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  1. In fact, you can delete a youtube video. Now if it was so easy to delete annoying people.
  2. Since we don't have any proof that @Square Wheels does any cycling we should change it to Intelligent Donkey Drivel.
  3. Maybe I will be OK since it doesn't have any young half naked girls dancing.
  4. I just put a video there last week. Maybe I should go delete it.
  5. you saying youtube is so yesterday?
  6. Does it go belong here or on facebook?
  7. Is this the place to post it?
  8. Maybe if you got some round wheels travel would be more enjoyable.
  9. Unlike the guy with the square wheels I enjoy travel.... I love to fly.... but like him I do hate the airlines. They have managed to take all the fun out of flying. The only 2 good seats in their planes are occupied by people in fancy uniforms. There is one area that stands out for me. The northern part of the UP. Not real hard to get to, Beautiful weather, (other than seasonal black flies) Beautiful scenery, Sailing, kayaking, canoeing, rock and ice climbing, lots of back roads to bike, hiking, dog sledding, So much to do without the expense of traveling to Alaska or other pla
  10. You really should visit all of them. I have seen all of them but there is one that I have not fished, kayaked, sailed, or SCUBA dived on. Lake Ontario. For beauty, clearness of the water I like Superior best. All of them are great but only one is superior.
  11. Wrong. Lake Michigan is great but Lake Superior is definitely superior.
  12. I finished trimming brush along the new woods trail. Now have 2.5 miles of trail to run the dogs. When we get the crops off and can use the field trail we will have 8 miles available. If we could cross the creek there is over a mile of trail in the woods on the other side. If we get snow this winter these trails will also be nice for skiing and fat bike. Last 2 winters have been disappointing.
  13. Thank God we don't have that city. We have a wilderness. Does Illinois have that? Charles C. Deam Wilderness Area
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