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  1. So there I was..

    And as I looked to my right, in the beautiful eyes of my co-pilot Sally the Chimp, the feelings I could no longer supress bubbled over and I told her how I felt about her. She smiled at me and I knew I was in for the adventure of a lifetime
  2. I wish I had gotten the opportunity to play strip poker once

    I played with this schralping badass bike chick once. I won. (I cheated a lot, but she can't prove it) @AirwickWithCheese there is still time. Isn't @Randomguy coming for a visit?
  3. First I'll try and rob you

    17 times. I think my arm would get tired and I'd have to switch hands and start with the left to get 17 stabs in
  4. Please lick cheese today

    It was me that put you over!!
  5. happy talk like a pirate day

    When the anchor is straight up and down under the boat and ready to be lifted, could you please go to the uppermost sail on the main (middle) mast and left out one small portion of it, while at the same time let out a little bit of the sail that is found on the line that runs from the bow of the boat (the pointy end) to the top of the fore (or most forward) mast. This little bit of sail will catch the zephyr winds (see what I did there?) to help keep us from drifting onto the shore (the brown rocky part you see when you are on a boat) Your cooperation in this endeavor is greatly appreciated Gentlemen.
  6. happy talk like a pirate day

    I think your answer may be funnier
  7. happy talk like a pirate day

    Most think its an "ARRR" but really it's a "SEA"
  8. happy talk like a pirate day

    Do you know a pirates favorite letter?
  9. happy talk like a pirate day

  10. happy talk like a pirate day

    In that case, I will be 'Zepharg' today and today only. (If I can figure out how to change my name)
  11. happy talk like a pirate day

    Wit ze anchor thick and dry for weighing, shake out a reef in the topgallant mainsail and the foretopgallant staysail to stave off of the lee shore ye bunch o blood o' da bitch lubbers!
  12. Hey Jsharr, I have a problem

    Can you please straighten the candles in your fireplace. It is affecting my ability to see past my OCD and look at the dogs.
  13. Didn't we have ourselves some kind of a summer?

    No, it sucked. Way too busy with work Way too busy with stuff around the house Way too many fires Way too much smoke Way too short Not nearly enough play time things done.
  14. How big of a deal is it if you have to SAG?

    Remember, you truly never know your potential until you fail. To use the SAG, you will just know your limit (on that day only)
  15. How I picture Cheese

    This could turn out to be the best (or worst), funniest (or meanest) thread ever! How I picture Cheese