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  1. I am very sorry that this thread offended you. It went off the rails. As do many of my threads. Can't talk about yoga, and I clearly should not talk about a poor choice of word that I used at the party. Really, I felt bad about it. That was what this is about. Community health is very important to me. I am trying to help people at the local level. I took two people to yoga today, and paid for it. That is how serious I am about America's obesity epidemic. Things I say offend and I think I should take a step back and evaluate myself, and stop posting for a while.
  2. Went down too far. They are thin now. My husband said they are wasted. I trust him
  3. LOL. You should have seen my Minion tires. I wore them to the END. To the bitter end. It started to really affect performance. Talk about tire slides. BOOYA! Things are way different without the Bro deal.
  4. I felt horrible about it last night. It was something that I worried about. It was not my best moment. You can't use the word fat, even about yourself, around heavy people. Maybe all of them had a medical condition. Although, I think that is unlikely. Went to a wedding recently, and every single bridesmaid was well over 250. They were mostly in their twenties. They were easily over capacity limits of bicycles. We have a full blown crisis going on with humans and our health. Many just want to silence the ones speaking the truth about it. It's real and it will eventually cost all of us.
  5. Me thinks I need to stay off the brakes. LOL
  6. I kinda agree here. It is exhausting. I've tried to promote health locally until I am blue in the face. Some have made changes, but mostly people don't want to change. This is one of our goals, with creating the grant for the pump track. <fingers crossed> We find out soon, if we have the award to get Velo out to quote. Fat is NOT a disability. Neither is smoking or alcoholism. It's choices. Some make good choices, and some do not. I get that some meds make people gain weight. When I was on high doses of solumedrol, I was beginning to get a sausage face and my ass was unrecognizable. It happened so fast. I own a mirror and a scale. I made modifications. It was hard. It made me angry. I remember being on the ellilpitcal machine, when I could not feel me feet. I had to move. The other alternative was to lie down and slowly die. I focused my anger about the MS into the exercise. It saved me. Some days, I would cry on the machine. I think people thought I was crazy. WHo cares? I got better. Our lives have gotten too easy. People sit all day. Add the modern grocery store dilemma and we have a weight gain crisis. The only answer is to shop better, eat better, slow down and try to move. There it is. No sugar coat. Bring out the torches, bitches. I guess I am a witch. Burn! My only thought about true disability is that some people can not move. People in wheelchairs are really at a disadvantage. People using walking aids, etc. BUT, we have kids that are obese already and the numbers a growing. They will be fully disabled if they don;t wake up.
  7. I think we both struggle. Men don't have babies, but I assume they have their own stress and issues. The thread was about me feeling silly for putting my foot in my mouth. The words were out, before I even realized. Are you saying that I should not have posted this thread, because there are a lot of men here. I don't understand your point, but that is not unusual.
  8. It is usually very fun. Different parties, different group of people. I still had fun and got some really cool things. Why wouldn't I? Don't both men and women struggle with weight? I have. My husband has. I am hypothyroid, and entering menopause, yeah, I struggle. Don't we all struggle with saying the wrong thing? I am not perfect. I struggle. Maybe you are perfect and you can't relate to these instances. We all got some good stuff from this party. I am wearing a yoga tank, and sports bra that I got there. Two of the ladies that went are athletes. Something for everyone.
  9. I've got yoga class in an hour. Made homemade granola this morning, and am cooking chick peas for the freezer and this weeks hummus. Tonight, I have a dinner party with a gal friend. I am making her fish with cauliflower. I've got a crapton of shit to do. Clean floors, run to the store, cook, laundry, dusting, and bathroom chores. Kitchen is a disaster zone right now, so that must be attended to as well. Doubt I will have energy for the rowing machine. We will see. I have this excellent recipe for cauliflower. I am serving some fish with this. Probably grill it with lime and spices. https://simple-veganista.com/roasted-cauliflower-chickpeas-mustard/ Making some fun stuff for lunches this week. Brown rice with chimachurri https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/chimichurri-sauce-2 Hummus with some white miso. It is strangely good. Switching it up from the norm. We've been processing a ton of apple chips, and other dried fruit that we can get our hands on. We have had our food dryer running non stop. LOL He and I tag team this. It is too big for one person. I've been making quinoa with a spice mix of cumin, cinnamon, salt, and cayenne. I add this salt blend to it as well. It is really nice. Light on the cinnamon and cayenne. Just a hint. Love having this with black beans.
  10. Gym church, that sounds fun for you.
  11. Dirtyhip


    I like his gold.
  12. Agreed. Many of these gals I met for the first time. Yeah, doubt I will get invites to future parties. "Don't invite that skinny bitch."
  13. I had about half of it left. Had to toss the rest, as the house filled with cats. One of them jumped on the counter. Yeah, I'm done. Double washing the clothes now. Kind of shocking how some people live. I was in that house about 10 years ago, I think I forgot about it's "condition." Damn, I either sound horribly judgy about filth and fat, or these are just solid facts.
  14. I think that they either screwed up the dates when printing statements, or maybe they are gathering flee money. HAHA
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