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  1. Last year we have 15 students take part. This year we had a full class of 20 and their was a waiting list of 15. We again had TV and newspaper coverage. Not as much as last year but still good. Would have been easier to do an interview if I wasn't so out of breath. Just had returned from running a mile with a woman who was running her dog with my 3 wheel rig.
  2. Digital_photog


    Who needs roads? My dogs and sleds can go cross country.
  3. These sheep don't need your help. They are well able to handle the winter they will get here. After all, they did come from a subarctic climate. The Shetland Islands are as far north as Anchorage, AK. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shetland
  4. that the sheep wore their wool coats to go out. 3 3 degrees.
  5. these stupid apps take all the fun our of just going down some random trail or forest road just to see where it goes. Eventually you will come to a location you recognize or have heard of so you aren't lost forever. As a concession to my wife I do carry the inreach when I go on some of these adventures. I don't really know why I do. I have never pushed the SOS button.
  6. It was. Stopped for now. Lake effect earlier this morning. 6+ inches new since 6am. 10 to 12 inches on the ground. Will our Mushing 101 class Saturday be on sleds instead of dryland?
  7. You may need a little heat when those cute sheep have their lambs. February, March and April can have chilly weather. (this is in reference to Indiana weather. You will have to ask @sheep_herder if you want to know about Montana.)
  8. Did @smudge buy a stove for the she shed or will this be like @petitepedal buying a car?
  9. It reminded me of Blue Ribbon beer too but with the name Jess Lockwood I knew what it was about.
  10. I didn't even see the one you posted. The cast one should be OK. The one I was referring to was the one in the original post.
  11. I wouldn't use either the one smudge or longjohn posted in a tent. The one Smudge posted is a quality stove but too heavy for my use. May be good for the she shed. The one longjohn posted is cheap quality and I wouldn't use it anywhere.
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