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  1. Digital_photog

    Why Do Folks Live Where It Gets to -8F and -24F Wind Chill?

    I'll trade you mud for that.
  2. We already knew that pigs fly.
  3. Digital_photog

    Fatbike heaven

    Beautiful view, isn't it? Hard to feel like a mistake is a total loss when you have a view like that.
  4. Digital_photog

    Fatbike heaven

    Since you mentioned Lina Streeper's miscue I will share what she posted about it her facebook page.
  5. Digital_photog

    Fatbike heaven

    He is very friendly and helpful.
  6. Digital_photog

    Fatbike heaven

    Jay is an amazing rider. I've met him and rode several events he was in. Can't say I rode with him. He was always way ahead of me. About the only thing we have in common in our riding is we both ride Salsa bikes.
  7. Digital_photog

    Fatbike heaven

    I knew they lost the lead. Hadn't heard just what happened. I follow the distance racing much closer. Blake Freking took first in the Beargrease and his wife Jen was second. Ryan Redington had a 90 minute lead out of the last checkpoint with only 36 miles to go. His dogs got tired and quit on him. He ended up in 6th place. It was disappointing for Ryan but still nice to see my friends Blake and Jen do so well. Blake had won it once before.
  8. Digital_photog

    Last I looked it was -8F and -24F wind chill

    Lambs, calves, pigs, goats, foals, babies of any kind are a challenge in that kind of weather. Yes, I have dealt with all of those in sub 0 weather.
  9. Digital_photog

    How many miles do you drive per year?

    WoD_P drive about 15K for work before retirement. I drive about 3K for farm and marina related business. Going to sled dog, bike, camping, hiking and kayaking I drive another 8K to 10K. So many of my events are in northern WI or the UP. I guess we should move north. I suggested it by WoD_P doesn't like the idea.
  10. Digital_photog

    Procrastination Paid Off

    Well.... you are a pro crastinator not just an amateur one.
  11. Digital_photog

    A great movie about some friends.

    Blake won first place in the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon and Jen was second. Their daughters placed 3rd and 8th in the cub run.
  12. Digital_photog

    Damn, it is cold.

    Yesterday I had to take my glasses off to see anything. They would fog over and then the fog would freeze. I was in a facebook group where there were pictures and talk about the balacavas and masks that many of the Arrowhead 135 racers were wearing. The racers were saying that it was the only one they found that would do well to not fog your glasses. I have had the problems as long as I have been wearing glasses. (nearly 60 years) I decided to order one to see if they work as well as claimed. It should be here Monday. My guess is that since I have a way to avoid some of the fogging that winter will be over before Monday. Cold avenger
  13. Digital_photog

    Now they’re using the B word

    According to the National Weather Service Officially, the National Weather Service defines a blizzard as a storm which contains large amounts of snow OR blowing snow, with winds in excess of 35 mph and visibilities of less than 1/4 mile for an extended period of time (at least 3 hours). If the storm does not meet this criteria it is just a winter storm.
  14. Digital_photog

    Lets do an old fashioned LF forum takeover!

    Do they like dog sleds? Most of the trails we use are shared use. They have many miles of their own and bitch that we have 7 miles of "no motor vehicle trails" in Manistee National Forest. We have a big fight to keep them off the trails that are for sled dogs, skis, snowshoes and fat bikes only Our sled dog club maintains the trails. I have been in other areas that dog sleds are very welcome on the trails. Manistee NF seems to be the area where sled dogs are most unwelcome on the multi-use trails.
  15. Digital_photog

    Damn, it is cold.

    -19 here this morning. Our sheep have a big calf hutch for a house. They didn't want to come out in the cold wind this morning.