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  1. Dirtyhip

    Sunday, what'd you do?

    Looks fun, GD. I went mountainbiking. Then, I shopped for food, and a BD gift for my husband. Setup a scavenger hunt for his gifts (super easy...he won't have to hunt far), cleaned the house a bit, and now I am heading to a party.
  2. Dirtyhip

    Cross Or Mtn Bike???

  3. Dirtyhip

    Summer is over

    Thank you. Lately, I am working hard at being grateful for everything. When the cold dry mornings are here, the path is like covered in glitter. It is really beautiful. Also, the air is cleaner. After fire season, we truly appreciate clean air.
  4. Dirtyhip

    What should I do today?

    We don't get a paper. We check the ads on their website. Although, we have 3 stores to choose from.
  5. Dirtyhip

    Summer is over

    Yes, but fall provides new opportunities. Winter is tough, but it brings new beginnings and a fresh slate.
  6. Dirtyhip

    What should I do today?

    No weekly ads? That seems strange.
  7. Dirtyhip

    What should I do today?

    Do some thoughtful grocery shopping, after you plan food for the week and make a list. I am certain that your local grocery has weekly ads. Read those, before you plan and shop. Teach Olivia to make something. That can be fun. If you have flour, food dye, and salt, you can make clay.
  8. Dirtyhip

    What should I do today?

    Collect leaves with Olivia and do some abstract art.
  9. Dirtyhip

    What should I do today?

    Do some sketching? Don't say you can't draw. If I can, anyone can. Lots of tutorials on the web.
  10. Dirtyhip

    What should I do today?

  11. Dirtyhip

    What should I do today?

    Central park walk?
  12. Dirtyhip

    What should I do today?

    The high line?
  13. Dirtyhip

    Bone broth.

    I have to make some. There is an ominous appointment coming soon. I can only drink clear liquids and have things like jello. I plan to make some homemade broth for the occasion.
  14. Dirtyhip

    Material things or time?

    Agreed. I have not been deferring fun. We took vacations this summer to bike parks and really nice lodging. What we have been deferring is buying stuff, beyond what we really need.
  15. Dirtyhip

    Bone broth.

    Very much yes.