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  1. @sheep_herder is a smart man with good eyes. Thursday we picked up fleeces from 4 angora goats and a black alpaca.
  2. Wrong, but now that you mention it it does kinda resemble it.
  3. Thursday we went to Sauder Village in Archbold, Ohio to celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary and my 70th birthday. On the way home we stopped and picked up some fleeces we got from friends. Friday we washed some of the fleece. Now for the quiz. Who knows what animal this is from? Maybe @sheep_herder it is much whiter than it looks here. camera did not capture the color correctly on the black background
  4. I think I kept (most of) my blood inside me. Only one small scratch on a hand. Well, It was pretty hot so there was some sweat but no crying.
  5. 2 years ago I bought an antique spinning wheel for WoD_P that was made in 1796 in Kentucky. Traveled with the family when they went to Texas. Was with the same family till I got it 2 years ago. It was still in pretty good condition but needed some work to make it back into a good spinner. For the last several months I have been researching spinning wheel restoration. Wasn't sure if it was a project I should try or send it to a professional. 2 weeks ago started working on it. No nails or screws in this wheel. All joints were pegged with hand made pegs. Some pegs were missing and parts were very loose. Wood drive belt tension screw had the threads stripped. Leather flyer bearings needed replacement. I won't go into all the details how I did the repairs. It is now finished and works great. I still want to turn some new bobbins and speed whorls on the lathe but that is to make it more functional and not part of the restoration. I know some of you have seen the wheel and restoration pictures on facebook and instagram. Finished wheel. This picture shows the wear that the treadle got in over 200 years of use. This wheel will be used by my wife at our early 1800s reenactments.
  6. We talk to our 2 daughters nearly every day. The younger one lives 6 miles away and the grandchildren come over most days to work with their 4H sheep. The older one lives in Carmel but calls often. I am the oldest of 7. Am closest with my youngest brother who is 18 years younger than me. Several of the others I will see once or twice a year. My wife is an only child so we don't have much family contact on that side.
  7. Wow, we may be the 2 luckiest people on the forum. I have 300 acres. 2 woods, one 5 acres and the other 36 acres. 1/2 acre pond with blue racer island in it. one of the best trout streams in Indiana runs through my land. The only stream in Indiana with proven spawn. We have about 7 miles of sled dog trails in the winter. We have hosted numerous cyclocross races. A local Boy Scout troop is losing their meeting place and is talking with me about putting a cabin on my land for their use. Will have to see if that works out. We enjoy sharing our property but some inconsiderate people who trespass and damage things think I am an a-hole for have them prosecuted.
  8. They planned to come join us at the Midwest Tandem Rally in Fort Wayne a few years ago. A work emergency kept them from coming. @petitepedal came and rode with me one day. (she is a dangerous forker) We are thinking about selling the comotion road tandem. Have only been using the Cannondale mountain tandem recently. It is a large captain size so plenty large for me. Captain would need to be at least 5-9 to 5-10
  9. That isn't far from where I took the pictures and video while running the sled dogs.
  10. Your neighbors are so backward they don't even have a car. Maybe not even a bike.
  11. this last bunch went just west of us. So far all we got was wind and a couple tree branches down. We do need some rain.
  12. Only one we hear is our nearest neighbor 14 mile away when he gets mad and yells at his lazy 20 something son. Normal voices no.
  13. You didn'n have slides for your microscope? I suppose you had one of those fancy electron ones.
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