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  1. These seedlings are clover.
  2. Rain here. Things are coming up. Even lots of clover and alfalfa seedlings.
  3. Dirtyhip


    and I see what you did there.
  4. Dirtyhip


    I have a little bit of cooked rice I will bring her tonight. I will sit with her and watch her munch it up.
  5. Dirtyhip


    You are too kind. It is a ton of work. I love my bike. Even the heavy grocery getter.
  6. I was just hoping that maybe if I gave them enough choices.
  7. I had to look that up. We want to see your arrangements.
  8. You are welcome. I had a freak out moment last year. I thought we forgot. We had so much going on with the build that I thought we missed it. I called our tax lady in June freaking out. We were living in the box and travel trailer with limited record accessibility. She said, "I would never let you forget that." She is wonderful.
  9. Dirtyhip


    I don't know how this posted. I had two ideas for a thread. Didn't realize I posted this. HAHA Yeah, I'm taking an alternate route now. I need to climb over a mountain, but very few cars and congestion. I was pretty tired last night. It is a 1000 ft day at least. That seek is heavy and the studs are still on it. Slow going.
  10. Dirtyhip


    They crowd the fence when I go in there. They totally surround me. As soon as I come in, they run to their feeding zone. I unlock the feed area and grab hay and grass that i toss over that board that they are all looking over. Valentino the male is very sweet. He is less aggressive than the big females. He is molting or losing big chunks of fur. I want to brush him, but she didn't leave me a brush or anything. I pulled some of the molted fur off him. Something killed all of her chickens. She got this one from someone that wanted to get rid of her. She said she has a new flock coming from another person that is getting rid of their chickens. I may bring her a treat tonight. I have some lettuce.
  11. Dirtyhip


    The white one is pregnant and not super tolerant of me in her space. She tries to ram me. They are really big goats. Lamanchas. The male is very sweet. He is a small dude. They tried to eat my pants. I am lucky cause I get to watch them for 4 days this week. There is a lonely chicken too. She gets very talkative when I show up. I sat with her on a hay stack. She jumped up and hung out with me. Very curious of me.
  12. Dirtyhip


    No more bus for a while. Super yay.
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