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  1. First Rhubarb pie of the season was so yesterday.
  2. I'm pretty sure they both use a Canon, as does @sheep_herder. A cannon may be over kill.
  3. We better check the federal migratory waterfowl regulations. Is a Canon a legal weapon to hunt waterfowl?
  4. I may consider selling my Comotion road tandem if it would fit you. Captain would need to be at least 5-9 or more. It has front and rear racks. Don't really want to sell the bags. It has 700c 28 tires now. You may be able to fit 700c32 at the very widest. Not a bike for off pavement. Not selling the Mountain tandem. Would be willing to loan it for a trail.
  5. Started the day with a call from a neighbor that our horses were out of their pasture. The storms Sunday broke the electric wire that ran to our tool shed. That left the electric fence with no charge so we got to put horses back in and build fence at 6 am. Then took one of the dogs and one cat to their annual vet appointment. After that the trip to Bridgman, MI to take the sheep fleeces to the wool mill. Back home and helped WoD_P prepare some blackberry wool dye then evening chores. That took a little extra time with a new foal on the ground.
  6. The 2 flats I have had came while bikejoring with the dogs. They put a lot more side stress on the tires. Both were on the fat bike. Only one lost enough air for the bead to come off. 25 gram CO2 reseated it and I adjusted the air with the pump. I have been lucky enough to not have a tubeless flat when not running the dogs. This included trips of 300 to 1000 miles on tubeless tires.
  7. The hippy is very smart. I have found good tubeless ready tires easy to mount on my Stans rims. When bikepacking I carry a 25 gram CO2 to set the bead if I need to do a repair on a tubeless. One small bottle of stans fluid. then top off the air with the small pump. That will do one repair on a trip. I do carry a tube if I would have a second flat but it has never happened yet. Low pressure, low weight, better ride and less flats. I'm not going back. I used tubeless on Petite's Great Adventure with no flats.
  8. I wanted to go to the top of the sand dunes but the boss said it was too windy and chilly.
  9. We skirted, washed and picked them ourselves. They will be running them through their big carding machine. That will be a lot faster than our little Drum carder that makes an 11 x 22 inch batt. After dropping off the wool we drove west a few blocks to the lake Michigan beach. @shotgun already recognized where we were from the pictures on facebook.
  10. I have a friend in Michigan looking for a few hair sheep. Do you deliver to Michigan?
  11. I have a 14 inch light weight saw for light pruning and trimming. A 20 inch saw for normal wood cutting and a 24 inch saw for heavy work and use with my Alaska chain saw mill. If Mr Aire only has one saw you must tell him he is under equipped.
  12. I see in the second picture a black and maybe a tan colored sheep. Do the breeds you raise have many colors or are most white? We picked out lambs not only for body conformation but also for wool color and texture. Crimp, length and color were all considered. I realize that when you are raising mainly meat sheep the traits you look for are different than when you are selecting breeding stock for a heritage wool breed.
  13. A better view of the black one. Our neighbor called this a Hereford lamb. Is there any resemblance?
  14. this is the Blue Jackets year to win the Stanley Cup. This forum must be renamed
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