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    Meet Shadi, a 5-year old female Border Collie.
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    Proud of DoSmudge2

    She bought her own bike today. It's a Cannondale Quick 4 Women's. The color caught her eye. After that it was all mom and her Jedi mind tricks. Anyway that's what she blames for the purchase.
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    Started at 6am this morning. After a relatively flat start we headed up of Bear Notch. Not a terribly hard or long climb but enough to know you climbed. That was followed by an awesome decent back to the valley. Then began the long climb up through Crawford Notch. The last mile or so was 13%. We drove down it yesterday and it really looked hard. Actually it wasn’t nearly as bad as expected. Once over the top we had about 30 miles of rolling terrain. This is when it really started getting warm, 85 or so. Then we made the 11 mile climb through Pinkham Notch. Long but not real steep. That was followed by another fun descent. Once back in the valley we. Had about 12 miles to finish. Most of it was flat until at miles 107.8 you turn on the road to the finish. They said it averages 13% but it’s a couple real steep pitches and a few lesser ones. Tough ending to a long, hot ride. Pretty proud of WoZack she did 108.8 miles, 6200+ feet of climbing and averaged 14 mph.Good bbq chicken afterwards
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    Proud parent moment

    My youngest daughter had a photo featured today on Canon USA’s Instagram page!
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    Brief health update

    So my knee ended up being a stage 2 rupture of the quadricep tendon. No surgery, just physical therapy. The even expect me back on a bike this year. In oncology news, CT directly after radiation showed nothing concrete but also nothing too concerning to them, yet. No tumors so I'll take the win there. Only potential issue is my jaw bone is still heavily bruised and showing signs of blood starvation. CT in another month, hyperbaric chamber then too to try and save it if it is dying from the exposure. So overall pretty good outlook short term. Nothing life ending, maybe altering but that I can still live with. I can always get an artificial jaw so, fuck it. Why worry?
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    Results of my MRI scan are back

    No new lesions in the C-spine, T-spine or L region. There was one very small lesion in the right hemisphere of my brain. It was not active, but it was new from the last images from 2014. So, the results mean that I am still kicking ass on the MS front. This is very good news.
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    Getting old is not for sissies

    Update on my wife and I. We had an appointment with her new medical oncologist yesterday. He’s going to start her on chemotherapy right away and order lots of bone, and body scans as soon as they can be set up. My surgery for my hernia is coming up in the middle of this and I won’t be allowed to drive for about five days. A week later I’m having a squamous cell carcinoma cut out of my face. My wife is doing much better. She is eating good now. She comes up with strange things she wants (she had a grilled Keilbasa sandwich for breakfast today). I’ll be glad when I can get back to cycling and kayaking. For the present time I’m needed at home so that’s where I am.
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    and there was much rejoicing

    We have rid ourselves of the rental home. It recorded. Now, I can be very thankful. I wasn't convinced that we closed anything, until it funded and recorded. So thankful that the water heater, furnace and fridge lasted 22 years. So glad to rid ourselves of an additional responsibility. No more calls. No more screening and stressing. No more legal consultations, or unexpected bills to repair things. This deal was teetering on a delicate balance, but the FHA stuff all went through.
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    Fuck cancer thread

    Sorry it's been awhile. 0.02 update below: Daughter of golden is now 14 months and constantly keeping me busy. I switch to a new job as an analytics developer for a startup/thinktank firm (farm) on Monday. First big software gig for me, secured a nice salary and the ability to take a cut of the concierge coding services we offer to existing clients. Biggest news pertains to the thread title. Thus past year I've been sick; weird flu like symptoms, swollen glands, racing heart rate.... I think i might have posted back when i was hospitalized back in March. Well, fast forward to a week ago. My ENT had done a biopsy of a saliva gland and lymph node on my jaw. Nothing crazy showed cept some `giant` cells. So we had surgery to remove both last Thurs. Today I went in and pathology confirmed: adenocarcinoma. Specifically the cystic type that attacks saliva, lymph, and mucus glands in the head and neck. I'm off to a specialist in the next few weeks to see just how severe and potential treatments. I'll leave on a good note, here's some photos of me and my reason to kick cancers ass!
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    Forum meetup

    Sorry I look like the Yuengling got the best of me in the picture. I am blaming the photographer and not her subjects. A great start to my Western Pennsylvania business trip.
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    Just became a great one. My brother became a grandpa. Baby is named Eleanor. Born 3 weeks early, 4lbs 11 oz.
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    The story of my day

    I had an eight AM appointment at the Honda dealership to get a recall on the middle row seats fixed. They kept sending me this recall notice and said it was a safety issue so I finally made an appointment. The service manager said it would take about an hour. This made me feel not too bad. They asked me if I had been there before and I told them not with this car but with many other Hondas that we have owned. They came to the waiting room after about 15 minutes and said they couldn’t find me in the system and had me write down my name, address, and telephone number, this made me feel annoyed. I have had eight Hondas in there over the years for recall work, mostly airbag recalls. Finally after I had been there an hour they came in again and asked me if I had taken it to any other dealerships within the last couple months. They said the seats had already had the recall repair. We told them that when we bought the car over a year ago they made us wait about a week to get it because there was a recall on the seats and they had to wait on parts. This made me really annoyed. At ten o’clock they came in and said my car was done. They took off the other new parts and put a new set of the same parts on. This made me wonder why I even came. From there I started on my honey do list at four stores and the credit union. This made me feel frustrated but I got it done. i went home and started preparing a turkey for supper. I made stuffing and stuffed the bird and also filled a small roasting pan with dressing. This made me feel accomplished. I started cooking the turkey in an electric roaster out on one of the deck tables. Then I started peeling about seven pounds of potatoes. The potatoes had black spots where the eyes were which I had to gouge out with the potato peeler. While the potatoes were cooking I put on a large stockpot to boil two dozen ears of sweet corn .By then my son John had showed up with his family and his German Shepherd doggy. This made me happy. The kids all had their swimsuits on within a couple minutes and they were in the pool. A little bit later my son Ben showed up with his crew and my wife’s big sister showed up so I started carving the turkey. The granddaughters got wind of the smell of the turkey and surrounded me while I carved. They kept asking for pieces of the skin and were snitching small pieces of turkey. All that swimming must have worked up an appetite. This made me feel happy. The moms fixed plates for the littles and everyone else fixed their own plate. I made up a plate for my wife. She didn’t feel up to joining everyone out on the deck. This made me sad. People kept leaving the table and going in to talk to and check up on their mom or grandmom. This made me glad. After dinner everyone except my sister in law, my brother, and my wife and I got back in the pool. Altogether I fed sixteen people and all that was leftover was some gravy and some dressing. Everyone left by 11PM and I started to clean up the mess and wash the dishes. I just got finished and now am ready for bed. This day made me feel wonderfully. Blessed I just wish my wife was felling better.
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    WoScrapr's Celebration

    was wonderful. Excellent even. The venue was awesome. A winery that WoScrapr would love. In my remarks I mentions that WoScrapr would be pissed she missed this party There weren't any hitches in the whole thing. Catering was early & was set up perfectly. Food was good and well proportioned. It was a beautiful day. 82 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. Started the day off walking to the LCS. On the way there WoScrapr sent me a Golden retriever to pet. I love the "reds". So she sent me one on my walk over. She was talking to me all morning. Lindy's "posse" had most things ready to go. at the venue. So my bestie & I smoked cigars out at a pergola. He was best man at our wedding (and i his). We remembered that we smoked cigars just before our wedding. We were late and delayed the wedding for a minute or 2. WoScrapr was mad. Had about 130 folks there. it fit the venue perfectly. When it got to be my turn to talk I did pretty good. Broke down a bit once. But i had my remarks typed out so i could avoid triggers. That helped a lot. When we got to the open mic portion I took the mic and walked around the room laughing with the folks about the Lindy stories. A short one. Our old neighbor (Karen) had a driveway that wasn't accesible on our street. But Karen's sister would park there and walk through the brush to the house. This made WoScrapr mad because our driveway was sort of blind to where the car was parked. WoScrapr let her know that parking there was a bit dangerous. So word gts back to WoScrapr that the neighbor called her an *sshole. Well... a bit later neighbor & WoScrapr are both at a party. heh, heh. WoScrapr walks up & introduces herself....I'm your *asshole neighbor. LOLOL. They were fast friends after that We had pre primed several people to come with stories. So that helped a lot. Lots of people laughing and having fun. It was truly a great afternoon. I just wish WoScrapr was there to have fun with us. I was a bit nervous that I was going to be more sad than having fun. But I think the laughter was cathartic. I felt good driving home. Like something had lifted. Maybe it was just the party that i was worried about. It was really good to see all the friends and family...(well some of the family) picture of my fraternity class. I'm the dressed up one. When did we all get so old? As incoming freshmen we were known as Scum. So that is what we call ourselves 45 years on
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    An accidental ride.

    So, I started the day in the garage. Put the snow tires up on the rack, tidied up some tools that found their way out over winter, swept out the garage, washed the bikes, and inflated the tires. Got on the Stumpy and went for a spin around the block, then the same with the Bianchi, then the Tri-cross and finally the Lynskey. I managed to ride to the lake and back so about 20 k. No kit, not clipped in, no water, no helmet. Cargo shorts, flip flops and a t-shirt.
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    The bike shed is coming along

    Decided on a 10x10 shed with a 4' porch. I wanted a 10/12 pitch to the roof, but HoSmudge said a 12/12 pitch is easier; so it will have a 12/12 pitch roof. Here it is with the gable ends in place. The rain was making things too slippery to be safe when working on trusses, so HoSmudge headed home. I had planned on spending the night at camp, so I covered up with a poncho and kept going for a while. I dug out the trench for the porch "footings." Then I used the Paslode nailer to secure the joists to one side of the porch. I was pretty tired by then, so I called it good for the day. Put stuff away, ate some supper, and now holding down a couch. HoSmudge will be back tomorrow, and we'll put up trusses after we build them! And I'll finish the porch floor.
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    A new grandson. Aiden James. Mom and baby are doing great.
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    I’m your friendly medic today

    At the bicycle race. G got 3rd in the ITT last night. Pulled another 3rd in the RR today. We’ll see what the crit brings tomorrow. I’ve been very bored as the medic. So that’s good.
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    I fixed my washing machine!! The part came today and I bought the socket set today. Managed to replace the lid switch and put the machine all back together again!! The part cost me $10 and the tools cost me $15 and I now have a socket set in my collection
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    I'll still not hit peak toxicity until Friday but the rad sessions are over. Already knew, reasonable expectation of, results: Cancer is gone in neck. Still can come back in lungs, liver, brain stem or some weird ass place down the line. My first of many to come CT scans is just a month from now. 20% chance of reoccurring each year. So now we start the clock and celebrate next year. I wanted to add, thank you very much for your support. All of you, quite especially a few of you, you know who you are. Couldn't have wished for a nicer group of people. Seriously, honest to doG, I have close friends that I've known for a long time that I don't care about as much as this forum. Thank you. btw, the mask is fucking creepy as hell.
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    Griffin’s first yellow jersey. Indiana/Kentucky state crit champ.
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    DoSmudge2 n+1

    When I showed you her new bike, someone suggested n+1. Actually, her new bike is her +1. This is the bike I bought her eons ago, maybe around 1998?? She never rode it much but still kept it all these years. Just had it tuned up this spring. She still loves it, and she wanted me to share.
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    I’m trying to get my wife to eat so i’m Cooking stuff I know she likes. I made egg and toast for breakfast. That’s what she wanted. She wanted leftover chicken noodle soup for lunch. For supper I made a black angus rump roast, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. She said it was very good. She ate a few bites of this and a few bites of that. It was very good, very tender and tasty.
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    Bum lambs living the life

    Photo taken by the lady that gets our bum lambs. She and her granddaughter dress the lambs. She found them looking this way and was quick enough to take a photo. I hope you like it.
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    I pick up a new watch after my anniversary date. This is this year's watch. Couch
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    The Story of my Trip to the LIbrary

    After living in this town for almost two decades, I finally decided to visit the library. Normally I don't like having a time deadline to read a book, but I wanted access to some of their online databases. This made me feel all eager to learn. I found the library which is located in a nice little town park with tennis courts and and a baseball field. It was pouring rain. This made me feel wet. On my way into the library I passed a cheery young woman who ran by and shouted "Happy Rainy Day!". This made me feel very welcome. I entered the building and a sensible elderly lady at the front desk told me I could apply for a card there. She asked me if I had a drivers license with a town address and I told her yes and handed her my wallet. She looked at my license very suspiciously which made me feel a bit like a suspect, even though I had done nothing wrong. She seemed pleased that I had printed off the application from online and already filled it in. This made me feel proud. She typed a bunch of stuff in the computer and then handed me my very own library card in a paper case and a smaller key chain sized one. This made me feel very accomplished. She then offered me a tour of the building and I was actually very impressed with the collections and the nice reading spaces. There was a mother and daughter working nicely on a jigsaw puzzle. This made me feel very neighborly. She told me there were ACT training classes going on in the activity room. This made me very glad I didn't have to take the ACT exams. I told her that the building was very lovely. This made her feel proud. I looked around the reading room and saw a magazine that looked interesting. I sat down in the one big leather comfy chair in the room and read it. This made me glad that nobody else was in the room and I could have the best chair. On my way out I noticed the road that passed the baseball field meandered up a hill. I wondered what was up the road so I decided to drive up despite the heavy rain. This made me feel adventurous. I drove up the road and discovered it ended up in a parking lot. That made me feel a bit let down, but overall I felt very accomplished. The End.
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    So Friday hits, and I take off from work a bit early and leave Manhattan to go get RO from summer camp in Brooklyn, and we take a train back to Manhattan. Lots of trains this weekend. We make some food and watch un-dubbed episodes of Ultraman from the early 60's, RO has no idea of what they are saying, but it is all funny. We have names for all the characters. There is Captain Drama, because he is the captain and everything he says or gestures is completely exaggerated. Laughing Boy is the tallest and is always laughing or completely crestfallen, as he screws up, a lot. The only chick is only referred to as "My girlfriend" or "Your girlfriend", and she is never taken seriously because she is a Japanese chick in the early 60's. There are other less interesting characters. The special effects are horrible but it doesn't matter. I loved this show as a kid, and even went to the emergency room one time because of it. RO is oddly fascinated with the show, and also the ER story. Next morning, fruit and TJ's chicken nuggets form the basis of a complete diet. We take a train to Brooklyn for a birthday party for Charlotte, some random neighborhood girl we met just walking around one day when RO was tiny. The party is 'meh', it is at a miniature golf place. Kids run around. The venue apparently is tasked with feeding the kids, and take a minimalist approach to that with either water or apple juice, and a slice of pizza that was 1 1/2" wide at the crust, just a long sliver, only enough for one slice per kid. Pretty weak, but hey, they sell snacks (imagine that) and all the kids are hungry as hell, and this is where the Doritos come from. There is a pirate theme, and the eyepatches and cardboard pirate hats are the big hits. After the party we go to McDonalds that was close by and get a McFlurry to share. Back to Manhattan. We go to the apartment to miss the heat of the day and make food, then decide to go to a close-by playground in Central Park that is near the carriage horses we feed carrots to. Bit of background here, RO always wants to take a carriage ride, but the price is nuts, $120 for 40 minutes, or a short 12-15 minute ride for $60. I don't have carriage money at this point, but I have previously talked to my parents about what RO would like for her birthday, and suggest a carriage ride for their present, and they believe in the inherent goodness of this plan. I have told RO a few times previously that a carriage ride is not in our foreseeable future, so she has no idea what is about to happen. We eyeball horses and I ask her "if we were ever to take a carriage ride, which horse would be best?" We pick one, then I spring the news that Grandma and Grandpa are getting her a ride and she should climb on. At first she doesn't seem to believe it, then the first melty smile that you see in Cheese's post when she gets what is going to happen. This is what little kid dreams are made of. The carriage ride is fun as hell, remarkable nice, actually. People are waving at the beaming child, the driver says RO can come up front is she wants, and she does. The horse is named "Punch". I suspect a beaming and waving child on a carriage ride is good advertising, btw. The short ride ends and we get a few pics. If I win the lottery, I am going to take lots of carriage rides, it is a wonderful way to travel. <continued below>
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    Forum meet up today

    Well..I was not at par. But we still managed a short 15 miler... No sports bar but suggest Barley John's before the head out of town..I want a do over..when I am not on injured reserve!
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    The shed now has a work bench

    It probably took me 6 times longer than it should have, but I did it all on my own. Pretty proud of it.
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    Hey Y'All.

    I just want to thank you all for being my strange online imaginary friends for the past ten years. I started this weird relationship back in 2009 in an attempt to troll Foo and BF. I moved to LF because BF was too Big Brother and the mods there were too cultish and outright lied to members (they are communists). Then I met a majority of you all at LF. Anyway, thanks a ton for allowing me to escape life one post at a time. I appreciate it. I really like you people. I still think AWWC is odd. But I probably like him. Shu Fang
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    Square Wheels


    We've all gone through a tough time at one point or another. Sometimes I have nothing to say, but would give a hug if I could. For those that want to use it, I've added a Hugs icon to the Likes menu.
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    Had an echocardiogram for a mild heart murmur my new Dr found. The technician was cool and was explaining everything to me. She angled the monitor so I could see and she was pointing things out. She said the Dr will provide a follow up but asked what they told me. I told her they said I had a slight murmur and they wanted to do this as a precaution. She said thought so as I don’t see much of a murmur here, blood flow looks good. After we got to talking for a while she says, can I tell you something? Uh sure what? When I called your name I was hoping you would stand up and my heart jumped for joy when you did. Me thinking oh this is awkward... Then she continues... You see most older men are usually obese and well there was that fat guy in the room too. You are my third one today and my arm & shoulder really get tired pushing against a bunch of fat.... And I thought she was coming on to me...
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    My hippie dress

    The old arms are big..but I am trying to get over that.
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    Meet Rudy

    Rudy is a 10 week old Airedale. We pick him up tomorrow morning.
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    For historical reasons that are difficult to explain, my sisters and I all give each other little gifts on Mother's Day, even though only one of us has kids. My wild sister gave me a plant and it came in a plain brown bag with a little design stamped on the side. The design made me question if she's been lurking here.
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    G done good

    First adult Tri yesterday.
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    She always enjoys this trip.
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    The one and only TrentonMakes!
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    From today
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    The Story of Last Weekend

    Emmy’s team went undefeated to the championship game. They beat an older team in extra innings to get there. This is important because it meant that whoever we played had to beat us twice. This made me feel proud and optimistic. Well the coaching staff decided to start a back up against the the same team that we had just beaten. They’re win in the loser bracket put them right back against Emmy in the championship game. This made me nervous. Our ur back up pitcher spotted them 5 runs in the first. She got pulled, but the damage was done. This made me frustrated. We were home and the last inning their pitch was getting frustrated. You see, it was cold and windy and the rain was starting. And we were hitting her and getting on base. This made me happy. Well, it was too little, too late. We lost but had momentum. On to the rubber match. Emmy started. The rain came down. It was dark, cold and windy. Our coach decided to be visitors when he won the toss. This is important because it kept our hot bats up and the frustrated pitcher on the mound. This made me nervous. We put 7 on them in the first inning (only a 2 inning rubber match). This made me super nervous for the last inning because the older girls would get a chance to bat. This is how it played out. Emmy took the mound in the bottom of the last inning. She was up 10-0. It was dark and windy. It was cold and the rain was not letting up. The other pitcher had no control. I was super worried that she was going to walk in a few runs due to the conditions. Then she would get frustrated and lose the game. They were on their #4 hitter in the meat of their line up. Emmy sat her down with 3 pitches!!! The next batter came up and was also dispatched after striking out. I was gaining confidence but this still made me nervous The final batter was up. Her count was 3-2. She’d fouled off 3 pitches. The wind was kicking up. The fans were going nuts. The girls in the dugout were up on the fence trying to get into Em’s head. The last pitch? Strike 3 looking, a fastball on the outside corner. And possibly the hardest pitch that she threw all weekend. Guys. I cannot tell you how proud I am of this kid. She never lets up, works her ass off, and is the most intense kid you’ll ever meet. Her bat had been lagging but she was hot at the plate this weekend with 5 base hits. 2 sac flies and a sac bunt. 2 walks and only 3 k’s. She recorded 29 strike outs and only 9 walks allowing 4 hits and 5 runs in 4 games pitched. (We didn’t get to record one of her games). She was AMAZING!!
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    131 miles on Sat. Tough ride, lots of climbing. The weather was pretty damn good. Cool temps most of the day, the rain held off, it was very windy. Looking back on what I just rode. That climb was tough, super steep and loose gravel. Lots of cattle The payoff. The single best descent I have ever ridden. The last 21 miles were downhill with a lot of pavement. These switchbacks were so fun. When we came out of the canyon, the winds were crazy. 40-50 mph gusts of crosswinds. At one point I unclipped because I almost blew over. 11.5 hours of riding. Thinking about next year.
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    My weekend

    Had fun times and some bad. We spent all day Friday working on the bike in between practice session. Once we got the kids bikes tuning issues worked out and got the bike running good. Saturday morning practice my son missed a shift and over reved the motor two turns later the motor let go. on Sunday I was going to let him race my bike but in practice the ignition failed and a broken exhaust pipe. he did sign up for the off road race and used my dirt bike for the race. Took 1st place in class 6th on 7th overall despite running out of gas about a 1/4 from the finish line. Saturday night we went to the nearest bar for a drink and a pizza. The drink special was the Drunken Monkey. A 16oz drink that's about 3/4 alcohol. Wo46 enjoying a Drunken Monkey. What else would a sidecar monkey eat for lunch. Wo46 trying a new corner technique. Did Sunday morning practice with my son in the chair. Not his first time being a monkey but it was the first time we did it as father and son. We won a 1st participation trophy. There were 10 sidecars total but 3 or 4 in our class and at the end of the day we were the only SC2 sidecar in our class still running. The long straightaways at Road America are hard on motors.
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    A few days ago some dashboard lights came on while I was driving. This made me nervous but the care seemed to still be driving ok, so that made me feel better. When I turned the car on again, the lights were gone, so that made me feel better. But then they kept coming back so hat made me nervous again. I called to make an appointment at the dealer, and they coudln't take me until mid-July. That made me annoyed. Then I started having problems moving the gear thingy from park to drive when the lights were flashing and that made me feel frustrated and nervous again. I thought of taking my car to this one garage I like, but I was afraid it might need a part they wouldn't have, so I tried calling all the dealers within reasonable driving range and I found one that had an appointment today. This made me very happy. I rook it in and described the issue to the woman at the front desk. She mentioned there was an open recall on my car and that the recall fix should solve my problem. That made me feel silly. Then she pointed out that there would be no charge and that made me feel better. The dealership had a very nice waiting area with comfy chairs and free snacks. That made me happy. I started to read my book, but then I got involved people watching. One old lady was surprised to hear she wasn't getting a courtesy car for weeks while they did body repair. She decided to wait and get her work done later. Another woman was downright offended when they offered her an uber ride after she dropped off her car. That made me curious since it seemed like a nice offer. Another lady was thrilled and called her son saying "OMG, I'm going on an uber ride!" During all of this I was texting with my wild sister who brings her car to this dealer for service. She told me that they recently remodeled and that the nice man who worked there lost his office and now just has a chair at a counter. That made me sad for the nice man. Eventually my car was ready and I went on my way. Although I may go back soon for more people watching. The End.
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    Deck life

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    Square Wheels

    I have now driven two BMWs

    the one I test drove, and the one I took home tonight.
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    Envy chain

    And I’m looking at all three of you.
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    Photos from Portugal

    In no particular order.
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