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Community Answers

  1. You said that like asshole is a bad thing.
  2. Sarah and Rich are still active riding and on facebook. Over the years I have known them he has switched from riding motorcycles to mostly mountain bikes and doing much of the maintenance on their local trails. Although they don't do mushing they are friends of many of my sled dog friends in their area.
  3. Right now I identify as a guy who lives in a trash can. Did you know that Friday they had a day dedicated to me? \ Now bring me my coffee and maybe I will change my identity.
  4. A wise owl would understand that fall and winter are the best 2 seasons.
  5. Different trip and different trailer. The one that was stuck for 3 days was a lot bigger. The dog kennels are now out of this one and it is only used to haul reenactment gear. I wasn't stuck at all on this trip.
  6. @Randomguy never said it had to accurate, factual, researched based, intelligent or peer reviewed.
  7. It prevents covid. When smoking was most popular there was no covid pandemic.
  8. Yeah, fall, Thank you froggie. @Kirby Now can we have winter? Think snow.
  9. not at the corn maze with hundreds of kids we don't know.
  10. Beretta is the girl. Brother is more rambunctious so haven't taken him to the maze. Not as sure how he will act with the kids. Beretta is so good. Both have been very good with our autistic grandson. They seem to know that he needs a quiet animal.
  11. @Longjohn Don't laugh. We have already had people here from California, Washington, New York and New Jersey. Maybe more but those are the ones who told me were they were from. Well, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana too but those are closer home.
  12. Weather should be cool this weekend. If you come visit us at the maze I will haul your pumpkins for you. Best place to get your pumpkins and mums.
  13. It's mine. All mine. I have the bed properly messed up. Keith said maybe he should trade me for an Airedale so his bed doesn't get so messed up. @Airehead Does Paulie need a new home? Maybe if he came to visit I could train him to mess up a bed.
  14. Beretta here again. Keith took some pictures so I can show you my wagon. I pull it backwards so he can hold the handle to guide it and keep it from running into me and hurting me. It only weighs about 20 lbs and is very easy to pull. Also 2 of my sheep and my llamas are there in the petting zoo. Llamas not so much for petting. They would rather spit that be petted. They do come to the fence to spit in your face.
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