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  1. Mortality bitch slap

    Yup. Mine is like that. Same time of the day and with a meal. This becomes more problematic when I travel. Eating at crazy times or not having the bottle with me, when I am eating out somewhere, then it is easy to forget.
  2. Do you respect NO TRESPASSING signs?

    Like I mentioned above, sometimes, you end up trespassing without even realizing it. You ride a road with no gates to do an enormous loop. You get to a point, where the gate is only on one end. It isn't like I am going to ride back through the 40 something miles to go back to where we came from. That method would be problematic. Generally, I don't do much trespassing, but it happens sometimes. You get on an open gravel road and end up in private property at the other end. As it turns out, much of the entire section was private. Oh well.
  3. Do you respect NO TRESPASSING signs?

    Never seen that around here.
  4. Do you respect NO TRESPASSING signs?

    I am proud and happy to live in a blue state. Some of these zones have no sign or gate at one end of the entry or exit. Some of the roads are an easement to other properties and forest lands. You can enter one way and hit a gate on the other side. People are quite chill about cyclists using the gravel roads. There was a recent incident, where a farmer lied and said that he doesn't allow access to us going across some levy systems. We talked to the actual landowner and the person telling us to get out, only had a lease for this one farm field, but we had always been granted access to the levy via the land owner. When he stops us next time, we're gonna tell him to call the sheriff, and we will wait, in addition to name dropping the actual land owner that allows cyclists to travel on his levy. The land owner leases plots of land in this vast farm area with multiple waterways.
  5. Do you respect NO TRESPASSING signs?

    There would still be plenty of explaining to do, if a land owner shot an unarmed person on a bike. Just saying.
  6. Do you respect NO TRESPASSING signs?

    Maybe people a just a lot nicer, than other places in the US.
  7. Do you respect NO TRESPASSING signs?

    There is a ranch that I trespass through. When I ride through I ride as fast as I can. When I see the ranchers and workers, I wave, but I never stop. No reason to start a conversation, so they can remind me that I don't belong there. There are always cool and wave back at me. I look like I am on a mission. ZOOM!
  8. Do you respect NO TRESPASSING signs?

    If I see that, I tend to ride a little faster.
  9. Wet basement blues

    Hope you have good home insurance.
  10. Where do you draw the line?

  11. Best advice from a doctor ever

    Luckily he didn't say "Get in a time machine and go back to when you were 20."
  12. Okay girls...what do you wear to the gym?

    Somewhat baggy yoga pants and a T shirt. In summer, shorts and a tank. Gotta show off the glamour muscles.
  13. I'm getting compliments at work on my phsyique

    Descending on a CX bike is hairy. I may ride mine to work today. I've been on the plus. My legs want easy today.