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  1. They are so good, but so expensive.
  2. Try vacuuming some up - dead or alive. Wow, it took hours to get the stink out of our bedroom.
  3. This is NE, we have full basements. We like to celebrate a day where we "discovered" an inhabited land, killed of many of the indigenous people, and ultimately relegated them to some trivial pieces of land.
  4. Sorry, there was an update on Sunday (no one noticed) and there are now settings for that option. I set the images to PG13 or safer.
  5. Haven't seen my family since Thanksgiving. No idea when I'll see them again.
  6. You need to renegotiate for me. I got it for free with my car last year. I have the 5.50 deal for this year as a new customer. When it come due next year, I'll have you call for me. I called Verizon and said I was going to switch to a competitor, they said "nice knowing ya". I didn't switch, or get a better deal.
  7. I don't agree. What are they hoping to accomplish by inconveniencing hospital patients, visitors, or staff? I would not have been as patient. I don't go to work because I love the long hours or small (comparable) pay. I do it because I believe in the mission of my hospital, to take care of people.
  8. I have. Pretty good this year. I suspect there were a lot of drugs consumed.
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