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  1. I did about 550, and repainted the house too , I hope to hit hard next summer maybe 1500 like before, we have a new county road I `m aching to ride .
  2. I`ve been painting the house , lot of ladder time :-(
  3. Happy BD SW  :-)


  4. Thanks people, :-) still here, just move bike too spiner in basement yesterday..
  5. I usually wake middle of night , make a bowl of oatmeal with wheat germ microwave then add some honey and milk, check face book and become sleepy soon back to bed till daylight .
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  7. I just don`t know why people can`t take care of themselves ? I don`t think I would be alive if I was in their condition . ???
  8. Sw,, I hope u get things figured out, Have u tried catheters yet ? I use to get nite sweats from galvanized poisoning when I was working the last time I think was from round up in sweet potatoes , I eat only squash now . Yes sounds like a diet problem to me .
  9. Yes , Health is a full time job, Women always a concern and with some luck we can watch the leaves turn. Life at its finest ..
  10. I`m retired of 12 or so years , this is when the real work begins :-)
  11. My Lovely Lady friend just introduced me to Michael Bolton, wow...
  12. LMichael70

    Sunday miles

    10 + this am , recovery from yesterday and church at 10, excuses maybe.
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