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  1. Bose headphones are good but expensive. Have one set for myself but cheaper for the passenger. Bose A20
  2. It is a good spoon to use. It is the correct size to measure out hot red pepper for a cup of coffee. She can test it on you when you get home.
  3. I used so many different ones I don't remember what I used there.
  4. No, it is not too nice to use. I do not make "art". My goal in blacksmithing or woodworking is to make usable pieces that are good for more than just taking up space on a shelf. Primitive or fancy, usability is the prime requirement.
  5. Ya, They get to wash the dirty knives and boards. I have to make more new ones.
  6. For our family Christmas dinner we used 2 of the butter boards and knives. I made cheese balls and they worked great to serve those. Wood bowls held the crackers. When dinner was over our daughters got to take the boards and knives home with them.
  7. And it is not? This one did go international. I had to fill out a 3 page customs declaration for a 3 ounce walnut spoon. Probably could have sold it for a little more but I put a $5 value on it. It was listed as a gift so I hope they don't try to tax him for it.
  8. As I said in another thread WoD_P and I are scheduled for January 27
  9. @Zephyr deserved the spoon that took so long to get to the frozen north. He was the one who recognized the wood and didn't just guess.
  10. Tracking shows that all the spoons have now been delivered. 32 days after they were taken to the USPS. I had fun doing it I hope everyone else did too.
  11. WoD_P and I are getting it on Jan 27
  12. depending on the bike I use either a 54 or 56.
  13. One of my friends on the way to the Wyoming Stage Stop race is stranded because I90 is closed in western MN. We are telling him to harness the dogs and go on. He is already an Iditarod finisher so he is used to tough conditions. @petitepedal With snow so scarce in the midwest some more of us are thinking about running the dogs down I90
  14. Our friends traveling to the sled dog race stopped in Billings because of the wind. They said it reached 70 mph and blew some semis over on I90. They said after caring for the dogs the wind went down so they continued on. Were stopped for several hours.
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