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  1. Dirtyhip

    Hashtag roughingit

    Dude, Your garage is a mess.
  2. Dirtyhip

    Hashtag roughingit

    This camper is really swanky. Looks very plush. A family of four would probably kill each other, if they lived in ours for a day,
  3. Dirtyhip

    Hashtag roughingit

    I don't see too many pennies, but you better spend that change before you are stuck with it forever.
  4. Dirtyhip

    Good Stock Market Day to Start Soon?

    Up today, and maybe down tomorrow. I just keep buying. Buying more bonds and CDs lately. Trying to balance things out more.
  5. Dirtyhip

    How to piss off a cashier.

    So we get pennies, whenever a dollar is broken to give back change. Then, you get stuck with a whole bunch of pennies over time. What in the hell are we supposed to do with all the pennies in our life?
  6. Dirtyhip

    How to piss off a cashier.

    Honestly, I really did not think that paying for a can of food with change is such a horrible thing. They use the change when they break larger currency. I only brought 24 pennies. I could have brought more, but I chose not to be annoying.
  7. Dirtyhip

    Wilbur is on my birthday pizza

    The one I made tonight is similar, only it did have sauce, but no meat.
  8. Dirtyhip

    Look out DH

    Great. Hope she has a wonderful time.
  9. Dirtyhip

    How to piss off a cashier.

    I am not sure how they can refuse legal tender. This is money, assholes.
  10. Dirtyhip

    How to piss off a cashier.

    We bring recycled bags all the time. They don't like handling a used tortilla or bread bag filled with produce. Very low tolerance for anything a little different. Yes. She just was very pissed off to do it.
  11. Dirtyhip

    May 20 miles or whatever

    Just a short jaunt to the grocery and some house cleaning today. I made bisquits, and prepped a bunch of veggies for the week. Now, I am going to make hummus, some quinoa and pizza sauce. Relaxing day.
  12. Dirtyhip

    How to piss off a cashier.

    I needed one can of tomato paste. The cost is about a dollar. I had some change, so I took that with me to pay. When it was my turn I handed the cashier 24 pennies, two quarters two dimes and a nickel. She looked at me with such contempt when I paid her with change. I found her demeanor terrible towards me. She was so pissed off to count the change. She literally let out an audible sigh when I handed her a bunch of change. Now, usually we shop and have a larger amount to pay for. In that case we use a card. This same cashier has been warm and friendly to me, when she rings up over a hundred bucks in groceries. However, when I stood before her in casual clothes, bike helmet in hand and a bunch of change she treated me like scum. Is this what poor people face everyday? Non-people? An annoyance? What have we become as a society, when you cant pay with cash and still be treated like a human being? <sigh> No pizza for her!
  13. Dirtyhip

    Kale no!

    I just chop it very small. That way, some of the chewing is taken care of. For kale chips, I do 350F. You must coat the kale with olive oil, to make it crisp up nice.
  14. Dirtyhip

    Are you breathing fresh air?

    heard that we are now living in an era of higher C02. The question I have is: Will we evolve to be able to process it, or will the change happen too quickly and kill us? https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/carbon-dioxide-concentration-atmosphere-highest-level-800000-years-mauna-loa-observatory-hawaii-a8337921.html
  15. Dirtyhip

    Frittata- mark of being better cook

    Started eating eggs for breakfast a few years back. Last year my cholesterol numbers were lower than they have ever been. That was after a year of two eggs 3-4x weekly. If you don't enjoy the yolks, well, that's another story. Some people prefer whites only.