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  1. It hit our hospital. All the med staff are hand charting again. People are horrible. It is so sad that evil people would attack a hospital, where people are being treated. In the middle of a pandemic no less. I read about this today, but it hit us two days ago. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/fbi-warns-major-ransomware-attack-threatens-to-hobble-hospitals-01603936303?mod=home-page
  2. Millenials can't fix things if it gets stalled in the Senate. We need to clean house there of these old relics.
  3. I am not on board with this idea. ..And palm is not the same as coconut oil, BTW. Palm being a bit worse I think. We will have to ask the jury.
  4. I am growing concerned about using coconut oil is my cooking. I think that food has high impact.
  5. Did you go with a gold one? Those last a long while.
  6. Fasting day, I guess. Lots of water.
  7. Panties made it into the bag. Whew. I might have had a temper tantrum, as that would have been the final straw.
  8. Yeah, don't love night riding so much. Things come up fast, and there are big mean cats out there in bushes. Shine your lights that way and all these glowing eyes peer back at you.
  9. Didn't sleep again, hurray for night sweats. Forgot my glasses at home. I have reading glasses and riding glasses. My eyes are getting bad enough to need multiple types of glasses. Forgot part of my lunch at home. Fruit. Got to work and could not get my U lock to open, it was frozen and needs lube. Had to drag my bike inside. Went to get a flu shot, but forgot the form. They sent me back to get it. Dropped my open face tuna sammie on the floor, face down of course. I am done with today, and want to go home and go to bed.
  10. I have that epicurian cutting board. I tossed it in the freezer. I do like you and rest in the fridge too. You can see the butter chunks in the dough before I roll out. I want a marble rolling pin. <dreams>
  11. Dark in the am or pm, not much difference. This is a reminder to charge the lights.
  12. HAHA, this is my actual shock. Wise pic, Mr. Chris
  13. I should have said that. I meant dropper post, not suspension post. Not awake today.
  14. Wrap it tightly. It should work. Fold the foil so that it acts like an air tight tent.
  15. I don't like them. I am full squish with a suspension seatpost, and I need the squish for my trails. Some of the rocks can be classified as boulder drops. My new bike is a coil over rear, and I love that. So plush.
  16. I use this recipe from the California culinary academy. It is half butter, half shortening, a 1/2 tsp of vinegar, some sugar and one egg yolk. It is easier to work with compared to a standard pie crust recipe. I chopped the butter, and dropped bits of shortening in the flour (both were almost frozen). Then, I busted them up with my fingers, like flattening out the butter chunks in the cold flour. You whisk the egg yolk quickly with some ice water and the vinegar. Rest for an hour in the fridge and roll out. I follow the tip of never rolling off the edge of the pie circle. I freeze
  17. I never complained. Just asked if he wanted cash, and he was very excited about 2000+ in cash. He said we were the easiest clients in a long time. We only made 3 design changes from his original sketch..
  18. They can give you a receipt for it. Also, my contractors are small biz people that I personally know. Not too concerned about it. My designer was paid in cash. I paid him once he was done. I received the deliverables. It also lit a fire under his ass, cause he was super busy and he pushed me up to the top of the list and made others wait.
  19. She is a faster downhiller as well as a climber. I just want her to be the same after this. Knees are tricky. Collar bones can heal. There is a double black diamond that she can ride here. It is so scary. There are sections of it that I am just "Nope." She cleans it all. My husband cleans it too, and used to hold the KOM on it. Some pros came and pushed him down the leaderboard. I told him not to chase that one. It has very high consequence factor.
  20. Some of my contractors, I offer cash. Cold hard cash. People seem to like it.
  21. Someone I know, who is one fast gal, really hurt herself. She is from Bend and is a much faster rider than I am. She crashed and broke her collar bone and shredded her ACL. I am bummed for her. I wish that hadn't happened.
  22. Thank you. I do know how to bake quite well. Good tip. Keep 'em coming, Scrapr. I am also doing my best to show that we are not the typical pain in the ass client as well. We are easy going.
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