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  1. Dr. Mick, this post makes me worry about you. I hope you can get some help with this. Take care of those feet. look into a senior center service. Hell, if I was there we could cut them for ya. My husband is quite good at caring for people. do you use toenail specific cutters?
  2. Excellent. Your avatar deserves a 10 too Fermented foods have helped us in so many ways.
  3. Thank you. Hey, I don’t know that person in your avatar? I can’t see it too well on my phone
  4. My avatar is truly me. Up on the wall at a Velosolutions pump track.
  5. Carpathian is a more tender variety, but they shell easily. Black walnut is very cold hardy. The graft gives you the best of both worlds. Black Walnuts are too hard to shell and deal with if you want to eat the nuts. I will be hand cracking them when they start to produce.
  6. One died. It was the one with the small root system. I think I asked my husband to kill it. I asked him to move the tree, after it was planted. Maybe it was because we didn't stake it. The wind is relentless up here. Who knows. We will be replacing it next year. Maybe it isn't dead, but very sickly looking. All the other trees did well. We just put in a new hazelnut. Maybe I will plant one in the low section of our property. Nuts look edible from what I see.
  7. War horse? I just am stating what I know to be true told to me by Phds around me and a google search clarified what I learned. Lawns were and are aristocratic in nature. I am a war horse, because I am clarifying a fact? This place bums me out. another source backs up exactly what I said, but this is a war horse argument, because wiki is wrong and Wilbur is right https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawn Bye
  8. Quick google search found this. Make your own assumptions. A Brief History of Lawns - Westminster Lawn
  9. Early English history, like in Great Britain before we even got here.
  10. History professor is who told me about the backstory of lawn. He has been correct about lots of things. They are definitely a status symbol these days. Much of the time they serve no purpose other than being asthetically pleasing.
  11. My downtown go arounds are great. One of them is using this cemetery hill. As I descend the hill before it, I can see the cemetery in view with the headstones and all. I will try and take a pic. I can't post it here, and my FB friends might see it.
  12. I assume you are referring to the dead lawn comment. We live in the country. There are wild grasses that are only watered by nature. The grass is green only briefly and then it is a straw color. Manicured green lawn is wasteful and stupid in the climate that I live in. Really, the history of lawn and lawn itself is so wasteful and stupid. We dump chemicals on the lawn to keep it green. We should embrace our roots and grow food not lawns. Hpw many of us are true elite class? That is where lawns originated. It was to show the paupers that "We are so rich, we don't need to farm."
  13. This is because her owner lets her run loose. It happened in a very busy part of town. Which is crazy, cause she could get easily squished. Sadie is so sweet. It would not surprise me if someone just picked her up and kept her.
  14. Besides this thread? Me, "Lullaby" Chuck Palanchiuk <i think that is how you spell it> Who else reads dars stuff?
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