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  1. If you are leaving in two years, why refi? UNless you can find zero fee, zero cost refi. Usually, you have points, appraisal, title fees. etc.
  2. Worst part of every hood is the people. People can be selfish, and unkind.
  3. I think it will land a little under 200,000. My realtor thinks our home will sell extremely fast, so he said we better be ready when the time comes.
  4. Well, yes. The moving part is the stressful thing.
  5. In about a year, I could be moving. Moving. I hadn't considered that part. I did tell my husband what some of you said, about hoods not getting better once it starts the slide.
  6. city water and power at property line. Slope is very moderate.
  7. Septic is about 3-5 grand here for a standard one.
  8. @Scrapr @Airehead I am wondering if we are dreaming too high. I have no idea what this will cost. I am assuming in 150K range with us doing a ton of the finish work. https://markstewart.com/house-plans/cottage-house-plans/farm-640-heritage/ Is it cheaper to attach a garage, or is it same. This garage is too small.
  9. Spending more. We bought a new bike, real estate, and did some home projects. The home improvement businesses are doing pretty good, I think
  10. It's not the 4th today.
  11. We went through the drive through at the credit union. I needed to put the cash in for our close that is happening at the end of the month. Gave myself some extra time, cause I knew it might take time to clear. At the bank, my husband was talking to the teller, who I could not see, from my cozy passenger location. She says is "the Mrs. there?" I popped over in my spot so she could see me. We were in lane two. She said "Oh, I was thinking about you recently. Blah Blah. How are you both?" The normal question came up. Are you still biking? People always ask that. Do they ask you guys too? Is biking so strange? Lots of people have fascination with the sport, but always say they could never do it. Interesting. So, my check had to get a hold and she had to call the manager. It wasn't THAT big. A bank can't handle a few tens of thousands? It wasn't 100. It was cute how we went to a local place. The person working there, used to work at my old bank. Small town. I love this. I was supposed to put my ID in the suck tube thing, but I didn't. She just made me lean over from my spot,
  12. Thank you. I know you do not post too often so thank you for saying this.
  13. The lovely sitting spot will be on the back deck. It looks down Over the highway and into the valley. Good views
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