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  1. Digital_photog

    Your avatars are not seasonal enough

    Mine is just fine. Now send me some snow.
  2. Digital_photog

    Prayers, vibes etc needed

    Prayers for your brother.
  3. Digital_photog

    A Day Trip For DH

    I don't need a fridge. I do like the indoor heat. Morning coffee is always good.
  4. Digital_photog

    The Tell the n00b, Razors Edge to shut up thread.

    Says the noob boob
  5. Digital_photog

    Do locals promote your area to visit?

    Many think the Amish are backwards but they have the skills and will adapt to some of the modern technology that those tied to the power grid never utilize to the full potential. When a disaster hits they are some of the best prepared to survive. Now to get your topic back on track. In this area the Amish unlike in some other areas do take advantage of their heritage and to promote tourism. Many of the popular tourist businesses here are Amish owned.
  6. Digital_photog

    Do locals promote your area to visit?

    Our area is very dependent on the RV industry. A large majority of the recreational vehicles are built here in Elkhart or Lagrange counties in Indiana. We do have other industry but much of it is geared to supply the RV industry. Because of this one industry monopoly in this area we are hit very hard in any recession. Boom times we have one of the highest incomes in the country but we can be the worst in a recession. Any diversity is a very good thing for our local economy. With our large Amish population who have an 8th grade education we will never attract the major technology business. They are not stupid and do very well in manufacturing and other businesses. They are some of the major players in the solar energy business. They stay off grid but you should see what they do with solar and air power. If you want to have a modern off-grid cabin in the woods talk to the Amish. They can set you up with all the comforts. The Amish business who resided and made new doors for our barns spent the winter in Colorado building 2 large off-grid houses away from any power lines. Those houses have every comfort you can imagine. I can run everything other than the air conditioning in our camper from solar power and I got all of the supplies to do it from an Amish supplier who equips many of their new homes. The LED lighting on most of their new buggies are powered by solar panels on the roof.
  7. Digital_photog

    Do locals promote your area to visit?

    I think this area is highly promoted. Who hasn't heard of Shipshewana? Thursday we saw 5 tour buses and we only were in 2 stores on the south side of town. Middlebury has Das Dutchman Essenhaus. Goshen has the Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds that hosts the largest county fair in the USA and many RV gatherings, Michiana Mennonite Relief Sale and other events. The Pumpkinvine Nature Trail is a heavily used trail that draws tourists from all over the country. Nappanee has Amish Acres, The Round Barn Theatre and a very large art festival Syracuse if busy in the summer, located on the largest natural lake in Indiana it draws many tourists from Fort Wayne, South Bend, Indianapolis and Chicago. (we welcome winter when the lakers are gone) Sometimes, well often, I wish I lived in the UP where they have ice, snow, beer and no one knows anything about their area. (@smudge that I posted pictures of your area several weeks ago and enticed all these filthy cyclists to head up your way.)
  8. Digital_photog

    Resident Blacksmiths

    Hands on is the best way for that.
  9. Digital_photog

    My fingertip

    I have a new axe. Never been used yet. Want me to amputate? I work cheaper than a Dr.
  10. Digital_photog

    Resident Blacksmiths

    You got cheated if you didn't get fleas with it.
  11. Digital_photog

    Resident Blacksmiths

    Todd Martin who was on FIF is a good friend of mine. Lives about 4 miles from me. He is in the middle in this picture.
  12. Digital_photog

    Resident Blacksmiths

    a side draft "box of dirt" forge is very easy to build. Blower can be about anything windy. (Not sure how forum members would work for that) Even a hair dryer will work, May not last a long time for heavy use. Any heavy chunk of steel will work for an anvil. Railroad track is often used. A large pliers can be used as tongs. You can hit your hot iron (or fingers) with any available hammer. Good hardwood lump charcoal is good for heat. Coal is net necessary. If you find you like it and want to get more into forging you will want to upgrade that equipment. If you are close to Salem, Centralia or Carlyle, IL I do get to that area several times a year. Years ago I bought quite a few tools from a guy in Greenville, IL
  13. Digital_photog

    Resident Blacksmiths

    this. but I also made many of my own tools. You do need a few to start making your own. Years ago when he was well over 90 years old I had a week long tool making class taught by George Earnest, founder of GE tools. When he stared the company he made all the tools himself by hand. Very interesting week. @No One If you were a farrier you heard of him, I'm sure.
  14. Digital_photog

    Resident Blacksmiths

    I was in Gardner, IL near Kankakee Tuesday to pick up my bellows that a friend recovered for me. He did an excellent job. They look great and blow more than @Longjohn and @KrAzY combined. A small coal gas explosion in them at the last show destroyed the very old and weak leather. Now they have new leather, new felt valves and all cracks repaired and fulled. I am very pleased with them.