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  1. You aren't that old yet. Young in body and mind.
  2. It should not be so complicated. This system is sad, depressing and almost criminal.
  3. My mailbox is often empty. Next fun mailers might be property taxes.
  4. One word: Texas. and your neighborhood must be swanky as heck...
  5. I like checking the mail. It feels good to pay the bills promptly. I identify with this thread, but I am still working.
  6. Dots, I just looked at air now and the air is great. We need some rain to tamp down the particulates and put out the fires.
  7. Some people are so distracted by a bouncing boob that it could cause motor vehicle accidents. I don't want to get anyone killed.
  8. It's going to be much better now, as he has taken out his entire back fence. He can now pull in and out without using our property and has room for his 4 cars, enormous trailer and ocean boat. We should soon have some peace and tons of space.
  9. Serious answers: In a world where outrage happens when a nipple shows, you can't be seen as professional or taken seriously without them being strapped down. We don't want people leering at them in a meeting. If the woman does any sort of sports, they bounce around and it's annoying. Smaller chested women can get away with nothing, but it certainly doesn't help with sag. I think most of sag is due to gravity, age and a reduction of skin elasticity.
  10. Likely just the two of us. We always go down to California for Christmas and ride the Bay Area, but this year I don't want to stay in a house with non-family. We usually say with our close friends down there.
  11. Dots. this is our reality. Better get used to it. It will be an annual thing from here on out and I don't think anywhere is really safe from fire. Why would people pay a union, when they stop working?
  12. I was having fun loaning money to Citibank and other companies with short term notes. I have eased up on that, cause I need to buy mood, metal and concrete now.
  13. Agreed. They should never be able to charge those insane rates, when they get credit for practically nothing. The most they should charge is 10%, if the applicant is current. If an applicant is not current, maybe up to 18% with applicable late fees added. Credit is almost free these days if you own a home and carry debt on that home.
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