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  1. Another thing we had fun with was the word "standard." Some customers ask for a standard BB, standard tire, or a standard chain. One particular customer got semi irate on the phone, when he called saying he needed a standard part. Can't remember what part he needed, but over the phone after many questions, the only thing that I could get out of him is that the bike was black and it was a certain brand. I finally just told him that he needed to bring the bike to us, so I could look and get what he needed. He was not happy to bring the bike in, cause he had a car.
  2. He was standing next to his Father, and he was a kid. I was very polite and just said "I don't think that is what you think it it. " I know it looks like a gel, but it is actually a creme that you use on your skin to prevent chafing from your bike seat." His Dad was quietly laughing. The kid was still confused, and then his Dad whispered something in his ear and you could tell the kid was very embarrassed. Then I went from around the shop counter and took him over to the gels, and handed him one and said "This one tastes like chocolate." I am not sure my gesture made him any less embarrass
  3. Ooooooo, you said the N word. <moves head back and forth>
  4. Feel free to add any, especially from you past or present shop employees. I'll start. An adolescent boy picks up a single serve container of chamois cream and asked me "What does this taste like?"
  5. Our last pile was so gorgeous. I would open the lid and it smelled so sweet and wonderful. When we turned it out, I was in awe. It looked just like compost that you buy in the store. Our compost was doing terrible for a while. We almost gave up. Then, my amazing husband did some reading and learned about how important grass was. Grass is crucial to the recipe. You need the fresh greens. You need greens, dry leaves, some branches, and then nature just starts her magic. Don't turn it too often and keep it moist but not soaked. I figured out it is kinda like cooking.
  6. First thing I did with my first road bike...stem upside down.
  7. With that budget you could get a very very good build, even custom.
  8. This makes sense.
  9. This is not a great bike for long rides or lots of twisty turns IMHO The angle is so aggressive. My back hurts just looking at it. Looks too TT.
  10. Gorgeous. I can’t add much in this convo, I just came here for porn
  11. So do the deer. After I bought them, I knew that they would get chomped.
  12. I am so tremendously motivated about caring for the soil.
  13. Thanks. Tractor will get purchased, soon. We just can not drive it over this section anyway, septic field.
  14. We plan on buying one. We still would have needed to do this part by hand, it is over the septic field. We should not drive vehicles over it. We staked the corners, so that we know where it is located. The land was bare from the guy installing the septic. BTW, if you search tractor on Craigslist, it also brings up toy tractors. Pretty funny.
  15. MY husband is a rock star. He shoveled it into a little wheelbarrow and moved the pile by hand. I planted and spread the chips around the top of the plantings. 200 Daffodils, lots of iris (lost count), 60 tulips, raspberries, chives, garden sage, garlic and some grape hyacinths. Super tired. It was a big effort.
  16. I have never seen that show. I think it involves a phone booth. That's all i got. I was referring to this regeneration:
  17. Spent today caring for soil and planting a ton of things. There was also chip spreading going on. 🌱🌱🌱🌱 we kissed that ground today. ❤️
  18. Likely 4 more months of this. Bikeman564 will be thrilled.
  19. Less energy to toast a piece of bread. Why heat an entire oven for a slice of toast?
  20. Sometimes, I get all teary and happy at the property. I feel grateful, and inspired so much. Our soil is lovely. It is really easy to dig. Looking out in the distance towards our view, I am just thrilled. Additionally, I am really excited to continue talking about which oven to pick. @bikeman564™
  21. WOOT! Hubby fixed the power. I can toast again.
  22. You freaking wish. I am still undecided. You will still hear about it.
  23. You are an amazing human. I am grateful to have you on this planet.
  24. No work for me today. It will be hard labor at the property. It rained last night. I am very, very excited to put things in the ground. Bulbs are on sale, a new neighbor is gifting me Shasta daisies that I can dig up, and I have a ton of plants here that I still need to move. It's will be a good day.
  25. My toaster oven seems to have not died. It had no power, and IS turning on now. I think we have had it since around 2004. I love my toaster oven <edit> It was the circuit or something. Not sure, I just plug things in and press buttons.
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