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  1. I believe that next year will bring more normalcy.  One year of missed gatherings is a very small price to pay.  If I save one person's Grandmother, husband, wife or <insert loved one> it is worth it. I value people's lives more than I value a Thanksgiving party.

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  2. 24 minutes ago, Bikeguy said:

    So why is Thanksgiving so unique?   I'm sure there have been many family gatherings... 4th of July, weddings, funerals. birthdays, graduations, Labor Day, etc....  I remember seeing 'stimulus check parties' on the news.   

    Many people get it and will have smaller or no family gathering.  Some won't...   

    I haven't visited my 90 year old dad since July.  I don't want to be the guy who gets him sick.

    That said..  WoBG and I will be visiting our daughter and grandson on Thanksgiving day.  


    The numbers just have been ramping up so badly, and I think they are bringing it up because of the enormous ramp after halloween.  

    We have missed so many gatherings, because I care about the health care workers and the health of others.  I have gone to no parties at all, since last Christmas.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Parr8hed said:

    If you have it but don't post any of the pics on the facebooks then you will be safe from the Rona



    To answer the thread question, I think that gatherings outside of your own immediate family (like people that you live with) is selfish and irresponsible.  Is a Turkey dinner so darn important that you willingly contribute to community spread?

    If people were to insist on having a dinner with others, I think they should isolate, test and only meet if they are clear of illness.

    We are doomed, if people don't stop acting selfish.

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  4. We have only dined out like 4 times in the last 6 months. Those times we brought home tacos and burritos. The drive was about 10 minutes but by the time we got home it was not as good. Hot food does not travel well. 

    not sure when we will get back to restaurant dining. Too risky. Big nope for us these days. 

  5. 5 hours ago, ChrisL said:

    I know you have acerage but are all of your recent plantings safe from construction?  It’d be a bummer if they get trampled by equipment & such.

    Yes. I have put things in with this in mind. This is why there will be a plant treasure hunt next Summer or fall. The biggest planting was the bulbs and rhizomes Over the leach fields.

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  6. 6 hours ago, MickinMD said:

    The four graphs at the bottom have been scaring me since later October - the reason why I've stocked up enough on food that if the store is out of most things I use, I can wait a couple weeks to find it and replenish the cushion.  It's also why my sister and BiL drove a couple hours from Central Maryland to Southern Pennsylvania to deliver a birthday present for a friend's daughter - there may be quarantine requirements for crossing the border soon for both directions.

    I'm also disgusted that health and political leaders in some states are simply saying, "People are going to do whatever they want to do," when those officials have a responsibility to try to convince people to wear masks, social distance, and avoid large crowds.

    Almost all people have accepted things like child seats in cars, seat belts, sending children to school, and basic health and hygiene because they've been convinced it's good for them or they'll get fined or arrested if they don't, so why not convince them to wear masks in crowded areas, avoid crowds, etc?

    If you look at the data for Maryland at the bottom, note that we are almost exactly 1/50th the US population but our case and death totals, multiplied by 50, are are less than half the USA total.  We have a GOP Governor and various Democrat and GOP County Executives and Mayors and Medical Officials and they are NOT arresting and fining people for not wearing masks.  But they are united and adamant and keep driving home the point by word and by example that masks help. As a result,  virtually everyone wears masks indoors in public or in shopping center parking lots, etc. without much complaint.

    Meanwhile, nearby states with no mask mandates have hospital ICU's overflowing with patients and they want to send the excess to Maryland, where our acute and ICU beds were over 1700 in the Spring but only 921 now with the ICU beds only at 218 for the entire state despite Baltimore and D.C. being COVID hotbeds.  The feeling here is that if you can't be bothered to take care of yourselves, do NOT burden and infect our medical staffs with the extra COVID cases your policies generate in your state.

    image.png.3d26d7eaa2bed4cb734739977d97061d.png image.png.b8bad82e297d89b6f8e01eea9446f681.png



    I honestly believe that India could be under reported, because of poverty and lack of testing.  

  7. 14 hours ago, MickinMD said:

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention.  Chess miniseries are rare.

    I'll watch it - even though I haven't done well with the Queen's Gambit as white.

    For anyone interested, a "gambit" in chess is when one side offers to give away material in order to get the opponent into an inferior position.

    The Queen's Gambit is the first or left pic below. On the 2nd move, White plays his c-Pawn to a square where Black can take it ("Queen's Gambit Accepted") without giving up material.  But if Black tries to hold onto his pawn (now on c4), he ends up with an awful game so the proper play is to let White take it and even things up.

    When I play my Queen's Pawn (to d4) one move 1 and Black plays his to e5, I prefer the London System Opening, the right or 2nd pic where White quickly develops pieces, getting his c1-Bishop out to f4 early where it can become active early.

    image.png.1110ace141bce23a8a3b7ab2bc0a41cc.png image.png.3aa780352557a5ec97052ebcb028aec6.png

    We play one game every evening.  Hubby wins more often than I do.  He is too smart and calculating.  

    I think moving power pieces out early is a good play.  

    In regards to power, in your opinion...would you prefer to lose a knight or a bishop?

    Additionally, I get confused of the rules for castling. Like, switching king and castle position in one move

  8. 9 hours ago, bikeman564™ said:

    Our idiot (governor) put lots of things in place to help knock down the china virus...didn't work though, Michigan's numbers are up.

    Damn her for trying to save lives. How ridiculous she is for trying to keep citizens safe.

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  9. On 9/29/2020 at 3:54 AM, Mr. Silly said:

    I don't feel comfortable with big family gatherings.

    Thank you for taking this seriously.

    We were invited to a small gathering at a friend's home for Thanksgiving.  We regretfully declined. We have been invited to a gathering at another friend's home for Christmas.  We regretfully declined.

    Our holidays will be spent at home.  I will make something nice and we will play board games.  

  10. 17 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

    I get that.  I'm just thinking long term and also puzzling out the landscape.  For me, its part of the "where do we end up?" sort of question where ready access to healthcare may trump my desire for being far from civilization.  Right now, oddly, while I haven't needed it (luckily), I live 1/4 mile from the hospital. I walk to my rare doctors appointments.  But we're always thinking about getting a piece of land (like you two) out in the country. In all likelihood, we'll buy a different place and use this place as a rental income stream, and could move back here many years from now.  But it does muddy the planning. 

    We have an excellent non-profit hospital here.  There are just limited specialists.  I heard that neuro has a significant need, cause there are so few of them to go around.

    I can be at an excellent hospital with a 10 minute car ride.  I am in the country, but barely.  I can literally ride my bike into downtown in about 10 minutes or less.  I am barely in the outskirts.  A neighbor just down the hill from my lot is in city limits. 

  11. 41 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

    Luckily one of my uncles is a surgeon so I can call him with any escalation I need - from sorting out a quick prescription or giving a doctor a call to actually get all the info on a situation.  It shouldn't BE that way, but sadly, it IS that way :(  Seemingly intractable health care reform.  I wonder if you would have slightly better options in Portland or Seattle simply due to density where a specialist can draw from a much larger pool of patients. Or maybe near a large university medical school.

    A large city does offer choices but an enormous inconvenience to travel 6 hours one way for a doc visit. 

  12. 11 minutes ago, Kirby said:

    I hope the new doctor works out, DH. 

    Part of the issue was transition, and then Covid happened.  All appointments were cancelled and then I just fell into a black hole. 

    I blame crappy staff.  Their staff is bad and the problem is worsened with a very ridiculous phone system. I mean, who doesn't have an answering service to voicemail if someone does not pick up after 15 minutes?  It's crazy.

    The thing that really upset me was when they denied my med refill saying "Patient unknown."  I had seen their office for over a decade, and had an appointment on the books.  WTF!?!

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  13. Time to squirrel away those asparagus that I dug up.  I am almost done digging things up here.  I have really done a ton of squirreling.

    I think I will leave the oregano bush and the rosemary bush.  Those grow so damn fast and I am concerned that it is loaded with elm seeds.  I am not a fan of those.  Maybe I will dig up a small portion of the oregano that it out front and just plant a brand new rosemary bush.

    In the dirt is my happy place, on the bike and with a shovel


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  14. 10 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

    Good luck!  It really is a crap shoot finding and keeping good doctors.  As a guy, I've been lucky to just need a single doctor and a single dentist.  It gets rapidly more complicated when you start having medical issues that need specialists, although, talking to my mom, she seems to have better "responses" and "attention" from her cancer doctors than her general practitioner.

    Something that really saves me is that I am semi connected well with the local doc community.  My husband's position as well as BFFs that are docs has saved me a lot.  I have been looked at without an appointment, after a significant bike crash and things like that.  I have had scripts called in, orders sent in, and I feel very lucky to be connected to the medical community. 

    There are very few neurologists though.  very few.  Even fewer that specialize in MS.

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