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  1. Oh, you are another one of those little of this and dash of that people. I'd call you a name, but it is not allowed here. HAHA
  2. 30" Any bigger is just too big for my kitchen. 30"
  3. Our house pad makes it look huge. They have not framed for the footers yet. It's going to really shrink down. HAHA 1052 ft of interior. 700 something for garage. Plus some porches
  4. Did the bat make you feel sick?
  5. I don't intend to make ANY changes. I already know my house is really small. HAHA
  6. I think I got through to someone that cares, finally. They are sending this up the food chain and showing management what has happened with me. now, I have tear eyes. I look like a disaster. I want to go home and hide in my bed sheets.
  7. Older Neurologist retired. I absolutely loved him. He referred me to a new person in his office. Months went by, and no one scheduled me in. I fell into an abyss. I had to call and ask what was going on. I usually go once a year. To make matters worse, their phone system is garbage. You call and get left on hold for at least 20 minutes, sometimes up to 45 minutes and they have no answering service option. I have to call at work, so you can imagine this is an issue. I finally have an appointment to see a new Neuro, in Jan. Well, they kicked back my medication request three times,
  8. She is going to help me with my color design choices. Additionally, she is making me a custom art piece for the house. I am very excited. Her work is contemporary abstract. She works with pieces of cloth and I love her work.
  9. I love my husband, and he is gorgeous. I was just giving you a bad time.
  10. @petitepedal, my trainer is a bit more handsome though. He works for free too.
  11. Yikes. Remind me to not eat bananas anymore.
  12. It's tough, after PP posted that.
  13. I just liked keeping them happy and quiet. When one set moved in the house was not "clean enough." I sent in a cleaning crew that she could order around for 3 hours. Money well spent. She left our place immaculate. Clean freak.
  14. OK, NO! I won't be sporting a percussion pistol either. Or sleeping on pine needles.
  15. It is on topic. Hot topic.
  16. I would likely replace it, if I were the landlord. We were very kind and giving to our tenants.
  17. I am afraid to snap a pic of my current oven top. I have destroyed it. It was white enamel. Now it is stained, discolored and basically looks ruined. Everything works, just looks like shit. Frigidaire. I do a TON of cooking. Plus, I am hard on everything.
  18. Thank you. Looks similar to my stove now. I am thinking this fancy new thing will be my forever stove. @Randomguy, I know you hate that term. HAHA
  19. @UglyBob and @Old No. 7, please share your recipes with amounts.
  20. Thank you for shining light on how I should be more modest. I like you, RG.
  21. Don't break yourself. We will have a track around the property too with a jump line and obstacles. Plus, we are right outside of the MTB park.
  22. I think @bikeman564™ was the complainer, now that I recall. HAHA
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