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  1. I need a chipper, a tractor, a paint sprayer, and some painters tape. I'll give you a new list, next month.
  2. HAHA and @BR46 you are a good egg. Looks like a mess to deal with.
  3. Something that really saves me is that I am semi connected well with the local doc community. My husband's position as well as BFFs that are docs has saved me a lot. I have been looked at without an appointment, after a significant bike crash and things like that. I have had scripts called in, orders sent in, and I feel very lucky to be connected to the medical community. There are very few neurologists though. very few. Even fewer that specialize in MS.
  4. I hope this gadget works out for you. It is understandable that it is really hard to stay on track and be prefect. Especially, this year, as it has been super stressful. Do pay attention. My husband sees people for diabetic crash situations and he told me it can be very dangerous and a scary situation.
  5. I think I found one. They come to our town a couple times a week. If this person accepts me, I am going to fire the other office and the new doc I was passed off to. I really miss the doc that retired. I am happy for him and he deserves to travel now. I just fear that I will never again have a doc that was as good as he was. A local doc is going to put in a good word for me. <fingers crossed> I should not have to call the office and cry to get them to refill my meds when it was there their ineptitude to pass the patients to the new doc that replaced the old one. Nor sh
  6. You sir are a hero. We love you.
  7. I guess what is funny to some may not be funny to others, and I get what you are saying. It is why I accept parodies now, because I love @jsharr It used to make me mad. Not anymore
  8. That was a different time. I edited someone and you scolded me and said we were never to do that, ever. I remember this. After you edited mine, I reminded you of that conversation. It was the double standard that irked me. I have a good sense of humor. I think you changed my name once too. LOL What happened today made people angry and annoyed
  9. @Square Wheels Didn't you scold me once because I playfully edited someone's post. I thought mods should only use power for good.
  10. That sounds stupid. Why?
  11. Please give me cliff notes. I have been working.
  12. Good job. I missed one. DAMN YOU, ALCOHOL!!!
  13. Only can be used for COVID-19 mine is earmarked for that on payroll.
  14. We were out planting and moving those chips. It was cold but decent. Then around 4pm the wind kicked up so bad it almost blew my baseball cap off my head. We got it all done with a few hours to spare and the snow came. I am tremendously thankful that we got bit done before the bad weather came. It has snowed on and off for the last two days. When the wind kicked up, I was literally watching some top soil blow away. Some of the plants will need to move once my house starts to run water. We temp planted the berries and some garlic cause we should not leave them where they are at.
  15. We like to compost them, but this is a TON
  16. After we move into our new home, we will never clean gutters or the roof again. There are no trees close to our home, and the ones that we plant will be carefully placed and carefully chosen. Here we have this tree that is slightly a menace. It provides shade, and it is huge. Husband wanted to cut it down, I balked. It is very healthy. The leaves are obnoxious and it seeds a ton. Elm. We cleaned and raked. It looks the same again. I think we have one more big cleaning.,
  17. 11/8/20 squats, plank and push ups
  18. Are you a hunter? I bet they like the carrots.
  19. I so wished I could walk in the back and put a cap on that reads "Manager" and walk right back out It would be like a MP skit. Oh, and a note about us being so religious about our tools, if it was a kid, I would just do some tool turns myself and send them on their way. Or if they were known to us as being an avid cyclist that we knew could turn a wrench.
  20. Oh, I got another one: Customer: Can I use that alan wrench set? DH: We have a set of loaner tools, but I don't recommend these. The tips have been rounded by public use. <DH hands over a chain with HORRIFIC looking loaner tools attached to it.> Or, we have some tools for sale. <Points to the park display and tool section of the store.> Customer: I see wrenches on your shop wall. <customer points> DH: Those are our shop tools and we do not loan them. Customer: Why not? DH: Because they get damaged by the public. Customer: Can I talk
  21. Miss, you don't seem to understand what I am telling you. Can I speak to a manager?
  22. Oh we would clean those, for an "excessive mud" clause. I think it was like $50 for us to take it out back and hose it down.
  23. IT'S A STANDARD TIRE. WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO TELL YOU?!!!! or I don't know what kind of derailleur hanger it is. It's the one that works on a Specialized bike. Both comments to a shop employee: I would take them over to this giant poster we had with all kinds of hangers. I think sometimes it just made them more angry.
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