I roll her over and remove the bed pan. She sleeps off and on all day. Last night just before bedtime she did that. After I removed the bedpan she drifted off to sleep. I was still goofing around on my iPad. I get up to turn off the lights and go to bed and she says I think I’m done. I said done what? She said “am I still on the bedpan?” I said “No, you said you were done so I took it away.” She said “I’m sorry”. I laughed and told her it was ok, that’s why I have those disposable pads under you. I cleaned her up and put a new pad under her and went to bed. I never thought I’d be doing this but it’s not that bad when you are doing it for someone you love.
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    So I recorded a thing on my violin. It's pretty okay. Not the best mic quality. Here it is. c: I hope everyone's having a good Friday!
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    Joslyn my wife’s aide brought us some bling today to celebrate the forth. She brought us glasses and red white and blue necklaces. I’ll try to get my wife to wear them tomorrow for a photo.
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    Arroz, enchiladas de pollo con salsa picante, y unos frijoles.
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    We are looking into buying a shipping container. We are going to have a decent roll off that box and into a jump line that heads down the property. It has a slight incline. Our property feels slightly huge. We close on July 29th. We rode to our property yesterday and we were back in the park in about 5 minutes. We are so close to the trails. I think I can be on trail in about 2 minutes from the new property
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    This was taken by my next door neighbor last Monday, 6/29. Bare butts on bike seats.
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    Wo7 finds a carved coffee table she must have on the Nextdoor app. We go to pick it up. Suburban neighborhood in Falls Church from the late 50s. Back in the driveway. Chevy Tahoe in the garage has “Long VU” personalized tags. Go up to the front door. There’s a historical marker on the house. Longview is the home of John Wren who designed the Anglican Church where Falls Church gets its name. Also the Fairfax County Courthouse and other regional buildings. The original house was built in 1759. You’d never know that by driving by. Nice people with a friendly 18 month old labradoodle named Shiloh.
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    Yeah, I am not falling for that one again...
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    Actually, my mental and physical health has been improving throughout the rise of covid. It seems working from home and social isolation is actually good for me! I've lost over 50 lbs and been keeping it off, while transitioning to a healthier, whole foods and low sugar diet that's actually quite satisfying. I ran half marathon about a month ago, and am riding as good as i ever have... I'm probably in better shape than I have been since my early 20s and it feels great. Mentally, I've mostly shaken the funk I was in the second half of last year, beginning of this year. Online therapy, diet, exercise, exploration of philosophy and spirituality have combined to give me a much more positive and stable base mood. I still have bad moments, even days, but they don't drag me into the depths these days.
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    It’s easy to get depressed but I try to count my blessings when I start to feel depressed. If I dwell on what’s wrong it would be easy to get depressed. I will probably lose the love of my life sometime sooner than I hoped but I think of all the good times we have had together and the great kids we raised and grandkids. I have been truly been blessed.
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    This was taken by my next door neighbor last Monday, 6/29. Bear likes her bird feeder.
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    Had a nice trip to Lake Gregory & Green Valley lakes in our local mountains. Hiked about 5 miles, traffic was light and we packed a lunch for a nice picnic on a tree stump! Lake Gregory
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    I cannot remember the last time I woke up this late. I heard everyone else get up around 6 and was going to get up then. I didn’t.
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    As usual, it took me three times longer than it should have, but I made a new garden gate for my mom. Believe it or not there were a few challenges for such a simple gate, but I got it! That's my sister with me. She helped me with the install. It was fun, and my mom was happy.
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    You still don’t understand how retirement is supposed to work.
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    Was sitting in the yard watching the day close The robins were checking out the worm situation, the other birds were up in the trees saying the bird version of "goodnight John boy" The swallows swooped around the yard, last patrol for any meaty bugs flying low. The light dimmed, the firefly's started up, got a lot more than I would expect as dry as it is. The birds in the trees quieted down, bats took the place of the swallows, the fireflies were everywhere, then they were scarce. Night has fallen, and I head into the house. Leaving the yard to the critters
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    Vines, they grow like wildfire because they don't need a backbone. Just latch on to something sturdy and sprint to the sunlight. Choke the poor bastard that is holding the weight. There are two hemlock trees at the edge of my yard, I think they are on the neighbors property, but the actual property line is kind of vague. Anyway, the hemlocks are part of my world, and I noticed that they were getting covered by vines, not sure what, I don't think kudzo, maybe wild grape, whatever it is it is definitely starting to choke the hemlocks. So me and my loppers payed a visit today, chopped chunks out of all the vines I found, and there were a lot of them, and thick, well over an inch. Tonight I noticed the leaves were already beginning to curl. Long live the hemlocks
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    #2 son rides as the stoker, and I was terrified of having to stop suddenly. We did ok, though. Not too fast and a little on the wiggly side.
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    Where a my husbaaand!!!!! AKA the worse beating I ever had. Those words still haunt me. Ft Myer, Wright Gate July 4th 1985. We opened the base for civilians to park and they would walk to the Iwo Jima Memorial to watch the DC Fireworks. After the show thousands of people are walking back through my gate. I’m the IP inspection officer, my partner PFC Hall the TCP or Traffic control. After the show we are watching people enter the gate & monitoring outbound traffic. I see a very large & pissed off Samoan woman walking in the road blocking exiting traffic. Me, hey hall get that woman out of the road!!! Check... Ma’am, can I get..... Oh shit fights on! Pissed off Samoan woman has Hall by the shirt & is swinging him like a rag doll screaming, where a my huuuusbaaaand!!! I call in for help and go to get the woman off Hall. I drill her with a stiff right to the jaw and the next thing I know she’s got us both by the shirt smashing us like cymbols! Every time she pulls us apart Hall & I are punching, kicking and scratching but we can’t bust loose. Finally help arrives! SPC Lundy, a huge linebacker looking dude draws his baton and CRACK!!!! across the back of her head with the baton. Pissed off Samoan woman lets go of us and is now coming for Lundy and she’s really pissed off now! Lundy is shocked the baton strike didn’t phase her and is backing up now not sure what to do... I shake off the cobwebs from the pounding and tell Hall, hey high low... Lundy, go high! So Hall & I charge from behind and take her legs while Lundy comes high and we knock her down and then the three of us sit on her. As we have her pinned all I can hear is where a my huuusbaaaand!!! Pissed off Samoan woman is still freaking pissed! Lundy pulls his cuffs and they won’t fit around her wrists!?!? Shit now what? Sgt Green arrives, we tell him to get rope so he unties his boots and we hog tie her. No way no how we gonna get her in a patrol car so we put her in the back of a van and take her to the station. We need to get her down the stairs to the holding cells and there is no way we can carry her down the narrow stairwell so we drag her down the stairs and into the cell. We leave her near the front, close the door and cut her loose. We call DC Metro to take her and low & behold her husband shows up!?!! Apparently they got separated in the sea of people. We take him down to the cell, Husband: Sese, how come you beat up the MP’s??? Sese still pissed doesn’t say a word. She’s sitting there freaking seething. Metro finally shows up and takes her. Me, I couldn’t freaking breath right for a week. Bruised ribs, black eyes, busted up lips, thrashed knuckles and although we won the war 100% I lost that fight. Worst beating I ever suffered ever.
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    Is coming along. Five hours at low and slow. Wrapped in butcher paper, one more hour then the ribs go on.
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    I had my dream car in high school. 55 Chevy. I wouldn’t want it now. They have made some major improvements in the last sixty five years. I found my 55 in the want ads in the newspaper. A farmer had it and when he bought his new car he just parked it in the field beside the barn. He sold it to me for thirty dollars. I jumped it and drove it home. I fixed it up and kept it for seven years.
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    Why do they all turn in that guy? Expecting me to work more hours than I agreed to. Joe is trying to get me to work more hours and throws a guilt trip at me when I say NO. I have to remind him that I'M RETIRED if I wanted to work 40+ hours a week I would have stayed at the factory at more than twice the money with benefits then what the school is paying me. Then he throws in next year you and your wife will be working here (she's planning on retiring in September ) There wont be a next year working at the school.......it's not fun anymore. I told them that when I started that in July I was going to work just 5 hours a day but they decided to add 20 tuch screen TVs and now I guess it's my problem to get them installed in time on top of everything else that needs to be done. You have made this job your life DON'T EXPECT ME TO DO THE SAME.
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    One of those bastards helped themselves to a blow up doll.
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    We went through the drive through at the credit union. I needed to put the cash in for our close that is happening at the end of the month. Gave myself some extra time, cause I knew it might take time to clear. At the bank, my husband was talking to the teller, who I could not see, from my cozy passenger location. She says is "the Mrs. there?" I popped over in my spot so she could see me. We were in lane two. She said "Oh, I was thinking about you recently. Blah Blah. How are you both?" The normal question came up. Are you still biking? People always ask that. Do they ask you guys too? Is biking so strange? Lots of people have fascination with the sport, but always say they could never do it. Interesting. So, my check had to get a hold and she had to call the manager. It wasn't THAT big. A bank can't handle a few tens of thousands? It wasn't 100. It was cute how we went to a local place. The person working there, used to work at my old bank. Small town. I love this. I was supposed to put my ID in the suck tube thing, but I didn't. She just made me lean over from my spot,
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    Cabbage, carrot, red onyon, half and half, sugar, cider vinegar, mayo, garlic, salt 🧂 and pepper.
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    Yesterday - hot and humid as heck - my wife decided she wanted to go for a ride, but way before I was even fully functioning. She set off about an hour before me to do the simple out and back of about 14 miles. I finished waking up, cleaned up, applied sunscreen, and set out about an hour later in the same direction, and expected to see her returning any time and kept my eyes out for her. Anyway, just as I was getting close to my halfway point of my 30 mile ride, I spotted her ahead of me coming towards me. She had decided to do a longer ride and had just turned around, and I told her to go on and I would finish my "out" and catch back up to her on the "back" part. So, after riding a bit, turning around, and then slowly reeling her back in, I spotted her up ahead. I dinged my bell a few times but she didn't look back. I sped up and as I rode past her, I smacked her ass! No one yelled at me
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    I’m not spending a lot but not because of the covid. As money accumulates I have been blessing people are not as well off.
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    Sorry you're having trouble with the site today, and thank you for all you do to keep our little home here up and running. We appreciate all you do for this site.
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    Costco run after work. 10+lb beef brisket. Flat cut. You get what you get. Two large racks of pork spareribs. They will be smoked on Saturday with some red oak and hickory. I will make some creamy slaw with the cabbage I picked up at the farmers market. I can’t wait.
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    And I really LIKED my job. I waned to do (and did) a good job... I guess even it it wore me out. That's one reason I started to ride my bike again... I had time to decompress and just relax, even if my HR was a new high during the small climbs we have in central Illinois. Thinking back... sleep was more like passing out from exhaustion more often than I'd care to remember. That happened a lot, when we were essentially on call 24 X 7 for customer problems. I'd go to sleep between 11:00 and 11:30 PM and get up at 5:30 on most days. It sucked when the phone rang at 2:00 AM with a problem. Maybe... an hour later I could go back to sleep again. Many times I'd just lay there waiting for the phone to ring again. Sleeping in was 6:30, even on the weekends (which you could get called on too) I'd just wake up and couldn't go back to sleep. Yeah retirement is GOOD for me. I remember the last time I was able to take 3 weeks of vacation at one time. (possibility in the mid 90s) I'd save my days and most of December I'd be off. I could not roll the vacation into the next year. My boss asked me "How do I get a hold of you while you are off?" He caught me at a bad time... I was upset... and I told him, "What would you do if I died? That's what you do for the next 3 weeks." And I left his office and went on vacation. I still can't believe I didn't get in trouble for that...
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    The NFL is designing new uniform covers that will insure games will be played in 2020 while protecting the players from the virus. A prototype is now being tested and just a few bugs need to be ironed out before the season starts.
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    We had a PTSD Vietnam vet brother who taught us all sorts of ways to make things go boom with common household items. The best where the mortars we made with tin cans, lighter fluid & flaming tennis balls! We had tons of bottle rockets, M80’s & bricks of firecrackers at our disposal thanks to him & his buddies. BB gun wars were also common. We had a 3 pump limit but we didn’t always follow that... I’m actually amazed we didn’t suffer any major injuries or die... Yeah you would have fit in nicely!
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    I just moved. It fucking sucked. But, I just finished moving the last of the crap from the apartment so hopefully this bullshit is over with. I thought I had alot of stuff. I did. But my better half probably had three times what I have. Moving that stuff sucked. There was alot of it. It really sucked moving it. Anyway, moving sucks. It's not fun. I'm hoping to finally relax now but I'll probably caught Covid while moving all that shit and I'll probably die soon. Yay! Mudkipz
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    Was French toast for the Airedales. Now they are taking a nap on the porch. Tough life. Ryan is inside in the ac.
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    mr. and brother are hiking La Luz trail up the west slope to the crest of Sandia Peak, and I’m picking them up around noon. Meanwhile, #2 son and I will hike some forest trails at about 10k on the east side of the mountain.
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    Womaxx decided to make us a treat, something she knows we like that she doesn't eat, Jalapeno poppers. We all stayed away while she was making the "surprise". The kitchen was a bit too much for all the cowards in my family so I marched in and pulled the sheet out of the oven. Where's the breading? Poppers are supposed to be breaded? I knew this was going to take some fortitude as these were fresh half jalapenos looking like clams on the half shell with a bit of cream cheese, cheddar and bacon bits on top. The boys took two each and I took 5. Well the first one was damn hot. The second started out hotter but by the end it was tolerable. The third, forth and fifth were good but I suspect that my mouth had gone numb by then. I think I'm going to pay for this tomorrow.
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    I've been doing that a lot lately, I'll live till I die, why make my time here more miserable than I have to. I am also a firm believer in eat your dessert first. If you choke on a chicken bone, at least you already enjoyed dessert.
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