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  1. both of these rams were our own breeding.
  2. Sudan grass? https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=Sudan+grass We used to raise lots of it for the dairy cows.
  3. Ashley came home with 2 grand, one reserve grand and a reserve supreme banner. Isabella had one reserve grand. Ashley showed 4 animals and Isabella showed 3.
  4. Monday and yesterday were hot enough for us. 91 and 90. Very humid. Lots of fans in the sheep barn at the fair to keep the animals cool.
  5. Granddaughters. Isabella showed Olen last year. Ashley showed Peter this year. Now both sisters have a reserve supreme champion banner.
  6. Last year Reserve Supreme Champion.
  7. Second year in a row. Reserve Supreme Ram.
  8. Do you want some silkie chicks? This morning our second hatch is starting in the incubator.
  9. She said this race is always tough. You enter the fairgrounds, feel like you are about to the end and still have another mile to go.
  10. Priorities. Do you want to be a farmer or a schralper?
  11. Maybe your answers are right. She could be asking the wrong questions.
  12. Get some goats. My sister makes very nice soap from the fat in goats milk. They will also furnish you meat, milk to drink, cook and make cheese and mow your lawn for you. No need for a gas mower.
  13. Have never used an instapot. We have several canning pressure cookers.
  14. I thought that applied to adults who were done growing.... or at least done growing taller.
  15. she does very good in 5k and even runs some 10K. Not so well at 1.5 miles. She has trouble pacing herself for 1.5 miles. Since Jr high track doesn't have the distance races she is running hurdles. Coach wants her to stay with hurdles. Says that even though she isn't the fastest she has the best form on the team and he expects her to be much faster for her 7th and 8th grade seasons.
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