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  1. Join me on a sled dog trip in northern Minnesota.
  2. How many times did you compete in that race? It would make a great forum meet-up. We could all make asses of ourselves while WoSheep_herder too pictures.
  3. 8.5 hours later they are done. Just removed them from the smoker and wrapped them in aluminum foil. I stole a piece of wing and it is very good. The skin tasted a little salty from the tender quick meat cure. After feeding the animals we will carve them off the bones and get them in the roaster and ready for tomorrow. Supper for us will be wings and other meat scraps left over from the nice pieces.
  4. I've seen many similar with different names on them. I think different stores put their own name on them. This one came from Gander Mountain about 30 years ago. Not sure how much longer it will last. Some parts are getting very rusty. Not outdoors to look at the name right now. It has smoked thousands of pounds of meat.
  5. smoking with apple wood from pruning our trees in the orchard.
  6. Cooking nice. Had to open the smoker to add more wood, water and basting on the meat. Temp has been holding steady at 220f
  7. 60 lbs of meat in the smoker. Will we have enough for 37 people?
  8. smoker was started at 8:30 this morning. With the wind it is a little hard to predict when it will be done. I expect somewhere between 8 and 12 hours. Probably closer to 12
  9. Is he coming by jet, dirigible or DeHavland Beaver on floats? I need to know so I know if he will be landing in the back yard, at the seaplane base on the lake or at the airport. You need to furnish the details.
  10. unsweetened with lemon is the only way.
  11. 2 large 20+ lb turkeys thawed and in tender quick. One large pork butt thawing. They will all go in the smoker tomorrow morning. We should have plenty for 35 people on Thanksgiving with plenty left to freeze for lunches for us.
  12. Sorry, Beretta was too busy last night to make any dog memes. She was laying on our bed watching Girl Named Tom on the TV. She loves live music, especially theirs.
  13. I was 13 years old. They called the whole school to the gym to announce it.
  14. Isn't that the whole purpose of this place?
  15. My cousin's kids on The Voice? Girl Named Tom is still on.
  16. throat is about healed. Still have a couple days antibiotics. Now have a cold I am fighting. Wet muddy weather and dogs want to run.
  17. You need to drive that Valiant to Indiana for one of the largest cruise-ins you will find anywhere. Every Thursday evening from May through September. The final one of the season always attracts several thousand cars. Good food at the pork rib buffet and good fun. Car clubs form all over the country have made this a destination trip. https://essenhaus.com/cruise-in/ https://m.facebook.com/events/1488117731385610
  18. You think a rich southern plantation owner would do the work himself?
  19. Got home from our local school music boosters auction and found the package on the front porch. I'm pretty sure they hired gorillas to do the delivery. At least the seller had everything sealed in a heavy plastic bag inside so no items were lost. When I saw the box I was afraid the small items would be gone.
  20. It was cancelled 2 years in a row because of covid.
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