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  1. Lake Michigan dive boat was Betty L. An old steel fishing trawler. this is my new canoe. Only 5 years old. Older one was purchased new in 1974
  2. I think my one canoe may be named LUCKY SIT STILL. I have said that enough when using it.
  3. Our one sailboat was Black Moth. Owned by D. Black and K. Miller. You figure it out.
  4. Paulie is a good dog. Remember this.
  5. After a late January trip to her grandfather's funeral in Clarence Center, NY she said she never wants to drive that again in the winter.
  6. WoD_P says the worst is the drive from Cleveland to Buffalo. I thought it was M28 across he UP.
  7. Have we settled this yet? Are we all going to @team scooter to run dogsleds. xc ski, snowshoe and fat bike? I have 7 pair of snowshoes, 6 pair of skis, 2 dog sleds and a fat bike. If we need more someone else needs to bring some.
  8. My hearing aids are low tech bit a huge help. Help with tinnitus too. My wife and others say I also don't talk as loud with them as without. Now I know someone is talking to me even if I am not looking right at them. Only drawback is now I don't have an excuse when I want to ignore someone.
  9. First lambs should be coming early February. I hope the ewes take care of them. We have several old baby play pens that have been used for calves and goats. Will we need them for lambs now?
  10. I considered doing the 6 dog pro but decided to stay with my normal trip to a 3000 acre wilderness area instead. Valentines weekend I will be in Marquette, MI for the UP200
  11. I'll bring the trail groomer, xc skis, snowshoes, fat bike sleds and dogs. I have enough to loan to many of you. you bring the beer and we will have an all weekend party.
  12. Get a team of sled dogs. You will have no excuse for missing work. y
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