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  1. You guys are very slow this morning.

    Coffee was on automatic timer. I drank the whole pot.
  2. Crazy ice on the creek

    Looks nice. Our creeks aren't froze over. Pond has a skin of ice but nothing on the creek. It will be a while before that happens even if it gets cold. Water is high and fast.
  3. Older studded tire fail

    I think it is about time to put the studded tires on the fargo. Might take a couple minutes. They are already mounted tubeless on the spare wheels. Schwalbe ice spiker pro folding bead. This will be the third winter for them.
  4. Will RG ever find a "forever home"

    RV factories in Elkhart County, Indiana are begging for help. Pay very well too. Is he Amish so he will fit in?
  5. Who is going camping this weekend?

    leanto tent with a fire in front. something behind the fire to reflect heat. Even a stack of logs works for that. With a fire it isn't hard to keep a leanto warm. By the late 1700s tent stoves were available. Maybe not common but used to some extent. Tipis was built with open fire in the center. These methods are still used by many winter campers. Many who have done it before all the light modern equipment was available may have tried the new stuff and found that even though it weighs more they prefer the more traditional.
  6. Who is going camping this weekend?

    I have a Kelty cosmic down 0 bag. Not the lightest or necessarily the best but it is about the cheapest down bag with that rating. I have quite a few friends using them too. I do recommend them for the price. For cold weather I have a fleece bag liner that adds about 15 to 20 degrees to the rating. Bivy sack also helps. Many of us don't burn the stove all night but let it go out overnight and start it in the morning. My stove needs to be fueled about every 4 hours to keep it going. Not necessary unless it is extremely cold. Sure is nice to have the heat when it is -20 or colder. At 20 degrees I was laying on top of the bag much of the night. The pyramid tent is small enough that with just a small fire the temp was from 60 to as much as 80 just after stoking it up.
  7. Who is going camping this weekend?

    Snow pictures are on page 2 of the thread. It was beautiful. Either that or I was high on 2 pots of coffee.
  8. Who is going camping this weekend?

    I was wearing smartwool base layer. Blanket wool shirt with canvas pants and canvas anorak for top layer. Wool cap. wool sox and the moccasins with the wool pacs.
  9. Who is going camping this weekend?

    It is much heavier than the stuff you use but as I get older I like the warmth I get with this stuff. As I have said I have the light weight stuff and have used it as low as -20f. Yes, it will keep you alive but this gives much more comfort. I find it more fun to go out when I know I have a warm comfortable tent to return to. Most of the campers I have experience with are a PITA in below freezing weather. Winter camping can be a lot of fun with proper knowledge and equipment but can be deadly otherwise. I have done it all my life. Started with my parents using the heavy traditional gear. Went to the light, high tech stuff and now more often the older traditional way. The only real advantage that I see to the modern light stuff is weight. It would be difficult to take what you see in these pictures on a backpacking or bike packing trip. Maybe could using one of my bike trailers but then I would be loaded as heavy as @Longjohn was on the 'Great Adventure" and I wouldn't even have the cast iron kitchen sink.
  10. Who is going camping this weekend?

    This is one of the canvas tents I use for reenactments. I do have some of the latest high tech stuff for backpacking and bike packing. I have also learned that the "old fashioned' stuff has some very real benefits for winter hot tent camping. Yes, it is heavy and requires care to prevent mold and rot but you can't beat the warmth, fire and spark resistance, breathability, Goretex is a modern light weight product but it still doesn't beat many of these older natural products that have been in use for hundreds of year. A cotton canvas is much safer around a hot stove. One of the biggest reasons that they are so popular or winter hot tent camping. I could have a top of the line nylon tent for much less than a good winter canvas tent costs. This one in the pictures I made myself. $240 in materials. This tent as equipped is over $500 if you buy it. Many of the bigger ones can run $1000 to 2000 or even more if you want all the options and fancy stuff. The design of this tent dates to about 1835. My wedge dates to per-revolutionary war, My baker tent is one my great-grandparents used to travel in 1914, grandparents and parents used it on their honeymoons. We used it on our honeymoon and still have it. It was military surplus from the Spanish-American war. Here it is at Rocky Island Lake in Ontario in 1956 My next younger brother and I are the 2 kids in the picture. In 1972 on our honeymoon were were camped about 100 miles north of this location using this tent. With a stove it makes an excellent winter tent even if it is 125 years old. Wouldn't you and K like to join me in northern Ontario for a winter campout? I have the tents and stoves. You would need to bring your own skis, snowshoes and fat bikes.
  11. Who is going camping this weekend?

    Those are the top of the moccasin kit that I made. Moccasins are made with 1/2 inch think wool felt insoles and wool felt pacs like in Sorel boots. Very warm. Comfortable too. I made them custom fit to my feet. The anorak is heavy canvas. When it is cold it will fit over my EMS down parka. Excellent wind breaker that is great by itself for temps like I had this weekend. With the parka and insulated pants this outfit should be good to -40 or lower. Great for layering. Check out their finished products, kits and patterns. I can highly recommend them. I have started a pair of the mittens that I need to finish. Prices aren't bad when you consider the USA to Canadian exchange rate. Lure of the North.
  12. Hypocracy

    Only 10%? You are lucky. At least 60% here don't know how to drive.
  13. Who is going camping this weekend?

    We had some nice snow over night and this morning. Woke up at 4:45 and had to go out to pee so started the stove again and put the coffee on. With just the small fire I went back to sleep and when I woke up at 6:45 the coffee was ready and still hot. Stoked the fire backup and cooked the bacon and eggs. Still snowing so played online for a while then went out and cut some more firewood and took pictures. Finished the pot of coffee. It was a good morning. Now back at the house. Won't be camping tonight. Tomorrow morning is our grandchildrens Christmas program at church so need to get there early. It took longer to pack everything the half mile into camp than it did to set up. If we would have had snow yesterday I could have done it in one trip with the toboggan. 2 trips with the backpacks. Summer camping is a lot lighter. I used to cold camp in the winter but as I get older the heat sure is nice. Now for some morning pictures. I like the picture of the camp across the pond. When I got up this morning there were mallard ducks on the open area. Wild turkeys in the field 50 yards south of the camp We have enough snow that the trip home was one load on the toboggan. Leaving the tent up to use again in a few days. Temp was about 20F I was wearing the wool and cotton clothes I use for reenactment along with Lure of the North Anorak and Moccasins that I made from kits. The canvas anorak really cuts the wind. When it is cold the down parka fits under it. With layering these cloths can easily be used down to -50 I was just using the windbreak layers for +20. It was a fun campout but too short. Just got back from an hour fat bike ride. @Dirtyhip when you are old and retired you can play like this too.
  14. Who is going camping this weekend?

    This was not an open fire. It was a tiny indoor stove with a spark baffle in the fire box and a forest service approved spark arrester at the top of the 8.5 ft stovepipe. 1 meter by 1 meter fiberglass fire blanket under the stove. 18 inch x 24 inch aluminum heat reflector on top of the blanket. 24 x20 heat reflector behind the stove. Since the stove is 2 feet from the canvas the reflectors shouldn't be necessary but they don't weigh much for the extra safety and also help direct the heat where you need it.
  15. Who is going camping this weekend?

    maybe @Wilbur would like to fly it.