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  1. Market share advertising

    Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch, Mint, Bloomberg
  2. Who is going camping this weekend?

    HAHA! Sounds like LJ had a lot of stuff. Our camper is easy in the cold. It is very warm. We just can't have running water, due to the need to winterize it. Its cool. I can avoid a shower for a couple of days. Dishes become more troublesome, but we manage. Heavy clothing is annoying for me. It wears me out. I have become a fan of wool. I almost always wear a wool base layer, this time of the year. It is truly wonderful.
  3. Who is going camping this weekend?

    Ah. I figured it was something like a re-enactment of certain times. Interesting stuff. I'd rather read about your trips, than do it myself. Seems very cold.
  4. December Photos

  5. Market share advertising

    In reading some financial news, I am often laughing at the ads they show me. Harry Winston, Southebys, Chanel. HAHAHA Do you ever laugh at ads for crap you will never ever buy?
  6. Older studded tire fail

  7. Older studded tire fail

    An older studded tire pushed a stud up into the tube. To rectify this problem, we put some tuffy liners in our studded tires. Never had this happen before.
  8. The story where Heath found his forever home

    Awww...puppy. Good job, Jsharrrrrr We miss having dogs. We're terrible parents these days though. We run around too much. Pet's don't fit in the scenario.
  9. Who is going camping this weekend?

    Your equipment looks old fashioned and vintage like. Is that on purpose? when I have snow camped, I'm in a Sierra designs tent.
  10. I don't think I have ever woken up in the middle of the night to eat. I've heard of this phenomenon, but I don't understand it. There has been times when I didn't eat enough, and couldn't fall asleep. I've gotten out of bed, eaten something and finally went to sleep. Stress eat? How about boredom eat? I've done that at times.
  11. Do You Change Clothes After Work?

    I don't own a pair of sweat pants.
  12. Do You Change Clothes After Work?

    My go to comfy pants are cords.
  13. Do ya think about your funeral ?

    Yes. I know. I am very disciplined about most matters in regards to finances. One word. Fear. I don't think at all about death or dying when I ride dangerous trail or do dangerous things. Its the facing all that terminology and the finality of it all. There is an advance directive that has been sitting in my to do box for a couple years. I can't face it. This is ironic, considering what my husband does for a living. He deals with the end game and I can't even face it.
  14. Do ya think about your funeral ?

    No. I don't ever talk about the end game. Actually, I don't even have a will. We should rectify this, but it is such a difficult topic for me. Death scares me.