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  1. I used to be 5 10, down to 5 9.
  2. I can see your junk in the first pic.
  3. I've been lucky, never cramped.
  4. We're terrible shoppers. We buy way too much at whole foods, we never use coupons. We never look at the price of things.
  5. That's really good, you're tall too, right?
  6. Getting into any password protected section should be a one time thing. It stores a cookie on your computer. If you use more than one device, it may clear the other cookie, it may not. Cookies can be finicky.
  7. "Like" usage reaction_icon Used reactions/react_like.png 415801 reactions/react_haha.png 39492 reactions/react_thanks.png 35266 reactions/facebook-sad.png 7958 reactions/meh.png 3128 reactions/react_confused.png 2785 reactions/envy.png 1632 reactions/react_down.png 20 Down in inactive. Not sure who asked to add envy, but not very popular.
  8. Nah, there's a well established one run by Rodale.
  9. Please don't delete them, unless you want to. When needed (soon) I will upgrade the server.
  10. Have not, it's still on a VPS and costs $46 a month, plus software costs.
  11. The server has 60GB available, we are down to our last 5GB.
  12. I am going to need to start charging you rent.
  13. At some point they will need to be deleted. THere are 1800 pages of attachments lists with 25 attachments per page. That's like, a lot.
  14. I've been called a few times. The last time, about 20 years ago, I made it to the final selection. I had to sit in the witness box and answer questions from the lawyers. I asked to have a couple of things repeated because I didn't understand the question. I wasn't selected, I think the assumed I was not that bright.
  15. Some would tell you this is OK as long as you skipped the bun, ketchup, and anything else with carbs.
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