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  1. Dirtyhip

    credit card limits

    Need a deck or want a deck? Can you mitigate the dangers, by a few small repairs now and then do the gigantic job when you have real scratch for it. You people would laugh at the squalor we dealt with as we went through the home. It was hard though. One of my roughest memories was walking planks when we had no subfloor for a short while. We were literally tearing up our home around us. But we did it all with cash. Some may not have the constitution to deal with it. We fought a little bit. It was hard.
  2. Dirtyhip

    Do you have a storage unit?

    Nothing aside from the storage in our garage.
  3. Dirtyhip

    Another Reason Not To Outsource Jobs!

    Keapernick did nothing wrong. We don't have to salute the flag if we do not want to. I have loyalty to my fellow human being more than my loyalty to a flag. Police brutality is real. This is what he has been trying to shine a light on. There may not be real justice for everyone in our country. Supposedly we are all equals. Some are more equal than others.
  4. Dirtyhip

    Wednesday #sucked

    I love your car. Didn't you bring that beauty to Bach? Sorry.
  5. Dirtyhip

    Wednesday #sucked

    Dude. Noooo!
  6. Dirtyhip

    Home exercise equipment

    People really should shower before using the pool.
  7. Dirtyhip

    Home exercise equipment

    I didn't pander like @AirwickWithCheese did though.
  8. Dirtyhip

    credit card limits

    They all inundate me with offers, and premade checks. We have a few cards. Credit card companies pay us to spend. It is nice to be on this side. Interest in our life is "how much will they pay us?"
  9. Dirtyhip

    Big girls

    I didn't say that. I just mentioned that possibly the standard ball is really just hard to manage for a smaller hand. Not a player here. Would you also say it is sexist that powerlifters aren't lifting the same amount of weight? Our frames are smaller than men.
  10. Dirtyhip

    Big girls

    Interesting. See, basketball has no cycling element. I'm kinda lost here.
  11. Dirtyhip

    Big girls

    I am not a basketball player, so I can't really say. My assumption is that the ball is smaller to fit smaller hands. They make them smaller for kids in the sport as well. I googled.
  12. Dirtyhip

    Big girls

    WTF? Thank you. You are wonderful. This is helpful. Me and a professor are teaming up on material for a gender roles in society class. Excellent material.
  13. Dirtyhip

    Big girls

    @Road Runner Why should women have to play with equipment that doesn't fit them properly?
  14. Dirtyhip

    Big girls

    Yes. She is the dancer in most of the Sia videos. Watch Chandelier and Elastic heart. Chandelier is epic. First time I watched, like, Who is this little kid? She blew me away. Her fascial expressions are great. She is a muse for sure. This is what I mean. There is the Hustling Owls, and then we have the "Lady Owls."