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  1. My plants are getting watered. So many of my iris leaves are poking up everywhere. I am very happy. Can't wait to be out there.
  2. You guys don't understand. It was pouring at lunch. My shoes are soaked. HAHA! I would have turned back but didn't wish to disappoint after the whole poll thing. My hands are very cold and I underestimated how muddy the site was.
  3. OK, to the property I go. Kirbie, thanks fir keeping me out of jail.
  4. Votes accepted for another 30 minutes.
  5. One hour left. Looks like I may be headed to the property now. Unless more of you want to see the castle... Sock puppets? This is your chance to toss in a monkey wrench,
  6. So far, the house and pump track is winning. You have to vote one, or the other. I don't have enough time to do both.
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