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  1. Thanks, don't have that. Hopefully it release to Netflix someday.
  2. There will be 0 decorations here, I like it that way. No presents. No guests (that's a bummer). No cleaning.
  3. You sad I posted your family pics?
  4. It feels hopeless.
  5. We had plenty of room for the relatives.
  6. Having a little fun in the back yard.
  7. How many more points do you need? To make it socially correct, what is a non-binary term for KOM / QOM?
  8. Where is it available?
  9. She's like you, I'll leave her to you.
  10. Yes, it comes with a wife. She's perfect, the wife is pretty good too.
  11. Clever idea. I'm not sure if this is possible, I asked the developers. I don't think I can even give you points manually to move you closer to the next rank.
  12. When I die, it becomes the property of my wife. I need a will.
  13. Agreed, $1,549.10 with tax, shipping appears to be free. I'll drop the price if it doesn't sell. I like the rollers better. Plus, I don't need a Zwift subscription with the rollers.
  14. Seinfeld as a whole = not funny.
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