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  1. Dirtyhip

    Netflix movie for Hip

    Thank you. Looking forward to watching this.
  2. I could do it. My phone pisses me off anyway.
  3. Dirtyhip

    E-bike laws

    I can hope that local zones are sane about how to regulate these things. The new ones go very fast. There is already talk on how to over ride the gov. unit that keeps it below a certain speed. Before long, people will figure out how to use them without pedaling. It has been Pandora's box, around here. People are not following rule of law,
  4. Dirtyhip

    E-bike laws

    People will not follow whatever is decided anyway. It's moot, really. Many can't even be bothered to throw things in a trash can. This will not end well, as more of these come out of the box.
  5. Dirtyhip

    E-bike laws

    The industry is headed this way, because of money. Money talks and people want them, because it makes things easier on them. Yes, they are not supposed to be out on the primitive bike trails. They are. I see them all the time. It is disgusting and a blatant disregard for others. They will ruin our advocacy for entrance to primitive zones. We will lose access, This is not a good thing.
  6. Dirtyhip

    E-bike laws

    Is it OK to steal, because you need money? No. The same goes for needing assist. It belongs with other motorized vehicles. It has a motor. Spin it any way you like, buy you are bending the law in a way you see fit. I know what an assist bike is and ebikes are assist, they have motors to assist them. Hence the term MOTORIZED. not sure why you mention I should never drive. Not sure what apples have to do with the price of oranges.
  7. Dirtyhip

    E-bike laws

    Many of our fellow humans don't use common sense. You may be faster, but the new e-bikes are pretty swift. Some idiot whizzed down toward me on the non-motorized path recently. He was going very fast and didn't appear to have a good handle on his machine. ...and he was breaking the law, as it clearly reads "NON-MOTORIZED TRAFFIC ONLY."
  8. Dirtyhip

    E-bike laws

    I don't agree with that, because they are motorized. These bikes are running down peds and going at a higher rate of speed, thus creating a a hazard to the safe bike trail. If the path is non-motorized, then they are an illegal addition to the trail. So, because they are tired, they get to violate the laws? This is not the way laws work. There are lots of back roads where vehicles are allowed. They should ride in those zones. Dedicated bike trails and paths are for passive use, not motorized. If the sign reads no motorized, it means no-motorized. People shouldn't be able to break laws they don't like.
  9. Dirtyhip

    E-bike laws

    If they have a motor, they are motorized. They belong with cars and motorcycles. They do not belong on bike paths, or non-motorized trails.
  10. Dirtyhip

    E-bike laws

    Hopefully keep them off non-motorized trails? I think this just determines their status though. https://openstates.org/oh/bills/132/HB250/
  11. Dirtyhip

    E-bike laws

  12. Dirtyhip

    Happy Wednesday!

    Me too. I hot the ground while pedaling up a hill, so at least it was a slow fall. Hit my head on the pavement and bruised up my elbow. Don't worry. The bike is fine.
  13. Dirtyhip

    and there was much rejoicing

    So, I called to shut off power. The stupid new people have not turned on theirs. This is a smart meter, which means it shuts off immediately. I opted to run power for them, until 5 pm. I called the realtor and said "tell those people to get on it. Power is going off at 5pm. They must turn on power, or risk frozen pipes." Not sure if they would freeze that fast, because there is insulation, but still...in a frozen place you have to run heat to the houses to keep things all safe.
  14. Dirtyhip

    and there was much rejoicing

    Oh yeah. This house did sell quickly. I know that winter is historically bad for home sales, but ours had an offer one week after the tenants moved out.
  15. Dirtyhip

    and there was much rejoicing

    I am celebrating by sharing the love to some others. Last night my husband came home. He and I both knew that it closed and funded. I was in the process of making us tuna sammies. We didn't go to dinner. He said "No celebration?" I replied "Not yet, today, was a down day in the stock market. Money doesn't grow on trees, Y'know." It was my W. Buffet funny. He laughed and we ate tuna sammies and played chess, then an early bed time. HAHA I am so boring. We will most likely celebrate soon. I am going to take the trust deed and loan payoff statement out of the safe, and burn them both. It's the end of an era. He and I were joking around. I said, now we really could move to Kauai, and live in a van. Then we tossed jokes back and forth about the Kauai experience.