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  1. A friend on FB posted a pic and she looks like a forumite's spouse.
  2. Brutus in a Specialized FSR FS MTB. There are no attachment points. This will likely be my last commute on Brutus. I will save the fun for real fun. I might try the messenger bag again on my CX. Brutus stays home..
  3. I don't believe this to be true. With only this bag? LIES!
  4. Today was leggings, a skirt, a shirt, my wallet, and my keys. I have no lunch. The bag was almost full. I have a pair of shoes at work. The revelate bag rubbed my tire once and hindered the operation of my dropper post. In the future, I will just ride the commuter. At least it keeps things off my back.
  5. No. I hate that. OK, revelate bag is loaded. trying to get going here
  6. I have this on my bench right now. It is not that easy to use and ya still have a more clunky bike this way. I am gonna try it, but am pessimistic on this one. Space is usually the issue on the ride back. All that heavy clothing is being carried back. I could hike that stuff over to my truck that will be within very close proximity. The park ride ws fun, but it left me at this zone where the car congestion is quite high. I don't know. Maybe save the schralp for my lunch hour and go direct ti work. I did find a nice little go around. It makes me climb over s good hill, but it is all resi.
  7. I wondered why that was being used for the Thank you button.
  8. That won't fit on Brutus. I am looking at a soft bag option. Why do I have so much stuff to carry?
  9. Planning to MTB to work today. Well, 1/2 will be MTB, and then I have to jump on the path. Very much excited about this. This is one of the reasons we bought this place. I'll have a backpack on for the ride, so no funny bizness on the way there. Just easy going dirt ride. I wonder if I could fit my things in the soft bags. <lightbulb> The weekend rain gave us some hero dirt yesterday. It will likely be moist this morning. There are beet greens for the chickies on my way out. Sincerely, A happy cyclist
  10. Excellent. Many things happened in 38 years and it is shows something special when two are still together after 38 years. <my brain s barely awake, so give me slack on this sentence>
  11. @Philander Seabury gets me and my Marta joke. Martha Hoebag Stewart
  12. Alice the house keeper from the Brady Bunch. We all know that she was having pre-marital sex with the butcher.
  13. Here is a helpful article rating store bought cake mix. Hope this helps. I don't have a personal recommendation. Cake is easy, so long as you get that butter and eggs on the counter the night before. You want that room temp to mix it up. https://www.thespruceeats.com/best-boxed-cake-mixes-4589590
  14. Yes, a co-worker. Not sure of vax status. He was a covid long hauler. I don't know if the shot was even avilable when he got sick. He battled it for months and just died.
  15. Building a custom home is always more expensive that buying an existing home. That being said, we could likely sell this and get our money out. I missed the big lumber increase, and barely missed some other increased costs from my builder. We skated right through the door. It was still expenisve though.
  16. Not necessarily. Inventory is very low, so until that improves we won't see lower prices again. I think it leveled out and is just cruising along now.
  17. This sucks. We are basically abandoning any Hope here. I am so disgusted. Hurry up our untimely death here...
  18. Please don’t die. I need you for bread advice if you do die, I want all your bread stuff. 😉
  19. Things like this are a tragedy. We are a greedy and destructive species. When I saw this news early this morning, it was very unsettling for me. It should be unsettling for many of us.
  20. Oh yes. The whole video is so powerful. She is a special person. We are doing an article to raise awareness to get the pump track going here. It is very well written. I just hope I can still get up on the wals, by the time we install this thing. The kids will enjoy it even if I can't rip by then.
  21. I got tears when she said "I use the club bike, cause I don't have my own bike." All you need to know: Jössefors Pump Track Race 2021 (redbull.com)
  22. I had bad luck with the Le C, ceramic coated pans. Food stuck horribly to that thing. It is possible that I bought a knock off. You can not trust AMZN.
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