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  1. Not sure. Our state is 11 dollars minimum wage. I didn’t see signs when I went out at lunch, but I was not looking either.
  2. 55 miles of commute stuff. I have been practicing a little riding out to the new place and learning the best way to get there and back as to avoid congestion. Today I rode there in the rain. It wasn’t too bad of a ride.
  3. RG brought me here. I was posting in LF and here, but then some LF people started to shun me for posting here. Some of those regulars were bullies and had their way of making people feel unwelcome. I finally left for good and made this my home. Additionally, I felt an obligation to help our fearless leader with membership here. He did a alot to make a new home for us. I didn't see the writing on the wall of the end of the LF. The exodusspoke volumes. Everyone that left early knew. RIP to the LF.
  4. My anger at times would love an outlet like this. The environmentalist in me won't allow it. I really need a pillow at work to punch, or scream into. Our archaic computer software is ridiculous. Sometimes, I want to ask "Why do we do things like this" The three Bobs don't like when people like me ask questions, and it can be seen as an affront to their policy and then you are tageted. Fuck it. You want me to do ridiculous things that waste money, FINE! Yes, I woke up in a bad mood.
  5. I think because some people thought that they didn't do her justice with a good cover. Possibly Wintour wanted her to look relatable to normal people. Personally, I liked her shoes. This is her normal look. That black outfit and her sneakers. I didn't love the sloppy backdrop. Some say she looked washed out. What I don't love is when these magazines fake what someone really looks like. I am supposed to compete with people airbrushed and photoshopped. Fuck you, <insert magazines that print pics of women that are touched up and fake>
  6. Never been in Ralph's kitchen 1. Martha Hoebag Stewart 2. Bon Jovi 3. Jennifer Aniston
  7. Daily? Not sure I eat this daily. We probably go through about an onion a week with my cooking.
  8. I guess I used the wrong word. I meant when a market for something decreases in a large way. Call it what you want but the RE market is like any other market and what goes up sometimes ones down.
  9. I expect the bubble to get a bit bigger as the demand outpaces supply. I do not care if the market drops after we build. We are looking at a longer term commitment to our living situation.
  10. Oh my gosh. I am so sad to hear this Smudgy. very thankful it was not worse. Hope you get good care and get back on the mend. you are my Shero.
  11. A little different than my silver slinging biz in 08. We paid off a second mortgage with my side gig and then I got out. Worked out well for me. I remember riding my bike up to the mailbox to deliver outgoing packages and my bike was so heavy. 😆 I paid my taxes on the deal and still made a killing really miss my shiny stuff
  12. I need new bras. Why are they so expensive? I love VS stuff, but my bank account hates me shopping there.
  13. Dirtyhip


    We bought a whole chicken. I butchered it, froze the thighs, legs and breast meat. I tossed the rest in the insta pot with seasoning, and water. The pot has been set for 45 minutes. When it is done, I will pull the meat, toss the bones, skim the fat, and return all to the pot and cook some potato, celery, carrot and onion. Simple and easy. One chicken makes us a bunch of meals. No waste. If I didn';t care so much about my health, I would consider pulling the skin and deep fry it.
  14. Dirtyhip


    I ride my bikes. The checkbook coffers are dry until after home is built. I have some pressing goals at the moment.
  15. Dirtyhip


    I really love fleck paint. It reminds me of muscle cars of the late 60's early 70's. We had a purple dunebuggy with metalic fleck.
  16. Dirtyhip


    That paint color...oh, my, goodness. It is so sexy. My bikes are so boring now.
  17. Dirtyhip


    Biggest letdown, no porn.
  18. I have decided that I really don't enjoy bell peppers. My friend made this dish for me before, and I struggled through the dinner part of the party. Puttanyucky
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