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  1. I'm not dead yet!

    Good job.
  2. Just so you know..

    I hope that works out for you. I heard RG is homeless.
  3. project tubeless...

    I use the compressor and no core in the valve stem. After the bead is seated put in the stans sealant and the core then inflate again and slosh the sealant around to seal it up. Easier to seat them without the valve core in.
  4. project tubeless...

    I have used then with Nates and now with Juggernaut pro
  5. project tubeless...

    Rolling Darryls work fine tubeless. Same method for all the rims with holes.
  6. What are you reading?

    The Potawatomis: Keepers of the Fire by R. David Edmunds Not fast reading but a lot of interesting history. When I get this one finished I will be reading the book by my friend and neighbor Lowell Farrand.
  7. It's not gas

    do you like coal and sulfur taste on you burger? Actually I often fire with charcoal. Yesterday I used mostly charcoal but mixed a little coal in so it would burn slower.
  8. Tubeless Question

    I have often done it with no problems. Some tires mount much easier than others. I am not a fan of road tubeless. but for CX, mountain bikes and fat bikes it is the way to go. There are enough tubeless ready tires that I don't buy non tubeless tires any more.
  9. It's not gas

    you can also make them from plastic. .
  10. how big a field is required to land a dirigible?

    Rule #1 Texans are always perfect. Rule #2 I a Texan makes a mistake refer to rule 1.
  11. Rain and more rain

    get out of there as fast as possible. Go south and visit Cuyahoga valley national park. Ride a bike on the canal towpath.
  12. Give us an update on your children

    Daughter 1: executive with large international corp. 2 boys. Family lives in Carmel, IN Finished MBA at Syracuse University this past spring. Daugher 2 Former bank officer, 3 girls, 1 boy. Live 6 miles from us, preschool teacher, foster parent.
  13. It's not gas

    @Wilbur if you want to come Goshen Airport has a large field where you can land the Dirigible. I'm pretty sure it will be plenty of room for you. The Goodyear blimp comes in here regularly.
  14. It's not gas

    The bellows is an original. At least 150 years old. I made the rest.