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  1. Today, we are moving sage chips by hand with a wheelbarrow, and doing some planting. I think my squats will likely be around 500. Kidding, I don't know hw many times I will squat and I will not be counting. It's going to be a hard day.
  2. I really believe he was just happy to be selling a gift certificate to me. I said that I like their meat market and like to keep biz local, instead of a boring Harry and David gift basket. "Thanks, honey." then later "Appreciate your business, Honey." I should relax about it. Thanks, Kirb.
  3. I am going with a ticker. My Grandma used one. It works. Or, my phone if I want to get all fancy. It is rare I use the timer anyway. I just know when it is done.
  4. I finally get to move more plants. Raspberries are going near the septic tank and to the lest of the field. They will be good markers for where the lines stop and where the tank is. Also, I might try and re-plant some asparagus. They have been waiting patiently in a container of dirt. So happy.
  5. It's my voice. I have been told about how I should be a telemarketer. Do you agree? Could I sell icepicks to people in San Diego? Snow boots?
  6. Perfectly fine. I am a gal. I identify as female. Some might be bothered, like if they were trans. You can't always assume.
  7. No. There are no pets in our home, currently. I have a crap ton of deer though. There is a kitty that visits from the neighbor. It is very curious about what is happening on the property. It's a nice kitty. I am making friends with all my animal neighbors. We may get chickens again, like chicken tractor coop that can be moved around.
  8. Yup. I have to flee the LED garbage.
  9. It is attached to a fancy fan with a light and dimmer.
  10. I like this option. I thought about putting it over this switch plate that has a LED in it. HATE THAT FUCKING THING! Doesn't bother my husband, but when I turn out the lights, I want it black, like a cave.
  11. Most to the food bank. A smaller chunk to our local trail association.
  12. None of them have done that yet to me. I think they see me as an assertive woman. Seeing me ride to the site with a dirt unibrow is not that uncommon, either.
  13. Too much pressing bottons for my taste.
  14. I know he meant it kindly, as it was a local place, but I really do not like that. It is very demeaning to say that to a gal. I am not your honey, sweetie or babe.
  15. @Philander Seabury might be less lazy than I am with these details.
  16. A good place this is busy does not want to chat. I think that is why our local place acted this way. Order and please shut up and step in line.
  17. We lose power here and there, and I just give up. 12:00! 12:00!12:00!12:00!12:00!12:00!12:00!12:00!12:00!12:00!12:00!12:00!
  18. Is he really mean? Is the story slightly accurate? We used to have a burger place that was really excellent, but it was the same way. Do not ask questions. Do not change the burger from their normal routine. NO small talk. Just order, and shut up. It was ran by some older ladies, and they were grouchy as all hell. Great food. Homemade buns that were fantastic.
  19. It will not constantly be blinking 12:00, 12:00 ... 12:00 What time is it? 12:00!
  20. @goldendesign, it is nice to see you back. You have been missed. I hope all is well. Thought about you just the other day, bro.
  21. yesterday. today i am not drinking
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