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  1. Fischer and paykel fridge Bertazonni 30” master maytag dishwasher. 👌5 extra large. no Craig’s
  2. ok, now I am back to the Italian one. Brass burners. Dual fuel. Some Texan with an accent persuaded me. @jsharr Elite apliance. Texas
  3. I have fallen for that shit before. I get very huffy with someone about it. Shoot
  4. Poor bird installed a bird nest in the boom of the backhoe, not a great spot
  5. Always. 300 days of it a year according to our tourism dept. webcams are beyond my depth of knowledge Haha. I was not sure where you guys were going with that. In other news, my husband is working on the backhoe.
  6. Thank you. They installed drainage pipes around the foundation walls. I am very happy we hired this company. They are taking great care. It's a pro team for sure. They have their crew working on this bank building too, and I get jealous when their trucks are at the bank and not our property. Two people were on site yesterday, and I caught 3 trucks at the new bank building. <jealousy>
  7. I have no idea what kind of lumber that is. I assume it is for floor systems.
  8. He was relieving himself on a work detail off the jail campus. The guard wanted to make sure he knew where Luke was and that he was still going, so he was supposed to shake the bush. Luke had tied a string to a bush, so that he could buy some time for an escape. Having a hard time explaining this, as it is very early out here. I can't have coffee for another 20 minutes. Luke should have just served his two years for his petty crime and moved on to make his life clean and better. But that was not in the script.
  9. 5 miles, 3000 row, and yoga. Many laps around the kitchen. I was busy today.
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