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  1. Digital_photog

    The Story of How I (Almost) Saved the Day

    I never thought of @Kirby as Wild Thing. Bad, Bad, Does this show my age?
  2. Digital_photog

    Should I have just gone to bed?

    He is Canadian. Not flying a Mercin plane or in Mercin airspace. He is safe. The Canucks don't care about this kind of stuff.
  3. Digital_photog

    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    It looks like at least half of the people here were hippies at some time.
  4. Digital_photog

    This is going to be a tough weekend.

    Sorry UB
  5. Digital_photog


    Thinking about this... you better borrow @Longjohn's BOB trailer. The SAG truck may not be able to carry all of it for you.
  6. Digital_photog


    Don't forget the generator, air conditioner and microwave for the tent. Anvil, hammer and forge are always needed (you never know when you may need to make a bike repair) OH, and for smaller repairs, duct tape and WD40.
  7. Digital_photog

    Always thinking about a new bike

    I tried out a cutthroat on Monday but decided to keep my fargo. I do like the Cutthroat. Haven't been on the casseroll since last fall.
  8. Digital_photog

    Mmmm. Ribs

    Parody meter is broken.
  9. Digital_photog

    Mmmm. Ribs

    .856 That didn't even rate a 1 as a parody. I really thought the owner of the parody meter could do better.
  10. Digital_photog

    Do you play with your balls?

  11. Digital_photog

    Exciting new sport in Michigan

    I know you found it exciting.
  12. Digital_photog

    Exciting new sport in Michigan

    Today on Lake Michigan.
  13. Digital_photog

    Do you play with your balls?

  14. Digital_photog

    Do you play with your balls?

  15. Digital_photog

    Do you play with your balls?