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  1. Thanks for the tips and recipes @shootingstar. I am certain that you are better at stir fry than I will ever be. Haven't practiced that near enough
  2. I don't go by a recipe. I just toss and add with my cooking. We do chicken with mushrooms, broccoli, and some green onions. I like to make a sauce using Braggs aminos with some garlic, avocado oil, and ginger. You can't go wrong with stir fry. It is so easy. Been a fan of short grain brown rice lately. You can even use millet as a grain. Quinoa is a nice grain too as a base for putting veg stir fry on.
  3. I really liked him. He retired recently. He was always 100% against the idea of me going off meds. So, I remain on Techfidera for the time being.
  4. Sure. I am always interested in food ideas pros and cons. Lots of things to take into account for what we eat. Is the plant based dairy almonds or oats? Are you eating foods grown locally (meat and or veg)? If you are eating meats, how are they farmed? All thes things change the numbers. Do you eat Mcdonalds or other fast food burger? Or do you eat a cow that was pasture fed locally, and butchered at the site? These things greatly impact the numbers. Not sure about what you are talking about with nitrous oxide.
  5. I constantly talk about going off meds. Don't think that my husband doesn't like me talking like that. Read somewhere that if your MS is relatively stable for ten years, going off meds could be considered. Don't really know what they will do to me long term. That is scary.
  6. Carbon use in regards to protecting what we have should not be a political topic. In that regard, me talking about making my own oat milk is even political. Which is silly. Reducing impact is not a negative idea. We can let @Square Wheels decide if I should be banned or the topic closed.
  7. Without that, we are doing very well. We got hit hard for the truck and travel. We drive that gas guzzler for camping all summer long. Our calculation shows 1/3 of the average footprint for U.S.
  8. Dirtyhip

    The instapot

    Yes. HAHA I am glad they suggested the test run. It would have stressed me out to try and make something, and have it ruined or take me forever on a weeknight to figure the thing out. Love the gadget. We bought the 6qt. It seems perfect for a small family such as ours. The 8 would have been too big. Too big to store. Too big to heat. Too big to move to and from the appliance storage. Next project, brown rice.
  9. Bingo. You have to put in annual cost of meds. Mine are 80 grand. Although, I think that is unfair in the personal calculation of footprint. I am certain that their cost is not 80 grand. There is so much profit margin there. Also, I am not sure with the calculator if I am supposed to enter my cost, or what they charge my insurance. If I lived in another country, my cost is different, for the the same meds, Without the meds, I am less than half of average footprint. My house is small, my family is small, we eat mostly vegetarian, and we produce minimal waste. My garbage can is the half size bin. We don't even fill it by half in one week. Looking at other bins, they use the large bin and it is overflowing and they have extra bags.
  10. My husband made curtains for the truck's camper shell. He is now ironing on patches for his jeans that have a tear in them. I am making food and cleaning house. We are sooooo domestic today.
  11. Dirtyhip

    The instapot

    I made some things already. It came in the mail yesterday. Last night I boiled water. It made me realize how talented I am. LOL, it was a test run to figure the settings out. Took me about 39 minutes to boil 3 cups of water. The instruction manual suggested the semi-wet test run. HAHA Today, I made two batches of garbanzo beans. The first batch, test run. I didn't want to destroy a large batch of beans. I am making the second batch now. Pre-saoked beans take about 15 minutes. I brought the beans home in cotton bag, and I will use re-purposed Adams PB jars to store them in the freezer. I make hummus every week for celery snacking. Loving this gadget so far. I made four large jars in a fraction of the time.
  12. Took a test on a calculator. My footprint is fucked. The reason is slightly out of my control. It makes me very sad. The reason mine blew up has nothing to do with my e-bike, my gas guzzling truck, nor my home. Anyone want to guess why? Note: Has nothing to do with my food and drink, either. Nor any electronics purchases. I am still going to try my hardest in as many ways as I can.
  13. Fantastic. Wish I could do this with her as well. I would teach her how to make cookie dough and let her destroy my kitchen. LOL
  14. Fun. Enjoy that. Kids love this awesomeness. Not sure how I could make dough swoopy like that. My brain exploded when I tried to imaine how to do this. Cookie dough like flat surfaces. Maybe mold it when it is hot? I imagine this turning my day into a stress ball.
  15. Dirtyhip

    Move to Texas

    We live on a migrant route. Taquerias are legit here. I go to one that has the bus schedule and organized stop for that. The owner is used to us regularly eating there. He knows I love avocado and no plastic ware on my plate. ❤️ Nice family. If we dine out, it is my go to. I can make most local foods better than restaurants, but I can’t make Mexican food like that.
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