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  1. Does LIndy have his own does and chair?
  2. I have too much pain to run now. I hope my back is healed by New Years Day. I'm sure Beretta does too.
  3. My wife and I made several bike trips with Stan and Nancy
  4. I think Stan would like the Hines.
  5. I'll try to talk him into bringing one of his bikes along and we can go ride the Hines parkway or one of your favorite rides.
  6. Will you be joining us in April at North American Model Engineering Show? I heard it will be back this year. Stan lost his wife to covid but he will be back with me.
  7. I have 3 electric planes. They make a loud buzz, are about 12 to 36 inch wingspan.. I can stand on the ground and they will fly from about 3 to 15 minutes.
  8. If you want something a little more classy than the one above you could get this.
  9. If he will be wearing it where it is cold Icewear has very nice wool sweaters. The Nordic and Icelandic sweaters are warm and very popular with mushers. The only other thing you will need to get him is a sled dog. Icelandic wool is nice but it will not be as soft as Merino. I would suggest if you get one in Icelandic that he may want to wear a tee shirt under it. They have both to choose from. I got my Icelandic with this pattern last year when most choices were sold out. IF you want to buy me a gift I would be very happy with a Merino Nordic sweater. Large fits well
  10. I hurt my back Saturday feeding pumpkins to the sheep. It has been extremely painful. Ice packs and pain killers. Only doing what is absolutely necessary. Tomorrow I have an eye dr appointment then getting the back checked in the afternoon. Hope to feel good enough to go to our EAA chapter Christmas dinner in the evening. I'm tired of walking with 2 canes. I can't run the dogs feeling like this. Feeding horses, sheep and dogs is all I have got done the last few days.
  11. You live in the UP. That is close to living in an Igloo in Canada. Maybe if I can't get an off-grid cabin in the UP I will look for an igloo in Canada. I wonder if @Wilbur has an extra igloo.
  12. Anyone want it? I'll trade it for an off-grid cabin in the UP.
  13. Our TV in the bedroom died and I bought a new one on a black friday sale from Best Buy. It came with a free amazon echo dot. I am convinced that it is worth exactly what I paid for it. NOTHING. Am I wrong? IT won't clean the house. It won't feed the dogs or clean the kennels. It won't take the dogs on training runs. It won't cook breakfast or supper. It doesn't do anything useful. Has anyone found a use for this little black box other than to clutter up the house?
  14. Taking a break now. Will be back in about 15 minutes.
  15. You are the lower right corner.
  16. This is all you are gonna get.
  17. I will give the extra $10 each even though you won't be running with me. Have to get on and do it soon while the $20,000 matching grant is in effect. Might as well make this count for all I can. Thank you for your donations. You are helping people hurt by the slowdown in the RV industry.
  18. 7 of the 15 houses on our 3 mile road are not Amish. We were paying $115 for the ADSL The Fiber is $65
  19. New fiber internet installed. CenturyLink ADSL is leaving ADSL speedtest 10.1 down 1.5 up Fiber 234.1 down 98.7 up What can I download that needs that speed?
  20. I may have jumped the gun. Yesterday I registered for the charity 5k race for a local food pantry. I'll make a deal. Today if any of you register to join me I will donate an extra $10 for each of you. It is a very nice trail and a nice inn on site. Temps will probably be somewhere between 50f and -20f Resolution Run 5K This map is old but will be the route again this year. Sunday Jan 1, 2023
  21. Been busy and not on much but had to come and see how he is doing. So glad to see the continued improvement. Prayers for that to continue.
  22. getting married. building houses.
  23. I eat lots of apples. Yesterday probably 3 or 4. Also drank at least a large cup of cider. WE also canned 34 quarts of applesauce. That cooled overnight on the kitchen counter and now needs to be put away.
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