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  1. I got back in the saddle.

    I rode through a gravel alley on the way home on Friday. My tire chucked a rock at some guy. He was leaning against a building and the rock hit the building right next to him. It surprised both of us. HAHA
  2. Another great day for a ride

    That is nice. Where are you? CO? WY?
  3. My boss didn’t let me quit.. :(

    How hard could that job really be? LOL
  4. I got back in the saddle.

    Great job on the Century, Airin. That takes dedication to finish that.
  5. I got back in the saddle.

    Walnuts? You guys cry about running over walnuts? Jus roll over them, you big babies. @donkpow
  6. Healing the broken finger

    The knee seems stable. There are still adhesions under the skin near the bursae. Touching my skin there lends a different type of feeling than it does on the clean leg. Sadly, the right leg will probably never be what it was. I think the finger thing is difficult, because of that knuckle.
  7. Random Snippits from Today's Ride

    get out and win one. That is where I got my hero black, last summer. Gravicross 2018 at Bachelor.
  8. Ride Videos? Yea or Nay?

    yup. This is why you fools get to see very little if my schralp time. The editing and downloading takes a long while. Although, I do wish I was rolling when I crashed and broke myself. The scene would have been like...jump and clear a table top, come in hard to the corner, major load slamming sound as my foot clips the board, then a fast close-up of the wooden boards on the ladder, and then some sky and then soft powdery dirt with a poof. Then, me groaning and trying to talk.
  9. Is it possible to make coffee too strong?

    don't clean the pot? All that old junk makes the coffee bitter. This is why baristas clean their expresso parts.
  10. Random Snippits from Today's Ride

    I imagine you tearing off your jersey in hulk like fashion. haha
  11. Healing the broken finger

    yeah, like I would willingly miss the end of my season with a lift ticket pass, an entire month early. And, right during the time I got manuals down. No way Jose.
  12. Healing the broken finger

    The break was down at the knuckle. I would punch @Kzoo, but I don't need a boxing fracture on my right hand.
  13. Random Snippits from Today's Ride

    Don't forget the braggin about him picking fights with random people.
  14. Healing the broken finger

    I would post the flaming middle finger, but I am not sure if it is copyrighted or not. Meh.
  15. Healing the broken finger

    When I hit a bump and have pain, it makes me consider the damage that I am doing. Osteoarthritis is a valid concern for me. I am not concerned about impressing you. I am working on my long game here. Another week and I hope the pain will stabilize.