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  1. I might try the one in MA in the fall, would love to do the others.
  2. When does it end? I had significant damage to a car once from a pothole in Boston. Tough luck. I guess my taxes didn't pay for that. The roads are barely driveable. Federal Income State income Sales Gas Property All the crazy fees on my cell and internet service I think more than enough is collected.
  3. We paid for NBC Sports Gold the year we went to Greece so we could watch TdF. Cost $50. That's a lot. Two big issues. Internet service on the island we were on was horrible. Then, when we were able to connect, NBC Sports Gold was not available in foreign countries. I was not happy.
  4. I love my folding hardtop. I got the last year they made it. They only have soft top models now.
  5. I'd have no problem at all cheating on my taxes. The only reason I don't is fear of getting caught. I've already paid over 7k in taxes from my paycheck this year. One year the IRS determined we underpaid by 47k, that hurt, a lot. I won't make this political, but I hate paying taxes.
  6. I don't think I'll ever eat meat again.
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