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  1. Resting today. Legs are tired. Mostly, I worked on a puzzle and went to the beach today. Ride pic
  2. Is still rad. Toads wild ride was done this morning. I love this area. 1800 ft of climbing and scary rocky obstacles. I did this insane rock staircase going down that I have never cleared until today. My buddy was walking and I rode past him on the rock garden. He called me queen all afternoon.
  3. And they brought it on this strange tray and disposable stuff.
  4. So I ordered a lunch there. Pulled pork Sammie. Should be simple and nice, right? So the price is very high $30, so I think it should be good. First red flag is that they bring it out in like 5 seconds. This tells me...pre made. The bun is soggy. The coke is warm. They want to rectify this with ice. I took one bite of that mess and decided that I would not subject myself to gross food. In the first time in 20+ years, I walked up and asked for my money back. Then, I went to Petra. The owner was cleaning windows. They were not really open. She opened up for me and made me this. The soup was perfect. It had san marzano tomatoes and really nice olive oil. I as the only one in this pretty restaurant. The owner and I talked jobs, food, children, sports. She was lovely and her restaurant was lovely too. Then one of my favorite songs came on. Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.
  5. Yes please. Do you think they will serve me in dusty MTB gear?
  6. Sweet. Cali is lovely. We arebin the state right now. Sierras.
  7. 2023 begins another epic journey only bigger and long lasting.
  8. Trailmanor. Trust me on this. They are awesome and surprisingly roomy. They are easy to tow.
  9. Rest well and ride hard after a nice breakfast. Then recover well.
  10. Totally, you can. Come out. I will show you. Hell, we 1would go with you and show you the kick free camp sites close to the trail but away from everyone. When we retire we could do the whole thing in sections with you... very comfy lodging and gourmet food and drink. The Oakridge section is tits.
  11. It was just funny. Scrapr and I are closest to it on the forum.
  12. Oregon timbertrail is not in Washington state. Lol. Oregon. Actually, you can start in my town. I don't bike pack it. I have rode sections of it, but I ride it fast without a bunch of crap on my bike. All of the trail is near good camping with our comfy camper. There is no need to drag a tent on my bike. A bike loaded is a bike that is a whole bunch of non fun to ride. No thanks. The trail is epic though.
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