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Community Answers

  1. Some of the models I have were at Lagrange many times.
  2. Lagrange Steam and Gas show was yesterday and today. The last couple years I haven't been there. Used to always be there. Rock the Quarry Triathlon is now the same weekend so I have been busy. I hate to tell them I won't continue to run the bike part of it. Then after setup yesterday and after the race today I had 40 acres of hay to bale. Last year had the same problem.
  3. It happened to our neighbor lady about 15 years ago. Have heard of more since that time. Not as rare as you would think.
  4. You won't find anyone paying minimum wage here. Fast food and retail start from $15 to $18. Everything else more. No one will apply for less. you are still paid too much.
  5. Welcome back. I missed seeing you here. I am retired. I don't work normal farm hours but raise sheep, run sled dogs and am now building another sawmill. When I am finished putting it together can I cut you some beautiful wood for your van project? I have oak, ash, hickory, maple, walnut, spruce, hackberry and mulberry logs. The Alaskan mills are too slow to keep up.
  6. When I was 18 I think I could have done that blindfolded. His cable looks a little bigger than any I have done. 1/2 inch was the biggest I ever put an eye in. Worked as a millwright building grain elevators to pay my way through college. Elevator legs usually had 4 cable guy lines.
  7. I blame @sheep_herder for this. He didn't tell me that raising sheep was very hard work for a retired fish.
  8. I was the big fish in a small pond. I own the pond and found it to be hard work to maintain it so I rented most of it out. Then I was a fish out of water and ended up with sheep so I still have lots of work. This retirement thing isn't as easy as I was told it would be.
  9. Accident was about 15 miles from our house. You will never agree 100% with anyone but she was a decent person who did a good job for our district.
  10. Yes, Our congresswoman was killed in an auto accident a few days ago. We knew her well. Last time I talked to her was about 2 weeks ago at the fair.
  11. They ruin hay fields and soybean fields. Their dens damage farm machinery.
  12. we can it. If you don't use it fast enough a layer will spoil when it is exposed to air.
  13. 6 large heads of cabbage, salt. 5 gallon crock. Slice the cabbage thin into the crock. Use a wood stomper to mash the cabbage and salt till it is covered with juice. put a plate that fits in the crock on top then weight it down and let set for 6 to 8 weeks. You will then have better kraut than you can buy in any store. Crock is only 2 thirds full. We should have had 8 or 9 heads to make a full crock.
  14. I make better ice cream than either of those places. Will be making 2 gallons of peach tomorrow.
  15. I don't have one of those. Have flown a few.
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