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  1. Nice video. I hope to see some aurora while running the dogs in the UP this winter. Will I be living in the new Snowtrekker hot tent or will @smudge let me use her she shed?
  2. Rambouillet Our friends who raise Rambouillet told me at our fair that some of their rams have cost more than $7000. That makes our Shetlands look very cheap. They said that some of them sell for much more than that. We bid on one of their fleeces at the state fleece auction but didn't get it. Someone else wanted it more than we did. Was this an all breed sale? We haven't bought any of our breeding stock at auction. We got ours from direct from some of the top breeders in the USA.
  3. Cameras tell lies. The fire was at least 5 feet behind me.
  4. You are right about the toxic fumes. Would you camp with me with this flag flying over our camp? It doesn't have the modern 50 stars and 13 stripes. It is what was flying over Fort McHenry when the Star Spangled Banner was written.
  5. The flag was not period correct for our camp. The Civil War camp had the flag raising so it was a period correct cotton flag for them. I do have a period correct flag for our pre 1816 camps. Note: nylon flags are NOT period correct no matter what star and stripe pattern they have. You can get thrown out of camp for nylon.
  6. We had some sales. Weren't expecting a lot at this show. Sold a couple caps and scarves. 2 four oz balls of fine Shetland wool roving from the Supreme champion ewe at Michigan Fiber Festival last year. Several blacksmith items and some maple syrup. We bought a couple expensive items and still had over $200 more than we went with so not bad at all. Several people asked to buy WoD_Ps natural plant dyed yarn but that was just for an educational display and not for sale. We need to keep it for several more shows.
  7. Nice looking sheep. Should produce some pretty good wool and still be much easier to shear than the very loose skinned Merino or Cormo.
  8. I have never seen that pump track but have ridden Hines Drive several times. Not too bad for a city ride.
  9. We had a great weekend at the Stone's Trace festival and rendezvous. I was blacksmithing with both my portable camp setup and in the shop. WoD_P was spinning and showing her natural dyed yarns. We sold some scarves, caps and iron items we made. School days were Thursday for 4th grade and Friday for 8th. Saturday and Sunday were open for the public. A little light rain fell on Sunday but we still had a record crowd for the 35 years this has been held. I didn't get any pictures of my own but have a few that I got from friends who took them. I expect I will get more when they have time to edit their pictures. Blacksmithing in the camp shop. Flag raising on Saturday morning. 2nd Kentucky regiment of volunteers. I am second from the left in the front row. You can only see my black had and rifle barrel over the far left in the rear row. Confederate reeenactors at the flag raising. Part of our camp is visible at the far right of this picture. About all you can see is the forge.
  10. There were some cute little girls camping at Stone's Trace over the weekend. Was she one of those girls spending a weekend in the 18th century?
  11. They are. I have never owned one but have done a lot of racing on them with friends. If I get an E scow I wonder if @jsharr and @wilbur would come race with me. Our local club has very good E Scow racing. Wawasee Yacht Club.
  12. Someone drove by the farm with an E scow on a trailer this morning. I thought from racing them I knew most of the E scows and owners around here. Didn't recognize this one. A fun boat that doesn't cost the millions that the America Cup boats do.
  13. This old codger who always hopes he doesn't drop it on his foot. I have 4 anvils. 2 of them period correct for the reenactments. Those 2 are 100 lbs and 138 lbs. I have been using the 100 lb one so I don't have to lift so much. The 2 newer ones are 35 lbs and 135 lbs. I use the bigger ones if I am setting up for a long time and have help with the lifting. They will go to the corn maze next week and stay till November.
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