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    Square Wheels

    My little one

    National honors society. I am many years away from being able to help her with her homework.
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    My nutty commute story

    So, there is this doggy on my commute. We'll call him Growly. Growly likes to jump up and pop his head over the fence to growl and bark at me, as I ride past his backyard on my jaunt down the alleyways. One of my recent mornings, I see his head above the fence and he is yelping and something didn't seem right. As I get closer, I see that his leg is stuck in the fence slat. He is completely freaking out. I jump off my bike to try and work his leg out of the slat, he just keeps pulling harder and tries to bite me in the process. So, I ran to the door of his owners house. The car is gone. SHIT! So, I run back and try some more to work him out of the fence. He is screaming loud as hell. Again, he won't cooperate at all. So, there i was, terrified and worried. So, I started screaming too. HELP! HELP US! SOMEONE HELP US! HEEELP! Kitty corner from this house is my buddy Wes. Wes hears the screams. He comes running over. He sees the situation and jumps in to help. His tactic for help was much more intelligent than mine. I had tried to work the dog's leg up the fence slat. He just put two fingers below the dog's leg and pushed upward. The arm gets freed and the dog drops below the fence line and runs off. WHEW! Wes is a smart dude. Several other neighbors heard my loud ass screams, and before long we have several people there. My town is pretty cool this way. People help one another. After the episode, Growly got very quiet for a bit. I wondered if our daily hello was completely over. Today, he was back growling and jumping at the fence. Everything is back to normal. The end.
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    Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    I Helped

    I recently purchased a(nother) waterfall book: After I placed the order, the author emailed me to mention that a few of the falls made it into the book because he'd heard about them through me! After looking through the book, all of the falls that might (ahem) fall into that category were ones I'd visited by bike. Out of the total of 50 falls listed in the book, I've visited 16 of them and again all of those by bike too. As a surprise to me there was one within a few miles of me on a creek I hadn't yet fully explored, a travesty that will soon be addressed. I bought the book because roadside falls are ideal destinations for a waterfall nut on a bicycle. I'm going to start planning some self-supported rides so that come spring I can make some loops to take in several on the same ride.
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    Crazy ice on the creek

    Four hours on the fatbike. Crap ton of climbing. I'm whipped.
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    Eldest daughter just messaged that the PET scan was all clear! Thank you everyone for thoughts, prayers, vibes and messages here!
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    Our jeep club had a toy drive tonight to raise about 5,000 toys for homeless, orphanage, and low income children. We did more then our goal, and the company that is getting the toys to wrap was more then excited. Here are some pictures of the North Texas Jeep Clubs convoy for kids. my jeep all light up i had to wear my fancy Christmas suite
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    A day in the life of Smudge

    Hospital regulations require a wheelchair for patients being discharged. However, while working as a nurse, I found one elderly gentleman – already dressed and sitting on the bed with a suitcase at his feet - who insisted he didn’t need my help to leave the hospital. After a chat about rules being rules, he reluctantly let me wheel him to the elevator. On the way down I asked him if his wife was meeting him. “I don’t know,” he said. “She’s still upstairs in the bathroom changing out of her hospital gown.”
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    2.3 pounds gone...but Muscle weighs more than fat...and I have been working out for 3 weeks...so...I have only lost 2.2...but my size is changing... Oh and my diet has been very flexible with the holiday and such... so I am sure there is more to come... I hope so....2 to 3 months.....
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    So another year has gone by.

    #46. Of course she thought is was #45 until I did the math for her.
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    Carol Burnett

    One of my brothers just called me because as he was watching the reunion show he remembered all the nights I made us (older) kids popcorn and we stayed up late to watch CB. What a fun thing for him to remember.
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    of my bike club so... I officially start January 1st.
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    December Photos

    Some shots from today. A Wolfeel A White Anemone surrounded by Feather Stars A Moon Jelly A Frosted Nudibranch A Sea lion (not a good shot, but a cool position he was holding as he went by) I don't claim to be a photographer, just a random dude who takes pictures now and then. The good news it it looks like my repair job on the camera housing worked
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    December Photos

    Here's my view of Lake Michigan on my way home from work. It sucks to not be able to see corn stalks, or steel mills, or shopping malls, or urban blight.
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    Down almost 20

    244 in boxers this morning. Sub 250 fully clothed. Was up over 260. Hoping for 230 by next checkup on 01/25/2018. A bit more active but primarily really cutting out the between meal and evening snacks. I think 225 will be my goal and then we will see from there. I could not image 200 or sub 200, as even in my high school football days and college days, I was over 200 with a 32 to 34 inch waist. Between a 38 and 40 right now. 40s will not stay up without a belt.
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    Older studded tire fail

    Every tire I ride carries a stud.
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    Delivery week!

    I do a contract flight Sunday then head to Montreal for the new airplane delivery. Monday is a 6 hour cold soak flight after being briefed by the manufacturers Chief Pilot. Tuesday is another test flight then meetings with GE Engine reps. Wednesday is advanced training and meetings with Rockwell Collins and Honeywell. Maybe one last test flight if required. Thursday the aircraft will be up on jacks for a thorough inspection by me and a maintenance guy then the money changes hands. At least that is how it is supposed to go.. Don't bring the plane home until the 22nd. Have to be there on the 21st for the big delivery dinner though. I am so putting on weight next week.
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    Square Wheels

    I have a complaint

    To help me not lose my mind, I have created a place where people can file their complaints. I will prioritize them and make corrections as needed. Please post all complaints here. Thanks!
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    Eff you, you little city raised sissy boy. Look here, it's all how you are raised. It's how your mom and them discipline you as a young 'un. You think I got all soft every time some liberal pansy called me a red neck? No, hell no. I would tell them to kiss my USA ass. When I was living in Alaska as the captain of a fishing boat I would not have put up with all of this Mabmy Pamby bullshit. And when I was traveling with a band picking the banjo we played little honkey tonks all across the US. I didn't put up with these bull shit hippies. And back when I raced bikes I would blow the wheels off anyone who could get close. Hell I am 353 pounds right now and I still climb all of these god damn West Virginia Mountains better than Lance Fucking Armstrong. So don't you bring your hippy loving city ass in here and tell me to post like someone else. -Ideas on who that was supposed to be?
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    He is snoring now I moved a few things (got a couple more stacks of paper stuff to move...) But he managed to inflate the blow up mattress (I am pretty sure blow up dolls operate differently...cos it took him a bit to get the job done
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    Sunday miles

    13 for me on the fat bike. Rode w/ 5 other friends on single track for my friend Jimmy's birthday ride PS @Dirtyhip I'm no bad ass, I can't thrash downhill like them dudes...or you I'm sure. edit: here's us
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    Sunday miles

    2 glorious miles on the bike!!!!!!!!!! No pain and I could walk afterwards. I almost cried because I was so happy.
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    Smudgie’s dad?

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    Snow McPretty

    I hate snow. But. First thing in the morning sun it can be pretty.
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    A lady walking out behind us says to me "You shouldn't donate to them". I was like . So I asked "Why not?" She says, "They don't approve of same sex marriage." I said, "Oh, I thought maybe they did something bad." She was like Of course, I was now like So I stopped and said "What else do they do you don't like?" Now she was like She says, "Well, that is all I know of." I was like So I put on my teachers hat and enlightened her about all the good service work they do. She was now like So of course my next question was, "Are you going to dismiss all the good work because a conservative religion based organization doesn't agree with same sex marriage?" She was like Walking away, I was like
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    Fashion? LOL. I wear pajamas to work every day.
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    Some people are dense

    Someone sent me a text asking me to do them a favor on Sunday. I said that the time requested was not ok because I would still be in meeting. They said why do I have a meeting on Sunday. I said it was church. They said, "Oh you are a Shaker." I said, "No I am a Quaker" They said, "No, I've read about it, you are a Shaker." Don't you think I would know? Same thing happened once when a woman said I was walking a poodle. I said no. She said she knew her dogs and got all indignant with me.
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    Some people are dense

    No. The poodle is a mover. Chihuahua's are shakers.
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    If that's true, then we should all be extra nice to him and let him know how much we appreciate his providing the forum.
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    Happy Wednesday morning grandson

    My middle son now has a son to go with his all girl family. Born 5:26 this morning.
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    Can you write like other forumites?

    Dudes! I missed this. I was busy schralpin the knarl through the flowiest loam. I was like totally dialled and cleaned the rock garden. That trail was so dope! Hard core totally hucked a 20 foot drop then dabbed the roots before she bailed off that booter. It was so rad!
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    December Photos

    Took this yesterday. It counts...
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    Hard Race Sat

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    The house smells so good.

    Some woman would be very lucky to have a wife like you.
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    I know that this is a bicycle forum but as you know that my son and I are into motorcycle racing. This last summer after 35 years of racing off road I started road racing and my son decided to join me in this next adventure in life. This makes me happy!!
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    Waffle Sunday

    Ylva enjoyed blueberry waffles.
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    I'm sending out prayers and vibes for it If he ends up staying in Minnesota...I might just get to see RO .......No matter what...he needs to get settled again!! Life is just way too stressful when you are unemployed.
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    Oh crap, Just remembered I was supposed to lavish praise on all your posts so that when you returned today, your self-esteem would be in the healthy range. Please accept my apologies. That Donna Reed was quite a looker, wasn't she? LW is really top notch, too.
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    Are you Topper

    I try to not be a topper. But I have so many cool STORIES!! And I am a story teller. I try not to be but I have done so many weird things that I seem to have a story for every occasion. For some reason almost all my stories contain the phrase "And they were looking at me like I was an idiot"
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    Fucking recruiters...

    I'm not complaining about them now. A recruiter just got me a 14% raise working just across the street from where I work now. My soon-to-be former boss is going to be pizzed tomorrow.
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    I suspect he may not realize that we have great respect for him and his abilities; perhaps even a higher respect for him than he has for himself.
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    So it begs asking

    Everyone is so cool here I would like to meet you all. SoCal meet up anyone!?!??!
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    Road Runner

    So it begs asking

    I feel like I have already met you all. I don't think a face to face meeting with someone and talking to them for a while would be nearly as informative or revealing of their character as the discussions we have had here every day for the past four years.
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    Ralphinawaldomooseworth. She wouldn't leave the trail. We stared at each other for a few minutes. When she laid down, I decided to turn around and head downhill. Some snowy pictures from my ride today for your viewing pleasure.
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    For the past dozen years, it's been a buffet spread out on a conference room table, then BACK TO WORK! The new owners are trying to fix the attitude. So Saturday was at a Country Club, guests included, semi formal, cocktail hour, nice dinner, bunch of nice door prizes (grand prize was a 55" 4K TV). Very nice tribute to the retiring VP of HR, awards to the hard working social commitee, and the obligatory speech from the boss was short, complimentary to us, not him, and heartfelt. A fun time was had by all! Things are looking up around here.
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    December Photos

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    The house smells so good.

    So... How is your visit with petite?