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  1. Square Wheels

    Hey SquareWheels

    I get paid the same either way.
  2. Square Wheels

    12/16 miles & such

    10 in the basement.
  3. Square Wheels

    So how much have you ridden this year?

    Not sure, I pooped out around July. Maybe 2500.
  4. Square Wheels

    The prodigal son returns

    I killed several soybeans in his honor.
  5. Square Wheels

    NFL Sunday

    I new knew who was playing. The Patriots already won, what time is it on?
  6. The core me wants to be sarcastic, I find I feel a lot better when I make people feel good about themselves.
  7. Square Wheels

    My grief counselor died yesterday

    So, it was supposed to be funny?
  8. Square Wheels

    My grief counselor died yesterday

    Thank you for your counsel.
  9. Square Wheels

    My grief counselor died yesterday

    That's not funny. (is it?)
  10. Square Wheels

    NFL Sunday

    Who are they playing?
  11. Square Wheels

    Wanna see my ball?

    We first did it at my sisters a couples of years ago, it was fun. When you're wrapping, you keep cutting the wrap so you need to frantically try to find the next beginning.
  12. Square Wheels

    Wanna see my ball?

    You get a die and pick a number. The person to your left rolls until they get that number, you keep unwrapping until they get the number. You keep the loot you unwrap and then pass it to your left. It's more fun than I thought it would be.
  13. Square Wheels

    New themes

    Found it, I'm not that talented. They gave me the psd's for a couple of image, not that one.
  14. Square Wheels

    December Photos

    Nice birds, as always @Chris.... I remember seeing a pic of your camera just inside a window, now I know how you get these. I imagined you sitting outside, wrapped in a blanket keeping warm waiting for one to land.
  15. Square Wheels

    Wanna see my ball?

    Probably 1000 feet of cling wrap, tons of junk gifts, lots of cool stuff, like the real money close to the start.