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  1. Do they still make Macs? I thought they stopped along with iPods as no one used them anymore.
  2. I thought this was going to be about nipple piercing.
  3. Has anyone ever actually been LOLing when they've typed LOL? I don't think I've ever used LOL except to comment the use of LOL.
  4. I had a friend once who insisted he could tell the difference in taste for M&Ms. We did a test, he got them all wrong.
  5. No, it is understood that all Sunday's are Pancake Sunday, unless you are @Airehead, then Waffle Sunday is also allowed.
  6. I miss @Chopped Liver, but unlike @SuzieQ we can't get him back.
  7. It better not. I finished the leaves yesterday, but we're going out after brunch to get rid of the rest of the fallen tree.
  8. We need the ability to contact staff in case of emergency. We got a few of the younger staff together to ask if we could use a robocall system. They said no. Not because they don't want to give up their number, but because they never answer their phone, even if it's in their hand. They said text only.
  9. If I validate your suspicion, is it still a scam?
  10. Do I need to use a capital H?
  11. I remember a comment by Alex that went something like, first, you practice your 10,000 hours, then you're ready to join your first band. That's about 5 years of playing 8 hours a day to be considered competent. My finger are bleeding just thinking about that. I never wanted to be that good or famous.
  12. I'm trying to be kinder and more accepting. What if it weren't a woman saying I can do it better than they did, or better than anyone else, but just a person sharing with us their interpretation and playing to the best of their abilities at that time? Not knocking your comment at all. I played this a few years ago. Is it good, not at all. I was happy with it seeing as how I rarely play. At this point I might pick up my guitar 10 or 15 minutes a month.
  13. I never knew it existed. For me, not a big deal as I almost always post on a laptop. I imagine I'd have a hard time hitting the circle on a cell phone.
  14. Look, she may have put on a few pounds, but calling her a wide...
  15. My side yard was 99% from my neighbor. The leaves were too deep for the tractor. Lots of blowing, raking, and hauling before they were minimized enough for the tractor. Still resulted in 20 or 30 stops with the tractor.
  16. It's a Rush song. They are pretty hard to copy, well.
  17. The little circle before a post (or star if you've made a post in that thread) will bring you to the first unread post (if it's bold). You can change that behavior to make it easier on small devices to go to the first unread post by changing that setting here: https://squarewheelscycling.com/index.php?/settings/links/
  18. I agree with this. I wis I developed good eating habits when I was younger. Also, exercise has never been part of my life. Oh well, never too late to start.
  19. Where I work staff in the breakroom used to have lively conversations at break time. Now I see people staring at their phones. At best the conversation is "Did you see that really funny cat video?", "No, send it to me." I see many benefits of technology, but feel it's gone a bit too far.
  20. Why do we (not me) coddle this @Kzoo character and their inability to come up with their own avatar?
  21. Do you have access to the results online? Those systems often have the ability to show a single test, like a WBC over weeks, months, or years. It might be helpful to look at the data that way. Then it's not too relevant if your WBC had been in the teens for years, and then this year decided to shoot up to 50k.
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