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  1. Digital_photog

    Ylva bit me!

    Ylva is a good dog. She should bite you more.
  2. Digital_photog

    Too romantic about typewriters

    You people are so young. We used manual typewriters back in the 1960s I have 2 of them in the storage room. Who wants them?
  3. Digital_photog

    8/12 miles & such

    12.4 mountain bike ride on the fat bike. 1 hour 6 minutes. Hardest ride I had in a long time. The brakes weren't working right and were dragging most of the ride. They worked the last time I used this bike a month ago.
  4. Digital_photog

    If I start a Go Fund Me

    I think that car if from Mexico, not Alaska.
  5. Digital_photog

    If I start a Go Fund Me

    @Airehead The lady in these pictures is a member of the Airedale Terrier Club of Northern Ohio. Do you know her?
  6. Digital_photog

    If I start a Go Fund Me

    @Airehead If you visit in the winter I recommend you let the Airedales pull the sled to get there.
  7. Digital_photog

    If I start a Go Fund Me

    If it is the WW II fighter there is no runway suitable for it.
  8. Digital_photog

    If I start a Go Fund Me

    @AirwickWithCheese I suggest you leave the Mustang at home. If it is the 1965 car the roads are more suited to the 4x4 truck. Also we do not have a runway for your WW II fighter plane.
  9. Digital_photog

    If I start a Go Fund Me

    @Wilbur you can land your Super Cub on the river when you come visit.
  10. Digital_photog

    If I start a Go Fund Me

    This would be a lovely place to bring your puppies to play. Lots of room for them to run and explore. Even some new friends for them.
  11. Digital_photog

    If I start a Go Fund Me

    Would you peeps help me build this cabin in Alaska? If you make a large enough donation I will build this in the back yard so you can come visit. I In fact if your donation is persuasive enough I may let you vote and you could choose this as the back yard guest house. OK, Who can I count on to help with this? @AirwickWithCheese
  12. Digital_photog

    Do you ever use..

    Never. we don't own any of those useless items. We do own a tv that hasn't been turned on in at least a year.
  13. Digital_photog

    I need a truck..

    I'll take it if delivery is included in the price. "..free."
  14. Digital_photog

    BikeMS Green Mountain Getaway

    Welcome back. We missed you. Excellent ride report.
  15. Digital_photog

    We have a hole

    Our doggie yard looks like a mine field. We use rocks we gather to stop them from digging along the fences. @Airehead, can you deliver a truck load of your bigger rocks to Indiana? Our supply is running low.