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  1. RIP

    Just saw this. I'm sorry.
  2. Carmel, Indiana Friday and Saturday.

    Butler 69 Providence 54 http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/recap?gameId=400988615 OK lazy. I made it easy for you. All you have to do is click the link.
  3. Carmel, Indiana Friday and Saturday.

    Each seat got a free t shirt at this game. We left with 4 shirts since we had 4 paid seats. Now I have a new Butler shirt.
  4. Carmel, Indiana Friday and Saturday.

    Went to Carmel Friday. Was going to the Conner Longrifles reenactor show on Saturday morning. Took along a Gibson Les Paul that I am letting my grandson try out. He wants to buy this one from me. 2015 LP studio with P90 pickups. It will be an upgrade from the Epiphone Dot with humbuckers that I gave him. He is keeping it a few weeks to see if he and his instructor like it. Went to the show in Noblesville on Saturday morning then back to our daughter's home. They have 4 season tickets to Butler basketball games. Only our daughter was going since everyone else had conflicts. I went with her and got to see the first Butler game I have been to in over 10 years. Came back home after the game. Grandson was still playing the LP when I left at 5pm Saturday. I have a feeling I won't be getting the LP back. At 10 years old he is playing better than I do so I suppose it a appropriate that he has it. Has already wrote and recorded 2 of his own songs.
  5. Some pilots have talent

    I think this is the likely cause.
  6. PSA for today

    @Road Runner may be interested in this information.
  7. Down 1.1

    I you would have used my diet you could have lost 10 lbs in one week. I'm not sure I should recommend the flu as a diet plan.
  8. Airedales are on

    Did you see anything this cute? I I'm not sure any dog show could beat this for cuteness.
  9. Does my ass look big?

    Not that I know of. I'm pretty good if I can fool parrety meeter.
  10. Great winter Carnival

    A few more pictures that have been posted.
  11. What did I miss this week?

    You did not. @parodybot did that.
  12. Loose lay

    This. If are using it in a bathroom make sure the product will stand the moisture. @Wilbur is a smart pig.
  13. Great winter Carnival

    There was ice sculpture. The polar plunge idiots did that 2 weeks ago on the original date. They didn't move it to get the snow and cold. 5 k run was also 2 weeks ago. Snowmobile drag races were cancelled. Ice on the lake wasn't considered safe for them.
  14. Loose lay

    It isn't perfect. It is fairly easy and looks good especially in older houses that may not have the flattest and squarest rooms. Don't go with the cheapest if you are looking for long term beauty. Since you are selling a medium priced line would probably make it look nice to sell. Many times it isn't important to have the most expensive in to sell. In a few years a buyer will want to redecorate to their tastes. Initial eye appeal is the most important thing for a sale.