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  1. I've heard this is common. I ran 10 on the treadmill once (boy was that fun) and got a nice little painful surprise when I got in the shower. No bleeding, but ouch.
  2. I probably can do the 44, but I don't think I'd be happy. I went for a 1.7 mile "run" this morning, that too was very hard. My wife and I will talk, but it's feeling like I won't be riding it at all this year.
  3. Looks awesome, sadly they too will close one day. The wonders of the modern world.
  4. It's actually called 50/50.
  5. The movie was OK. I try to learn something from everything. This movie made me realize I am slipping back into acting like a victim. I've had a few bad breaks, who hasn't? I still have a life in front of me, and I need to start living it more fully. The movie didn't have much to do with that, but it's what I got out of it.
  6. I try to offset my stress by continuously meditating, as well as appreciating things in my life. Both of these are newish to me and both help, a lot.
  7. See, I looked like that just a month ago What happened?
  8. Send me you bank account info, for the shipping fees.
  9. Yes, all my stuff is good stuff.
  10. The last time I tipped over (about a month ago), naturally I fell into traffic. I could easily have been run over if the person had been texting. I was lucky that this millennial appeared to be taking a break from texting and simply drove around me (didn't bother to ask if I was OK). I've been bumped and bruised from tipping over, but it's usually the ego that takes the biggest hit.
  11. This is a minor setback. I am not sure yet why I am so exhausted. I just climbed the stair to swap the laundry, that wiped me out. Maybe I still have a virus? This just isn't my year. The run up was my slowest time yet, mostly from not raining. I won't do the century, I may not ride at all. I need to get back in shape.
  12. The ride is Saturday. I don't think I can do it. We'll see how I feel after I try a couple of easy runs.
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