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  1. Desensitized? Maybe. Lots of saddle time makes for a tough ass. Haha no pansy🌸 ass here.
  2. We buy cheap stuff. I see no reason to spend a lot for this or go for premium.
  3. That John Hopkins site has bad data. I know for a fact, cause their numbers for our county are wrong. They are higher than they are reporting.
  4. Dirtyhip

    Restaurant food

    January. We only would eat a meal out about once every other month or so. Not big restaurant fan. We like to cook at home.
  5. People are absolute pigs. We are having problems with this locally too. Gloves, wipes and things just left in shopping carts. Disaster.
  6. Dirtyhip

    Garden thread

    Allen those look great. Your nest looks great too.
  7. I know that first section. We have rode around the lake via dirt and mixed trail. Although, I went clock wise, so did the first section in reverse. Personally, we don't love bike camping. I prefer to sleep well and do day trips. The mini inflatable mattress is a sucky sleep.
  8. What nitwits are you talking about? I did have some in the garage, that we bought from Home Depot about 10 years ago. Not sure where they were made. The hospital has them now.
  9. I really bought them for fire season. I will be careful. I promise.
  10. They come with three filters. Each filter lasts 8 weeks, supposedly. Weekly cleaning is recommended. It makes me sad to just to have bought these.
  11. We bought a couple of these for cycling. I am thinking they are going to be very handy now. Can not believe this is our reality. Between the seasonal smoke pollution and the pandemic. https://theurbanxmask.com/products/urbanxmask?variant=32810170613900 <curse word>
  12. Thank you. You get it. Our N95 masks went to the hospital too. They were bought from our construction days many years ago. Sad times. Really sad times.
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