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  1. We did not spring for fancy casements in our house. I will tell you that the airflow here is so strong that it wants to pull the door out of your hands and slam the door. Our home is almost at the top of a hill and it is exposed and windy. We can open the back two sliders and crack a front window and you get a wind tunnel effect. I like the airflow.
  2. Sending positive thoughts your way.
  3. It does the work, but you have to push the logs in.
  4. Pavement and concrete heat is a thing. I was in Sacramento recently. Yuck!
  5. No. It isn't out here but it is 4:20 somewhere..
  6. It has not felt like this in over ten years. Never really loved the city house. I love the bike lifestyle, but don't like being in city limits. Think I shall go and ride my pump track. It is lightly raining.
  7. Do NOT put your good knives in the dishwasher. Only a monster would do that.
  8. I wash all kinds of plastic in the dishwasher. Just use regular wash and turn off the dry cycle. It wastes too much energy anyway. Just let those dishes drip dry in there.
  9. The way the contractors exlained it to me is that a metal roof is actually more maintenance. Thye said you have to get up there at least once every couple of years to check where the metal meets the vent pipes. They told me that comp is actually better in regards to maintenance. Of course, the snow doesn't shed like a metal roof. I think some heat tape will be great in that regard to prevent an ice dam.
  10. Yup. Or I pull it down and soak it in the sink and then put it back.
  11. They are not that great. The thing with metal roofs is the fact that when you punch a hole in metal it must be caulked every year or so. They are prone to leaks where the metal meets your vent pipes. Comp is much easier to mold around these corners. Also, cheaper. There were multiple reasons.
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