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  1. It couldn't have been me. You won't trust me with your address. You didn't even bring the cabriolet and pick me up when I flew into Greenville Downtown Airport. WoD_Ps cousing who worked at the airport had to meet me.
  2. https://ktla.com/news/nationworld/backcountry-guide-dies-after-being-mauled-by-grizzly-bear-outside-yellowstone-national-park/ West Yellowstone is dangerous.
  3. Digital_photog


    Up at 5am went out and checked the last ewe who still hasn't lambed. Now sitting with my feet up and drinking coffee.
  4. Love sourdough bread. We make a couple loaves a week. Use it for everything. If it gets stale or moldy the chickens love it. Dogs like it too.
  5. Be the trend setter. Seed your lawn like that. That would be awesome. Save money on toxic chemicals and mowing. Feed the bees instead of killing them.
  6. That is pretty. The bees love it. Good food for sheep and people. So much fun to blow those seeds around. Find some joy in life.
  7. They are eatable and make very tasty food. They have beautiful flowers. It is fun to blow the seed into the wind toward Roadrunners lawn. Sheep like them too. They delight children to make chains and flower gifts for their mother. Should I go on?
  8. How does your mail delivery person drive up those steps? Someone mush have skill.
  9. Can't do. By that time I am to at least my second dream
  10. I like winter. My dogs like winter. We can run the sled with illumination from the bright head lamp.
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