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  1. Hello.. We have a parcel in your name contain an atm visa card that came from Africa Country,and parcel is under our custody, It will deliver to you withtin 24 hours once you clear the customs duties fees. And don`t forget to reconfirm your address to avoid wrong delivery.Get back to via e-mail: infos78711@gmail.com or Thanks. Mr Gerald Vanlandingham
  2. I forbade her from talking with you.
  3. OK, I just made that up as a skeptic. So I did a little reading and realized I was pretty far off. They get significantly more than I said. They get 21% of the cost, or 84 cents per box.
  4. Skipping breakfast, went to the gym instead. I'll eat my pancakes for lunch and only have two meals today. I've gained too much weight being lazy and sick.
  5. It's just another scam. I suspect the girl scouts get 20% at best of the money and the cookie company gets the rest, just like when kids sell cookies, or other treats, for school.
  6. It was really good. You waited too long, they are married now.
  7. This place is tiny. Nowhere to build new places. Very limited housing. Traffic is almost always a disaster. It would have been a mess.
  8. I am so glad we didn't win. What a monumental waste of time and money.
  9. Wow, that was mean. I would want nothing to do with the publicity and would spend the rest of my life quietly trying to help as many people as I could.
  10. My wife wants to walk to the store with me to buy lottery tickets. Powerball is close to a 1/2 billion.
  11. @Thaddeus Kosciuszko is one of the smartest people we had. I wish we didn't run him off.
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