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  1. Hope you are going to be ok. We need you well to boss us around.
  2. This is exactly why I am avoiding gyms. I don't believe it is safe for me just yet. Lots of heavy breathing in a confined area. Nope.
  3. This is the list of what got in the pannier
  4. I should double check before I leave. When will I learn? Most of it got in my bag. pants belt top lunch property tax statement for an insurance thing silverware plate reading glasses keys
  5. We became Amsterdam, apparently
  6. Menopause is horrific. I have not been sleeping well for a while now.
  7. We have a lot of them. Rattlers too. Mostly those benign garden snakes. Yuck!
  8. and had a nightmare that I was married to a horrible government official that is despise. It was awful. I woke up all sweaty and stressed out.
  9. Magic mushrooms are now legal in Oregon.
  10. Will he come back? and ... psst, the election is not over.
  11. Look at you. This is excellent.
  12. I have owned 3 bugs in my life. 2 bajas. I quite like them
  13. VW Baja bug with a stinger and red/yellow racing stripes. 1965
  14. I was riding home, and I think I was all in my head thinking. A cat ran out and scared the shit out of me. I actually screamed. It was low light and it just dashed out. Little sucker
  15. That is my dream. I want to pie someone. Big cream pie in the face, stooges style with the crust hanging off their face. Someday...
  16. I picked up the Pendleton bottle off the floor of the pantry. So, One. Fuck it. I'm drunk now.
  17. Oh, only if we arranged a zoomer
  18. Yes. Its a sizable glass. I started pouring, liek it was a glass of milk
  19. We were out of Makers. Pemdleton 1910 12 year rye
  20. I am going to fall over doing my squats
  21. I am going home and having a Makers Mark, neat.
  22. I am stress eating peanut butter
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